Elena Delle Donne On A Few Topics

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Here’s what Elena Delle Donne had to say this afternoon about a few topics prior to Saturday’s Sweet 16 game against Kentucky:

On coming to Connecticut to play the most important game in Delaware history:

“Do I find this ironic? Not really,” Delle Donne said of possibly playing UConn Monday for a spot in the Final Four. “I’m not upset about it. It’s been an awesonmejourney and it brings us here now. But as for possibly playing against UConn, I don’t allow myself to think about it. The focus the entire season has been on the next game. And if we stopped that now and overlooked Kentucky it would not be a good thing.

On Vice President Joe Biden, the former Delaware senator and one of he program’s biggest fans:

“He is absolutely amazing, one of our biggest supporters. More than anything, he’s so down to earth. He feels like a friend to us. We love him and he’s been supporting us and we know he will be watching us and supporting us.

On playing in Europe and the Olympics after the WNBA season:

“I haven’t made any decisions about that. I’ll play my WNBA season and go from there, see what kind of offers come [for overseas]. I’ll make the decisionwhen the time comes. But as for playing USA Basketball, it’s incredible and something I definitely want to do. I want play for the Olympic team. I hope that’s in my future.”

On her friendship with UConn’s Caroline Doty, a former AAU teammate:

“We’ve been texting and I got to see some of her on Thursday. Caroline and I are great friends, we’ve been friends since we were 11 and we will be friends forever. She is awesome. All this UConn business hasn’t affected that at all.”


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19 thoughts on “Elena Delle Donne On A Few Topics

  1. Big Jim

    Good for Elena. The UCONN situation was simply that she needed to be close to her severely handicapped sister.

    It is great credit to Elena that she put aside whatever ambition she may have had to continue at UCONN and chose to stay home and pay at Deleware to be near her, is an incredibly good decision.

    I applaud Elane and will be supprting and cheering for Deleware Saturday.

    ~ A proud UCONN fan.

    1. Don't believe everything you read

      EDD’s father was in the process of buying a home in Derby/ansonia area to be near EDD.
      So Lizzie would have been close. No need to go “home”. That story was in the NH Reg around the time EDD accepted Uconn. Ask Fuller.
      In the last 2 years EDD is in the Dorms–Liz gets to see a lot less of her.

      One would expect the child to move on-and off–the family strings–it’s normal. So, no need to create stories to cover ones failings.

      So the story about her needing to be near Liz to me and many others–is just a story.

      Whatever her fear of Uconn and the level of play, or one player challenged her,or what ever else it was —Liz wasn’t the biggest factor in EDD going “home”.

      1. Big Jim

        To: Don’t believe everything you read

        Don’t be such a dope. Her sister is severely handicapped and depended on EDD daily contact. Contact being the key word as her sister is blind and deaf.

        In the past two years (three years after UCONN) EDD moved into the dorm and slowly getting Liz to accept that.

        An admirable EDD is everything anyone would want their daughter to be.

        That is why we will all be cheering for her today.

        You moron….

  2. nhntc47

    Joe Biden abused his power. It’s okay for him to be a Delle Donne fan. But to use the air time to make his rambling, full of cliches, message to EDL is just stupid.

    1. Big Jim

      To: nhntc47

      What do you care?

      It has nothing to do with UCONN.

      It also has nothing to do with Elane, who carries herself with much grace and dignity. In this case, she graciously accepted his support and acknowledged the regard with which he is held in Deleware.

      It would be great if you could follow her lead…

      1. ACL U

        you have nothing to do with UConn

        except being a troll who thinks its the internet police

        stupid dumb moron

        go to your room – no disney channel for you

        1. Webster

          Stupid dumb moron

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    2. America is Wonderful

      If when G H W Bush chose to be a fan of the UConn team, the state where he was born and his father (Prescott) was a US senator.
      Wouldn’t Uconn fans love it if he came to the NCAA games and cheer for them?? then afterwards spoke at length and sent a message to Uconn’s star of encouragement??

      I think the pages of every paper and all over this blog would be saying-RIGHT ON PODUS!!!

    1. Misty

      Agh, tha’s whst they all say. Blah Blah is better than rah rah…….

      If she shows up Monday, then we will see…

      Until then, shut up…

        1. Webster

          Lard ass:

          A disturbingly obese man, woman or child that does not benefit society in any way. Occasionally you will see one on your local sports team, but don’t be fooled because this lard ass will only negatively effect the team by walking up the court, laying down on the court, and calling “dough nut” time-outs. Refs must beware because this individuals hunger is completely uncontrollable and is known to revert to cannibalism. A lard ass usually sweats profanely and attempts to “look popular”, sometimes even believes he has the right to critisize others

      1. Webster


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  3. ACL U


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