ESPN Looking Into Notre Dame-UConn Reprise; Lawson Not Worried About Sun

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Even though UConn and Notre Dame are not scheduled to play next season – the Irish are joining the ACC – an ESPN executive said Saturday the network is trying to work something out between the programs for next season. UConn already has 31 games scheduled, one more than usual. A Notre Dame game would likely mean bumping or delaying a game against another non-conference opponent.

Lawson Says Not To Worry

ESPN’s Kara Lawson, who doubles as a guard for the WNBA’s Connecticut Sun, says she is not concerned about the problems already mounting for her team a month before training camp begins.

Veteran Asjha Jones, who played for the 2012 Olympic team, announced last week she would not play this season because of lingering injuries. And on Friday, it was learned that third-year forward Danielle McCray would miss the season with an Achilles tear suffered in Italy.

“Asjha’s banged up. I’ve been there before, too. I probably should have sat out the 2009 [WNBA] season,” Lawson said. “When your body can’t do what you need it to do, it’s a miserable place to be. So at least she can rest up and get better.

“But as long as Tina [Charles] and I are healthy, we will be all right.”

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26 thoughts on “ESPN Looking Into Notre Dame-UConn Reprise; Lawson Not Worried About Sun

  1. Renee

    “But as long as Tina [Charles] and I are healthy, we will be all right.” Thanks.

  2. Stewart is star

    Uconn needs a big to cover McBride—it’s a great place to try Stokes–cover her like a blanke–go box and one if you have to.
    The Uconn will will be loved by Uconn fans what ever they do. This is a nice trophy–but the season winning the right to it’s 6th consecutive final 4’s is the real plum.
    You are wonderful women, talented and hard working–we are happy with everything you have accomplished. 4 teams ever get to the final four—it’s almost the hat trick for basketball.

  3. SD

    So now the Final Four is the real plum – for UConn? Sounds like someone is not confident in “their” team.

    1. SimpleDim

      I think ND even won the National Champion ship!


      Over a decade ago.

    2. Sal and Irene

      I am worried. A 30 point win over Kentucky was too close for comfort. Have to admit that 2 point trouncing by ND in the Big East tournament was a HUGE defining win.

    3. Diana T

      The confidence in Uconn is that year after year Uconn will be a contender. While all the Nd,Tn, Duke, Md, Lville fans will be watch Uconn women playing after their teams didn’t make the 64 or bombed out in the sweet16.
      Uconn has lost-but no as often as any of you other guys. Enjoy the final 4 your team may never see another, Uconn will always be in the finals of the finals–The NC is a nice globe–but the money for final 4 or NC title isnt that much difference. But we’ll spend it with a smile either way.
      Enjoy these games, you may be watching Geno an Uconn for the next 10 years, while your teams never make the NCAA’s again

  4. margaret wyles

    always rooting for uconn, Wish them luck against notre dame. I know they can do it.

    1. UConn Husky Fan


      The # of NCAA titles that Kara Lawson won in her career at Tennessee? That would be a big, fat zero!! Kara made the mistake of being born right around the same time as Diana Taurasi and having to go up against her several times during the NCAA tournament – coming up the loser whenever Tennessee played UConn. Kara also most have forget that the best guard on the CT. Sun team is not her – but yet another ex-UConn product, Renee Montgomery!

      1. Steve Gee

        I’m sure others remember Kara Lawson dancing around the court screaming “We’re Number One” and holding her index finger in the air after Tenn beat UConn at home.

        And I’m sure Kara remembers how UConn went on to backdoor them to the point of embarrassment in Philly for the National Championship.
        I know I do.

        1. The casual observer

          I also remember that vividly. I also remember Kara always playing surprisingly poorly against us.

  5. Chris Saran

    Kiah can’t guard McBride. She doesn’t have the speed or the lateral movement. Breanna might be able to with help. She moves better than Kiah, has a longer reach and her motor runs constantly.

    1. Uconnphann

      Chris Saran—Did you see the last ND/Uconn game?? When Uconn went to the 2/3 zone Kiah had the left side of the basket. When McBride tried to come thru that side, Kiah rode her all the way with her hands over her head, and stuffed her when she tried to shoot.

      Kiah has the latteral movement, the foot speed and the height to stay with McBride. Where did you see anything that dispells this theory??
      I’m not sure Kiah has the experience to stay with the crafty McBride, but she has proven in a game that she can stop her from scoring–want to see my dvd of the game???

  6. Forget the ND&TN fans

    Those poor disgruntled creatures have nothing better than roam the Uconn Women’s sites, thinking their trite,inane comments will disturb us true Uconn fans, WRONG.
    We know the truth Notre Dame, Tenn, Duke, etc don’t have the staying power that Uconn has. When your teams are rotting in the dust and can’t make a sweet16–Uconn will be sitting at the final 4 table sucking up the dollars that go with it. Have a nice day–ND, Tenn, Lville fans enjoy it, you may never see this again. But we shall.



  7. Just some fun

    On the lighter side. When I saw Geno running back and forth in the MD game before he got his technical foul I couldn’t help be reminded of John Belushi in Animal House. If you saw the movie you’ll know the scene. Compare the two and u might agree.

  8. Not even close

    Unfortunately UConn is going to get crushed in this game. Dolson is limping and the freshmen are clearly intimidated every time they play ND. Hartley has been erratic and lacks confidence. Fairs is playing tough but she and KML can’t do it alone. McGraw has her team playing with a chip on their shoulder and they want this one bad. UConn has gotten better down the stretch but so has ND. Sorry Husky fans. 75-62 Notre Dame. You can take that to the bank.

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