Geno Auriemma’s New Deal Will Give Him Time To Make More History

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Although he’s been rather busy with other things lately, UConn athletic director Warde Manuel said Saturday he hadn’t forgotten about another important line item on his agenda.

The UConn athetic program may be in Big East forever or it may leave before very soon. But Manuel wanted to make sure Geno Auriemma will be his women’s basketball coach wherever fate eventually takes the program.

“Negotiating his contract extention hasn’t been on the back burner [during conference realignment discussion],” Manuel said Saturday. “It’s been on the front burner.”

And sometime very soon, Manuel said, Auriemma will have a new five-year contract extension that will continue his run as Huskies coach through 2018 – at least. The new deal is expected to make Auriemma the highest paid coach in the history of Division I women’s college basketball.

Manuel said neither he or Auriemma had discussed length of the new deal. Auriemma has mentioned he would likely want five years and Manuel says he worked under the assumption that would be its term.

“I wasn’t sure whether I’d have even have this many [contracts] at UConn,” said Auriemma, now in his 28th season. “I didn’t know if I would have been able to go this far and to this age  [58]. Right now, if I feel the way I feel now, five more years sounds really good. Four years from now I might say, ‘That’s it, I’m done’ or a might say ‘Hey, I can do this for another five years.’ I don’t know how I will feel. Much of it depends on if we keep getting the same kind of players we’ve been getting.”

According to Manuel, Auriemma’s new deal will begin next season. He is completing one signed in the summer of 2008 that was worth $8 million, including a base salary of $300,000 the first year. That contract called for an annual $25,000 increase. He is making about $1.8 million this season.

He also received $1.1 million for speaking and media appearances in the contract’s first year. And that increased by $75,000 annually. Auriemma also received bonuses for NCAA tournament appearances, Final Four appearances and any additional national titles.

Since he signed the last contract, Auriemma’s teams have played in four consecutive Final Fours, won two national championships and compiled the longest winning (90) in the history of the men’s or women’s Division I college basketball.

He has also recruited the last two high school national players of the year, sophomore Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis and freshman Breanna Stewart, who on Saturday became only the second freshman ever selected as the Paradise Jam Tournament’s MVP.

The deal which expires after his season surpassed the one signed by Tennessee coach Pat Summitt in 2006. Her deal, which ran through last season, included $1.5 million in the final season. Summitt is no longer Tennessee’s coach.

“I love the game and I love watching it being played in a certain way,” Auriemma said. “I enjoy going to practice and watching my players execute things they weren’t sure they could and then seeing it come alive in games.

“But the game is hard to enjoy if you don’t enjoy the people that are around you. That’s what makes it very special for me, what makes me want to coach as long as I can.”

The extension likely guarantees that Auriemma will approach Summitt’s all-time record for victories (1,098) over 38 seasons. Auriemma now has 809, sixth all-time. He is also one national championship shy of tying Summitt’s record eight.

Auriemmma’s UConn teams have averaged 36.7 wins over the last four seasons. And should they maintain that over the next six it would place him approximately 75 victories behind his greatest rival when his next deal rolls around. He would also be 64 at that point.


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40 thoughts on “Geno Auriemma’s New Deal Will Give Him Time To Make More History

  1. Charter Oak Bridge

    Geno should have received a PAY CUT for having two 1 player recruiting classes in 5 years. A bad recruiting class AVERAGES OUT a good recruiting class. Geno has done it before, with Renee, Tina, and Maya in successive classes. But after Maya, we got EDD and lost her, class of 1, class of 5 reduced to class of 2 in 2 years, class of 3, class of 1. UConn has NO replacement for Dolson now or in the near future. PAY CUT !

    1. Harry

      Charter Oak, what in God’s name are you talking about? Four Final Fours in a row with two championships. Barring premature death, he will surpass Pat Summitt in national titles shortly. As for recruiting, he has recruited the last two POYs, Kaleena and Breanna. As far as Dolson goes, Breanna has already replaced her (90 points in her first five games), and I’m sure he’ll recruit another post player soon. Arguably, Geno has done the finest coaching job in any NCAA sport the last 28 years. He deserves every cent he gets.

    2. UconnFan

      Only an idiot with three cans short of a six pack would seriously question any coaches methods who have won over 80% of their games for twenty eight years and suggest a pay cut! I sure hope this individual does not have a wife or kids as stupid as him.

    3. Tuker

      I don’t usually comment but being a UCONN alumni I can’t tell you how much pride and joy Geno has brought to the state and me everytime I hear th word UCONN. You have to be just the biggest idiot in the world. It always amazes me that people like you who it seems can’t stand him or Uconn would waste your precious time commenting. Just do’t watch or read about Uconn and your problem is solved though it seems ou have more problems than that.

    4. Mike McManus

      Oh Geez,yet another nay-sayer! Please, go find a hole to crawl in and hibernate. UCONN doesn’t need a banner class every year…top players don’t want to warm the bench or play 5-10 minutes/game. Geno has enough of a challenge this year to give adequate playing time to the players that he’s blessed with. Why don’t all of you so-called experts leave the recruiting and coaching to those who are contracted to do so. Good coaches are hard to come thankful for what we have!

  2. Bridget

    Boy Charter Oak. You got off on the wrong side of the bed. Dolson is nice but is not the center to end all centers. Last year it was KML. This year three great players. Geno is doing fine but you have a screw lose.

  3. Jeff Lumpkin

    Charter Oak, you’re a moron! As the previous posts state, Geno has only managed to recruit the last two national high school POY into the program. This year’s team has a solid bench with a vastly improved Kia Stokes and freshman Morgan Tuck available as “bigs”. There is a reason why Geno has the 2nd most NCAA woman’s championship titles on his resume, and he is sure to pass Pat Summitt who currently has one more title than Geno – especially with the impending new 5 year contract guaranteeing that he will be the Lady Huskies’ coach through 2018. Despite Brittany Griner returning for her senior year at Baylor this current season, I still would not rule out the Huskies giving them a run for their money should the two teams meet in the tournament. UConn might win it all in early April 2013!!

    BTW, oh stupid one Charter Oak; last I heard Stefanie Dolson was only a JUNIOR as far as eligibility goes. Unlike it is with Men’s college basketball, Stefanie, (who is vastly improved and in superior shape this year) will still be on the team NEXT year, 2013-14. Geno actually has another class, (still juniors in h.s.) to recruit another big. But again, there are already current members on the team who can serve that function.

    A suggestion Charter Oak, before you post another comment, completely absurd like the garbage that you first left on this board. Next time try engaging your brain before you open your mouth. I trust that you do have something between your ears, correct?

  4. T27

    Why is a head coach for a sport that generates very little money get that kind of salary? Ridiculous.

  5. Go Away Megan Culmo

    Teams with the best players and the best coach with NC. That is why UConn did NOT even make it to the NC the last 2 years. Muffet has Luigi’s number in the Final Four.

    Dear SNY, please get rid of Megan Culmo. It was obvious to everyone but the paid refs that Banks clobbered the Purdue player. Yet you go on and on about what a great block it was – even though your employer SNY showed the replay 3 times. Banks not only whacked her with her forearm, there was body contact from shoulder to knees.

    1. Jeffman61


      Yeahy, Muffet has Geno’s number. Last I checked Ms. Fashion Statement has but 1 NCAA title on her resume, compared to Geno’s 7. This despite the fact that McGraw had two chances to win a title in both 2011 and ’12 but came up short each time. Let’s see how Notre Dame fares against UConn this year. The last I checked the Irish’s roster consists of key players such as Skylar Diggins and. . and. . gee all the rest of last year’s senior class no longer are eligible having graduated. Notre Dame will lose ANY game that they face this season against UConn; and you don’t have to worry about a Final Four clash of UConn vs. Notre Dame. The Irish won’t even smell a national semi-final this season!

      You’re just like Charter Oak there Go Away Megan. When the Good Lord was passing out brains, you were standing in the wrong line.

    2. Mitch

      Megan Culmo has always been dreadful. Not sure if anyone understands, she is a paid cheerleader with a microphone in her hand.

    3. yap yap

      Oh yoo hoo……..her married name is Cuomo, not Culmo.You sound like a total dimwit.

  6. John D

    Go Away Megan Culmo & Charter Oak Bridge – As the saying goes,”If u don’t like the show change the channel”.Two heads are not better then one when it come to Dumb & Dumber.Now if u want to recruit T27 into your twosome u would then become The Thee Stooges.

  7. Freedom of Speach

    Just like our Military (as Geno said) fought and died so that his mother didn’t have to us an Photo ID to vote. More than that they did is so anyone could speak their mind about the UConn Coach or the team. You own the right to comment on their comment.
    I hate Megan Pattyson, she chats and the score or the fouls or what is happening on the floor seem incidental. Get rid of Megan SNY. I vote for that. If I could get TIC voice I’d be listening to that and not Megan. On the A^M game I listened to their announcers and knew the score, the stats, and who fouled who. They are professionals–why hire amateurs for a professional job??
    I learn more about the SNY broadcasted (megan) games when the sound is off. I won’t change the channel because I love the UConn women–but no need to listen to Megan drivel …



    MIKE MCMANUS. Good coaches are playing russian roulette every season–they are NOT hard to get pay them and they shall come. What is hard to get is GREAT coaches.

    Mike you are generally too smart for some of your more recent negative comments. What’s happening in your life to make you so negative these days. Hope it changes soon. Your Basketball specific comments have always been intelligent. These negatives just isn’t you. Or is some one using your name???

  9. Sal and Irene

    We love a thrilling game that is decided in the final few minutes. If Geno recruited all the best, the game would suffer. Geno and Pat have done great things for WBB. More young women now play the game. It is great to see talent spread around.

  10. City Drunk

    Come on JeffMan—Muffet isn’t coaching as a fashion statement–thats Chris Dailey and Marissa (her words). Muffet didn’t win the NCAA in the last 2 years because no one could get thru Griner–even Geno and the year before same thing and A^M had an immovable big. She didn’t win in 11/12 but neither did the great coach, Geno. She did however teach Riley to pass and that beat a Turazi team for the title. Muffet is up there in the top 3 in Women Basket ball. Geno as brilliant as he is and has been goes to prove —YOU CAN”t Win them all!!!

    1. browns

      Yes they beat a Tauasi team that was minus TWO all-americans out injured. If they hadn’t been Uconn would have won 5 NC’S in a row. Of course now with Stewie they can win 4 in a row.

  11. Village Idiot

    Harry—Hey Kid. Don’t Select Brianna Stewart as Geno’s go to Big just yet. With the combination of Dolson and Stokes Geno has a scoring and rebounding combo. In and around the basket scoring there is no one better than Dolson. A^M’s Bone, an excellent center (ask Marquette who has been beaten by her)than Dolson she made Bone look like a HS senior. Dolson was out of sorts in the last 2 Careb games. She doesn’t respond well to being beaten up. That won’t change. But she’ll be one of the 3 reasons Uconn MAY win the NCAA this year (I said maybe)…Happy Thanksgiving Holiday season Harry. I hope you enjoyed Dinner..

  12. SJay

    WELCOME TO THE 1%, Geno. Heck, why not the UConn hog trough is looonnnnggg and dddeeepppp!!!All in the name of a sport while those interested in academics must face 4.5% increases each year for the next few… Oh well, I guess Madame President Herbst has to build her own team of the privileged like the other presidents before her, albeit in her own way. At least she seems so far to be not as selfish as the others before…she’s sharing the taxpayers’ of CT sweat and tears with the likes of Geno and the new Uconn admin mouthpiece and others to many to bother naming. No one who should care (because that’s supposed to be part of their job and responsibility to the people of this state) seems to give a sh*t anyway. It’s not their dime…oops that’s a heck of a lot of dimes, sorry. Just another obscene screwing of the people of CT by those who seem to think that sports trumps everything else.

    1. billnaples

      BTW for the moment presume your numbers are correct (4.5% etc.) how does that translate into a screwing of the “people of CT”? Seems only those going to school face those increases and you frankly don’t sound smart enough to gain admission!

  13. Genosguy

    Women’s basket ball is great . But folks if you will take the time to make and send an “I CARE PACKAGE” to the son,daughter, father, mother of a friend who is in Afghanistan with a nice home made brownies, some audio CD’s a phone card, and if they are patrolling in combat send them BOOT SOX–on long patrols their calves chafe without them. They don’t run cheap–but they need them. We’ve sent out nearly 200 (the wife and I) but some kid always misses getting one. Your right to be wrong–is being protected by these kids. /Ask the VFW they’ll give you addresses of someone who should be getting a package.

  14. SJay

    …did I miss the public outrage, or am I too stupid to understand. My attitude is if they don’t like what we can afford given the fiscal distress we face, then go somewhere else…is anyone else going to bid him higher? Go for it.

  15. CEO's Coaches Big Bucks

    I can’t be convinced that CEO’s (many losing their company money)and coaches (leaving a losing program) or even getting their Contract money increased wouldn’t be doing the job for a lot less money. The President of the USA gets substantially less than any of these-and he runs a 10 trillion doallr country. So why do they get the millions for getting men or women run up and down a field or court??
    Aren’t salary caps ever going to be considered?? This is NOT a judgement on Geno –but the entire over paid situation. Remember he took the job for 18,000 a year. He did come cheaply..

    1. billnaples

      And most members of Congress and the administration are running the economy of the country into the toilet. Geno’s contribution is that the Women’s program brings in more than it pays out. When he signed on for $18K back in 1985 that was what the program warrented. He built the rest after one (COUNT THEM ONE) losing season and 26 winning ones, which will soon be 27 out of 28. If CEO’s have that track record maybe they earn their pay. Most of them don’t.

  16. nipples69

    Boy you people have to get lives. Think of how many students would benefit from that money as financial aide. Maybe some more doctors, nurses, etc.. The coaches should make no more than $250,000 per year. This would put a band aid on part of educational system. I know some of you will reply with negative comments, but screw you. I won’t be reading any replies anyway. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and yours means jack to me lol.

  17. Hey NIP 69

    Part of you comment was intelligent–this is a blog about Uconn Women and people print their opinions. If you want facts ask your congressman (facetious). Everyone who complains or writes nasty things about other must be leading terrible humdrum lives. What is written is not life threatening or setting up a new law or curing cancer. It supposed to be fun about women and coaches we care about. Loosen up, lighten up smoke a weed pop a pill have a shot of booze–but enjoy this or forget it.

  18. Max McGraw


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