Breanna Stewart And “The Wizard Of Oz”

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Leave it to Geno Auriemma to turn an opinion about the officials working Friday’s game into a commentary on Breanna Stewart’s court demeanor.

“We have to get the referees up to speed a little,” Auriemma said. “I’m not sure they realize that when Breanna Stewart is on the floor its like having the Scarecrow from “The Wizard of Oz” out there.

“At some point, you are just going to have to lay her on the floor and put her back together again. She’s all over the place.

“At one point, they called a foul on her after she shot the ball. Looks, she falls down so much she should take a breathalyzer before she steps foot on the floor. She runs around and just makes plays that no one else can make. Every time you look over at her, she has fallen down and you don’t know what the heck happened to her.

“We need to let the refs known that’s just the way she is. But let me tell you, you haven’t seen anything, yet.”

With her parents, aunt and brother in the stands, Stewart debuted with 15 points (6 of 11), eight rebounds and four blocks in 24 minutes.

“Before the game I was just thinking about how I was actually putting on a UConn uniform,” Stewart said. “It just seemed to surreal that it was finally here for me. As for playing, well, when I get on the floor, I just play as hard as I can and whatever happens, happens.”

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14 thoughts on “Breanna Stewart And “The Wizard Of Oz”

  1. DaveFromVancouver

    Bring it, Huskies! So many tools, It’s a shame only five can play at once! This is gong to be some year to be a UConn fan!

  2. COLBY

    Boy what a difference a year makes…last year we’re a small team this year huge…..think about the different combinations at Geno’s disposal…can you imagine having Dolson, Tuck, Stewart, Stokes on the floor with either KML or Hartley or Moriah, Hartley, KML with Dolson Stewart…..I was impressed with all three frshman but Tuck ad Stewy can both shoot the three as they demonstrated last night…this fact that Stewy and Tuck can shoot the three is going to make it very dificult (watch out Baylor) with Dolson on the foor…and Moriah….boy what a slasher reminds me of a smalll female version of Rip Hamilton….this could be one heck of a year

  3. genosguy

    Hey DAVE OF OREGON–(OK Vancouver) Long time no read!!! I was impressed with Jefferson she had a rough start but –REBOUNDING???? AT 5’6′ (really 5’3″). Tuck will be a standout this year. Stokes if Genos kicks her butt will be very good. Banks–stole everything UIP had including the hubcaps on their bus, impressive. KML my player of the YEAR in the BE will have a supporting cast to protect her and Dolson. She is great will only get greater.

  4. Mike McManus

    I appreciate your reader’s comments since I wasn’t able to view or listen to the game. I had hoped to read all about the game this morning in our local paper-New Haven Register-but I should have known better as there was a short article of 3 paragraphs and no box score. After waiting patiently for months to read something about the freshman class, the wait continues. Thanks God for Courant Online!

  5. CT_OR_Guy

    GREAT line from Geno: “she falls down so much she should take a breathalyzer before she steps foot on the floor.” Can’t wait to see these gals play Stanford, Baylor, Notre Dame — revenge will be sweet!

    1. Walterlinesjr

      yes i cant wait want uconn to spank baylor and stafnrod and notredame paybacks are a you know what lol thoggh they dd beat stanford last eyar i want to win at stanford 2 takecare gouconn

  6. Genosguy

    Mike McManus—The games (exhibition and maybe others) are available at UConnhuskies website for abt 10 dollars a month or more for the year. What we once got for free is now a pay for–from a state funded University and a State Overtheair WTIC now we must pay.

    But Gametracker is still free–and I “watched” the game on that. Not the same but better than nothing.

    I think the new UConn President sold US Fans down the river. Remember UConn is a STATE FUNDED University. Why the extra fees ?? And it’s hard to find this out.

    1. Foster

      Complaining about 10 dollars a month is just prissy whining really.

      Give it a rest.

      Why don’t you become a real fan, get off your arse and even buy a ticket ooooh if once a year is not too much of a strain.

    2. Aj

      I think its BS that they want people to pay $10 a month to listen to the game online when i can turn on a radio and listen to it for free! Why can’t cptv show the preseason games since sny doesn’t?

  7. Palimpsest

    I too am one of those that WINE. Sometimes red, sometimes white. Sometime German (mostly), sometime domestic Californian.
    One “fan” has written that UConn Freshmen and Sophomores need training/experience in handling the press. I think that a valid suggestion.
    I believe Foster completely is a man who speaks with scatological brains.

    1. Foster

      To: Palimpsect

      You made me smile.

      Just for you, where do I send the $10 so that you will lead a more full and possibly less stressful life.


  8. Palimpsest

    Foster–You may, if so inclined, send the 10 dollars to Red Cross and maybe help some of your Nutmeggers/Constitutionier.
    Everyone should smile at least once in their lives.

  9. robert lawlor


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