Caroline Doty Cited For On-Campus Incident

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UConn senior guard Caroline Doty and two others were issued infractions from the campus police department early Thursday morning for creating a public disturbance in a dorm.

According to the police record, residents of a campus dorm called the police after midnight on Nov. 1 complaining about excessive noise and door banging in a hallway.

Doty was cited at 2:15 a.m. by the authorities and allowed to leave. The report said the responding officers determined that alcohol was not involved.

“Halloween is for 8-year-old,” UConn coach Geno Auriemma said Tuesday. “The decision that a 23-year-old makes to go trick-0r-treating is dumb. And invariably, the stuff they are going to do is dumber. So that’s what I think about Caroline.”

A few hours before last Friday’s preseason opener against Indiana (Pa.), Auriemma announced that Doty would be held out off the game after tweaking her chronically injured left knee.

Auriemma reiterated Tuesday that his decision not to play Doty was based entirely on her health and had nothing to do with discipline regarding the campus incident.

“I went out dressed as Lady Gaga,” Doty said. “But I’d rather just talk about basketball if that’s ok. Not going to talk about that kind of stuff.”

Doty, a fifth-year graduate student, is the veteran leader of the No. 2 Huskies and has been to Final Fours in each of her four varsity seasons. Her career has twice been interrupted by knee injuries.


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29 thoughts on “Caroline Doty Cited For On-Campus Incident

  1. pat

    why was she the only one named? it’s a shame that all of them were stupid in their actions but using her for a headline is just not right. am sure the team will take care of disciplining her in addition to whatever the campus police do.



    1. Mitch

      Because they are the ones on the free rides and worshipped by the Courant. Just waiting for more football players or hoops players to misbave. They certainly aren’t in the classrooms, unless there was some problems with proper grading.

      1. coach777b

        An athletic scholarship is NOT A FREE RIDE!
        Student athletes work harder to keep up their scholastics and still perform on the field. Peddle your envy somewhere else.

  3. Genosguy

    Pat I couldn’t have said it better. Hurray for Geno he said exactly the right thing. Doty is a tough lady so anyone who thinks they can pull anything off on her–is sadly mistaken.

  4. Ed J

    Hey folks, This is news. Just as much news as all the other weekly stories we get about Caroline Doty. Don’t you think there’s a bit of a saturation of headlines for a career 6 pts / 3 rebounds a game player? You can’t complain about the media covering this if you’re going to write glowing comments and praise in every other story about every little thing she does.

    1. Tim

      News? Doesn’t bode well for the Courant then because there really isn’t any news here. I would also suggest you do some research before posting inaccurate info. A couple of clicks to the Husky/Women site doesn’t show “weekly stories” on Doty.

      1. Jimbo

        I agree w/Tim.A Halloween prank is hardly a reportable offense,especially when the two others involved weren’t named. I also agree with Geno. Halloween is for 8 year olds. Then again, look around the nation at all of the so-called 8 year old peeps out there celebrating the Halloween with sexy costumes, especially in Cali.

  5. Herman from Hartford

    She’s Good Looking. The Courant should have passed on this story.

  6. Henry

    She’s 23, give her a break! From what I’ve heard re her, in her time at UCONN, she’s been a fine student/athlete otherwise. Living under such a miscroscope is something that most of us, (older folk) probably could not do well. While this was certainly not a stellar moment, if this is the only “blemish”, allow and encourage her to learn and move on.

  7. Judy

    Who cares!! What did you do while
    in college?? Bet there wasn’t a
    news article printed about about
    your infractions!! If there were
    others there, all should be named!!
    Don’t be discriminatory!!

  8. Bartleby

    I too think that this is hardly newsworthy, and I don’t follow women’s basketball enough to know if she’s a scholarship athlete. But if she is––and if there’s someone else paying full price and not dressing up as Lady Gaga at 2:30 a.m., then I do have a problem. I don’t care if she doesn’t want to talk about it–that’s no longer her call–but yes, as RONALD JONES and Judy have said, name the others or don’t name anybody

  9. Dan

    Seriously, the are some slamming doors in a dorm and the police are called? If this is all that was going on, what a bunch of wussies todays college students are. Did they call mommy too? Gee, maybe I should have called the cops when I had the bad luck to have an exam on the last day of exam week and everyone else was partying. I thought that was just my bad luck, the thought to have my floormates arrested never crossed my mind.

  10. ccbeachcomber

    The only sad thing here – we can’t vote out the media. As for Ms Doty, hope everything is going well.

  11. John

    Very classy of Geno to belittle Caroline, while he smooches some random woman in an elevator.

  12. Jim M

    A college kid making noise at 2 am on Halloween. Why is this news? Geno hasn’t done anything for Halloween since he was 8? I feel a bit sad for him.

  13. Legal Buff

    JOHN–(Not John A)—If you are going to make potentially defamating statements about anyone, Geno in this case, at least do as the press does “allegedly” is used before the statement. YOU CAN BE SUED FOR ANYTHING YOU PUT ON A BLOG, YOU ARE NOT HIDDEN YOUR IP ADDRESS IS LOGGED, YOU ARE NOT IMMUNE BY USING A COMPUTER AND THE INTERNET. BE CAREFUL IN WHAT YOU SAY. JUST A SUGGESTION!!!!!

  14. Just a Kid at heart

    Geno is WRONG about Caroline acting like an 8 year old, paraphrasing him. College Students have for centuries acted in a manner akin to preteens to blow off steam. It’s part of the college scene. Putting 15 students in a phone booth (old time thing for public phones), swallowing gold fish, panty raids, climbing greased poles, falling backwards and having your “friends” catch you (is that stupid or what?) So geno thru the ages people have acted below their chronological age

  15. Buddy

    Really? This is news?
    Its college so get over it. Stories like this make we wonder why I read the Hartford Courant. Kids having fun and getting an education is what college is about. Contrary to popular belief, athletes need to go to class or they fail out just like everyone else. A far as the drinking goes? Worry about your own business unless you’re perfect yourself.

  16. Denise in AZ

    This is not news, except that the student involved is a celebrity. And somebody said she’s getting a “free ride” as an athlete. Count up the hours of practice, travel, and PR events she does and how much money the bball team brinsg into the university, and I think she’s contributing a lot to UCONN.

    And when it comes to students doing dopey things at 2 am… give her a break! I remember streaking was a big thing at UCONN in the early 70’s. I remember the noise from floor hockey being played one floor above mine. And then there were the dorm parties with lots of alcohol (the drinking age was 18 back then)that would take over your small dorm. That’s college. That’s the fun part – and that’s the part parents and the press should leave to the students unless something really bad is going on.

  17. Irving Matchen

    When will student athletes learn that anything they do on campus will be scrutinized. Come on Caroline, I’m with the coach on this one. Go Huskies!!

    1. Buddy

      You’re right Irving, Just stop being a 22 year old Caroline and stop having some simply innocent fun after juggling your classes, practices and team travel!! I guess you should know by now how the world revolves around you winning and being dedicated. These are student athletes not professionals so have fun Caroline and keep up the good work!

  18. mike

    She is a really hot girl. However the paper does not really say what she did or if she was drunk as some students claim she was.And how do we know that the campus police didnt just give her a slap on the wrist when they realized who she was? This story does not explain Anything to the reader as usual.But that is the Hartford courant what can we expect.

  19. mike

    Who goes trick or treating at 2 am in the morning anyways? Why cant people just tell the truth and say you were out drinking with friends,got hammered and made a lot of noise, and be done with it. No big deal, every college kid did that. But to say you were out trick or treating at two in the morning, makes everyone seem stupid

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