Could UConn’s Big East Future Still Be In Doubt?

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The impending departure of Maryland to the Big Ten from the Atlantic Coast Conference, rumored to be followed by Rutgers leaving the Big East to join the Terps, could have a big impact on UConn’s future.

Maryland’s Board of Regents will meet Monday morning to vote whether to accept an invitation to join the Big Ten, a source told ESPN.  If Maryland goes, Rutgers is expected to follow as early as Tuesday, giving the Big Ten 14 members.

It also could open a gap in the ACC that UConn might fill, especially with Rutgers out of the picture and the ACC likely not to consider Louisville.

“I don’t think that any one, anymore can talk about their desires [to be in a conference],” Geno Auriemma said. “You can have desire for a lot of things. You can desire to be invited to all the best parties in Connecticut, but if you don’t receive an invitation, you are not going.

“If you sit around waiting for an invitation, then you are doing a disservice to your school, your league and your opponents. I just think that everyone knows that every school in the country, every league in the country [has the same issue]. You go to league meetings and you look at each other in the eye and hope everyone is telling each other the truth.

“Then you go on with the understanding that it can all change tomorrow. Where we are right now is where we [UConn] will play. I have no idea what is going on. I really don’t. I thought this had all died down. This has taken me by surprise, and I am one who tries to keep track of these things.”

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8 thoughts on “Could UConn’s Big East Future Still Be In Doubt?

  1. Christian-Muslim American

    Moving to the ACC should help UConn recruit more than 1 player every 4 years. UConn gets many (not all) of the top recruits they seek. Maybe moving to the ACC gets UConn one or two more of the top recruits they seek. ACC does not lose anything with UConn football replacing Maryland.

    1. Ed

      C-MA One per 4 years how about the three freshmen we have right now? We have off years due to the fact that prime recruits want playing time. If you are a top ten power forward are you going to committ to UConn with Brianna Steward, Tuck and Stokes already there and Dolson having another year after 2012-13??

    2. billnaples

      I should go back and count but just with the current roster for now – 3 seniors, 2 juniors, 3 sophomores, 3 freshman. UConn has one recruit from early signing and while not likely to get a high ranking player may still get another body in the late signing. That would then give them 10 on the roster for 13/14 season. How many minutes do you think another freshman could get next year? Few as Ed makes the case for another “big”. Fewer still for point and shooting guard with Hartley, Jefferson, Banks, and Lewis floating between the corners. Only have 200 minutes to give out and Chong better come in with her boots strapped tight if she wants her share,, forget about another recruit. Better get back to the rating school to see the quality that comes to UConn and forget about how many.

  2. John

    I long for the days of the old Big East, where taxpayers didn’t have to fund long plane trips for these “students”

  3. Kenny

    To me it’s all about football thats were all the money is.Thats why this big wave of schools changing conferences is all about.Anyway thats my take on it.

  4. Village Idiot

    Kenny–Football is the ACC and All big conferences. That’s where the money is in THOSE CONFERENCE. The Big East isn’t a football conference, it’s a basketball Conference. Uconn would be the Patty Last, conference tail, underdog, whipping boy of the ACC in football.
    Geno and the BE basketball coaches have got to say–we’ll be Big East until we aren’t and play to win every BE game.

  5. Dave

    Village Idiot you have the right name. UConn can compete with most ACC schools. They would be middle of the road in that conference too just like the Big East. ACC is not the SEC please. Thank god for BC!

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