Bria Hartley Anxious For Thursday’s Return

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ST. THOMAS, Virgin Islands – Bria Hartley recalls the court USA Basketball’s 3 x 3 team was competing on in Greece this summer at the FIBA World Championship wasn’t the best.

It felt like it was pieced together like a tile floor, unsteady to step on, and as she now she knows, dangerous to play on.

“We were told that when the gym got hot, the tiles tended to expand,” Hartley said. “I just remember going up for a lay-up and getting bumped on. And I landed on my left foot and it [the floor] gave a little bit and my ankle felt really weird.”

Hartley was correct. Her ankle was severely sprained. And only now, three months later, is UConn’s All-America junior guard able to play again.

UConn coach Geno Auriemma said Wednesday that Hartley will make her debut Thursday when the No. 2 Huskies (2-0) open play at the Paradise Jam Tournament against Wake Forest (2-1) at the University of Virgin Islands.

“I’m excited. I just want to play. I am so ready to go,” Hartley said.

Auriemma said Hartley will not start and he wasn’t sure how much time she would play because of the inherent pressure of the tournament format – three games in three nights.

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11 thoughts on “Bria Hartley Anxious For Thursday’s Return

  1. TexasBogger

    Welcome back, Bria. This creates the kind of problem you like to have, too many “horses” for the minutes. But it certainly creates more options for Geno to throw at trembling opposition coaches. They will come at you in waves!

    1. Sparky the Arky

      Tex, A&M didn’t tremble and I doubt Baylor, Stanford, ND, Louisville will either. They were not that intimidating at TAMU. Dolson was, but the team as whole wasn’t.

    2. billnaples

      Two possibilities, UConn blows Wake out in which case not likely anyone goes much if any thing past 25 minutes. Second case might be a tight game in which case Geno gets a chance to see how Jefferson and Tuck play under some pressure. I don’t think Geno is concerned about too much, just keep the players rested for the three consecutitve nights. Move on from there.

  2. Genosguy

    We too are anxiously awaiting the return to the court of Ms Hartley. She is the big engine that CAN and Jefferson is the little engine that COULD.
    Brianna Banks has shown me a great amount of improvement. She is such a thief (in basketball) if you try to go by her you’ll lose the ball. She and Jefferson both look to attack the basket and that’s a super big plus for UConn. As much as Uconn will need Bria down the season, she can count on three Huskies to fill in for her Doty, Mo Jeff and Banks.

  3. Village Idiot

    Bria–Uconn world is breathing sigh of relief. Now if that foot holds up–we can exhale too. Wake Forest is good test of your “wheels”. I for one hope you run all over the Forest and leave a huge Wake!!!

    1. Newgirl2

      Village Idiot, I like your statement “I for one hope you run all over the Forest and leave a huge Wake!!!” — Nicely stated.

  4. Diddle Diddle cat in the middle

    It’s Thursday — OK were is the game?? Bria says things don’t feel perfect about her body. That means it isn’t back and ready. Bring her back a tiny bit at a time, don’t throw her out where she has to perform at full throttle (that’s a dashboard control that you pull out all the way to make the engine go full on–or push it in to go slower) (dashboard–is the console)

  5. Harry

    Based upon your article – Bria is eager to play and not anxious. Not that I’d expect a professional journalist to know grammar or proper word use.

  6. Eric

    Yes, most people misuse anxious in place of eager…but maybe she is both. All those in favor of making this a journalistic English usage blog…..?

  7. Palimpsest

    Harry–Unless you know Ms Hartley and are with her right now you cannot make an assessment of her emotional state. She May be EAGER, Anxious, Blase’,disinterested. You, John, I have no way of knowing. So since it’s his paper and his pen I prefer to deffer to John. But there appears more to you comment–“professional Journalist” et al. On a computer and trying to get information to your public quickly EVERYONE including an English professor makes mistakes–it’s called the HUMAN condition.

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