Epiphanny Prince On Sadie Edwards

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One of the many changes UConn recruit Sadie Edwards made in her life before last summer was a switch in summer traveling teams. When she decided to attend Blair Academy in New Jersey for her recently completed junior season, she also not return to Exodus, her former AAU.

Instead, she hooked up with the Epiphanny Prince Elite Club, with whom she played last summer at the USJN/Nike National Championships.

Through the assistance of the WNBA’s Chicago Sky, I reached Epiphanny Prince, the former Rutgers guard, in Russia this morning to ask her about Sadie.

This is what EPip had to say about the promising member of UConn’s Class of 2014.

“Sadie is a point guard who can score and get others involved,” Prince said. “She has really improved her mid-range game and has become a great leader on the court. Her work ethic is amazing. She has not reached her full potential yet and I think Coach Auriemma will be able to help her get there and she will excel at the next level.”

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25 thoughts on “Epiphanny Prince On Sadie Edwards

  1. Mark

    I feel like she is going to be another CT disappointment. Similar to Heather Buck.

    I just hope she’s better than Lorin Dixon.

    1. nhntc47

      You feel? Based on what? Someone else can feel that she’s going to be another Sue Bird.

    2. Fran Dagostino

      Such negativity without knowledge is not necessary. Give the kid a chance!

    1. nhntc47

      Maria Colon was the starting point guard in two National Championship games which the Huskies won. She had a totality of one turnover in those two games. Geno thought she was short and slow.

      1. The Far Side

        That’s no reason to call her a colon though. Uconn has had many colons, I don’t think she was one of them.

  2. Sal and Irene

    Here we go again. Sadie isn’t even here yet and there are gripes! Hope she doesn’t read JA’s blogs.

  3. trouttime

    Maria Conlon was short and slow- and overachieved by a lot. Maria Could not play on another team without Diana Turasi. She is the the 38th +- ranked player in the country. the hoopla ratings called her a wing. I hope Epiph Prince is correct- that she is a ball hadler and potential point guard. She moves around alot it seams- but I know nothing as to the reasons. The only thing that I get nervous bout is that her personality is not one that fits, like Charde Houston. But out staff does not bring in many recruits that don’t fit the profile we are fortunate to get on a regular basis. And EDD was somthing that no one could have predicted IMO!

    1. EDD

      EDD did not want to go to UConn or play big time Div one Basketball. Her father wanted her to go to UConn. They lived summers next to Geno in Southern New Jersey–EDD did not go to Uconn because it was her choice–so she went home. Not Geno, Not Greene, Not anyone except EDD didn’t want to be at UConn.

      So don’t long for a kid that wasn’t ever going to be a UConn player. She is the Team member that never was–she’s a never has been.
      EDD has been taken over the coals, raised to impossible heights, and seen as a potential 8th championship–it didn’t happen, it won’t happen. Get over EDD–the kid that never was.

  4. WBB Fan

    From what I’ve read she doesn’t sound at all like a “Charde Houston”…she sound s like a Kelly Faris, or maybe Renee Montgomery….now the former UCONN player (now Kentucky Wildcat ) Samarie Walker, I think she is a Charde type, and never would have made 4 years with UCONN. She knew it from the beginning, and Geno knew it early on also. Looks like she found the right fit at Kentucky.

    1. Bracchus

      Not making it at UCONN is not the end of the world. These are basically kids transitioning to adult life. EDD wisely left before she even started because she knew she could not deal with it. I suspect that Samarie’s parents were more interested in her coming to UCONN than Sarie was.She ses to be doing well at Kentucky, EDD is doing well at Delaware.
      Remember, there are kids we probably don’t even know about who turn UCONN down for various reasons.

      I think Charde and Geno just did not mix. As I recall it she was the number 1 player in the country coming out of high school but had lived in a car with her mother at one point in her life. She seemed very athletic and has done reasonably well in the WNBA. She may have required a different approach than Geno’s standard take no prisoners approach. It might have been as simple as her not being able to fit into UCONN’s system. Anyway, I thought there was way too much hype about it.

    2. Walker

      Walker too did not want to be at Uconn–her friends were at Kentucky. He dad wanted her to go to UConn, Again, another who Uconn was not her choice.
      Walker is no Charde–she’s not the scorer or rebounder of Charde. Also she can drive to the basket without walking. Walker practiced, worked hard, and tried–she wasn’t a Charde.
      Charde–rarely read about her, she’s a 3030 point HS scorer–not in College or the Wnba.
      The Wnba allows some “walking” so she’s a better fit there. She can handle the ball and rebounds good for her size. But she still doesn’t like to work to do her job. She’s been traded at least 3 times or more.

  5. WBB Fan

    Maria Conlon did exactly what was needed with DT in the house. She was there to feed Taurasi and she did it very well. Someone with more ego, or a need to be the center of attention would not have worked out as well. Great “teamwork”!

    1. Maria

      Maria –had and has an ego. She came in knowing she wasn’t a top 10 player. She was a 3 ball shooter who could handle the point job.
      It’s true she and DT were a good team, they complimented each other. But Marie was a steady eddie who could be counted on to sink the 3 when needed and to never miss a foul in crunch time==but she was hidden under DT’s basket.
      She took a lot of abuse from Geno, verbally because DT was Geno’s darling–for two reasons, DT had a Huge EGO and she spoke Italian to Geno–and she was as good as she thought she was. Few players of Geno’s have ever come close to the Geno/DT love affair (in basketball).

  6. W C Field of Dreams

    hopefully my little chickadee will be much better than buck and better than doty

  7. Sirene & Al

    enough with the ocd on sadie hawkins
    without aja wilson uconn won’t win a nc
    that other player uconn is recruiting scored 11 points in her teams 39-31 win in a state semifinal
    what is she in biddy league with a running clock
    or is it just a bunch of dotys and faris runnin around throwing bricks

    1. JR

      UConn won’t be able to win a NC without Aja Wilson? Does that mean the school Wilson signs with–likely South Carolina–is a shoo-in to win the title?

        1. JR

          No it isn’t. The assertion seems to be that unless a team brings in Aja Wilson, they can not win a title.

          UConn will have as much talent as anyone in the nation the next couple of years. Who is so much better that the Huskies won’t be able to win without Wilson? Duke? Stanford? Tennessee? Notre Dame?

          The only team the country clearly better than UConn this year is Baylor, and they’re better than everyone. But this is it for them.

  8. Conlon supporter

    Sadie, appears to be a great kid and a very good guard. If Epiph thinks this kid can score and play point–it’s most likely true.
    With the comments on Maria Conlon–I always felt that had Geno given Maria a couple of those 15 3 balls DT missed, Uconn may have had another title. Geno the year after Maria graduated said—“who would have thought we’d miss Maria”??
    Geno has superb hind sight. He charged with being in awe of the “big time” players, asking them for the autographs (she never did that), “she’s not very fast, but she makes up for that by being slow”, funny by demeaning to the kid. When the games were on the line and they needed a 3 or a free throw–Maria Conlon was the one to do it. She and DT made a very good back court, for which she never got credit–she was covered like a blanket with DT’s shadow. If Sadie is another Maria–Hurray, she will be great!!!

  9. Wallyhoops

    Minver Cheevey clones: What is all this garbage? What’s wrong with simply being happy young women with good character and good basketball skill decide to play at UConn? Not all of them are going on to the WNBA. What matters is whether they work hard to improve their basketball skills, get an education and learn other skills that make them successes in life. Every young woman who has the guts to play for Gino needs to be applauded even if she doesn’t make honorable mention All-America. And, how can a program with so much success disappoint you?

  10. Damon Rosario

    What a great and true comment by Wallyhoops. I live in NW Oregon but am a diehard UConn women fan and sometimes when I read some of these negative comments about the new recruits or younger Husky players. I just shake my head in disbelief. Do you know how difficult it is to win seven national championships? Be appreciative and supportive of the lady Huskies.

  11. Uconn Recruits are the best

    Damon R—Not all comments about Uconn, Geno, or the players are “negative”. One or two write repeated,over and over negative comments–thinking they’ll get a fan to respond-some fans do, most don’t.
    Most true fans love these kids for the hard work the do for 12 months a year just to entertain us.
    Our kids have ups and downs–that’s part of playing the game-all the greats have had bad games or bad weeks, it goes with the territory.
    Most of us have great hopes for Sadie and the other UConn recruits. We want them to be hugely successful.
    Stewart went into a slump–she was beat up mentally by the press, the fans and geno-but she recovered well.
    Tuck has fared better, hasn’t played that much so any freshman slump is unseen. MoJo is a great point guard, she gets more minutes than any other Frosh–she will be among the very best before she’s done.
    Chong–who’s coming in next year has great potential-and we all are rooting for her.
    No, This is not a negative blog–only one or two are cruel, heartless or thoughtless when it comes to OUR kids.

  12. Fran Dagostino

    Can we all just ditch the negativity and remember we are talking about college kids – 16, 17, 18 years old. Perhaps rolling out the welcome would be more appropriate and wishing her a successful career here.

  13. Baylor will be in 2014 FF

    next season baylor is going to shock any team that takes them lightly. yes one of the top 10 all time players is leaving. would be number 1 all time but the fact she had 6 inches or more on almost every player made it too easy. griner will become scary good in the wnba playing against strong big bodied women out to put the rookie in her place. baylor has height and athletism. uconn lacks that as evident by their 4 close losses. geno gotta stop recruiting short guards and start signing athletes.

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