DeShields Is State Farm/WBCA Player Of Year

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UConn wanted her. UConn tried hard to get her. North Carolina gets her next season.

The Women’s Basketball Coaches’ Association has selected Diamond DeShields of Norcross (Ga.) High  the 2013 State Farm®/WBCA High School Player of the Year.

“Congratulations to Diamond for earning the top award for high school basketball players,” said WBCA CEO Beth Bass.  “She has set high standards for current and future high school student-athletes to pursue greatness in a game that is rapidly excelling.  The WBCA wishes Diamond the best on her future in college and in the game of women’s basketball.”

The 6-foot-2 shooting guard, who has signed with North Carolina, is ranked No. 3 overall in the country and No. 1 for her position by ESPN

DeShields has led the Norcross Blue Devils to a 25-5 record on the season.  She is averaging 26 points per game, 7 rebounds, 4.5 steals and 3.8 assists. She helped lead Team USA to the gold medal in the 2012 FIBA Under-17 World Championships, where she was named the tournament MVP.

DeShields so far has scored over 2,100 points and is the all-time leading scorer in Norcross history, and ranks third in Gwinnett County history.   She has been named a 2013 Naismith award finalist, a 2013 WBCA All-America member, a 2013 McDonald’s All-America representative, 2013 Miss Georgia Basketball and was chosen to the 2012 Preseason American Family Insurance ALL-USA Girls High School Basketball Team.


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12 thoughts on “DeShields Is State Farm/WBCA Player Of Year

  1. Anotha Messed Opportunitee

    No question she is an athlete UConn could use some athletes Auriemma said Faris is UConn best athlete but she could not keep up with Notra Dam and Grinder

    1. Winning Fundamental

      I believe Geno prefers Pasta and Gravy to Grinders. He’s not really a sandwich kind of guy.

      Congratulations to Diamond, we here in Uconn land wish you only success, against everyone else. Uconn has missed few that they really wanted and Uconn is not for everyone–only the really nice may apply.

    2. Steve McGEEE

      Just Rambling

      This is my space. You can’t use it.
      How do you know are you a great coach like me??
      Where do you get your information–I didn’t give it to you?
      Opinions? No one is allowed an opinion, unless I give it to them.
      Unless you are an expert you have no opinion.
      When you play basket ball?? You obviously haven’t played for Geno.
      How can anyone know what opinion to print on this blog??
      Who told you so??
      Unless you agree with Geno all the time–you can’t write here.
      If you are from Notre Dame or Baylor or Oklahoma or Duke or any team I don’t like your opinion’s are not allowed here.
      Don’t bother me with history of Uconn–the only history I want to know is in my head.
      Yes a brain is a terrible thing to waste.

      1. Steve Gee

        We get it.
        You don’t like me.
        You don’t like Geno.
        You don’t like Doty.
        We get it.

        You’re still a troll no matter how many unclever names you use.

        Now, with that out of the way:

        You like to throw a lot of crap around, but yet again, cannot be specific.
        Please list one example of what you accuse me of, and be specific.

        It’s time to put-up or shut-up.

        We’re all VERY sure you could provide examples to support your assertions. Right?
        Or more likely, this is similar to all of your other posts, simply another fabrication because you have nothing of substance to rely on.

  2. Hip Hop Hood

    Looks like Geno’s legal issues with women turned her off of UCONN.

    1. Jd389474

      Ur an idiot. That’s not true at all. Uconn isn;’t for everyone and she didn’t chose UNC over Uconn because of that.

      1. Um

        I can tell you grew up in a household being called an idiot and moron and other names. I hope you never had kids.

        1. Dumb Um

          Spoken like a true hyprocrite. This from the creep who makes fun of UConn players. Stay Classless… we know you will.

    2. billnaples

      Perhaps you can crawl out from under that rock where you reside and care to share with the rest of us exactly what legal issues with women you believe Auriemma has. Unless you are wired in placess no one else is there is one case (Hardwick) that has a dismissal motion pending on what a detailed read (which I have done) seems to show a total lack of a fundemental case against Auriemma to begin with and even if you are silly enough to put allow any credibility to her story there is a complete lack of jurisdiction in the NY Courts. Now if you want to bust chops try learning some facts before you jump in over your intellectual head.

  3. KML got gifts

    DD was not that type of player. I watched her last year. She is very selfish around other team members, taking contested layups while her girl is wide open for a much easier layup. This wouldn’t work.

    1. Open Your Eyes

      Hartley has been the selfish queen for 3 seasons. Take of the UConn blinders and watch Hartley. In the Baylor game Hartley missed a clanker from 10 feet instead of passing to open Doty. Then Hartley fumbled her way right into Griner and tried to shoot. The topper was Hartley failing to dribble like a real point guard, getting picked, then committing the immediate foul.

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