ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” Profiles Elena Delle Donne

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I know from my mail how many fans in UConn Nation still feel about Elena Delle Donne’s decision to leave UConn two days into her freshman summer.

Just do me a favor and watch this profile on her produced by ESPN and televised on its excellent “Outside The Lines” show.

Watch it with an open mind and tell me that you still feel the same.

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42 thoughts on “ESPN’s “Outside The Lines” Profiles Elena Delle Donne

  1. Newgirl2

    John, it’s a nice story but I agree w Dinero80, “what is she going to do when she’s drafted by a WNBA team far away from home”? I guess the managers then will make as many trades as possible to satisfy her. My main contention is that the financial resources spent on her could have gone to someone who would really enjoyed playing for a nat’l championship. However, I do admire her courage and wish her success in the future.

  2. buddy

    She should have been banned from playing college basketball. She cannot be trusted. Unless she gets a job near where she lives any CEO should stay far far away from her. Her actions and betrayals have consequences and will not go unnoticed in her future.

    1. Marisa

      What a stupid remark @Buddy. Banned from the NCAA because she changed her mind? The NCAA has rules against doing what she did and she paid the penalty. She is a remarkable talent and I, for one, am glad she is sharing her gift with college basketball. Last time I checked, it wasn’t a crime to want to be close to home.

      1. Sal Pace

        She was aware she had a sister before she accepted a scholarship at UConn. I,m sorry but you need to be responsible for your actions! You don’t accept a proposal of marriage and then show up at the church only to turn around and marry your fiance’s baby brother which is analogous to what Delle Donne did!!!!
        She was a big girl, no one held a gun to her head, and for all her protestations the bottom line was it was inconvenient.

        1. bogey29free

          she wasn’t a big girl Sal,she was 17,and she made a bad decision,get over it.

    2. bogey29free

      What an idiotic remark buddy,a 19 year old girl makes a decision to stay closer to home to help with her invalid sister,and you equate that with not being able to be trusted.Somehow that’s a betrayal?
      The world does not begin and end with Uconn basketball,she was forced to sit out a year because of her decision,she paid the price and now is enjoying her time playing at a smaller school with less pressure.Get over it,you’re a small man.

      1. Sal Pace

        I may be but the medical facts do not support your hypothesis that she can help her sister. I have some experience in this area and with the combination of maladies that her sister unfortunately has there is NO HELPING HER!!!!! WE would all like to think that it helps a person we love to be there but you certainly don’t KNOW!!! So quit talking nonsense!!! And by the way in essence she broke a contract and it is a betrayal, there is no other way to put it.

    3. brian huey

      Your an Idiot, she loved her sister, lets take the adult approach and ban her from playing basketball, because she put family first.

  3. Sal and Irene

    We saw the video! It was very moving. We were impressed by her sincerity and the great love she has for her sister. She
    is so kind to other handicapped people. She brings great joy to them. What is success in life? lots of money? She is wealthy already in love returned for love given. to paraphrase the prayer of St. Francis : Let me share my love with others rather than seek love from others.

  4. Frank Daigneau

    Leave her alone. she did what was right for her, and her sister. She’s not a fool, And is awear of what might have been. The best we can hope for, would be a match up between UConn and the Blue hens in the NCAA’s. That game would dwar a lot of attention

  5. Andy

    EDD was a young girl of 17 when she made that decision. It took going to UCONN to realize how unhappy she was going to be if she stayed there. I am glad that she has found happiness.

  6. Andy

    And I hardly think that changing schools equates to the betrayal of a family member. If that is what you think, I have the number of a good therapist that I can send to you.

  7. UconnDad

    She’s being treated by the Basketball crazed Uconn fans just like Cavs fans treated LeBron for what is their right…to change THEIR minds. Let her be. We (Uconn) already proved she wasnt needed to win a National Championship.

    1. BAYLOR 78-0

      EDD was not needed by Maya and Tina to win 2 NCs. But she was needed by Maya last season to win a NC. And she is definitely needed by the entire team this season to win a NC.

  8. bogey29free

    I have to say some of the comments I am reading here make me ashamed to be a Uconn women’s basketball fan,I always thought the uconn fans had more class than this.She is not Lebron James,she made a bad decision,paid the one year penalty,and is now enjoying her time as a college scholar athelete.Not every great player in high school is going to end up being able to handle the committment it takes to play at Uconn,she shouldn’t be ostracized for coming to that decision once she got here.I have seen her play,she is a joy to watch,and I hope her team gets far enough in the tournament to play a top flight school,it will be interesting.

  9. BAYLOR 78-0

    There is no denying the EDD Effect on UConn.

    UConn most likely would have won 39 games and an 8th national championship last year. And there is a good chance that UConn would be 31-0 right now. In the end, it probably was a blessing in disguise for WCBB that UConn does not have a 148 game winning streak.

    EDD paid her penalty by sitting out 1 year. A more fair penalty would have been to limit EDD to 3 seasons of WCBB. UConn paid the recruiting penalty 2 years in a row. 2008 losing a chance at another top recruit when the focus was on EDD. And 2009, the infamous 1 player recruiting class. UConn was unexpectedly thrust into Plan B mode and came to the party too late for tall top recruits.

  10. RAY T

    The problrm here is not the player. The so- called journalist is. John you are selling something that we do not want to buy. Grow up to the fact that you are not helping the view of others by using your poison ink pen to sell us sour positions of yours. You missed on ND and are looking for a gimmee. Take a break and stop pickin at this old scab. It is over and you lost. Face facts

  11. mike

    Once I found out about her sister, I understood, respect, and admire her decision. I have even more respect for Geno as a coach and a human being. I appreciate John, your continuing to tell Elena’s story. It has allowed a lot of UCONN fans to keep in perspective what this is all about.

    I continue to be flabbergasted by the response of what I trust is a very small segment of UCONN fans.

    I have enjoyed watching EDD play some of her games that are shown online. Sure, I wish I could be watching her play out her senior year at UCONN.

    I will be a fan of hers forever.

  12. Norm B.

    Baylor 78-0 – you said it best. If we were cruising along this year the sour grapes would be much sweeter from the other posters.

  13. bridget

    I really have alot of respect for elenna delle donne alot of uconn fans don’t but I am special needs like her sister and watching this brought tears to my eyes I got to meet elenna after one of the uconn games tht she was at and she is a very nice person

  14. WBBfan23

    Nice article. …Would have been awesome to have Elena at UConn, but am glad that she is enjoying her college career at U of D. Will hope if she plays in the WNBA it is with the Connecticut Sun!

  15. buddy

    She took a scholarship away from someone. She had to know before she enrolled at UConn that she wasn’t going to like it there. Spoiled.

    1. Spoiled Rotten

      EDD left UConn high and dry. Notice the media never mentioned that EDD had no issues playing for Team USA in China? If my geography is correct, UConn is a few thousand miles closer to Delaware than China. I suppose the WNBA will cater to EDD and ensure she plays for either Washington or Connecticut.

  16. Mark McDonald

    Any truth to the rumors that Kalana Greene and Tina Charles allegedly talked smack to the new kid on the block EDD in an effort to protect their territory?

  17. joey

    I loved the story!!! Basketball isnt the be all end all for her!!! Family is!! God bless her and her sister!! This story also made me even realize what a jack ass Geno Auremia is, all he cares about is National Championships, its womens basketball, nobody cares!!!

  18. UD

    China was trip. She wasn’t going to live there. You UConn fans are sick in the head. A 17 year old girl changed her mind. She missed her sister/family. It’s understandable and respectable to any decent human being. She seems like a good person.

  19. Mary Dake

    I am a UCONN Husky fan to the core, but I also strongly believe that you need to listen to your heart. I am very proud of Elena for recognizing that she wasn’t happy and needed a change of pace.

    It is very difficult for a young women, who was being catapulted by so many peoples’ expectations into basketball career, to have the courage to stand up for herself. I commend Elena for doing what she needed to do for herself, which was return home and take a break from the pressures of basketball.

    So from this die-hard UCONN Husky fan: Elena, we love you and are very proud of your courage back then and all that you are accomplishing now at Delaware.

  20. TLWR

    Wow, some people are really harsh in regards to a 17 year old young lady, and a very tough decision she made. She obviously has her priorities in order and has a heart of gold. I’m sure the decision was a lot more difficult that some of you seem to think. For someone that has any integrity at all, it would have been tough for her to know she was going back on her word and leaving after she had agreed to come. As a former player and a coach I can tell you, she isn’t the only one that has changed her mind about the school she has chosen. Every year hundreds of athletes decide that the school they started at wasn’t a great fit for them. What, just because she was the number 1 recruit, and decided NOT to go to UConn, she should be punished more than the other hundreds of student athletes that choose to change schools every year? Any athlete that changes school has to sit out a year, if they switch schools within a conference they sit out for 2.
    As for someone else missing out on a scholarship, uh, no, I don’t think so. If there was someone else worthy of that scholarship that hadn’t already signed with another school Geno Auriemma would have snatched them up. And most schools leave open 1 or 2 scholarships for “emergencies” or walk-ons. Although, I’m sure, UConn doesn’t have walk-ons.
    I think this young lady definitely knows what is important to her and had the strength to make the right decision for herself. As for the WNBA, I’m sure things she will be able to work things out since the season is only 4 months long and that is even IF she wants to play at that level.
    btw, the person who made the comment about going to China, I agree with UD, it was a TRIP, she wasn’t there from September to April working 2 full time jobs (which school & basketball amount to). jeez.
    I think until you’ve walked a mile in her shoes you have no right to attack or question her decision!

    1. Colby

      I know exactly what she was going through I committed to LSU only to return home to play at North Alabama. I dont know how she feels about the whole sister deal. But, ive met plenty of mentally retarded ppl and though they dont understand speech, they understand and feel ginuine love and compassion from others.

  21. UDAlum

    Okay, as a UD Alum, I just have to suggest this. I understand she made that decision at 17 and backed out (enough said). However, I find something very artifical about her and can’t help thinking she likes being a big fish in a small pond. Would she be the nation’s top scorer if she had to share the ball with other powerhouses like those at UConn? No. Would she get all the admiration and attention of the local news? Nope. Would she get all the admiration of the national news sources because look at little old UD now on the map b/c Delledonne saved the day? No way. So, sorry, I have no qualms with the decision she choose to make at 17 but I think her reasons are more shallow than they seem.

    1. Blue Hen fan

      Whoa! Have you watched Elena play at UD? She does everything to DEFLECT attention. She is low key, unassuming, and actually shy. She loves playing basketball, but she does not crave attention. She has had to learn how to deal with it.
      Just because leaving home was too hard for her when she was 17 doesn’t mean she will never be able to go away. She has given us all “food for thought”.

      It seems to me that Geno should be commended for not carrying a grudge. As I understand, through his disappointment he was able to be supportive of EDD in her endeavors. I’d like to think that he cheers for her success…until she faces his team! She is a good person and he respects that. Too bad so many UConn fans aren’t as big hearted.

      1. M G

        well said. I just all respect for UConn fans. There really is more to life than sports. Get a grip Uconn fans.

  22. Gouconn13

    There are fans are still bitter about EDD didnt play for Uconn. More I read about her from time to time, more I understand why she left Uconn. She is one of the most inspiring female person I have ever seen in college sport history.

    For me being a hearing impaired guy, I love the way that she became a great role model for these handicap people as well for these young female sport players.

    I would root for her as hard as I can if her team play against Tennessee or Baylor!! Glad they are not in the same bracket as my beloved Uconn team cuz it will be unfair for Delaware to deal with all the dramas!!

    Go EDD!!

  23. JTW

    Seeing the comments from the uconn fans and hearing the comment from the all-american uconn player makes ma glad I am not a UConn Fan. Players transfer from collegeall the time grow up and move on

  24. uconnfansrpatheticidiots

    Uconn fans are pathetic idiots who have never heard of a teenager being homesick or a college player transferring schools.

    1. Elaine

      Not many people understand the heart of a girl who has grown up with an older, handicapped sister. She is to be admired, not condemned. Basketball is important to her, but it is not her life.

  25. Ryan Galmish

    I think that it is better for her to play at Deleware because it makes her happy and really shows that she is one of the elite women in college basketball that can bring a team up from nothing to only losing one game this year and getting a 3 seed in the tournament. If she would have went to UCONN then it would not be all that impressive because it is routine for them to go to all of those tournaments and perfrom well. She is one of those players that can play well in no matter what enviornment you put her in wether it be in Deleware or in a different location.

  26. Kev

    Shes obviously going to be a top 5 pick in the 2013 Draft after her senior season. She’s eligible after this year but she wants to come back to finish school, be with family, when she gets drafted, she can buy her family a home and live with each other in whatever city. I think it’s a great decision for her to go back to school but it will be challenging when she does get drafted but I think the team will make some accommadations when they draft her.

  27. Kenny

    Kev, What are they going do send her home every
    weekend. At some point she’s have to grow up and leave the nest.She is a hell of a player but she’s going
    to have get over her home sickness.
    I met her in Spfld Mass when she played There,she’s
    good kid.She played in China maybe that will do it.

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