Expect A Nice New Deal For Geno Auriemma Soon

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Geno Auriemma is no different than any other coach under contract. What that means is, unless he is planning to retire, one eye is always trained on what’s coming next.

And it’s now that time for UConn’s Hall of Fame coach.

Geno signed a  five-year, $8 million contract extension that began July 1, 2008 and included a base salary of $300,000 the first year.

That deal is set to expire next summer. And even though there is still time, this is traditionally the time that a new one begins to be negotiated.

According to the terms of his last deal, his base salary was due to increase by $25,000 annually throughout the contract, which means he will make approximately $425,000 this season.

Auriemma, who has led the Huskies to seven national titles, received $1.1 million in addition to his base salary for speaking and media appearances in the contract’s first year. That increased by $75,000 annually throughout the contract.

Auriemma also gets bonuses for NCAA tournament appearances, Final Four appearances [four since the last deal began] and any additional national titles [two more].

Auriemma will make about $1.8 million this year, the contract’s final year.

That deal surpassed one signed by Tennessee coach Pat Summitt in 2006. Her deal, which ran through the 2011-12 season, included $1.5 million in her contract’s final year.

This will be the first major contract negotiated by UConn’s new AD Warde Manuel. It seems to me he knows the value of what he has – and that doesn’t even include the equity that comes from the 2010 World Championship and 2012 Olympic gold medal Auriemma won as coach of the USA Basketball team.

UConn’s 12 players are the most of any school in the WNBA. Six of his former players were on the Olympic team. National high school players of the year, Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis and Breanna Stewart, have highlighted his last two recruiting classes.

Not only that, Auriemma’s relationships have helped attract, in some part, the money that has been donated to build the new basketball training facility on campus. Peter Werth, who gave the school $4.5 million last season, is a huge fan of the women’s program and Auriemma.

So the process, which is beginning as we speak, will make Auriemma the wealthiest women’s basketball coach in the United States very soon.

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44 thoughts on “Expect A Nice New Deal For Geno Auriemma Soon

  1. RH

    UConn’s 12 players are the most of any school in the WNBA.

    And here I thought UConn was in the NCAA! 8-)

    Maybe the WNBA should be paying part of his salary.

  2. AWF

    Still underpaid, given what Calhoun makes, and what he brings in in terms of donations and prestige to the U. How does his salary compare to Calhoun’s Asst coaches? We’d still the old field house if it wasn’t for him.

  3. UconnFan

    He has brought the women’s basketball way beyond the expectations of this university when he was hired and made it a national powerhouse to be reckoned with every year. He deserves to be one of the highest paid coaches in the NCAA.

  4. TZ

    Geno is worth his weight in gold… take a look at this team now, your lookimg at 2 NT maybe 3 over the next 4 years

  5. CT Born and Bread

    There would not be a womens program if Calhoun had not come and built the mens program into a national power.

    The same people who felt Calhoun didn’t deserve his salary now say Geno deserves his. I really don’t understand the people of CT. Without the mens program, UCONN would stil be a nice New England School. How soon we forget the early years in the Big East and the days in the Yankee Conference. Thank your lucky stars for the mens program.

    1. TGIGG

      “Thank your lucky stars for the mens program.”

      I thank my lucky stars to be alive, at the same time and on the same planet, with BOTH Calhoun and Geno, two basketball geniuses. Some day we will look back and see how incredibly blessed we were. Let’s continue to enjoy both of them now while we still can, to quote Carly Simon “These are the gold old days”.


    2. Jeff

      “There would not be a womens program if Calhoun had not come and built the mens program into a national power” – CT. Born and Bred.

      Actually there WAS a Women’s basketball program that existed well before Calhoun came to UConn CT. Born and Bred. I know because I am an alumnus of the school, Bachelors 79, Masters’ 88. While the Women’s team back in the mid-70’s wasn’t much the team has existed for at least 35 years. Do your research!

      BTW, another fact to enlighten you Born and Bred. Geno was a UConn employee and coach before Calhoun signed on as Coach of the Men’s team back in the mid-80’s by one year. As Coach Calhoun uttered at a very infamous media interview 4-5 years ago, “get your facts straight”.

      Basically your statements degrade Geno when you state that without Calhoun, a dominant and well-established women’s team would never have been developed. You’re so clueless. Geno, and Geno alone has built a great women’s program that has, so far, earned 7 NCAA titles. A mediocre coach would and could NOT have accomplished what Geno has accomplished with or without the presence of Jim Calhoun as a UConn employee.

      More facts to enlighten you Born and Bred. Take a look at some of the other powerhouse men’s D-1 basketball programs in the country over the past 25 years. Very few of these programs, with the exception of Duke University field high quality women’s basketball teams, (and the Duke women have failed to win one NCAA title) alongside a stellar men’s program. UNC has a women’s program that won one NCAA title back in 1994. But schools such as Kansas, Syracuse, Michigan St., Florida, Arizona each producing at least 1 men’s NCAA title winning team do not have a single title for women’s basketball combined. Conversely the Tennessee Women’s team have 8 NCAA titles while the school’s Men’s team has never even made it to a single Final Four. Therefore your statement is both baseless and borderline idiotic.
      Instead, try celebrating the fact that UConn has such excellence in both the men’s and women’s program. And that BOTH Geno Auriemma and Jim Calhoun deserve kudos each for building separate stellar programs since the mid 1980’s.

      1. Alex Datchuck

        Thank you! Thank you very much for stating the FACTS. It was a pleasure to read comments from someone who had knowledge about which they were speaking. Thank you AGAIN.

    3. UconnFan

      Ct. Born and Bread, Are you a Jr. High School drop out or what? Geno signed a year before Calhoun and you should be glad we have both hall of fame coaches as no other school in the country has had both teams win the NCAA in the same year.

      1. mark

        god to hear from you FREDDY KOOL. HE’S THE KOOLEST MAN. listen people. wer’e all uconn nut’s on this blog! first off! i hope everyone is well. im concerned for all you guy’s safety. tomorrow’s hurricaine sandy! hope it doesn’t hit as hard as last years did!. far as bot geno1 and im calhoun. alway’s said . it’s a miracle. a miracle. what these two men have done in college basketball. hell! in any form of basketball the pro game also.

        1. mark

          im starting with mr. calhoun first. back when im came to uconn. in may of 1886. we had dom perno as our coach dom was a good guy. very knowledgeable basketball mind. but wasn’t im calhoun. imagine! when im came to tiny store’s. the hardship he had to indure here. tryig to convince a blue chip recruit. to come to a tiy cow pasture in northern upstate connecticut. sorry but it’s true. storrs is cow tipping country. doin this was an insurmontable task. no other coach. mike from duke. wont pretend. i know how to spell his last name correctly.lol. jim boeheim, roy wuilliams,dan smith,john thompson,louir carnessecca! just to name a few coaches. who wouldn’t dare. to take over such a program. this is why i put james calhoun. in the top 5 coaches that ever lived. men or women. let mike . or coach k. as you will try to do what jim did? just the recruiting alone. was a nightmare. our first big recruit. chris smith. out of bridgeport. was a huge stepping stone for our program. and he wasn’t even a mccdonalds all american. i grew up wih the corny thompson’s. mike mckay’s. joey whelton’s. good players. but not great. i was at the hartford civic center as a kid. when corny. hit that foul line umper. to beat the redmen. everyone thought. we had won the national championship that sat afternoon. they we got out first ccdonald all american. in mr marshall. out of pennsylvania. mr. calhoun. was a great recruiter. he didn’t have a school to seell. not a program to sell. but himself to sell and what he believed in. all those other coaches sure they had tough times. but no way near the times mr. im calhoun had. bringing this basktball institution. to prominnence, imagine the first big eat pre season galley. at madison square garden., with all the big wigg coaches. jim had to contend with? his tough irish roots. since he had to become a man at age 15 after his father had passed away. it’s his touh irish upbringing that helped him scceed at uconn. and at northeastern. all jims pst players eben the ones that ddn’t make the pros. come back yearly to ims basketball charity game. at the mohegan sun casino. shows the love his former players have for him. especially ray allen. sorry about my typo’s old cmputer here. and i suck at typing.lol. so let’s wish jim a great retirement. and a healthy life beyond basketball. which we all know he will be hanging around everywhere,there;s a game. like we all know he would. thank you mr. calhoun. for the 26 years of total bliss. your a miracle worker. let’s see if any of your collegues. can match what you accomplished. hmmm! none have as yet!.

          1. mark

            just the same thing i wrote above. to geneo’s resume. he’s even a bigger miracle worker. if that’s even possible. 7 national championships. probably three more. if some player’s didn’t get hurt. beign a man. in a dominate, women’s sport. having that to deal with isn’t easy. the highest winning percentage right behind his noted rival. pat ummitt. and may god bless this wonderful lady in her struggles against that horrible. disease dementia. let’s all say a prayer for pat. some thing’s. are more important. than a round ball and a metel rim with some rope hanging from it! geno! what a character. hard drivin. just as mr. calhoun was. did they get along?? hmm. maybe like siblings in a full house. i know they respect each other. but i do believe there was this very strong compettion there. i do have to say this as much as i admire geno’s accomplishment’s. and they are tons to admire. i know this much jims job is and always will be a lot tougher then geno’s. coiaching the mens game. is a lot harder. now i know what your thinking out there? shut up mark! no it’s not! and im a huge geno fan also, but it’s the truth the compettion is a lot stronger, harder to recruit. in geno’s case. up until we caught tennessee. it was uconn vs tennessee. for the top recruits calhoun has to fight with 60 other very goosd, dividion 1 school’s or top talent total different ballgame. it’s a lot faster game calhoun has to coach also. men leaving early to the pros geno doesn’t have to worry about. to many things to actually write here. but geno could coach the mens game no doubt. in my mind. and i think way down deep inside his italian soul. he want’s to. but it’s so very hard for him to leave this institution. we call the university of connecticut. he has his roots here. his kids wer’e born in connecticut. he’s treated like a god! in this small state. why would he leave? he makes a great, well deserved living. hell! i think he’s underpaid. but it’s the compettion. he’s thinking to himself can i do this? people like im. and geno. have that driven compettiness,in their soul their born with it can’t turn it off and on. i personally think gene should stay brin in his star recruiment class. live his life her. in the state that love’s and adore’s him. geno for senater i say. the hell with linda mccmahon. lol. i think with the recruits he brought in this coming year we have a great shot at another banner at the pavillion we have the girls wo can match up well against grinier. let’s wait and see. over 800 wins. in the hall of fame already. still has his full head of hair. heck1 his restaurant! sells great food also. and excellent veeno! if i do say so myself. so stay geno! other places may need you. but connecticut adores you. and loves you. your family to us. there i said it. lol. now let’s o get grinier and baylor bears. sorry for the long post. husky nation! I HOPE!EVERYONE STAY’S SAFE . THESE NEXT FEW DAY’S. FROM HURRICAINE SANDY.. DON’T THINK? THIS IS WHAT THE ROCK GROUP. THE SCORPIONS MEANT. WHEN THEY PENNED BACK IN THE MIS 80’S. ROCK YOU LIKE A HURRICAINE! GOD BLESS! AND STAY WELL MARK. GO UCONN. BOTH THE MEN. AND WOMEN’S PROGRAMS. WE ARE TRULY BLESSED!

    4. UconnFan

      If I remember right Geno came a year before Calhoun, and I like both the coaches, but I doubt very much if the early players like Lobo and Walters came because Calhoun was here and the woman paid there own way without the mens program very early with their NCAA appearances. And you have to admit the womens program has had no scandals or program violations like the men and something to be very proud of!

  6. Genosguy

    I remember the Yankee Conf. UConn put real students on the basketball floor (field house) not (almost) paid mercenaries guys who have no real interest in education, just the next step.
    Geno is GOLDEN–worth more than every penny. His name means Basketball–Womens basketball among colleges or WNBA or European team would be hoooo hum and never made the grade. He put UConn on the WORLD map. More people in SPORTS know GENO (no need for Auriemma) than who Babe Ruth was. Maybe UConn wins 4 National Title in the next few year–or NOT. He will put on the floor every night the very best basketball you never had a right to watch.

  7. /Born n bred in Ct

    I loved the Yankee Conf Bobby Boyd, Curly, the Pokipsey popper, Dee Rowe and the guys before him. Good solid basketball with real student–engineers, premed, teacher. But Jim C. Has done well. I don’t like the screaming and vulgar words from him. But he’s won a Championship or two.But Geno’s Women all graduate (eventually) have good GPA’s and are students–but already have won 7 National Championships. Geno deserves more–but the world knows that.

  8. TexasBogger

    Geno needs to finish his career at Uconn. Pay him whatever it takes. Geno is the John Wooden of womens’ basketball.

  9. Emma

    I love geno!! Good luck this year! Yo have a great team and you will have an excellant season no doubt at all! Congrats on the gold metal!

  10. CT Born and Bread

    The problem here is you can’t compare the 2, you have a few good women programs across the country, where as the men’s game has many more team to compete against. My only issue is people need to put both into perspective. I really believe Calhoun lead the change of how basketball is viewed in the North East.

    I do agree that the kids need to be held to a higher standard related to education, much better job needs to be done. I think Calhoun has gotten that messg. Bur answer this, how do you blame a kid for not going after the money if it is there?

  11. MaryAnne Barry

    Ct Born etc—Stanford, Duke, NC, Okla, ND, Baylor, Texas, San Diego St, Blue Hens (EDD), Ohio and two dozen more that are top flight programs at UConn’s level (almost, they don’t have Geno) just to name a few excellent Womens teams–can you name more Men’s teams (Uconn is not at the top level any more) who are in the top 25 and worthy of it?? Geno has been a 30 game winner for 25 years or more, can Calhoun say the same?? How many scholarships has Geno lost?? How many of his players were arrested for thievery ? How many charged with indecent actions?? This is by design–Geno and Christine will not accept those with a criminal bent no matter how great the talent–they will never find MILES to go. Lew Alcindor was crazy not go to the NBA early–but loyalty to his school kept him, and he made millions for years. Apples and Oranges?? Not this time.

  12. CT Born and Bread

    MaryAnne are you kidding me you actually put Delaware in as a top program? That proves my point. If you have to iclude a team that has one player and as soon as she leaves they will not be heard from again. If you have to include them, that tells a lot. The men’s game is always changing teams at the top change on a regular basis. It just is not the same game, Geno can pick and chooe player because there just are not that many programs at that level. Pleases let us agree to disagree. Continue cheering for all of UCONN it is good for the state.

  13. I like the way D Rows

    UConn had great basketball to watch on TV listen to on TIC and to watch at the Field House long before Calhoun darken the Field House court. Dee Rowe and his predecessors filled the Field house–and As Tommy Thompson once said–we loved to Jam the Rams!!! Beat the Maine Bear, Take on Holy Cross, and Try to beat UMass with Dr. J. (of 76ers fame). UConn’s Walker took us to the NIT (that was the big deal before the NCAA) they’d take on CCNY (the east coast power house) It was superb basketball long before Calhoun brought dirty words and screams to the UConn Court. Dee is and was a Gentleman. Big time Basketball should not mean losing what it means to be a Student Athlete and decency–that’s too high a price to pay.

  14. maryanne barry

    The Blue Hen (EDD) was for John–he can’t seem to forget who most of us UC Women fans forgot. Let see Duke, Michigan, Kentucky, NC, etc seems like they are there forever. Not much of a change—Women Baylor, A@M, ND, UConn the last four year—champs, that looks like more of the change than the men have been doing. The Men’s Big east is a disappointment–they look good but fade in the NCAA–overrated???



    1. mark

      OMG! freddykool? never seen you this opinatedZ? way to go. cause your the KOOLEST KOOL. LOL. all koolin aside. your rite kool. it’s a totaly differen’t game on the mens side i love geno. ust like all of you. whatnhe’s done. is nothing short of a miracle. i ust think mr. calhouns jobb! is harder. due to the kids leaving college earlier. the recruiting is a lot harder in the mens game. the mens last national championship. was the hardest ever. in the mens ncaa field!. they won like 10 straiht games. almost impossible. what that team accomplished. finally beatig butler in the titale. game. i was at the rolling stones show in hrtford. 3/29/99. on a monday nite. the stones 2nd nite their. mick had all the televisions. turned off in the xl center! due to the national championship. soon as the concert was over. the jumbotron. flashed the score and the xl crown. WENT TOTALLY INSANE! I LIVE 15 MILES AWAY T THE TIME FROM THE XL CENTER. IT TOOK ME THREE HOURS. TO GET HOME. PEOPLE WER’E GOIN CRAZY. WHEN WE TOOK OUR FIRSDT NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP VS THE DUKIES. 77 TO 74. GO HUSKIES. but getting back. to the topic. as much as i love geno’s amazing accomplishments. mr. calhon=uns. ob is harder then geno’s/ no doubt. there’s only two or three womens teams capable of winning the national championship. in th mens game thers like 45 that can win it all. enough said. and the recruiting aspect? no comparrison. this is no knock towards geno what gene has done is a miracle also but all he had to contend with was tennessee maybe stanford back they. little different now! mr. clahoun not only had to deal with the powerhouse . big east conference with many hall of fame coaches. but the national scene also. convincing mccdonalds all americans. to come to uconn. lmao. talk about a hard time convincing a student??/ yes! geno had to do the same. but with a lot less fanfare. and number of schools after that smae kid. apples and orages my friends.

  16. Genosguy??


  17. Just Sayin

    Baylor 80-0
    Unless someone “unintentionally” takes Griner out
    Or she takes herself out

  18. bridget

    geno does deserve every bit of this I hope that he will keep on coaching he is an excelent coach and I admire him and also have alot of respect for him

  19. Bill Albrecht

    Where is Ken K. when you need a comment about the value of a coach to a school. Geno will get the contract he has earned. Say what you will about him having the top caliber players making his job “easy” but a great program is what gets national player of the year types to commit to UConn and Geno. And I follow the ladies at least in part because with few exceptions (Walker, Engeln, and a couple of others) I know I will be able to have four years rooting them on. I love the men of Calhoun’s game but I know the best will likely be gone after 2 seasons, lucky we get 3, a few only 1. So it goes. Tis the truth of the development league for the NBA otherwise known as NCAA Men’s Basketball! In any case I am certainly looking forward to hopefully getting a streaming package for the 2012/13 version of Geno’s women. Dish not an option (condo faces wrong, probably only sadness living in SW Floirda

  20. maryanne barry

    KOOL –say what you will about Calhoun’s charges. They are persons, men. Maybe they talk to each other in that fashion but this is College. Where they are supposed to learn. Learn about decency, morality, and education. Using gutter language teaches them noting other than it’s an acceptable way of communicating. Screaming at them teaches them that it’s good to lose your composure. Think how our military or the Astronaut’s would fare when things went wrong if they lost their KOOL and went into a string of disgusting words—it never helps except when your plane is crashing–. College is for learning–cursing at on another is for fighting.

  21. Over Paid

    Geno is burning out quickly. UConn with Maya could not win a NC without Tina. What excuse will Geno use if UConn does not win at least 2 NC with Stewart and company? Last season Geno was bragging about how great UConn will be with Stewart.

    1. janet18923834

      Ur an idiot. How can he burning quickly? have you even watched a single game? If you’re not even a fan, why bother reading or watching? Uconn will be fine. We will see what this seasons brings.

  22. Any day but Sunday

    Overpaid—Stewart, Tuck, Jefferson are freshmen and such we should expect little from them. Kaleena M Lewis is a soph and leard volumes playing ND last year–that was her coming of age in College. She had little help. But this year Stokes is back and she is good, Faris –is Faris, excellent.
    Doty don’t expect anything from her (knee), Buck will be a good sub in some games, Banks like Stokes learned a lot and should be ready to feed the ball to Hartley. Say what you will Dolson is was better in every way as a soph than Tina at the same time. If Stewart is half what is touted she will be a big asset, Tuck played great in the USA team. So I think KML, Dolson , Stokes, Faris, Hartley, Banks with backups Tuck and Stewart. Look out ND, maybe Baylor–but the Bears are really stacked high with talent.

    1. Sunday

      Let’s see if Dolson has a junior and senior year like Tina. I don’t see All-American in Dolson anytime soon. I don’t see Dolson evolving into a world class center like Tina has. I don’t see Dolson as the USA center in the Olympics. Remember what Tina did to Louisville in the NC? I don’t see Dolson dominating a NC like that. Want to bet Dolson will still be huffing and puffing before the 1st media timeout at 4 minutes?

  23. Pat Finn

    One question – how many national championships did Calhoun have compared to Geno. Oh, yes, I know some of you naysayers will say yes, but women’s basketball is not of the same caliber as the men – guess if you like run, run dunk, dunk basketball, you are right. But if you want a pure form of basketball, watch a few women’s games this year.



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