Game Notes From Notre Dame Women’s Basketball Program

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Here is an inside peek of what kind of information sportswriters, broadcasters and telecasters have the chance to review before every game.

Notre Dame’s Chris Masters, its sports information director for women’s basketball, does this as well as anyone in the world of NCAA women’s basketball.

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33 thoughts on “Game Notes From Notre Dame Women’s Basketball Program

  1. Steve Gee

    Thanks for the link.
    It would be great to see 1/10th of that sort of compilation on UConn anywhere in the Hartford Courant.
    Even once.

  2. Fairfield County Fan

    and silly me thought Bob Picozzi did all that research himself!



  4. NiceGuardPlay

    Hey. here’s an idea. Let’s try to win a championship with the worst point guard play we can muster. Doty is so bad she’s been relegated to the bench and if there is any justice, should not see any meaningful minutes ever again this year.

    1. Mike

      You are being too hard on her. Other than her offense, defense, rebounding, ball handling and decision making, she is really really good, not to mention, very pretty also.

  5. NiceGuardPlay

    4 points for 2012 gatorade player of the year. Boy, this playing offense in college is really difficult…Really Geno, that’s what you get after 30 games?

  6. nhntc47

    I don’t feel bad about this loss because the Huskies didn’t deserve to win. If they only hit ONE more free throw! They were given a few opportunities to wrap up the game. Hmm, maybe this is a kind gesture of the Huskies to SD. I mean they helped make Diggins’ last game in South Bend something of a Hollywood story.
    This team is a very good team but definitely not a championship team. Baylor and ND are. Championship teams came from behind to win. This Husky team blew lead.

    1. UConn Chokies

      considering there are only 3 great teams and 4 or 5 excellent teams, UConn’s 1-3 record against equal talent is disappointing season – even in Geno’s book – you saw it on his red face in the presser

  7. CTMIKe

    Plain and simple this team doesn’t have what it takes. That goes for everyone on this team including the coach. 0 for 5 in overtime on the line. the first 4 were front half of 1 ans 1’s. KML can’t get a shot off for a half an hour of playing time. Doty and Hartley..absolute horror shows. Stewart weak and lousy. Dolson turnover after turnover. Faris did her best with no help. Geno can’t figure a way to screen for your only shooter.

  8. CTMIKe

    We need to start recruiting tougher physical players because it is obvious when the games get rough, they wilt. While the other teams take it down our throats

    1. UConn Chokies

      It starts with CD, Shea, and Marissa. UConn AD won’t fire Geno. But don’t be surprised to see 1 or 2 assistants move on to new and exciting opportunities at a lower level.

  9. UConn Chokies

    What happened to the UConn practices supposedly being tougher than games? Another choke job. This time multiple chokes.

  10. UConn Chokies

    Doty and Hartley are the WORST back court in UConn history under Geno. Do they even practice dribbling and passing? Do they even practice decision making? What is Shea doing with the guards? Doty’s decision making has nothing to do with her knees. Hartley is a head case. Stewart great blocks but obviously wants no part of physical contact. Why was Dolson not posting up? So she could move on a screen 80 feet from the basket? Don’t care how great you think Faris is. She got burned many times and her late turnovers were as bad as Jeffersons.

  11. CTMIKe

    Lets face it they are a bunch of choke jobs. Nobody wants to hear the speeches from coaches and players about how they need to stay together. They are together…………….they all choke at the same time

  12. UConn Chokies

    For someone who has coached 7 POY and multiple AA to 7 NC, Geno forgot Basketball 101. Foul before a shooter attempts a 3PT to tie the game.

    If your center has 3 or 4 fouls, instruct her Not to screen 80 feet from the basket.

    Great decisions to Not see if Stokes can block 1 or 2 shots and grab 2 or 3 rebounds. Great decision to Not see if Buck can give you 1 minute in each half of solid defense.

    Live by your favoritism. Die by your favoritism. Great decision to leave Doty and Hartley in so long. Brilliant.

    1. NiceGuardPlay

      this is gonna be a 6-7 player run the rest of the way…Doty has lost all basketball sense so she is unplayable, Jefferson is just not ready or talented enough for the grind of these games, Stokes aggravated somebody. as far as what shea is doing with the guards, well let’s face it, there ain’t much to work with

      1. UConn Chokies

        Jefferson is not ready and neither is Stokes because Geno has not showed enough faith in them since day one.

  13. Bruce

    You people know nothing of high level competitive basketball or simple basketball in general. UCONN lost in triple overtime to a team that is deeper and more experienced than they are. They lost in overtime without their point guard or center (Sally Bell lives!!) This loss means nothing. The next loss to Notre Dame in the Big East Final means nothing, other than that you get to play them and learn. The reality of women’s college basketball is that there are only 4 teams that can play. Everyone else is the JV. In the final 4, seeded #3 UCONN will have to beat #2 ND in the semi, and #1 Baylor in the final. Those are the only games that count. Otherwise your diatribes against these wonderful young women are disgusting and show you for the worms that you are.

    1. UConn Chokies

      And UConn will lose the Final Four games you mention. What a moron you are Bruce. UConn has proved over the last two seasons they CHOKE against ND and Baylor.

    2. NiceGuardPlay

      ummm, hartley is no more a point guard than am I…this team has NO effective point guard. Teams with effective point guards don’t turn the ball over 35 times. Don’t get themselves trapped all over the floor and cough the ball up.That is an insane number, even with the atrocious failing guard play of the experienced Doty and Hartley. If your center has 10 turnovers, you think she might be trusted with the ball a bit too much 20 feet from the basket? The point is that this game should not have even been close except for the Huskies terrible play. It’s silly to sit there and think they played a good game just because the score was close. Face it-they spit the bit 3 or 4 times by playing stupid careless basketball on both sides in a game they could have won by 10 points.
      And you’re exactly right- 60 point wins against the inferior competition mean exactly nothing, and this year could not even provide the playground for jefferson or stewart or hartley to improve their games.

  14. Mike

    Kim Mulkey is already smoking her national championship victory cigar after watching this one.



  16. ray

    Wow, you people would not be so negative if you had to put your name on your comments.

    The missed foul shots did us in….

    The Home Cooking on sosme of those calls did not help, but it was the foul shots.

    1. NiceGuardPlay

      you might think it came down to foul shots, because that’s the easy thing. But the big picture? That ain’t it…Turnovers, poor rebounding, no foot speed(did you notice the girls chasing the ND guards down the court all night?), really poor ball-handling skills, no ability for anyone besides MKL to get her own shot, decision making at about a high-school level, and the stunted development of the younger players. This team has 3 losses because the women’s game has 0 parity, 0. If the Husky men had 35 turnovers, think they’d be in triple overtime with ND? Not. 35 turnovers later, the women still had a chance to win the game. That is simply a pathetic game. Ugly? How about bordering on incompetence for the number 2 and 3 teams in the nation.

    2. ray's mom

      you forgot to leave your last name, physical address, cell phone number, house phone number, home email address, work email address, mother’s maiden name

  17. marie

    I think the ref’s need to have accountability in their decisions, not just in this game but all. They HEAVILY weighed in AGAINST UCONN this entire game, call after call, resulting in the final outcome. Yes, Uconn had it’s faults, missing shots,turnovers ect.. but if N.D. didn’t play much better, apparent in the closeness of the game. N.D. won alright, but they didn’t deserve to, it was very ugly.

    1. marie's daughter

      UConn fans always have two excuses. Refs and injuries. Never the coaches fault. Never the players fault. Keep drinking that Geno Aid Cult Juice. This is why I left you Mom.

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