Canada Stays West

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If you could pull your eyes away from the Florida Gulf Coast men’s game last night to check your Twitter feed, you may have noticed that Jordin Canada, one of the high school guards UConn’s been recruiting to supplement its Class of 2014, decided to stay in California.

She’s going to UCLA to play, which apparently the UConn program will not be doing in 2014-15. But that’s a story for another day.

Canada would have been a nice addition. She’s one of those Moriah Jefferson type guards, only Southern California style. But hey, what can you do?

So for now, the Huskies are left with Courtney Ekmark and Sadie Edwards for 2014, which is pretty good. And Saniya Chong for next year, which is mighty good.

Now UConn refocus on other top-flight types like center A’ja Wilson of South Carolina and guard Gabby Williams of Las Vegas.

But really, don’t lose any sleep over recruiting. New babies are born every day. As Elena Delle Donne, Kelsey Bone and Xylina McDaniel – among many others – have proved, recruiting news is no news until a kid signs (or in this case doesn’t) on the dotted line.



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26 thoughts on “Canada Stays West

  1. Canada Is North

    Missed that History/Geography lesson did you??
    Fort Duchane (Now Pittsburgh) was a Canadian (French) fort. Canada went as far south as Georgia and every thing west of the Alleghenies was Canada. Detroit was a Canadian (French) settlement/fort.
    So I guess you are right —CANADA is WEST.

    She another that never was. She was West Coast and most stay West Coast. “She a Moriah Jefferson type guard”, great we got the REAL MO Jeff.

    1. dude in New Britain

      to “Canada is North” — I think you misunderstand the article, which was about a person named Canada, not a country named Canada.

      1. Canada Is North

        Gee Dude–you are right, The player Canada is WEST Coast.
        I was putting my tongue firmly in my cheek –with a bit of real history/geography thrown in.

        Most look at Canada (New France) as always being NORTH-once the western border of the “colonies” (old USA) was at the Alleghenies/Pittsburgh. G Washington made a trek thru there and burned and murdered Natives and their cities with real wooden houses on streets.
        Thanks for asking Dude.

  2. bob Dahill

    Hey folks, Have the recruiting ‘successes’ slowed down a bit — for whatever reason or are the Lady Huskies still having the same success that they’re accustomed too?

    1. UC Fan

      Over then last 10 years or so, Uconn had a great year then two bad years. I and other assume it’s because kids want to go to where they will play immediately. What do you think??

      1. walter

        i dont knwo why bucnh of them line up at one time though to go to stanford they wont all play there like ericanmccall for this years recruiting picked stanford over uconn even though uconn had way more scholarships available/way more room?Takecare gouconn

  3. TexasBogger

    When will they again have a full (at least five) bench?
    Simple math says not for some time.

    1. UC fan

      Tex–a better question is does geno really want a 5 member bench??
      too much bookkeeping–CD had to keep records of playing time the last time that happened. There are benefits to NO having a full bench.

      1. UC fan

        and then they complain their starters are injured and they have no backups

  4. walter

    boo she should ahve went to uconn ucla has never amde final4 guess recuits dont look at that anymore before making their choice?Oh well gouconn takecare all

    1. UC fan

      Walter–have you seen UCLA play this year??
      I love them they are a fast talented team that runs and guns and plays helter skelter defense.
      The played stanford to the wire and lost by one point. Not a team to ignore.

  5. WBB Fan

    maybe she made decision after Sadie Edwards verbally committed to UCONN. Both are potential PGs.

    1. WBB Fan

      uhh, no.
      she never visited uconn.
      geno and cd moved on from jordin.
      then sadie verballed.

  6. Anonymous

    All time fan favorites, media favorites, Geno favorites.
    Always given the benefit of the doubt and lots of leeway.

    Lobo, Wolters, Rizzotti, Abrosimova, Ralph, Bird, Taurasi, Buck, Doty, Faris, Dolson, Stewart.

    Held to different standards. Always.

    Charde, Tina, Maya, Tiff, Hartley, Stokes.


      Anon? No courage of your convictions that Geno and Chris are somehow racist. I’ve been following the gals since probably ’93. I can’t remember a time when I looked down the bench and thought about the racial composition of the team, certainly not who was getting minutes and why. If I thought someone should have gotten more I might have wondered about how she got into the Geno dog house. But you watch UConn and you understand Geno does a lot based on how a player practices. But that’s a lot of BS about different standards based on anything other than different personalities and part of being a good if not great coach is being able to deal with the different egos, who to yell at, who to pat on the back, and most importantly when to do either or both.

      1. UConnFan

        if you think doty earns playing time in practice and if you think doty fills up the box score with 0s in games only then you are part of the problem


    0 BY STOKES.
    0 BY BUCK.
    0 BY TUCK.

  8. Not Anonymous

    Yep…keeping stirring that racism charge ‘anonymous’. We know who you are. Keep up your hate…if you say it often enough and loud enough, it might gain some traction. No surprise that the girls and staff on all those teams never felt that way. Just you. Take your insecurities and your personal agenda somewhere else.


      only one person in uconn history ever was allowed to fill up the box score with 0s and still play 20+ minutes meanwhile 1 mistake and you get yanked for others

    2. Not Not Anonymous

      “if you say it often enough and loud enough, it might gain some traction.”

      you mean like if gino keeps telling you jefferson doesn’t earn playing time in practice but zero doty does

      dont read my opinions if you dont like them

  9. Eileen

    I guess all you guys are at practice to see who earns their minutes in the games. Gee, I wish I could attend a practice so I can tell Geno who should start, who has earned so many minutes and who is my “pet player” of the week.

    1. UConn Coached by a Village of Idiots?


  10. Gotta Love Al Gores Internet

    JABlog and the Boneryard aren’t the only two places a certain select few are trying to run. This is great stuff from the UConn-Nobody game chat room last night on ESPN.

    MuffetOwnsGeno: “ralphwoof is one of UConn’s best Trolls, a sure high flyer in the UConn Gestapo. It wouldn’t surprise me to learn that ralphwoof is being paid by Geno to spew the fascist UConn company line here and defend the UConn Reich against what they percieve as the enemy. That is how maniacal and sick these wackos are now.”

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