Gabby Williams Joins The Huskies

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So much for the contention that UConn has fallen behind in its recruiting.

On Friday, the Huskies received a verbal commit from 5-11 junior Gabby Williams of Sparks, Nevada, perhaps one of the most intriguing athletes they’ve ever welcomed to the program. The news was first reported by Bret McCormick of the All Star Girls Report,

Besides being a great basketball player, she is a world class high-jumper. She finished fifth in the event last summer at the United States track and field trials. He top leap of 6 feet, 2-1/4 inches was the sixth best ever recorded in the event for a high school athlete.

She was averaging about 32 points a game this season before injuring her right knee – a torn anterior cruciate ligament and a partially-torn meniscus during a January game – which required surgery.

“I’m walking around home and rehab without a brace now and I haven’t had any pain,” Williams tweeted Friday.

Williams is the third guard in the Class of 2014 for the Huskies, joining Courtney Ekmark of Phoenix and Sadie Edwards of Meriden



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29 thoughts on “Gabby Williams Joins The Huskies

  1. fishpaw31

    God-love-you, Gabby. Here’s wishing you a quick & complete healing. Looking forward to seeing you in a UCONN uniform.

    1. 16 teams

      I don’t think Uconn land knows how great it is to be only one of 16 teams left in the NCAA tourney.
      Think of the hundreds of other teams that would love to be one of the 16.

      Delaware has got to be out of their minds to be a CAA team (other than ODU) to make it this far into the tourney–ever!!!

      Ms Martin shall go down in Blue Hen History as THE one that got them to the sweet16–and we know who really got them there.

      1. No Parity

        think of the lack of talen available for the other hundreds of teams wishing they were in sweet 16

        stop pretending like parity exists

        1. UconnFan

          The real reason for this is that only about a dozen or so schools actually spend money to upgrade their woman’s facilities and the rest have locker rooms and gyms that are no better than the high school they came from and they travel by bus and cars and eat at fast food joints.

  2. JR

    That’s a great addition. Selfishly, I hope she doesn’t redshirt her sophomore year to train for the Olympics as she had planned. That would be the Stewart, Tuck, Jefferson senior seasons and UConn would be prohibitive NC favorites.



  4. PaulHuskyFan

    That is so exciting! I wish Gabby the very best with her college basketball and Olympic endevours. GO HUSKIES!

  5. Steve Gee

    Just a verbal.
    I’ll wait for the “letter” before I get too exited.
    I hope her current sentiment holds.

    1. Gabby Williams a Husky

      Per Jim Fuller, Gabby’s father didn’t want her to go to UConn, but Uconn was HER choice, he wanted her to go to Stanford or Arizona.

      He relented and she made a verbal.

      Maybe, the verbal will hold.

  6. Führer und Storrskanzler

    Geno Gestapo getting excited over 3 verbals from players not in the same talent pool as what ND UT and UNC are getting this fall. Awesome tradeoff coaches.

    1. Marybeth Wooden

      Those players going to ND, NC , UT, etc are like all recruits, untested.

      Remember the hype on Bone of Texas A^M ? She’s a bust. Steff did what ever she wanted and out scored her, big time. No hype on Steff when she was coming out of HS. Only Geno.

      1. Woody Woodpecker

        pay attention
        bone is not a bust
        speaking of uconn busts
        doty buck faris
        let me guess
        ok to bad mouth other youngsters
        just not uconn

        1. BILLNAPLES

          Doty’s career has been one helluva bumpy road with the ACL’s and anyone with an ounce of common sense would know that her on floor contributions were greatly influenced by the injury bug. Heather Buck did not, as I recall, come to UConn amidst an overwhelming hype that whe was the next this or that so probably not fair to describe her career as a bust. It may well have been all it could be. Kelly Faris made your list as a bust? If ever proof was needed that you do not have a clue about basketball that position says it all.

          1. JR

            Faris as a bust. lol

            Please folks, work on your game before attempting to troll.

    2. JR

      Gabby Williams is ranked 8th in her class by HoopGirlz, 6th by Blue Star, and 2nd by All-Star Girls Report.

      Courtney Ekmark is ranked 7th by HoopGirlz, 13th by Blue Star, 13th by Prospects Nation, and 8th by All-Star Girls Report.

      Sadie Edwards is ranked 39th by HoopGirlz, 35th by Blue Star, 22nd by All-Star Girls Report, and 8th by Prospects Nation.

      I know you’re just looking for attention, but your assertion is false.

    1. mrmojack

      This is a great addition to the 2014 recruiting
      class. Now if we can land A’ja Wilson it will
      fill in the class very nicely. With Saniya
      Chong coming in next year its looking pretty

      1. JR

        Wilson seems likely to stay home at South Carolina but who knows. Maybe she’ll surprise. There are still high quality players with offers from Uconn out there like Westbeld, Rooks, and Calhoun.

  7. NoJon Wooden

    It’s true Uconn needs a BIG in 2013/14 season. The new big needs time to learn the system and Div 1. This year we learned that new kids don’t always know what its like to play div 1–but they are learning.

    Some people have always thought Geno was damning his freshmen by bringing them in off the bench, not playing them 40 minutes. They’ve got to learn the system and how to play with the physical game. MD will emphasize that aspect of the game today..

    1. Bracchus

      The only way to learn how to play is to play. There were enough blowouts during the regular season to allow the freshmen to play extended minutes. Practice can never simulate real game experience.

    2. Führer und Storrskanzler

      Geno Aid
      Get your Geno Aid here
      Who needs Easter when we got Geno

      1. Steve in Maine

        Dumkopf! I sink you vere trying to say “Geno Ade.” And zere is usually a qvestion mark at ze ent uf a zentence! It looks like zis – ?.

        1. Webster


          blockhead, clod, dodo, dolt, dullard, dumbbell, dummkopf , dunce, fool, halfwit, idiot, ignoramus, imbecile, knothead, knucklehead, moron, nitwit, numskull, oaf, simpleton

  8. Slvrhwk

    Enough with putdowns of the NAZI TROLL. Celebrate the win. The Huskies played a great game.

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