Carla Berube Wins Her 200th Game At Tufts

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Former UConn guard Carla Berube won her 200th career game at nationally ranked Tufts on Saturday. Here is a look at how the university website recorded the event.

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2 thoughts on “Carla Berube Wins Her 200th Game At Tufts

  1. Erik

    Hi John,

    Greetings from the Caribbean, where I soak up your coverage of the UCONN Women, while simultaneously soaking up the sun.
    Congratulation to Carla B. She was one of my favorite players from the “early years”.

    Exciting game on Saturday, eh? And wow, your various articles and blog have certainly generated some reader comment!

    But something about the comments concerns me (and no, not just the tone, style, and lack of basic writing skills among some of your audience!). Rather it is the suggestion in several posts that certain members of the team should transfer out because they are not getting what the anonymous author(s) feel is enough playing time.

    Now what type of life lesson message does that train of thought send out?

    -That you immediately must be given a high profile, starring position in any organization you are a part of.

    -That the experience and seniority of others are meaningless if they stand in the way of my personal advancement.

    -That hard work, dedication, patience, and a long-term plan are for others. I demand instant gratification. according to MY timetable (now!)

    – That it’s always someone else’s fault. Whether a Coach, Teacher, Employer, or Parent. Personal responsibility?…….not for me!

    -That to place the goals of the organization ahead of personal gain is for fools.

    Is it any wonder then that we hear stories of recent college graduates, who, because they have not been made a vice-president within six months, quit and look elsewhere?

    College scholarship athletes, usually after multiple offers, made a decision, and entered into a commitment. They need to honor that commitment, and in doing so, usually experience valuable lessons (both good and bad) that should hopefully serve them well throughout their lives.

    Please, lets not encourage them to disregard those lessons.

    Again, I always enjoy your coverage. It keeps me “in the loop”, while out of the country.


  2. Eileen

    John, Thanks for the info on Carla, one of my favorite players of long ago when I had season tickets and Gampel was filled to the rafters and everyone shouted BERUBEEEE!! Fun times. Glad Carla is doing so well.

    Erik, Thanks for all he “words of wisdom” I agree with you–

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