Catching Up With Some News From Stanford

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While Tara VanDerveer was conducting her postgame press conference Saturday at Maples Pavilion, Geno Auriemma dispensed some additional news to my colleagues, Jim Fuller of the New Haven Register and Rich Elliott of the Connecticut Post, that I wanted to pass along to you this morning once it appeared in their blogs.

Here was a portion of Geno’s reaction to being slapped with his second technical of the season with 13:22 remaining in the 61-35 win over Stanford. Apparently, Geno was not happy with a no-call when Kelly Faris was apparently fouled on a driving layup.

“Although I did think Kelly got fouled, I was more upset that every time Stewie [Breanna Stewart] or Stefanie [Dolson] tried to cut from the high post they were getting whacked,’’ Auriemma said. “Anybody who was watching it could see it. So once again a little bit of overreaction by me. I’ve got to figure out a different way to express my displeasure with the officials. I guess I’ve got to find a different vocabulary to use. But I deserved it. They already gave me a warning early because I had questioned something. So it was deserved.’’

“I don’t think it was one of my better ones. “I’m too old for that stuff. When I was younger I would get my money’s worth. Now after the first initial 15 seconds you just go, `[Shoot], what the hell am I doing? That was stupid.’ So it’s not even as much fun as it used to be.’’

Also, Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis spent time in the hospital over the Christmas break attached to an IV to replenish her fluids after becoming ill. She finished with a game-high 19 points (7-of-13 FG) and six rebounds in 34 minutes.

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86 thoughts on “Catching Up With Some News From Stanford

  1. RAY RAY


    1. Bob

      Boy, you really look like a fool after making those comments about Caroline Doty, don’t you think???? Maybe I should reiterate what I just said. “DON’T YOU THINK???????? Does your brain work. This girl has been through so many heartbreaks and injuries and all she does is bust her butt and then to hear you smack her down like you did. If you like Breanna Banks, fine! But to blast Caroline is the height of stupidity!!!!!!!!

    2. Michael Keller

      Check out Doty’s line in the Oregon boxscore.
      Pretty good for someone you claim stinks.

  2. village idiot

    Tara and her kinder, gentler game of finesse rather than brawl–YEA!! KML, Stewie and Dolson were used as ping pong balls. KML was held out on the perimeter all the time–no calls. Maples has HOMIE REFS that’s how you get 82 wins at home. KML was forever during the game pushing and pulling hands and arms off of her.
    Show how much Tara thought of KML and Stewies Scoring abilities.
    For a Kid suffering for low body fluids (FLU??) she sure did a great job as an all around Basketball Player. Got to love that girl..

  3. Mike

    I commend you for crediting the other writers and waiting till their articles were published before posting it in your column.

  4. Geno At It Again

    6 player rotation. Doty SUCKED. Again. As usual. Banks should transfer mid season like Walker. Banks would start on Stanford, Tennessee, Maryland, etc.

  5. Brittany Simms

    Chiney Ogwumike is not a clean player. Wrist holder, shoulder thrower, and neck slasher.


    2008 UConn freshmen class was a nightmare. EDD gave the Huskies the finger. Hayes fell down more times than she scored. Doty was overrated before her freshman ACL, has gone downhill since, but still plays cause Geno loves her. Must be an attendance ratings thing.

    1. Tom

      They’re undefeatd. Don’t you have anything positive to say?

      Cheap shot artists are usually people who know little and can do less in the world.

  7. Huskie alum

    You guys are right Doty stinks and we have a head coach that doesn’t know what he is doing time to get rid of him

    1. billnaples

      Good thing most of us recognize sarcasm. I just love the experts who question the amount of time Banks plays (or does not), telling her she should transfer now or how bad Jefferson is, why hasn’t Geno cut Doty, etc. And to the “wHO cARES…” comments regarding the ’08 class, certainly other recruiting classes were involved but those freshman were members of the teams that collectively went 147 – 7, with two undefeated seasons, two titles and 4 Final Fours. Guess none of them scored any points, grabbed any rebounds, etc. during their entire careers.

      1. Nick

        My Guess is Kaleena Green Maya Moore and Tina Charles were the main reasons for those teams winning all those games..don’t want to take away Doty’s or anyone’s else’s suscess but come on….do u really think that they don’t win without Doty…ah come on man!!!!

        1. WillNipples

          Renee Montgomery, Tina Charles, Maya Moore, Kalana Green won the 2009 NCAA title. Tina, Maya, Kalana won the 2010 NCAA title. UConn could have played Buck and Kerns and still won those titles. Maya, Tiff, Doty did not win the 2011 title. Tiff, Doty did not win the 2012 title. In fact, Tiff failed to attempt a shot to win the game against ND in the FF.

          1. DPeterson

            And, no one remembers the key shot Doty made in the second half of the 2009 championship game? And, leadership counts for nothing.

    2. Nick

      Well don’t wanna go that far but you are right Doty stinks and what funny is the play by play people are not having any questions about this @ all they are like clones not asking any questions they think this is good for Breanna Stewart… Lol how can this be..

      1. Peterson 9 Yards Short

        Funny how media twists Doty starting into helping Stewart.

    3. UconnFan

      You are a complete egomaniac ( a legend in your own mind)! A person does not win 86% of their games for 28 years and into the hall of fame for not knowing what they are doing and I bet you do not have college offers for coaching because of your all knowing perspective.

  8. Mike McManus

    Everyone should feel proud after the Huskies flat-out embarrassed Stanford. That was 40 minutes of stifling defense in a hostile environment, exactly what Geno strives for with his teams on the road. I like Doty..apparently Geno feels that she’s a stabilizing influence on the floor however that was not one of her better games. I agree that Banks deserves more time and I hope the coaching staff recognizes that and rewards her for her efforts.

    1. Bye Bye Andy Reid

      Yes, but Stanford did miss open shots that had nothing to do with UConn defense. Similar to Hartley blowing the open layup, contributing to UConn’s 40% shooting.

      1. Nick

        You have got to be kidding mentioning Hartley blowing a layup..what kind of fool are you?? A that was a major reason for a 40 percent night even though they won by 26 points!! who cares she misses a layup..she can shoot with either hand and probably the most talented player on the team you fool


        BYE BYE—When the defensive effort of one team is really really good it gets into the minds of the opposing team. That’s why Stanford missed wide open shots.
        Rutgers 3 or so years ago did this to a couple of UConn teams-with their 55 press.
        A great coach calls time out–calms them down and wins–Geno did. at Rutgers.

  9. harryH

    Doty is one of the most valuable players on this team. She may not score as she once did but her leadership and defense more than make up for her scoring ability.
    Not sure why Banks didn’t get the time but knowing how Geno operates – you don’t practice well and you sit. I think this was a game where he was more interested in defense than in scoring ability.

    1. Nick

      And what do you mean as she once did she has a high scoring average of 6.7 pts a game so please stop it!! She is not one of the most valuable player on this team not by a long gotta be out of your mind!!

    2. Leave It To Beaver

      Renee Montgomery, Tina Charles, Maya Moore, Kalana Green won the 2009 NCAA title. Tina, Maya, Kalana won the 2010 NCAA title. UConn could have played Buck and Kerns and still won those titles. Maya, Tiff, Doty did not win the 2011 title. Tiff, Doty did not win the 2012 title. In fact, Tiff failed to attempt a shot to win the game against ND in the FF. DOTY SUCKS.

    3. fort knox

      Miss Doty IS one of the most valuable players on the team. Definitely in the top 10. I love the Lady Huskies but I don’t try to second guess Geno. I’m sure if he thought someone could do a better job, Caroline would be sitting next to Heather Buck.

  10. RAY RAY

    harry-your either d illuional or you are short of basketball knowledge. the most valuable player on this team is hartley,not even close.DOTY cant defend anyone,opponents fly by her.shes the tyler olander of the womens team

    1. billnaples

      I have no issue that Hartley brings a lot more than Doty to the floor. But if you want to discuss the issues of delusion or basketball smarts I wonder where you think KML and maybe more importanly Kelly Faris fit. Lewis can get any shot at any time and can post up with the best. And all Faris does is show everyone else on this team how to play, defense, assists, rebounds, she does it all. She may be the most difficult hole to fill next season.


        Bill Naples—A calming influence among the outrageous.
        I see you too adhere to the comment’s are opinions and each is as worthy as another.

        Also you too believe name calling belongs in kindergarten not here. It’s shameful how people use their hidden faces to make nasty comments they would not to your face.

  11. Nick

    I agree with Ray Ray..and have nothing against Doty but this thing with Geno and Doty has got to stop..yes it’s Hartley who is the most valuable on this current team especially against good competition but just look @ her numbers and numbers don’t always tell everything but she can’t shoot can’t defend lot’s of OT and not many assist’s not just Banks will transfer but player’s like Jefferson and Tuck will also think twice about what’s happening..stop it Geno Doty does not deserve to start case closed.

    1. billnaples

      And perhaps one of you can explain one sane reason why Banks would transfer after this season or even more irrational someone suggested she transfer out now, mid year? For the sake of the discussion let’s say that her minutes remain in the lower end of the spectrum (10-12) a game while Doty gets 20 and maybe Jefferson gets 6-8. If my memory is any good (and the part that isn’t I usually look it up) Doty, Faris, and Buck are done at the end of this season. Best I recall only one member of the 2013 class, Chong, has committed. So tell me why Banks would give up a year to go elsewhere when the 2013/14 lineup probably has Hartley, Stewart, Dolson, KML as definite starters and the fifth likely comes from Banks, Tuck, Jefferson, or Stokes with Chong at the end of the list. Unless Jefferson shows marked improvement over the remaining 2/3’s of this season or Banks goes into some kind of total funk I see Banks playing a lot. The question becomes one of who runs the floor better or will Hartley sacrifice some to play point and allow Banks a little more freedom or does Banks have the discipline to play point. Tuck & Stokes will not be taking tme away from Banks unless Geno has a need to go all big if the matchups work.


      The only thing for you and the other who agree with you to do is to get GENO FIRED. HE MUST BE SO WRONG WITH DOTY THAT HE SHOULD BE FIRED. IF I START A PETITION WILL YOU BE THE FIRST TO SIGN IT.

  12. Nick

    Let me also state that Geno is the best coach in women’s college basketball but the team is @ it’s best with Dolson Stewart Hartley Faris and Lewis as the starting five..if you wanna bring a player off the bench it should be Banks Tuck and Doty in that order.. with Jefferson seeing @ least 12 minutes…Uconn is winning most of these game by 40 points for God’s sake!

    1. billnaples

      I was rereading the comments and it struck me the contradiction within a few like yours. “Let me also state that Geno is the best coach…” BUT….. You know who should be starting and what the substitution sequence should be. And you don’t even qualify your list by saying something about it depending on how the game is developing. And where is Kiah Stokes in your mix or do you have medical facts that she will not play any more this year? Just a thought.

  13. Cale

    61-35 WIN !! #1 in the country…YES…. You people act like they just got by with a slaker lineup ….Calm down or, the strands of your DNA will unravel… Hartley Rocks !



    1. Marboro Woman

      You remind me of bumbling Leonard Lawrence aka Gomer Pyle in FULL METAL JACKET.

    2. Nick

      Well Freddy will are allowed are opinions where you just like to say things in CAPS.. not anything worthy..just things..and John allows you to do it..but things as they may be Doty still is having a horrible season and Stewart should be starting no matter what the die hards say @ least next year it will finally be over.. and Uconn who will definitely win the whole thing next year and should this year unless Geno does what he doing so far..he still is the best!! but must let go of this Doty thing!!

  15. Sal and Irene

    Fellow Bloggers: It is only 5 days after Christmas. What happened to “Peace on Earth and Good Will to Man”? The negativity of some bloggers is amazing. We should strive for good comments and remarks on good performance by our UCONN women. Some of our players are freshmen and certainly not PROs. There are many good replies that make this column good reading. I would cringe if some wrote the my daughter “stinks”. Be proud of UCONN women and how hard they work. Geno and his staff work hard to make each player the best they can be. Look at the WNBA for proof. Let us try to start the new year on a positive note.

  16. This Just In - Doty Sucks Geno Loves Her

    Bristol Mouse Ears got it right. Stanford-UConn was ugly and not a good advertisement for women’s basketball. #1 shooting 19% and #2 shooting 38% belonged on ESPNU.

  17. ctmike

    I agree that Doty is just not very good as injuries have stolen her ability. Without those legs not at 100% your shot is not going to be consistent. I have no problem with Doty playing because everybody knows just how hard she has worked to keep playing. I don’t have a problem with a coach that recognizes that. She is a senior, we are winning and none of us know what Geno is trying to get out of Banks that he is not getting. I am sure he has a plan. Everybody lighten up! He won’t jeopardize a win because of loyalty.

  18. Bill Peterson

    After watching the team this season I really do not miss Tiffany Hayes at all, she was a fine 2nd level role player, but she could not play well under stress, as long as she has a true #1 to shade her from the sun she will do well, thats the key to her success in the wnba and was the key to her success at Uconn,

    And yes Banks should be getting more minutes Doty should be used when one of the guards needs a breather nothing more.


      Bill–I just watched the 2011 BE Tourney again and I was amazed how good Hayes really was. She slashed and drove and scored, hit a couple of key threes–it was a nip and tuck game and had it not been for Hayes Uconn may well have lost that game. Memory is a terrible thing to lose.

      1. Baylor has 2 best players in NCAA

        and Hayes was too chicken shit to attempt a winning shot against ND in the FF

  19. hjoerring

    Some v.interesting comments about Dot & Banks. I think we should all feel free to offer up our assessments without others taking offense. I think it is fair to question why Doty plays so many minutes- at least more than Banks.The usual answers- ‘the coach knows best’, ‘we are winning, arent’t we..’, obviously do not satisfy a lot of us. Rather than put a knife into us, try and argue more in the direction of:committments,senority, team philosophy,role, etc. Is there a better role player on and off the court, in the classroom, maturity than Buck.Losing Banks to transfer would sink us. Transfers are about reputations and therefore everytime a quality player leaves a school that program falls a little and rumors (real or unreal) spread like wildfire. Instability.Displeasure. Dissc. etc. Given our conf. situation, we do not need any of these things. But it does open an interesting disc. about how many #1,2,3 players a team can carry and develop them, play them, make them happy. The recruits we didn’t get are all going to situations/programs where they will play.

    1. billnaples

      EDD doesn’t count in practical terms as a transfer, if she stays she plays etc. Of the three transfers I can recall I honestly think there was only one, Samarie Walker, who was able to move into a major role player, she with Kentucky. Johnson (Wisconsin) and Engeln (Uncertain) have not yet made any news that I have seen with another team. You could make a case that Walker could have been a significant role player had she stayed. That is not true if Johnson and Engeln. They most likely woould have been just in front of Buck on the overall depth chart. But I will ask the question of what possible scenario reasonably predicts that Banks would leave UConn? She has an opportunity to be part of perhaps 2 or 3 NC teams. She has a role now and that role will clearly grow with the departures of Doty and Faris and only one recruit (Chong) currently committed for 2013. If Banks does not get a starting role (Jefferson becomes the point guard they recruited) then she will be in the rotation with Tuck and Stokes behind Jefferson, Hartley, Dolson, KML, and Stewart. Why leave the best program in the country with that setting? Love to hear a thought from those that think she could go.


        BillNaples—EDD was NEVER a UConn player–only the media has made her into a UConn.

        Walker, should never have accepted a scholarship from Uconn she wanted to be with her friends at K.U.

        So in my book neither should occur in any conversation about transfers

        Engeln and Johnson–should not have been recruited and should have transferred after their first year–it was obvious they were never going to really play at Uconn–

        1. Baylor has 2 best players in NCAA

          Geno wasted scholarships on Kerns, Buck, Engeln, and Johnson. Geno got 1 recruit in 08 freshman class and got 1 recruit in 12 freshman class.

  20. SBB

    Perhaps, Doty starts because she has a calming influence on the team having been in these big game situations previously. She doesn’t look like she did when she came to CT…………but she is tough, aggressive and takes prisoners (reminds me of Shea in that way)……..
    So when you can win as many championships as Geno, then you can pick the starters.
    As for ALL CAPS, it is annoying. If it is because Freddy has vision problems, I apologize, but it certainly isn’t kool;-)!

  21. JohnD

    Most of u that complain about Doty getting playing time are over the top.How many of u remember her 6 threes in one game before her multiple acl injuries ? How many of u would have the courage to go through surgery three times as she did and still go out and try to give what she has left as well as take the chance she may suffer the same injury again ? Sure she’s lacks the same physical skills she had before surgery i.e. more then a step slower laterally as well as all out,not as comfortable in offense or defense.The thing that most of u are missing is her leadership and die hard attitude.Geno is no fool and no matter how many of u complain he is letting her enjoy her senior year and go out with class.This is not the first time Geno has shown his loyalty and respect for what a player gives him.Do any of u remember the shot that Coach Peretta,his team & Geno let Nekeysha Sales make to set a record while she was on crutches ? How many of u critics have actually played the game or made sacrifices as Doty has but feel that u have the right to belittle her ? Give me a freaking break !!!!!

    1. Steve Gee

      It wasn’t that long ago that some of these same couched fools were making similar comments disparaging Faris’ ability to score and saying she “stinks” and Geno should giver her minutes to someone else.
      Some things never change.
      Idiots usually stay idiots.

      1. Village Idiot

        Steve Gee–I resent the implication. I was then and am no a FARIS fan.

        Doty has made some questionable passes, for a fifth year senior. But if anyone plays with the intensity and toughness of Doty I don’t know who that may be.
        Showing the new kids how to put your body on the line for the team may be the teaching moments she brings to the team.

  22. RAY RAY

    my blog started this whole discussion—-first thing,geno is a great coach.secondly i am not questioning dotys toughness
    or desire to play thru 3 just stating that banks is a better far as leadership,farris ,dolson
    and hartley are seasoned enough to do far as PEACE ON EARTH—–WTF ??????

  23. Cliff

    Twas a Coupla Nights after Christmas 2012

    Twas a coupla nights after Christmas 2012, when all through Stanford’s house?
    Hardly a UCONN fan was heard over Stanford’s “Victory or else!”
    Steph, Bria, and steeple-tall Stewie hung by Chiney with care,?
    Sporting steely eyes that declared No. 1 would soon be theirs.??

    Kaleena rushed to plunk in a three,?
    While Stanford stumbled with shaking knee.?
    Kelly running hard, and Caroline with her snap,?
    Woke up Stanford’s brains from their long winter’s nap.??

    When down the right side there arose such a clatter,
    as Stewie lept over a Cardinal wondering what’s the freakin’ matter???
    Away to the fast break flew Bria and Kaleena in a flash,?
    Playing three shots like pinball, turning money shots into cash.??

    By now the Cardinals appeared dazed, frozen like deer don’t ya know,?
    And still so many more weapons did UCONN have to bestow.?
    When, what to Stanford fans’ wondering eyes should appear,?
    But a whirling Stephanie Dolson, putting her foes into fear!?

    Then little old Coach Geno, so lively and quick,
    Smiled ever so slightly, as his guys roll and pick,
    While more rapid than eagles our strong UCONN women came,?
    And Coach whistled, and shouted, and called them by name!??

    “Now Kelly! now, Stewie! now, Jefferson and Tuck!?
    On, Banks! On, Kiah! on, on KLM and Heather Buck!?
    To the top of the key! to the top of the rim!?
    Now dash away! Dash away! after each shot goes in!”??

    As all streaks before a steel defense fly,?
    When they meet with UCONN, even soaring Cardinal birds die.?
    So up to the Maple house-top the Huskie women they flew,?
    With a sleigh full of game, plus Chris, Shea, and Coach Geno, too.??

    And then, in a twinkling, Cardinal fans stared in disbelief,
    At UCONN women prancing and dancing (the silenced crowd a nice relief).
    As Stanford froze with despair, and were looking all around,?
    Three Huskies spotted Chiney and cornered her with a bound.??

    Geno was dressed dapper as always, from his head to his foot,?
    But still ran smack into a Technical, no matter his chistled look.
    A bundle of Weapons he had flung on his back,?
    He looked like a Pro with his defense-magic pack.??

    His eyes-how they twinkled! his dimples how merry!?
    His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!?
    His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,?
    And a tiny smile escaped, but Geno couldn’t let that show.??

    The stump of a compliment he held tight in his teeth,?
    But the aura of the smile encircled his head like a wreath.?
    He had a broad face and a little round belly,?
    That shook when he laughed, amusing Steph and Kelly!??

    He was cajoling and pressing, a right jolly old elf,?
    UCONN women hung on his advice, sure of themself!?
    A wink of his eye and a twist of his head,?
    Soon gave Stanford notice they had lots to dread.??

    He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,?
    And watched the game unfold, then turned with a jerk.?
    Laying one finger aside of his nose,?
    After a respectful nod to Tara, up the charts his team rose!??

    He sprang to his feet, to his team gave a whistle,?
    And away they all flew, leaving Stanford to bristle.?
    But I heard the team exclaim, ‘ere they drove out of sight,?
    “Merry Christmas to our fans, we did, indeed, have a good night!”

  24. JohnD

    Ray Ray-U opened the wrong door when u stated that Doty stinks.I agree that Banks is a superb player and will get her pt next year but your comment as though your the last and final word on who’s the better player is simply nonsense.Comparing Banks to Doty is like apples and oranges.A 100% healthy Doty would more then hold her own against any current player on the present roster and even surpasses top players on other teams in the nation even with her previous injuries.Beating Stanford was about as good as beating Tn shows your lack of respect for two other powerhouse programs in the country.Sure it’s great to win but don’t go blowing your own horn as it’s possible that UConn could have a bad game against either one of these or another team in March.The only thing I may agree with u is that definitely Doris Burke is not on the UConn bandwagon and seemed kinda disappointed and lost for words but then again so were many other Stanford followers.

  25. Nick

    I agree with Ray Ray..John D is taking this way too far we love Doty as well as all the other girls but it’s true Banks deserves more time and Faris Hartley and Dolson can provide leadership.. Banks should be the one playing 20 minutes with Doty spelling the guards with 10-12 and Stewart should be freaking starting..

    1. Steve Gee

      Banks is a superbly talented player.
      She’s fast with the ball and has the moves to slash through coverage and make her own play.
      Now if she would only learn to pass the ball to the open man when the coverage collapses on her.
      I know that will come in time.
      Perhaps that’s what Geno is looking for as well. Team Play.

  26. JohnD

    Nick- I never mentioned anything about who should get more pt but did say that Banks will get a lot next year and who knows maybe even this year.We fans are nothing more then armchair critics nothing more.None of us have any say in who gets to play or how UConn is coached and it’s 100% Geno’s call as it’s been for nearly three decades.When anyone on this comment section has the audacity to say that Doty or any player stinks I don’t think I’m taking anything to far when defending that player.Geno may recruit players for different reasons but never one that stinks.

  27. John

    It’s amazing how spoiled the fan base has become. They blow out Stanford and there’s a need to nitpick.

  28. Bob

    I have heard some pretty dumb things but ridiculing Doty the way some of these guys above is ridiculuous. I think that Banks should play 40 minutes a game for the rest of her career because Nick and Ray Ray (and others) think she is the second coming. This girl has skills as does just about any girl that has ever been recruited by Geno but have you considered that maybe she isn’t on occasion giving 100% whether in practice or games and he demands the best of everyone of these girls. Their best! Maya’s best was better than blankety blank’s best but if Maya held back and played lackadaisily, even in a blowout, Geno would prefer blankety blank because he knows she would perform at 100% always. Carolyn Doty exemplifies what Geno basketball is about and you guys come here and talk your stupidity about who is better, blah, blah, blah and why isn’t she playing more when you don’t have a damn clue. In the course of doing this, you bash someone who has had to deal with crap that you’ll probably never have to deal with in your life. Actually since I don’t know you personally I can’t say you haven’t had some horrific circumstance but I’m inclined to believe you can’t begin to know how it is when someone who has such a passion for the game has to play on wheels (legs) that refuse to allow her to do so the way she was always able to do. The amount of time and work she has put in to get to where she is now is unbelievable and few know how tough it is. Shea may because she had multiple ACL’s. Brianna Banks will earn plenty of time if she plays to her ability because she has some serious talent but as shown today, Doty still has something left in the tank and deserves a modicom of respect from everyone who CLAIMS to be a fan of UConn basketball.

  29. Michael Keller

    All you Doty haters:

    26 minutes, 14 points, 12 rebounds, 7 assists, 4 steals, 2 blocks. One of the best all-around games by *anyone* at Connecticut this season. Let Geno do his job, OK?

    1. billnaples

      Correct Michael, and we will add 4 of 8 from 3 pt. line (only 1 – 1 inside). Now all the pundits that were critical of the excess minutes Doty got at the expense of Banks let me point out that Banks played the same number of minutes -26- as Caroline. But Brianna’s line was 7 – 1 – 4 (not sure about steals and blocks)the bigger question now is how much those opinions stink, not Brianna.

  30. hjoerring

    Me Miserret! As someone who reads these blogs about the Huskies and offer up a comment or two I am often taken back by the harsh comments of those who feel that the disciples are wondering off the path. I had followed a thread here and elsewhere about Doty and Banks and their playing time. Quite a few of those comments indicated that Doty’s playing time should be reduced,with one or two dismissing her completely. I thought the latter were insignificant and could easily be ignored. This was not the case for the former and in my view was worthy of a discussion; not because “we” know better, but simply that blogs are where readers offer their versions of truths. This has been a sin to the holy ones who will have nothing short of the latter day saints on their kneels in th face of the team. Of course these individuals are only a handful, but a noisy group given their numbers. Interestingly, I wrote in my piece that those who were questioning why Doty was a starter and play so many minutes should pursue other avenues for their answer (seniority, loyalty, experiece, etc.- all that are critical for team play. I have a lot of respect for these things (and the coach has been good in not throwing players overboard, since I have been following the team back in the days when the games were free and we were only 20 looking on). Still, for discussion sake, all should have law to say who they would like to see and why. This has no binding. Personally, I would like to see more of Banks. Is she better than Doty? I don’t know. I have not even been thinking in those terms. The question of transfers was mentioned. I am always nervous about that issue and so I commented on it. I didn’t read the person who brought it up to be an “ass”. Even if it was mentioned in a negative vein there is no need to stick the knife into the person. I thought that it brought out an excellent commentary by a reader who noted that Banks was in a good position- a position that would only get better. That was informative. Even a cynical comment can be reworked to pull out something good. If we don’t stop the name calling a lot of the decent people will move on and leave the blog for the disciples. Would it be blasphemy to say out loud that conference realignment might reek havoc if we do not do something soon. How about not getting a player that we have been recruiting from the class of 2014. Am I an ass for posing the statement as worthy of a thought? Let us be more civil. It is childlike to say that asking why this player gets 20 min. and this one only 5 is because you are a hater of X. Of course there will be those who ‘hate’ X for whatever reason, but the point must be that such a question is legitimate (even if wrong) and worthy of an explanation other than: don’t question God’s words/actions.

    1. Village Idiot

      While I disagree with those that question Doty’s abilities and Geno’s reasons I do however believe this is Site to POST ONE’s Opinions.


  31. RAY RAY

    can u say “chump killer”?lets seeif she puts up numbers in games that count,not blowouts.thats been her m/o her whole rather put my money on banks making a big steal or hoop befdore doty hits aBIG shot.

  32. Eileen

    In the middle of all this BS regarding Doty vs. Banks and playing time,I would like to thank Cliff for a very nice”Twas a Couple Nights After Christmas 2012″. A lot of thought went into that and it brought a bunch of smiles to me, versus all the horrible things said about Doty who I like a lot and deserves to start and play. Banks is one of my favorites and needs a little more “seasoning” this year, but wait till next year!! Thanks, Cliff for your wit.

  33. Baylor has 2 best players in NCAA

    Doty still sucks Geno creepy love and feels sorry for her

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