For Moriah Jefferson, Home Is Where The Game Is

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One of the inherent quirks of Moriah Jefferson’s high school career as a home-schooled student-athlete from Glen Heights,Texas was she never played a legitimate home game.

Jefferson’s Texas Home Eduucators Sports Associaton played in the National Christian Homeschool Basketball Association. But it had nothing they could legitimately call a home gymnasium.

“We’d take two hours to travel some place, play, come home and get up for school the next morning,” Jefferson said.

So it traveled to all of its games. That didn’t seem to bother the Raiders on the way to five straight national championships during Jefferson’s career.

“I’ve been on the road for my entire life,” Jefferson said. “The first time I could ever say that I played a real home game was the other night when we played [at Gampel Pavilion] in the first game [of the regular season against College of Charleston.

“It was a lot different to hear everyone at the game actually cheering for you. But that actually helped my development because I grew used to not having many fans rooting for you during games.”

So with the exception of being back in Texas this weekend, Jefferson’s first college game in her home state on Sunday really will have the same feel all the others have had in her life.

Jefferson’s friends tried to convince her to play collegiately close to home, and she said she really didn’t think much about playing for UConn until the final two months of recruiting.

Jefferson’s home is about two hours from College Station and many of her friends and family were planning to be at the game.

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21 thoughts on “For Moriah Jefferson, Home Is Where The Game Is

  1. Village Idiot

    Jefferson is the little engine that could. She thinks she can she thinks she can–she knows she can~~!! The mantra of this years team!!!
    Uconn is probably number 3 with the Stanford win over Baylor.

  2. Chris Saran

    Stanford stays at number 3. Had Odyssey Sims not gotten hurt, Baylor would have won. If you don’t think she’s worth more than two points, then you don’t know basketball. Griner is the most dominant player, but Sims makes the team hum. Shutting down Sims is the best way to beat Baylor.

    1. dakotaboy33

      Well if your going to use the coulda, woulda, shoulda logic, lets go back to 2001 when not only did uconn lose Sveta in January, they lost Shea in March… If we didn’t lose those two players, chances are uconn would have taken the national championship. So, NCAA, please give uconn the 2001 national championship recognition and trophy, because they coulda, woulda and shoulda won it if those two players didnt get hurt. I love that logic.

      1. billnaples

        Chris has no logic. The games are played with the available players, not on the computer nor on paper. Is Sims a big asset to the Baylor team? Absolutely. Maybe Chris can get the NCAA to vacate the loss because Stanford continued to use all of their players and that wasn’t fair since Baylor had lost Sims. Could happen…ya think? As long as no major shock vs. A & M later today expect the rankings to be UConn at 1, Stanford at 2, and Baylor at 3.

        1. browns

          I agree with your rankings,however I have to agree with Chris that Baylor would have won with Sims playing. Remember last year when Uconn played them ,they had no one who could guard Sims,she was the mvp of the game. Who guards her this year?

          1. dakotaboy33

            Again with the woulda :P At this point it doesn’t matter lol. Hopefully Sims injury isn’t severe at all. I would love for Uconn to play Baylor in Feb at full strength. That way when we beat them, we dont have any more woulda, coulda and shoulda crap lol :) Peace out :P

    2. Foster

      No Chris. The best way to beat Baylor is to rain three’s down on them, if that forece Griner to come out to defend, then we pass it inside. We get points either way.

      And, Griner choked the other night failing on a five foot shot at the end. She can’t handle it…

      It will be fun…

  3. Publicus

    All that gibberish aside, if UConn wins today, UConn is #1. No doubt about it.

  4. Fancy Pants

    Logic is wonderful–it isn’t facts. Stanford beat Baylor, then ranked number one. Uconn hasn’t played anyone worthy of ranking. Baylor (if it does not remain 1) goes to 2, Stanford having not lost any games and beat the 1 team, goes to 1 , Uconn not having one any really definitive games goes to 3. Loyality is wonderful. When Svet (and Shea) both were injured and Tenn beat them (at home) was a great year regardless of the final verdict. as geno always says –the game is the thing.

    1. dakotaboy33

      Fancy Pants… I could care less about the rankings, I was referring to the coulda, woulda, shoulda logic that gets carelessly thrown around. OH… AND I WAS BEING SARCASTIC…
      Please don’t respond to any of my posts unless you do your research and understand what I mean…

  5. village idiot

    Lots of loyalty shown to Uconn–too bad that doesn’t win games or set rankings.
    Texas A and M (TAMU) has not WON any games this year. They are NOT ranked. Beating them is nice, but not definitive. Beating Baylor is like Beating Tenn when they had Candace Parker (if was on steroids). Stanford is a great team with talent and height by the bushels, with experience at all positions. Sims is a great guard. Much like Hartley. So the loss of Sims will not count against them and OF COURSE Hartley’s loss will not be counted against UConn when the coaches or writers rank Baylor, Stanford, Uconn. No logic here, just facts.

      1. billnaples

        Village doesn’t need a curfew, but committment papers are close. A&M was ranked until the loss to UConn but apparently you don’t recognize that all 3 of their losses have come to I think top ten teams. But Baylor did drop to 3rd and it all means nothing until the dance. Sure likely that unless something really weird happens UConn, Baylor, Stanford, and ??? will have the top seeds around the country.

  6. Dingle Barry

    Geno is always quick to say—It’s not where you are ranked at the start of the season, it’s where you are at the end.
    Let us all love these women, how they play with heart and not count the wins or losses or the rankings.

  7. John

    Does it really matter what Uconn is ranked? As long as they qualify for the NCAA Tournament, they’ll be okay.

  8. Martin Fallon

    I favor starting Banks over Jefferson. Brianna is bigger with enough size to finish at the end of the drive. Jefferson is lost among the trees. She is elusive and keeps her head up, but Banks has more size to withstand the banging at or near the rim. Plus, Banks starting will give her the confidence boost she needs to get her game to the next level. There’s plenty of time for Jefferson to come along and get stronger. Starting three frosh feels a little like Michigan’s Fab Five, the hype, at times, exceeding the results.
    And we don’t need another disappointed transfer. Brianna has paid some dues. Let’s see her starting until Bria gets back. Doty can help her stay within herslef. I think the sophomore has earned her start over her precocious teammate. However, I’m not the coach and obviously don’t know all the information Geno is considering.

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