Gabby Williams On Her Decision

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By the time I caught up with the news that Gabby Williams had offered UConn her verbal commitment for the Class of 2014, she was out having dinner with her parents last night to celebrate her mother’s birthday. So I didn’t get the chance to speak to her last night.

But Gabby reached out this morning before the Delaware-Kentucky game began in Bridgeport and this is what he said about her decision to come to UConn in 2014.

“I never expected to make a decision so early, but after my visit I was positive that UConn was the right school for me,” said Williams, the 5-11 guard from Nevada.

“I hung out with the coaches a lot and met the players, the academic adviser, the athletic director and a lot of the managers and I could really sense the family-like atmosphere and the chemistry. To me that’s really important for a team to be successful.

“Coach Auriemma and the coaching staff are very supportive when in comes to me being a dual sport athlete [Gabby is a world-class high jumper with Olympic aspirations]  I’m still deciding on if I will do track or not, but it’s nice knowing I’ll have coaches that will back me up either way.”

I do look up to a lot of dual sport athletes and also athletes who recovered and are recovering from ACL tears. Just because all of them are proof that it’s possible and that I can do it. I really appreciate this opportunity to be a part of this program and start contributing to UConn’s legacy.”

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13 thoughts on “Gabby Williams On Her Decision

  1. Husky Dave

    How about a few players with some size? UConn seems to have an abundance of guards what with Hartley back and Moriah beginning to look like one of the premier high school players of last year. Can Geno find playing time for all these guys? Gimme a big girl, please.

    1. The casual observer

      You are right on the point again, Dave, these are supposed to be basketball players, not horse jockeys.

    2. Brian

      Uh, Dave, she’a junior in high school. Hartley is a junior in college. She’ll be gone by the the time Gabby gets there.

      1. Paul Huskyfan

        This! Welcome Gabby Williams. She sounds like an amazing athlete. GO UCONN!

    3. JR

      Geno made a point today that come tourney time guard play is most important. With the unique exception of Griner, who wins with size?

      None of the guards coming in 2014 are small. Williams averaged 10 rebounds a game this year due to her phenomenal athleticism. And of course, Uconn isn’t done. 6-2 pivot Kathryn Westbeld has a scholarship offer and would be a nice add.

    4. Steve Gee

      Gabby is 5′-11″ and still in high-school. Hartley will graduate before Gabby gets to UConn.

      Gabby is also superbly athletic with good speed and mad hops.

      Think of every great UConn team, and they’ve all had great guard play.

      A 5′-11″ athletic guard is a good thing.

  2. mike mcmanus

    If Gabby watched today’s game, I’m sure she feels even better about her early decision. Let’s hope that after rehab, she has the same physical skills that she had prior to her injury. As for Husky Dave, big isn’t everything as Heather demonstrated. If Gabby is a 5’11” world-class high-jumper who can dunk the ball, I’m sure that Geno knows that she has potential as an “athlete!” Too many “fans” are obsessed with height alone.

    1. Maryanne

      Mike As I tell my friend –Size isn’t everything.
      Give me a team of Athletes (Like swin, Asya, Tamika, Sue, Dt) and I’ll win 8 championships.
      Not 6’4 in the group.

  3. Artie A...

    Geno or Dave….Hmmm…Geno or Dave….
    Not sure of your cred here Dave. I’ll have to go with Geno for now on this…

  4. Slvrhwk

    Husky Dave, The Diva & the Evil Twin win for ND & the O, not the Griner, do it for Baylor. Bigs are great but without a superior floor general you don’t win the big ones. It’s been proven too many times.

  5. Alice in Wonderland

    Griner is gone,EDD is gone, Diggy baby is left. The world of Women’s BB is a-changing. Griner made difference more because she was mobile and athletic–Sim’s made a difference because she was quick, athletic, and fast and a basketball brain. I’ll take Sims over the pouter.
    The three that ESPN made the face of Women’s basketball two of the three have lost so far–can we make it 3??

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