Calhoun On Geno Coaching Men: “It Would Be Very Interesting”

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My brother from a different mother, Dom Amore, who can never resist the chance to take a trip to New York (especially when the company is providing the dime) attended Monday’s YES “Center Stage” taping during which host Michael Kay interviewed Jim Calhoun.

After the show, Kay asked Jim if he thought Coach Auriemma would make a good men’s college coach.

This is a topic we [the women's basketball writers] have occasionally broached with him, normally by starting the question with “Geno, this is purely hypothetical, but….”

“I would like to see him try,” Calhoun said. “With the things he does with  his players, he does some great stuff, yes, he could. … I think he has that swagger, the way he truly understands the game, I think it would be very interesting.”

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8 thoughts on “Calhoun On Geno Coaching Men: “It Would Be Very Interesting”

  1. Village Idiot

    Interesting!! Calhoun told ESpn he wants to coach again.

    I have a feeling Calhoun REALLY believes Geno can’t coach men. Any Bets/??? He’d find it harder than coaching women, but he’d get it done in fine fashion. Without swearing at the male players. How can two Catholic taught boys be so different???

  2. Ugly Win But Still A Win

    North Carolina womens soccer just won their 21st title in 31 NCAA years. Stanford womens tennis has won 16 titles in 31 NCAA years. LSU womens Indoor and Outdoor track have Both won 15 titles in 31 NCAA years. UConn and Tennessee womens basketball will never reach those numbers.

    1. billnaples

      Hard to imagine but I will ask the wuestion anyway. Given the topic of this particular blog did you actually think you had a point to bring to the table? And the Trinity squash team won 252 matches in a row over a 14 year span. NC Soccer, Stanford Tennis, LSU Track don’t come close. So the question is who cares? And if you want to comment on all of the blogs at least get creative and don’t copy and paste your own drivel.

      1. Village Idiot

        Mr.Naples–The point is there was no point. UGLY was comparing apples and Mars. One has nothing to do with anything else.
        8 NCAA titles for Tenn, 7 for UConn. Geno will get a couple more. But in a few years the equality factor will make it near impossible to repeat getting a title.
        But he/she was right UConns Ugly win was a WIN.

  3. HarryH

    I don’t know if Geno would be anywhere nearly as successful. The women come to UCONN willing and wanting to learn. Men think they already know it all and teaching them would be a lot more difficult. The men’s game is also so different – a lot less passing and more emphasis on getting close and dunking.
    Hopefully, Geno is too smart to try.
    I’m surprised Calhoun even knew Geno’s name.

    1. Village Idiot

      HarryH–you are exactly correct. Geno would not be as successful with MEN. They are as you say, thinking they are God’s gift and not eager to learn–to good ones learn, the bad ones go to the NBA.
      But Geno would win, but with a lot fewer NCAA titles.
      Geno IS too smart to switch over to coach Men, just like Pat Summit refused the Tenn Men’s team job. (Maybe it was an honorary offer)

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