Geno Auriemma’s Quick Assessment Of Maryland Rematch

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The next step to UConn’s potential 8th national championship comes Saturday at Bridgeport’s Webster Bank Arena against Maryland, the No. 4 seed in the region.

The Huskies had one of their most difficult wins of the season against the Terps at the XL Center in early December, winning 63-48.

UConn shot just 23-of-60 that night and had more turnovers (17) than assists (16). The Huskies had a 13-point lead at the half and Maryland played them even from there.

Maryland led the Huskies in rebounding that night, 39-35, and have an All-American in junior post Alyssa Thomas.

“They are a great team, incredibly talented and they have a great player in Alyssa Thomas who has had a great season,” Auriemma said. “This time of the year, this is what you are going to get. There are only 16 teams left in the tournament [after Tuesday] and 10, maybe all 16 of them, are going to be really good. Maybe eight or nine will be in the Top 10. We have one of the toughest Sweet 16 games in the country – for sure.”

UConn and Maryland will also play next season in College Park, Md, a part of UConn’s very competitive non-conference slate for 2013-14.

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13 thoughts on “Geno Auriemma’s Quick Assessment Of Maryland Rematch

    1. Merci

      FreddyKool–It will be great to get to the elite 8.
      I am proud of MY TEAM. I thought they played a very tough Vandy, who did their homework on UC.
      On to Bridgeport–after Md will it be the Hens or UK??

  1. DOGMA

    UConn will sail into the Final Four. Once there, they will be met with the true challenge to their next title. The level of women’s basketball talent has improved, but it is no more visible than within the top four teams. It will be UConn’s chance for redemption and a most fitting end to another great season. If UConn is hitting
    on all cylinders ……… no one can beat them (but themselves). Go Huskies ……Raise the next banner.

    1. DOGPOOH

      so if Baylor or ND or Maryland or Standford or Duke or anyone else wins the NC, credit goes to UConn

      1. Thecatsmeow

        Yes, the credit will go to Uconn for being so good that they beat themselves. It is a win win situation for them. Isn’t that a wonderful thing?

  2. thanx for readin gino

    “I just truly think that if Caroline can play significant minutes in this tournament, we’re going to be a difficult team to beat.”

    gawd i hope moriah (and stokes) just spit in his face and transfer. it has nothing to do with his annual lie about practice. it has to do with favoritism and his love for doty

      1. Webster

        asinine, braindead (informal) crackpot (informal) crazy, daft (informal) dumb (informal) fatuous, foolhardy, foolish, halfwitted, harebrained, imbecile, imbecilic, inane, insane, loopy (informal) lunatic, moronic, senseless, stupid, unintelligent

        1. Melody Banks

          Thanks Webster—

          I was wondering how to say people are idiotic–without using that word.
          Now I can insult EVERYONE with a new form of idiotic–either formal or informal.

          That was an inane publishing.

    1. Reading Geno

      Freshmen are unpredictable. The lights on the big stage frighten some. Doty, should as a 5th year senior be a calming influence.

      We’ve seen a bit of that and some of the bad passing to no one. Geno is probably betting that Doty will have fewer moments of indecision than Moriah. Is he right? Is he wrong? Only the games shall tell.

      Doty cannot play defending a faster/quicker guard. But who do use against that quicker guard?? Moriah?? Stokes? Faris? Hartley??
      If you are Geno–what would you do???

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