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Big East (Remember Those Days) Confirms Ackerman Hire

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The Big East has announced the appointment of Val Ackerman to serve as the first Commissioner of the newly reconstituted, 10-team Big East Conference. The Big East, which will be headquartered in New York City, will officially commence operations on July 1, 2013.

Ackerman began her sports management career in 1988 at the National Basketball Association, where she served as staff attorney, special assistant to Commissioner David Stern and Vice President of Business Affairs, prior to leading the WNBA.

 She has most recently served as a consultant to the National Collegiate Athletic Association, for which she completed a comprehensive analysis on the state of women’s college basketball.






Val Ackerman Named Commissioner Of “New” Big East

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Val Ackerman, the founding President of the WNBA and former boss of USA Basketball’s women’s programs, will apparently be named the commissioner of the newly configured Big East Conference, according to a report by Bloomberg News.

Ackerman, 53, was chosen by the presidents of the conference’s 10 universities. Other female conference commissioners include Bernadette McGlade of the Atlantic 10 and Robin Harris, executive director of the Ivy League.

   The reconfigured Big East is set to begin business in six days, comprised largely of Catholic colleges and universities from the old Big East.

 The league, which retained the rights to the Big East name, includes the so-called Catholic 7, whose presidents voted to leave because they said football-related revenue was becoming too important. The Big East started in 1979 with a focus on basketball. Georgetown, St. John’s, Villanova, Seton Hall, Providence, Marquette and DePaul will be joined by Butler, Creighton and Xavier.

 Ackerman ran the WNBA from 1996 to 2005. She was a staff attorney for the NBA and served as the first female president of USA Basketball until 2008.

 Ackerman just authored a comprehensive look at the problems facing women’s basketball.





One Person’s View Of The Future Of Women’s College Basketball

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I spent the majority of last week preparing a story that digs a little deeper into the specifics of Val Ackerman’s “White Paper” which takes a wide-angle view of women’s college basketball.

Here is the story. Big changes may be coming – and some as soon as this season – with the NCAA women’s basketball tournament.

Inside The Margins Of Val Ackerman’s “White Paper”

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   Under the NCAA umbrella for 32 years, women’s college basketball is barely half the age of their men, who just celebrated its 75th anniversary as championship partners with the governing body of collegiate athletics.

    The sport has sought a singular vision, a steadying voice accenting its strength, diminishing its weakness, bolstering what languishes.

  So far, unification efforts have proven uneven. They’ve led to brief ascents dashed by long rides on a straight path where slight gains are wiped out by slim losses.

  Like its players, the sport is in need a team game, as opposed to one alternately dominated by many individual points of view.

  Last week, the direction may have finally changed.

  Val Ackerman, the WNBA’s founding president and former head of USA Women’s Basketball, now rumored to be the first commissioner of the reconstructed Big East conference, released her “White Paper.”

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NCAA Set To Begin Study Of Revamped Division I Women’s Tournament

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The NCAA Division I women’s basketball championship committee will meet in Nashville next week to discuss changes that could reshape the way the postseason tournament is presented beginning this season.

   Anucha Browne, vice president of the championship committee, said Thursday the group will consider suggestions made by Val Ackerman, the former WNBA President, in a “White Paper” released this week that discussed the state of women’s college basketball.

 As it relates to the NCAA Tournament, Ackerman’s ideas include:

* Changing the dates of Final Four games from Sunday-Tuesday to Friday-Sunday

* Allowing the 16 top seeds in the tournament to host first- and second-rounds games, as opposed to picking neutral sites

* Condensing the sub-regionals from four four-team tournaments to two eight-team affairs

* Restructuring the way the 64 teams play down by introducing first-round games that will feature only the last 32 seeded teams.

“At that point, the members of the committee will have a chance to consider those points,” Browne said Thursday. “They will be vetted to determine if there is more factual information we need to collect before moving on. We will do that.”

  Browne said one thing that will not change are the sites of the next three Final Fours. But things may change with the dates of the regional preceding them.

 “Obviously for the next three years we are locked into Final Four sites. We will be in Nashville, Tampa (2015) and Indianapolis (2016),” she said. “And because we have contracts for these events, if you want to change the day format we may find that those obligations may prohibit that from happening.

  “And going to a Friday-Sunday format could have an impact on the dates of the regionals that precede it. It could mean the student/athletes may need to go directly from the sub-regional site to the Final Four site instead of campus. That would cause a trickle affect we need to think about. We might need to change the dates of those regionals, as well.”

Val Ackerman’s Term Paper On How To Grow Women’s Basketball

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If you love women’s basketball – and let’s face it, you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t – I would highly suggest to click on the highlighted line and read the very interesting conclusions of former WNBA President Val Ackerman about how to kick start a sport grown stale.

Many of Val’s suggestions should spur debate, particular her idea of making the Final Four a Friday-Sunday thing and consolidating the four regional finals in super regional finals.

We all know something needs to change. And its refreshing to read that someone so involved believes so, too