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Mailbag: SNY Will Provide Streaming Option

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Here is one of the most popular questions I field on a daily basis:


Last week, I wrote to UConn President Herbst expressing my dismay at not getting UCWB on CPTV Hoopstreams.  We live in Maryland where none of the cable or satellite networks carry SNY.  I received a reply from the UC Athletics Dept that told us that SNY was planning internet streaming of the games.  What can you learn about this?  I wrote SNY to no avail.  UCWB on the net is very important to us rapidly greying expatriot Huskies.  Many Thanks

George Thomson
Churchville, MD
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Mailbag March 14: What Did EDD Cost UConn?

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Here is an interesting question about perhaps the greatest player to ever slip through the hands of UConn.

Question: What recruit was lost due to the choice of Elena Delle Donne?

Jerry, Milford.


It is impossible to read the minds of high school kids to determine whether the presence of one player makes them think there may be no room for them.

In the recruiting class that originally included Elena Delle Donne were forwards Chelsey Lee and Nneka Ogwumike. Lee decided at the last minute to attend Rutgers, which stunned UConn at the time, I am told.

Ogwumike seems always destined for Stanford, because her parents wanted her to go there, just as they directed her younger sister, Chiney, away from UConn to the Cardinals.

I supposed its possible to draw connecting lines, but Geno Auriemma likely wouldn’t want a kid on his team who was afraid of competition.