Big East Reacts To Rutgers Departure

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Here is what the Big East has to say about the departure of Rutgers..
“Although we are disappointed that Rutgers has decided to leave the Big East conference, we wish them well. They have been a valued member of the conference for many years.

“We realize that conference realignment is currently a fact of life in college sports. In the context of this realignment, changes in our membership have been taking place, including important additions. In fact, the Big East has expanded its scope with new members in California, Texas, Florida, Idaho, Tennessee and Pennsylvania. As a result, the Big East has created a unique national football conference that is a factor in the BCS Championship, remains the nation’s strongest basketball conference top to bottom, and is a major force across the full spectrum of men’s and women’s college sports. We remain committed to, and confident in, the continued growth and vitality of the Big East conference.”

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11 thoughts on “Big East Reacts To Rutgers Departure

  1. Village Idiot

    The Big East’s saying all those states with schools IN the big east sounds like BS to me. And the BCS championship is statement is true but you must remove the C when you read it.

  2. Mary Anne Hartley

    The ACC is in the SOUTH with their Gentile ladies and customs. Can you imagine the first time South Carolina or Georgia ladies put foot into Brown Arena and hear Venom and filth that was deposited on Geno, his wife and his mother?? The ACC will give them money to go home and washout their mouths and minds. A mind is a terrible thing to lose.

    1. Sotires

      Mary Anne,

      Rutgers is going to the Big Ten, not the ACC, so the southern ladies are safe. That is, until UConn gets into the ACC and they have to come to Hartford and play in front of the vile corporate crowd (who own all the good seats).

  3. bob

    Rutgers had an opportunity to leave a sinking ship. Who could blame them? They were fortunate to have his opportunity.
    They will not be the last to jump ship. Expect UConn, Louisville and Cincinnati to follow suit.
    The biggest down falls to the Big East conference were too much in-stability, some schools just football, just basketball, some both. Lower tier bowl bids, lower pay outs from television. Then the mutiny of schools.
    Rutgers did not start this trend. Yet, in order to survive, they took this opportunity.
    They got this opportunity because they are a great institution of higher learning.They run a clean athletic program. No NCAA violatons. They have high standards.
    And, last, they are dead smack in the middle of the biggest and best sports market in the universe.
    Besides “expert” commentary, people in NY and NJ like college football. This is a win-win situation. In 2006, at the infamous Rutgers-Louisville Thursday night game, the game was one of the most watched games in the history of college football. Next Thursday, on 29 Nov 2012, expect the same reaction in Piscataway. Rutgers is on their way to becoming a force in college football. It is coming.There is a lot of talented high school gridders in this state.Just ask Don Bosco about RU.

  4. Kenny

    I’m with you Village Idiot good riddance to Rutgers who needs them.They treated my girl Mel Thomas like crap when she tore her acl.They are nasty fans, who needs them.

  5. Village Idiot

    KENNY—Hey Kid. Thanks for the comment. I too love Mel Thomas –RU are the most Miserable fans. It was fun playing those women but not in Brown Arena

  6. HarryH

    I wonder why, so far, no one wants UCONN. Maybe that will change in the next few days but it is getting to be like the last picked for a team. We have the best basketball school over the last 10+ years and maybe football isn’t there yet but you’d think someone would like us.
    Bye Rutgers – don’t let the door hit you on the way out – actually let the door hit you.

  7. Know Baloney when I see it.

    Bob–It nice to see someone who supports their teams. I doubt that the TV Market in Pisscataway is the real universe. Football greatness at RU is like the C Vivian comment about her teams becoming a dynasty. Hard cheering fans, standing up for your teams, and loving your players is great an show great fans—but swearing, filthy name calling, using nasty language to a mans mother and wife who is only coach a team is despicable, and should be on anothe planet. How long do you think ACC teams will stand for that???

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