Bria Hartley Back In Business – And More

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When asked what her problem was physically on Saturday, UConn guard Bria Hartley said she wasn’t feeling good. So we’ll have to assume that is the reason she did not play more than four minutes in UConn’s 65-45 win over Rutgers .

Geno Auriemma said after Saturday’s game that Hartley hadn’t been feeling well since Friday night. And he reiterated that after Sunday’s practice.

“On Friday she was really bad [not feeling well],” Auriemma said. “She was just bad. All stuffed up and coughing and hacking. It was bad. She tried to get through practice and it was bad. And it was no better at the shootaround on Saturday.

“I told her [after the shootaround] that you are either going to try and play through this [the illness] or you are not playing. So she gave it a little bit of a go [on Saturday] and I could just tell from her body language that it wasn’t working.

“But she was really good today. You never know, the season is full of ups and downs. If you will you feel better. If you lose you feel like crap.”

Quote of the day: Kiah Stokes, who is 6-4, on playing against Brittney Griner: “I guess I was the Brittney Griner of Iowa [when she was in high school].”

Recruit watch

Junior guard/forward Kathryn Westbeld, 6-2, of Kettering, Ohio is visiting the program this weekend. She will attend the game on Monday night.

Keep in that Morgan Tuck said after Saturday’s game at Rutgers that she committed to UConn – as a junior – after watching UConn beat Baylor in Hartford. Tuck was in the XL Center stands visiting that night.

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49 thoughts on “Bria Hartley Back In Business – And More

  1. Steve Gee

    I hope she’s right for Monday night. I really liked the aggression (with the ball) she’s been showing lately.

    1. Master Mind

      Hartley wasn’t ill, Geno held her out getting her prepared for Baylor. She will be fantastic against the Bears. She will, along with Faris, run Sims ragged.

      1. trouttime

        Exactly- saving the veterans legs. Putting the game on the backs of the bench and building their confidence. Pissing off the vets to get their minds off of worryng about Baylor and putting it on him and the way they or w play bsketball. he knows how and when to push buttons. Can wait to be in our seats for tonights game. I think Baylor is the team to beat- but I think we win tonight!

  2. Perspective

    If Baylor wins, it won’t happen because of illness or refs or Banks injury or a foot stomping fashion show. It will happen because the better team won.

  3. Griners Girl

    The typical “homey” refs Uconn gets (paid for??)will make no difference. We go Griner and Sims what do you have?? Nothing. The Refs will have to take the shots for you Freshmen Williams will stuff them.
    Don’t bother wishing Baylor luck, we have talent and the best players in the country. ND beat you, we destroyed them.

    1. Bruce

      Stanford? Paid refs, really? Sims and Griner are great. If UCONN hits their 3’s, they win, if not they lose. Why is this so important to you? Oh, that’s right, you live in WACO TX, home of the Branch Davidians. The only game that really counts is the last one!

    2. Pat

      We destroyed Stanford and they beat you. Uconn has the most talent and you will find that out Monday night. Your streak ends in Hartford!

  4. Where Are My Comments?

    UConn has not won a NC without one player winning one of the several POY awards. UConn does not have the POY this season.

    Auriemma has a trust issue with his bench players in recent years and thus hardly plays them in the most critical games of the season.

    UConn has lost the last 5 games decided by 5 points or less. UConn has a recent history of failing to hold leads againt Notre Dame and Baylor.

    Refs rarely call a foul on the defensive player when the offensive player is attempting a 3 point shot. (If UConn expects to shoot free throws, the Huskies cannot live outside the arc.)

    UConn has blown a lot of open layups and put backs this season. Stewart is not alone. Dolson has missed many open put backs. Faris recently blew a wide open layup and the previous game before that hit the bottom of the backboard twice.

    Tuck has a bad habit of holding the basketball down around her knees and rushing shots.

    Stewart hates the physical nature of WCBB. (Would not be surprised if Mulkey instructs her players to bang Stewart hard often and early.)

    It is nearly impossible for anyone to block Griner’s shot because of her height, length, and proper mechanics.

    Hartley has a bad habit of dribbling the ball up by her shoulder and sometimes by her head, making it easier for a defensive specialist to steal the ball.

    Doty is hampered by 3 ACLs and will be slower than the Baylor player she guards.

    1. nhntc47

      Sounds like Uconn is the worst team in women basketball. Thanks for your comments, fool.

    1. Master Mind

      Don’t blame those comments on a Baylor fan! Those came from a home grown critic/self professed expert, narcissist, individual who is trying to get Uconn fans to respond to him. It’s similiar to the things Adam Lanza did as a kid to get attention.
      Ignore him it will go away.

  5. 1 Injury Away From 79-0

    Voting for the several All American teams will have Griner and Sims on the first team. Statistics and expert analysis by the voters will show that Griner is better than Dolson and Sims is better than any guard UConn has. Griner and Sims are the best tandem since Tina and Maya, who led UConn to 78-0 and 2 NC. Griner and Sims have a chance at 79-1 and 2 NC, which is still remarkable.

    1. Master Mind

      One injury–Gee, I wonder who you are?? It takes more and more luck to win 89 and 0 or 78-0, but Baylor will never see that, they lost to Stanford. Baylor has the talent to win it all, and odds are in their favor with experienced players. But the one factor not considered is the Geno Factor.

      1. Tuck -n- Buck show

        Geno is 0-5 in recent games where the head coach makes the necessary adjustments and says the correct positive things to his players. Geno is 0-3 in final four games against Muffet. Geno is 7-6 in national semi finals. If he does not have a player of the year, Geno is just an average coach.

        1. Steve Gee

          I get quite the tickle with your
          “If he does not have a player of the year, Geno is just an average coach”
          I’m happy to learn that the “average coach” is 7-6 in the national semi-finals.
          I didn’t even know that “average” coaches make 13 final fours.

          I would also be quite interested to find out your inside source that allows you to know what “the correct positive things” Geno says to his players are to which you are apparently privy.

          And to think that having a POY on the roster improves a team…. wow, that’s insightful as well.

  6. Griners Girl

    Geno and the HC seem to think the Uconn Freshmen will make a difference. NOT!!The Baylor Bears will run over them with ease. Touch that skinny kid, whatever her name, and she/ll blow away. The second big kid is too slow to guard any BU player. Kim would never have recruited any of them–they just are BU caliber.


    1. UconnFan

      Griner Girl, you must have missed the game at Stanford where Uconn won by 26 points! Even if Sims was not hurt and you had won your game with them – do you really think Sims was worth 28 points? And the few games I have watched of Baylor, no one has Brittney as being exactly fleet of foot!

    2. newgirl2

      Griners Girl, I was willing to let you have your fun, but you have crossed the line. How dare you refer to somebody’s child as “… that skinny kid, whatever her name, …”? Don’t make rude comments about another team (UCONN or any other) especially when your team is similarly built.

  7. Tuck -n- Buck show

    UConn has a chance to win if Elena Delle Donne gets to the free throw line 10 times and Samarie Walker comes off the bench and plays in beast mode.

    1. newgirl2

      From your “alias”, I realize that you are afraid to share your identity. That’s too bad, and you’ve worsen the situation of “IDENTITY THEFT” by using the names of student athletes — “Tuck” as in Morgan Tuck, and “Buck” as in Heather Buck. You’ve stooped even lower than dirt by referring to former UCONN athletes EDD and Samarie Walker in your lame comment. Come on, you’re a bit more mature, right?

  8. redcee

    I am a die-hard UConn fan. I say that because I know from what I’m about to say it will seem like I’m a UConn-hater. I thought Geno’s performance in that Rutger’s game on Saturday was absolutely ridiculous. Ranting and raving and carrying on like that after 4 minutes was simply embarrassing. As far as I’m concerned, UConn won that game in spite of him, not because of him. If he doesn’t have his wits about him anymore than that tonight, I don’t have a lot of hope against Baylor.

    1. Steve Gee

      OK redcee,
      Exactly WHEN should a coach call a t/o and rant and rave when his team isn’t playing with focus and determination?
      The 4 minute marks isn’t good… so when?
      5,6,7 minutes ?
      Should he wait until the team has dug a hole too big to climb out of?

      I’d like an answer so we could all judge whether you have your wits.

      1. redcee

        The time out wasn’t the problem; his ridiculous assessment of the situation and his response to it was. And his comments after the game made absolutely no sense. Subbing for everyone but Dolson simply stripped the team of any viable offense and then leaving her in with 2 fouls was reckless. As it happened they won the game, but it certainly wasn’t because of him and his asinine moves.

        1. Steve Gee

          So, you’re skipping-over the 4-minute remark entirely?
          As far as leaving Dolson in the game- apparently he felt that she was the only one playing up to capability when he pulled the unfocused starters from the floor.
          He did what he had to do. It’s a risk to leave Dolson in with 2 fouls, sure. Perhaps it would be “reckless” in a sweet-16 game, but this wasn’t the tourney.

          I enjoy watching the reactions to whatever Geno does, or doesn’t do.
          If he “rants and raves” he’ll get grief for it.
          Likewise, if he remains calm, he’s accused of doing “nothing”.
          From where I sit, I’m willing to actually give the coach the benefit of the doubt that he kinda, sorta, just maybe, knows what he’s doing.
          I’m willing to bet that he somehow knows his players a tad better, and has a bit more personal insight than the second guessing, sofa surfers here, myself included.
          I don’t have to agree with him all the time, but a track record buys him the benefit of the doubt in my book.

          1. redcee

            I’d like to think you’re right and 7 national championships and everything else that comes with it is a powerful argument for thinking that way. However, I am beginning to have some doubts. I think an equally strong case can be made based upon his famous statement “I have Diana Taurasi and you don’t.” In other words, with the talent that has been on that team for the last 15-18 years, it would be hard not to win. For the life of me, I can’t think of a single instance in which Geno’s game plan or strategy was the telling factor. It also bothers me considerably that he’s somehow content to go into next year with one incoming freshman. Maybe I’m being too hard on him, but that exhibition on Saturday was not inspiring at all.

          2. PHS

            redcee +1 trillion !

            geno has no strategy

            when was the last time the tv cameras caught geno teaching a play ?

            he is a great recruiter nothing more

  9. Billy Mustang

    Redcee you’ve got to be kidding all coaches rant & hollow fr tie to time You mean it’s taken you 900+ games to see Geno yell WOW Relax it won’t be the last time you see him go bananas watch tonite enjoy the game

  10. trouttime

    wow- what a lot of crock above- Baylor morons! And for redcee above- the UC fan- Geno was probably trying to piss off his upper classman in NJ and save them minutes to be fresher for tonight- possibly. And by playing his subs, and putting the entire game on them, he builds their confidence for tonight also. Which is exactly what happenned. I have stopped second guessing one of the best coaches in all of basketball. He usually knows how and when to push buttons. And the womens basketball world would feel alot better if Griner took the open Olympic spot on the roster and put all the questions to rest once and for all. Everyone thinks it and we are supposed to be bad people for questioning it. No one passes up an opportunity to get a gold metal in the Olympics- Nobody! We may beat Baylor anyway, or at the end of the year – when it really counts!

    1. PHS

      so that’s your defense ?

      Griner is innocent until proven guilty

      she has not been charged and thus does not have to be judged by her peers

  11. Joobie

    KML is the #1 3 point shooter in the country. Mo is one of the quickest & shortest guards I have ever seen & Griner won’t be able to see her. Mo will just be a flash of white around her knees! GO HUSKIES!

    1. PHS

      Joobie missed the Rutgers game when their guard blew by Jefferson several times

  12. bridget

    very happy that bria is feeling better we need everyone to have game on tonight I know rhat we can beat them tonight and it would be huge win for us to beat #1 tonight as long as no one get’s fouled out tonight

  13. Chris Saran

    For all the Baylor fans who think Geno can’t coach, let’s see how well Kim Mulkey does next year. It’s not like it hasn’t happened to UConn, losing four of five starters to graduation. Sue Bird, Swin Cash, Tameka Williams and Ashja Jones all left after a 39-0 National Championship season. With all that talent gone, all UConn did was win two more championships. DO you think Odyssey Sims has a snowball’s chance in hell of leading Baylor to the Championship next year? Not a chance. And since she’ll be graduating, she certainly won’t do it two years in a row.

    1. PHS

      Mulkey won a national championship without Griner and with LESS talent than UConn’s teams in 95, 00, 02, 03, 04, 09, 10. Mulkey has NEVER had a Bird or Taurasi or Moore.

  14. redcee

    Geno could very well change that sentence from “I have Diana Taurasi and you don’t” to “I have Kaleena Mosqueda Lewis and you don’t.” She’s the best player in women’s college basketball under 6’8″.

  15. Chicken Stew

    UConn Chokies.
    1-5 against ND.
    0-2 against Baylor.
    Geno outcoached again.

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