HoopGurlz Report: DeShields To North Carolina

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Diamond DeShields, the No. 1 target in the Class of 2013 for the UConn women, has decided to attend the University of North Carolina, according to HoopGurlz.com

DeShields, a 6-2 guard and former USA Basketball teammate of many Huskies, is the daughter of former MLB infielder Delino DeShields.

She is the second top UConn recruit to choose North Carolina over the Huskies, joining Xylina McDaniel, a forward UConn hoped would join the Class of 2012. Duke, Maryland and Tennessee were also in the running for DeShields.

“I felt at North Carolina I can be myself on and off the court,” DeShields told HoopGurlz. “Coach (Sylvia) Hatchell develops players in to young women. I feel like once you get that feeling, you should do it. I have had this feeling about some of the other schools, but never for this long.”

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15 thoughts on “HoopGurlz Report: DeShields To North Carolina

  1. Dave

    Good luck Diamond at UNC. I hope you don’t mind 30 point blowouts to UConn. Oh thats right UConn dropped UNC from their schedule for being non competive. I didn’t realize UNC was the only school that developed players into young women. How about that?

  2. fishpaw31

    Sylvia Hatchell may “develop players in to young women” but not into great basketball players. If Ms. DeShields’ goal is to get a college degree and play college basketball, then fine. But if she also wants to have a career in the WNBA and maybe play for the USA in the Olympics someday….Hatchell will not get you there.

  3. UConn Husky Fan

    This gives Geno and CD the excuses they were looking for to now recruit the Banks, Engelns, Johnsons, and Bucks of the 2013 class.

    Geno only wants to play 6 or 7 in March, so he has the thin bench excuse when they lose in the semi.

    Geno is afraid to blemish his 7-0 NC; he is the WCBB version of boxing’s Mayweather.

    All those who think Stewart, Jefferson, and Tuck will lead UConn to a NC in 2014/15 will be disappointed.

    1 of the 3 will transfer after landing in Geno’s doghouse.

  4. Vicki

    Agreed UCONN Husky Fan. Who dropped the ball here? Benchwarmers to be recruited shortly….a thin bench indeed!

  5. The Truth Hurts

    Diamond’s two week recruiting binge landed a better class than the 2 years Geno spent recruiting Stewart, Tuck, and Jefferson

  6. John

    UConn Husky Fan, Vicki and The Truth Hurts, it’s always fun to see fans who live their lives vicariously thru the Huskies. If you think Gino does a poor job of recruiting, why don’t you go out and do it? I think he and CD put a pretty damn good product on the floor. Let the record speak for itself unless you’re the kind that demand a NC every year.

    1. UNC WCBB Fan

      it’s always fun to see fans who live their lives vicariously thru the Huskies.

      John is a brainwashed worshipper of the Church of Luigi who is easily amused.

      1. Janet2938474

        UNC WCBB Fan: Why are you even here if you don’t like what JA says? Haven’t you heard if you don’t like what a person says don’t read? Well do that cuz ur an idiot. U are the one who probably worships the church of Lugi urself. Now go away and stop the the BS hate with Uconn and JA . If you don’t like what JAs, then don’t read. I find his blogs informal. If you don’t like them, don’t read.

        1. UNC WCBB Fan

          Haven’t you heard if you don’t like what a person says don’t read? Well do that cuz ur an idiot.

          That Makes You The Biggest Idiot

          Your parents and children are so very proud of you.

  7. Trueheelfan

    People forget just 3 yrs ago UNC was a national title contender remember 3 straight final 4’s and I believe they beat uconn a couple of those times it is true that they haven’t been as good as they normally would be but in no way should we as fans be upset or critical and judgmental because a recruit chose this or that college over our favorites. I respect uconns program I am not a fan of geno but the man is a genius. And can recruit but so can Sylvia and to be honest how hard can it be both schools along with Tennessee and a couple others really recruit themselves good luck to all the young ladies going to any college to play basketball…. But especially GO HEELS

    1. UNC WCBB Fan

      UConn education and degree cannot sell itself to HS AA. State of CT certainly can’t.

      Not sure why any HS AA would choose to play for The Arrogant One. He constantly throws his players under the bus.

      The Arrogant One is a Terrible in game coach. Players like Diana, Tina, and Maya temporarily overcome his Poor Coaching.

      1. Tarheel Husky

        How many UNC women are playing in the WNBA?

        How many have olympic medals or world championships to show for their efforts?

        How many have WNBA and collge championships?

        How many have been WNBA allstars?

        How many are working at something other than basketball?

        If you can count, take my challenge, and I will give you the figures for former Husky players . . .

  8. Trueheelfan

    I suppose 7 or 8 national championships can allow u to have what ever swagger you would like to have that is y traditional blue bloods of mens basketball such as duke ky UNC Kansas ucla even Indiana are both hated and loved but always respected geno has earned the right to be arrogant just like pat summit just like hatchel these programs are elite bball programs I don’t see the need to be negative here I love UNC I bleed carolina blue and that’s in allllll things I don’t care if it’s underwater basket weaving but we take it to far when we down a girl for her choice of school no its not uconn but UNC is a basketball power and so she should be congratulated. I am happy she is a heel… But I would never have bashed her had she chosen uconn or dare I say it dook (gasp) and its sad really to read some of the comments that fans make

  9. Trueheelfan

    And remember not to long ago people called ole Roy a terrible in game coach funny how winning the big one 2 times changes perceptions of you very quickly…. Look point blank uconn fans she chose UNC get over it stop bashing her and for Pete’s sake stope whining and crying and saying things like hope u enjoy 30 point blowouts u guys don’t know what the season will hold… Smh same to my fellow tarheel fans both sects of fans we are so much better than this both schools offer incredible educations yes UNC wbb fan I said both schools get over they do and so do we cept I attended UNC so I should know about it… Both schools are wonderful basketball powers both men and women we don’t have to like each other but a little decorum please respect each other

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