ESPN: Report Says UConn’s New Conference Will Be “America 12″

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ESPN is reporting, unofficially, that sources are telling it the remaining schools in the Big East will be working under a new banner – “America 12″


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12 thoughts on “ESPN: Report Says UConn’s New Conference Will Be “America 12″

  1. Joanie W.

    Wonderful. So we now know which Country these schools are in ( was there a doubt? ). Except for the fact there are not 12 teams..I think the name is Great…

  2. big blue

    Joanie…Don’t worry every college in the USA is being considered including Prairie View A&M and St Cloud of Minnesota…..

  3. big blue

    ….and by the way, does anyone know who the 2nd leading Women’s scoring leader in the country is?

    Yes that’s right and could we ever have used her!

  4. Gentle Jim

    America 12 is much better than Mao’s Efficiency 8 or Stalins Gulag 123.
    At this point it is even better than Big East!!!
    It does not matter the name of the conference or those that are in it. Uconn needs a conference title to via for every year. Conference winners get automatic NCAA births.

  5. ray-ray


  6. BearJWS

    What a dorky name…
    Half of the teams are from Conferece USA.
    And why add a Number?
    The Big Ten has 12 teams.
    The Big Twelve has 10 teams.
    The number only makes you look silly if you don’t have the same amount of teams.


    America Conference
    2 Division
    North versus South for America championship

    sounds like something UConn players came up with during one of CD’s team bonding play dates

  8. xclass of '69

    perhaps this has been asked and answered already but I haven’t seen the answer ==> Why on earth did the Big East sell the name to the 7? I could vent and rant but what’s the use

  9. Doug

    John, I’ll bet it took the Midland Marketeers a whole week to come up with that one.
    They should have gone with The Tobacco 12. We grow it in CT, and Carolina, they sing about it in Memphis, and they chew it in Texas.


  10. Kevin Cavanaugh

    The good thing is that UCONN will get a hefty amount from the Catholic 7 who insist on keeping the Big East name.

    I also heard that Notre Dame will join the 7 teams for one year until they make their permanent move.

  11. Michael A. Otnisky

    It is just a name…who cares….at least they take a little pride in our country.

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