Elena Delle Donne Is Ready For Her Next Challenge

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If you still hate on Elena Delle Donne’s for leaving UConn five years ago, feel free to wallow in self-righteousness. It’s a free world. Wallow away.

If you tend to be more open-minded about things, you may want to read Courant columnist Jeff Jacobs’ piece on EDD written following the Blue Hens first-round win over West Virginia on Sunday.

If Delaware beats North Carolina on Tuesday, the Blue Hens will come to Bridgeport this weekend to play in the Sweet 16.

And won’t that make for appointment television in the Land of Steady Habits?

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18 thoughts on “Elena Delle Donne Is Ready For Her Next Challenge

  1. Fairfield County Fan

    Good article, great player…..but just one clarification needed – had EDD stayed at UCONN and stayed healthy (not red-shirted for medical reasons) she would have graduated LAST year – her draft position for the WNBA may have been entirely different if she was not competing with Griner for the top spot. A small point in the greater scheme of things….

    Five years later I am sure she is now more mature and ready to transition to an adult life; something she was able to approach gradually while at U Del.

    1. Connecticut

      Isn’t it interesting John always forgets she was Red Shirted in BB and played another game at Delaware.
      Her 4 years in the CAA have no been as she had expected. A 5 ft and a bit guard from JMU out scored this 6 5 phenom. Drexel and JMU won the league while EDD was there. Her impact wasn’t that great. JMU and Drexel were both one trick ponys, much like Delaware–so it wasn’t that they had supporting casts, that she didn’t.

    2. Strange but True

      EDD’s father has business ties to Ct. When EDD was recruited to ct–he was about to purchase a house in Ansonia or Derby to be close to EDD–Lizzie would be close by.

      So the lie of her needing to be close to Lizzie is just that.

      Edd Left because she was either affraid of the competition (on the Uconn team) or fear of failure in the big time. Not Lizzie.

      I only wish Pat Summitt got her–she would have deserved her, and she would have left Tenn too.

  2. Merci

    Few in Uconn land HATE Delle Donne–A kid that sneaks off in the middle of the night without a fond farewell isn’t of Uconn caliber.
    EDD father, a summer neighbor of Geno in Avalon, NJ, wanted EDD to go to UConn–EDD wanted to stay close to home. Not necessarily to be with her sister.

    Edd had tutor in basketball from age 5 or 6, she is a talent. West Virgina has had a very down year was lucky to make the NCAA tourney. But led the Hens in the first half and part of the second. 33 points is a nice number but when you are the only option–
    I love EDD’s mother, she is a class act, a truly Catholic woman (one for generations past) pius, one who gives back and gives and gives. Say hello she’ll say hello and ask (honestly) how you are. St Francis couldn’t have been better.
    No we don’t hate EDD–only which she chose Tenn first.

  3. Fairfield County Fan

    Right on Merci- no great feat beating W.Va. this year….on Hens home court! NC not that great either so Del could make it to Bpt – where they would face winner of Kentucky/ Dayton.

    1. Merci

      Fairfield C.F. –

      If the Hens get to Bridgeport and come up against Kentucky–it will be interesting.
      Kentucky is great at every position except Center. Can Delaware handle the fast athletic 4 other players on UK??
      I have issues with Uconn meeting Kentucky, I didn’t want it this way, but they are good.
      Maybe I’ll have to cheer for EDD, this time.
      Much like Notre Dame–Kentucky plays defense with flaying arms and hands–hand checks most of the game–no calls

    1. Fanny


      Interesting comment, would care to be more clear. Is the H the statement or the MMMMM’s or the mmmm’s??
      If the former, I have one response, if the later, I have a difference response.


        Thank you for your question but you totally missed my point. My point was simply the apostrophe. (It’s always the little things that get you)

  4. Fairfield County Fan

    I agree Merci : If both advance to Elite Eight (with winner playing UCONN – hopefully!)- I’ll be rooting for Delaware!! No question about it.

  5. mike mcmanus

    I watched the DE/WVA game and WVA was definitely the better team in the first half. DE is not a bad team at all and one has to be impressed with EDD’s portfolio of shots. She doesn’t move quickly but she is efficient at getting off her shot. I hate to pop anyone’s balloon, but I feel that NC will beat them…not that I was that impressed with their win. As usual, NC has some big strong girls who rebound well and should make it tough on EDD inside. Therefore I suspect that EDD will shoot more from 15′ and beyond and she can certainly do that. It should be a good game.

  6. WBB Fan

    I agree about a NC- Del match-up. And if NC and Kentucky make it to the Elite Eight (with winner hopefully playing UCONN)I root for NC..

  7. UconnFan

    I have been impressed with EDD overall game and will be the number two pick in the draft behind Griner, but then again if Bird, Diana, or Charles had been in this class – they would be taken after Griner also.

    1. UconnFan

      EDD ends up in Washington regardless of what draft number and which team drafts her

  8. Husky Dave

    It’s a moot point that EDD decided to leave UConn. She certainly didn’t distinguish herself in the manner in which she left. EDD is a great shooter; that’s all she is. She plays a soft defense (almost never fouls out) and avoids contact. EDD is not a great all-around player; she’s just a giant in Lilliputian land.

  9. Qt

    Wow you losers are still sooooo damn bitter!! Where is the proof that her dad was buying a home in CT? He runs a highly successful business in Del. He was not leaving it.

    You are dowing her because UD didn’t go undefeated in the conference 4of 4 years? So ridiculous! Yeah EDD didn’t do that good, only POY 3 times & all time leading scorer as well as other records. Even though she missed nearly 30 games.

    Husky Dope (dave) you are blind & ignorant if u think Edd doesn’t have a all around game. It’s a good thing she doesn’t foul out as that is the point. She averages over 2 blocks a game because she has great body control. Wva & Unc were hitting her all game long & she still posted up & didn’t shy away.

    Soft & plays no D, sounds like Tarausi & your new white savoir Stooooie.

    So much blind ignorance from Evil Uconn fans.

    1. Bracchus

      I have seen EDD three times. This is a great player. She has an outside shot and can go down low and post up. She rebounds well and plays good defense.

      At this point the fact that she left UCONN and why is less than irrelevant. For whatever reasons, she decided that UCONN wasn’t the place for her and she left. Good for her. She made a decision that was best for her and moved on.

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