ESPN Hoop Gurlz: Engeln To Boston College

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ESPN HoopGurlz says former UConn guard Lauren Engeln has transferred to Boston College. Its tweet indicates confirmation from Russ Davis, who coached Engeln in AAU
Engeln will have to sit out the upcoming season, although she will be able to practice. She is the third member of the freshman class of 2010 to transfer: Samarie Walker {Kentucky] and Michala Johnson [Wisconsin]
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9 thoughts on “ESPN Hoop Gurlz: Engeln To Boston College

  1. genosguy

    Lauren must have a Boston Boy friend. One would think she’d go to Calif. But boys are a stronger pull. Where ever she may be I hope she is happier and gets a few minutes. But BC is now ACC and they are a power conference. Unless she shows some talents she didn’t show at Uconn, she will continue to be a practice player. The kid has a good shot. Once she learns dedication and defense–she could get time at BC. Good luck girl.

  2. Slippery Slope

    Johnson was a walking wounded and was a pity recruit. Geno and UConn spent bucks on her physically for her knees and rehab. Walker — arrived with one foot in Kentucky with her buddies from HS. Only kudos’ to Geno for being so caring and allowing Walker to transfer (he didn’t have to let her out of her scholarship–you know, he could have kept her at UConn without playing) .This is a posiive way to spin this–as well as the negative.


    so laurenE friom california is transfering from uconn to boston college dont make sense betrayal college i mean boston college lol who left the bigeast high and dry for the acc hasnt been to 1 final4 in womens hoops i dont think theyve been to final4 in mens hoops either and shalonpillow at tenessee and lindsay plummera nd ashleyfields at baylor and dominiqueredding at tennessee are a few players i can name off the top of my ehad who didnt get playing time at those shcolls but who stayed all 4 years at those schools but oh well goodluck to lauren takecare all gobdless gouconn

  4. Chris Saran, how about making what you post intelligible instead of a mouth full of nonsense. As for Lauren, Geno said she wanted to be closer to home. I didn’t see where Lauren was quoted as saying that. Lauren, I hope you get a chance to play and prove that you have the skills to compete. As for Geno, has Heather Buck been a drain on the program, and if not, is that because she chose to stay at UConn? Lauren and Michala want a chance to play. It’s not like they get to do college a second time. This is their one and only chance. I’m all for them giving it a try at another college. Lauren, I’ll be watching you at BC for your last two years. Work hard this year and be ready to go next year.

  5. buddy

    Certainly the expectations of her will be much lower. They will be happy to compete in the ACC. Dreams of tournaments and final fours are just that for that school.

  6. Walterlinesjr

    ignoring the hater talking crap chrissaran shalonpillow kimsmallwodd sydneysmallbone dominiqueredding didnt get much playing time at tennessee but they stayed all 4 years at ut gracemashore from dc and asleycimino A top 50recruit from maine didnt get much palying time at all at stanford but they stayed all 4 eyars at stanford and ashleyfield and lindsayplummer didnt get much playing timed at all at baylor but stayed 4 years at baylor and graduated last season brookesmith from caly didnt get much playing time at duke but stayed there 4 years also bostoncolege women ahve never been to the final4 and have only been to 1 or 2 sweet16s i dont think bc men have been in final4 either for that matter laurenenglin was getting just as good of education at uconn and she can get at betrayal college in mean boston college who tured their backs on the bigeast to run to the acc and theres only 1 or 2 players i can think of who went to bostoncollege and yet made the wnba oh well goodluck to laurenEngelna nd we met her parents they are nice takecare evryone gouconn no hating please thanks

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