Geno Feeling Really Good About Breanna Stewart

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Depending on how she feels after Sunday’s light practice and Monday’s shoot-around, Geno Auriemma will know whether Breanna Stewart is well enough to play against Vanderbilt in the second-round NCAA game tonight at Gampel.

Stewart didn’t play in Saturday’s massive win over Idaho after feeling discomfort in her left calf during Friday’s practice after trying to put a rebound back to the rim.

Stewie said Sunday she was feeling fine and was looking forward to playing. She also reiterated that she could have played Saturday if the coaches had allowed it.

What’s certain is that Auriemma has begun to see vast improvement in both the play and confidence level of last year’s high school player of the year.

“Stewie is a tough kid and this is not the first time she has been hurt,” Auriemma said. “Nor is it the first time she’s tried to fight through something. I’ve seen other players not willing to fight through things. Stewie avoids the training room, like all great players do. She is also knows if she turns and heads into the training room it’s likely going to mean the less time she plays. When Stewie says she’s good to go, she’s good to go. Even yesterday [it was the case].

“I don’t when it happened, but the week leading up the Big East tournament she had a different look and attitude about her. You could see it. It was so evident you didn’t have to look for it. I told coaches if we won the Big East tournament she’d likely be the MVP of it.

“She was doing things she hadn’t done since the preseason. Kids are kind of one their own. Some freshmen are not affected by anything. Some are bothered by everything. You can’t plan for it. You never know why.”




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47 thoughts on “Geno Feeling Really Good About Breanna Stewart

  1. Jim

    Rebecca Lobo enjoyed the EDD show against Coach Screamer, Bria Holmes and West Virginia.

    1. Stewie Peaking

      Hopefully Stewart is peaking at the right time. It is encouraging that Geno is taking the “carrot” approach with her. She’s nice kid who appears to want to be “all she can be” for the Uconn team. Another rebounder/scorer is really needed. Stokes looked really good against Idaho–I know they aren’t Baylor, but she still looked good.\

      If you don’t cover every aspect of an opinion, there is always someone who is coming up with a snarky/sarcastic criticsm of your OPINion.

      1. Bracchus

        I am beginning to see a pattern in Geno’s assessment of his players, past and present. It has to do with whom he thinks the hard workers are on the team. His negative comments are generally skewed towards one group of players. Whether Geno knows it or not, it reinforces certain racial stereotypes. As a UCONN fan, it makes me very uncomfortable.

        My most recent example is this. When KML first came to UCONN Geno seemed oddly resentful of her success. He kept saying she wasnt the complete player and needed to work hard on that. She apparently did over the summer and came back with an overall improved game as well as being the leading scorer on the team. What does Geno say recently? If she wants to be great she has to do thus and so with no acknowledgement of the hard work she has already put in and her improvements.

        Now, with Breanna Stewsrt he is taking the carrot approach. Please.

        Just once I would like to hear him say that certain players are hard workers.

        1. Huh?

          Geno says his players are hard workers all the time. It has nothing to do with race, and posts like this are the reason racial stereotypes begin. I have watched him do this consistently from Debbie Baer and Rene Montgomery days to Maya Moore and Steph Dolson. Different players are motivated by different approaches. That is leadership 101. You can’t use just the stick or just the carrot. The psyche of some players responds better to one approach than the other. In some cases, you have to balance both approaches at different times. Geno has often been hard on players in the media as a means of spurring them to perform better, but he is careful not to do this with other players when he knows it will have the opposite effect. KML has even more potential than she is currently showing, and it is his job to get her to the next level. Has he been outwardly critical of Jefferson? No. Has he been critical of Doty? Yes. So let’s not start throwing around the race card just because we think KML needs a pat on the back for doing such a good job.

          1. Bracchus

            My point is this. The criticism of certain players often seems to revolve around work ethic and the assumption that they have so much natural talnet they could not possibly be using it all. KML is a case in point. Obviously a hard worker who has improved her game at every level. I don’t think she deserves a pat on the back, but I do think she deserves a statement of fact.I mean if Faris can be constantly praised for her contributions and work ethic, why not the leading scorer on the team?

            Additionally, I have never seen Geno carry on about a playr in the press the way that he did with Charde Houston. All of that could have been between him and her behind closed doors.

            Stokes is another case in point. He seems reluctant to give her any credit. Others, in games against far inferior opponents get unrealistic credit.

            THe fact of the matter is that througout history black athletes have been viewed differently than white athletes. White athletes are hard workers and cerebral. Black athletes are physical specimens with a lot of talent who need to be motivated.

            This is an uncomfortable subject, but it needs to be discussed.

            By the way, there is no such thing as the race card. There is just race. That in and of itself has been a problem from the beginning.

        2. Just the Facts ma'am

          Doty, white.
          Fills up box scores with 0’s

          Stokes, Jefferson, Banks, not white.
          One mistake and they’re yanked.

          Faris, white.
          Fan favorite.
          Fails to lead by example.
          Cost UConn game against ND.
          Fans scream don’t pick on her, it was Hartley’s fault.
          Hartley, not white.

          Dolson, white.
          11 turnovers.
          Stays in game untils fouls out.

          Tina, not white.
          All world center.
          Despite being better than Dolson, always got criticized by Geno and fans.
          Never given the same benefit of the doubt.

          Stewart, white.
          Greatest of all time.
          Before playing one game.

          Taurasi, white.
          Fan favorite.
          Geno said we’ve got her, you don’t.

          Maya, not white.
          Better than Taurasi.
          Career individual stats prove it.
          Geno never said we’ve got her, you don’t.

          Sue, white.
          Fan favorite.
          Individual stats prove she is not all that.

          Lobo, white.
          ESPN job.

          Big girl, white.
          SNY job.

          Kara & Carolyn.
          STRAIGHT HAIR.
          ESPN job.

          1. Bracchus

            Thank you! Tonight against Vanderbilt he starts Doty and Stewart. Hartley comes off the bench. Geno says that the only point guard on the team is Doty. Mo Jeff must feel pretty good about that. Doty has contributed virtually nothing and now she is the key to the success of the team-please.

          2. Huh?

            So future jobs for players and whether you have straight hair dictate whether the coach is racist? Lobo got an ESPN job because she is white? I thought the two analysts in the ESPN studio were African American, or are you insinuating Geno lobbied ESPN to get her the job? Who ever said Stewart was the greatest of all time? Haven’t seen that quote anywhere. Pretty sure Geno has said on many occasions that Maya Moore was the best he’s coached. Taurasi and Bird overrated I guess, which is why they were drafted where they were (oh that’s right, those who vote for All Americans and look at skill sets are racist too). I also forgot that statistics are the only measurement by which you determine a players value. You’d make an awesome GM for a team. Bottom line…you are an idiot…and the very reason there are race problems in the world. Racism is founded on ignorance…people who are so simple minded that they have to attribute actions to something so basic as race. “Geno didn’t say she was a hard worker, but he said that about another player who was a different race…ergo he is racist.” Good argument. Funny thing is, every argument you just made on their shows you are the one who is racist. But then again, I don’t really need to point that out, because what you wrote is probably the best argument for who the real racist is.

          3. Huh?

            No Bracchus, there is a race card. A race card is when someone immediately gravitates toward race as the answer for why something is. Of the multitude of reasons Geno chooses to start Doty over Jefferson, or why he approaches one player a different way over another, to immediately jump to race is what you call the race card. If you did some detailed study on why those decisions were made, and there was no sensible reason for why those actions were taken, then you could begin to look at race as possibly an issue. Problem with your argument, and some of these other arguments on here is that you don’t bother to do the hard work needed to determine if race is actually an issue. You throw it out there after casual observation…or as you say “because there has been a history of it” and supposedly you are that ever vigil watchman. Here’s a tip…if there was any suggestion that race were a factor in the coach’s decision whether to start or play someone, or in the hiring of an ESPN analyst, or any other ridiculous argument on here, there would be people waiting in line to file lawsuits and defamation claims…to include former players. The fact is that you choose the approach that it has to be racism because you yourself want to believe it is the reason. Do your homework before making those kind of accusations (and by the way, homework entails more than just a gut feeling or anger that the players you like are not in the starting lineup).

        3. UConn Husky Fan

          So you think Geno’s assessment of KML versus Brianna Stewart with the obvious ethnic background of the two young women make him racist? Say what? KML was not a complete player as a freshman. Anyone who knows basketball is aware of that, something which I seriously doubt would describe you. Kaleena still is not there yet. People were (unfairly) comparing Kaleena last year to Maya Moore – one of the two most decorated, (along with Lady Di) players in the program’s history. Kaleena, who arguably could be called one of the 4 or 5 most talented players in the country, right now still does not impose her will enough in games; especially in late game situations. The last game of the season on the road at Notre Dame after both Brianna and Stephanie fouled out, Kaleena should have demanded the ball in the overtime sessions. Instead it looked as if she disappeared except for that one three-point field goal in, I believe, the first overtime. I would have loved having Kaleena on the foul line, (over 90% this year) instead of the individuals – including Brianna and Kelly Faris who missed crucial free throws in that second overtime period. But teammates can’t get you the ball if you just stand on the three-point arc, being closely guarded by your defender and aren’t moving around screens to free yourself open. Geno was right about his assessment of Kaleena’s play against Baylor. She lit it up in the first half. In the second half when Baylor came back it was as if she was not on the court. Geno said in a game like that Maya would have scored 40+ points. Don’t get me wrong, Kaleena is still an excellent player. But she still needs more variety to her game. Next year I would love for Kaleena to have the mindset that she’s the best player in America. She is a deadly 3 point shooter. With her size, Kaleena should be unstoppable when being guarded by an opponent, especially down low in the box. I would love for her to work on her dribbling and develop face-up moves over the summer which would enable her to drive to the hole and be unstoppable, as was Maya her junior and senior seasons. I also don’t understand your comment about Geno taking a “carrot approach” (quote-unquote) with Brianna. Did you see him lace into Brianna for one of the few mistakes she made in the Big East championship game, even though overall she played extremely well? He was not exactly treating the young freshman with kid gloves. BTW, I am African-American so with my comments about Kaleena I guess, in your view, I should would be considered racist as you so sadly think that Geno is. Your comments,if anything make you utterly CLUELESS, my friend!

          1. Bracchus

            UCONN Husky Fan-
            First, the fact that you are an african american does not necessarily mean that you are capable of seeing things objectively.
            Second, I never said that KML was the perfect player who could not improve. Name one on UCONN’s team, or any other team for that matter, who could not improve. My point is that fringe players like Doty get far more credit for often doing nothing than KML gets for being the leading scorer. Remember,KML was the leading scorer in the triple overtime loss to ND. She played 55 minutes. Where was the credit? I heard more about Faris’ 53 minutes.
            No, my friend, you have taken a drink of the Geno juice. Just as some of his players seem to be subject to criticism, so can he. A great coach, no doubt. Perhaps, a better recruiter. But, that doesn’t mean that his actions should not bear the scrutiny of the fans. These people are not gods. Our recent experience with Joe Paterno should have taught us something.


            BRACCHUS “These people are not gods. Our recent experience with Joe Paterno should have taught us something.” AMEN. BET SOME OF THESE GENO LOVERS HAVE STATUES THEY PRAY TO AT NIGHT.

        4. Keep Drinking

          That’s right “Keep Drinking”…grownups choose to look at not only the numbers…20 straight Sweet Sixteens / 5 straight final fours / seven national championships / etc /etc…but also listen to what coaches, analysts, and former players have to say. But of course suggesting there is racism afoot and trying to link Geno to Joe Paterno is a far more effective approach. Keep fueling the hate baby…you da man!!!

          1. Bracchus

            Geno’s greatness does not make him perfect. He has essentially sad that about many of his players so it should apply to him as well.

            I am sorry if my observations are disturbing, but they are observations based on factual information.

            For example, I have never heard Geno refer to a white player as lazy. I have heard him refer to black players as lazy.

            Even the black stars always need to do more. I don’t think that I heard that about Taurasi.

            His tendency to comment on negative discussions with black players in the press appears skewed.

            But, the thing that brought me to many of my observations was his comment on the Don Imus horrendous comments on the Rutgers women’s team. When asked about it, he said the comments were “stupid”, not racist, and that it was hard to take anything seriously in which Jackson or Sharpton were involved. His immediate retreat to Jackson and Sharpton was telling.Then mumbled something to the effect that these are not the kinds of things we want to talk about suggesting that race was off limits.

            In my mind, he could have expressed his support for Vivian Stringer and her team. Why? Because the Imus comments were directed at black female college basketball players. Geno had and has had many on his team who have made fine contributions. He could have stood up. He did not. As I recall it, Pat Summitt did express some support for Stringer and her team.

            After that, I started to notice things. As for lawsuits, please. What kid trying to make her way in college athletics and perhaps move on to the pros is going to go up against Geno. Most of my observations, in and of themselves, can be explained away and may not have the substance required for a lawsuit. But, there does seem to be a pattern .

            I know, some believe that I am playing the mythical race card here, but it doesn’t exist. There are just reasons and motivations for things that happen and race is one. Geno may not even be conscious of what he is doing. After all, he has been conditioned like most of us to view blackness in a certain way. Members of his family werE Italian immigrants who came to America for a better life. Black folks, often 6th And 7th generation inhabitants of this country have had to fight physical racism and negative perception s is since they originally hit these shires from ports of entry other than Ellis Island. He, like most everyone else, is conditioned.

    2. Bracchus-WHAT?

      It appears you are saying Black players are lazy, is that your point??
      Geno only screams at Black players?? Remember Svet-Geno/Svet had an on going, in the media, verbal fight.
      The Nasty Comment about Rutgers girls being called Ho’s -got a strong reaction from Geno. Stronger than you would admit. And very, very strong by Uconn Women fans–how any idiot could call women who work hard and play hard that kind of a name is beyond us.
      What is this stuff about straight “white” hair–did you see Swin last night–straight curly beautiful hair. All black hair isn’t non straight–all white hair isn’t straight.

      The implication–if I read you correctly–that Geno is racist –is so far from the truth, it would be funny, if it wasn’t slanderous.

      Geno does so many things you could point out as negative and be truthful in that assertion, but you missed the true Geno here.

    3. Turazi not working hard?

      Bracchus–have you actually seen any Uconn players play?
      I dont remember geno yelling at DT-why, she ran and ran and ran for 40 minute a game.

      Except for DT–an obvious favorite—geno has been a fair and equal jerk yelling at players. His one coaching method that I dislike the most is yell in public about his players and speaking negatively about them in the press–but he is an equal rights jerk ,white black or green–he uses this terrble tactic.

      Affirmative action and equal everything have caught up to the point the supreme court are considering dismissing it as REVERSE RACISM.

      What many forget that RACISM works many ways”
      Blacks are racist against white, Native American’s against whites, Hispanic against white–and each in reverse. Every person that dislikes a black isn’t necessarily racist–all blacks like all whites, hispanic, native American, orientals are not loveable. If I don’t ask you to my home its not because you are not white–maybe I just don’t like you.

      Geno not wanting to get into the middle of a race initiated battle was being legal and smart–his non-racism speaks for itself by his day to day action. His former players of all ethnic or race, most think him in glowing terms–if they had a case they could sue him for millions–he has it–and retire from the proceeds, weak argument they’d never play in the pro’s. Europe could care less about Geno. and those teams pay in the 200,000 and up range.

      1. Bracchus

        Tarasi Not Working Hard:

        First, I never said that Taurasi did not work hard.
        Second, I said that black stars always seemed to need more improvement, including Maya Moore. Taurasi did not. Many feel that Moore was better than Taurasi.
        Third, Geno did not make a strong comment on the Imus Rutgers affair. He could have shown strong support for Stringer and her team, but he did not. Instead, he brings Jackson and Sharpton into it who as far as I know had nothing to do with Imus making the racist statement. Why go there? He could have simply said that Vivian and her team had his full support. If I were an African-American female playing for him I would have wanted to know that was how he felt.
        Fourth,if he responded as I suggested, there are no lawsuits.
        Fifth, racism is the belief that one race is superior to another. In this country that has generally been the province of the white race. My argument is not Geno’s racism. Without being inside his head that would be hard for me to determine. But, I can observe distinctions that appear to be based on race. By the way, those distinctions do not have to be absolute. They just have to be frequent with one group and virtually nonexistent with another group.
        Sixth, do you really know what affirmative action is and why it was enacted in the first place? Did you know that the concept originated under republican Richard Nixon? Did you know that the only time companies or institutions are forced to hire specific numbers of minorities is under court decree after a company has been convicted of egregious discrimination? Did you know that in spite of the effects of affirmative action, not the least of which is an increase in the numbers of middle class blacks, the overwhelming majority of people in power positions are white. Did you know that in spite of affirmative action the black rate of unemployment is twice and higher than that of whites? Did you know that there isn’t one shred of evidence to suggest that whites as a group have been negatively affected by affirmative action. Did you know that all affirmative action did was to require companies to expand their recruiting sources to diminish the historic and real preferential treatment applied to whites since the beginning of the country?

        Do some research and study on affirmative action then come back and engage in an intelligent discussion rather than reciting the typical emotional hype driven by the right and designed to make the white proletariat think that minorities are their enemies.

  2. Anne Elk

    John Altavilla would like to thank everyone for clicking on “comment” to discuss aliens, big foot, crop circles, fake moon landings, asteroids, EDD, Samarie, Diamond, Muffet, Griner, and Gee. That’s all his boss cares about. Clicks. UConn isn’t quick enough or athletic enough to win the national championship. KML and Dolson are all americans. Stewart should be by her junior season. Faris is UConn’s most athletic player and she got burned by Baylor and Notre Dame. “That is the theory that I have, and which is mine, and what it is too.”

    1. Steve Gee Really

      How dare you. You don’t know Samarie. Your no Samarie, I know samarie and you don’t have game. what are you 6 years old??
      who gave you permission to use my personal blog??
      When did you begin thinking.
      Aliens?? Are you dissing our neighbors??

      What made you think you could have a theory?

      Do you think clicking would help John?? I’ve got my clicker going, now there that’s 1001.

      If you can’t take Snarky, Sarcastic, disgusting, insulting blogs –get off my blog.

      I was born with a basketball in my hand. My intelligence and knowledge of EVERYTHING is superior to everyone else.

      Who told you that Faris and Dolson were not quick enough?? I never told anyone that. If you don’t hear it from me–you can’t have an opinion.

      Do you really think this blog is about providing your views or opinions?? WRONG–it’s all about my views and those that agree with me.

      1. UconnFan

        You must stay home all the time, because with your attitude myself or any of my friends would punch your lights out if you acted like this in any of the places we frequent!

    2. The Far Side

      Anne,please do not underestimate alien references. I watch ancient aliens on the history channel and we can very well be their descendents. If we are, so isn’t Geno which explains a lot about his behavior. But to be fair, the girls are aliens too. Without these extra terrestials, there would be no womens basketball, ergo (therefore in Latin),no blog that we are on now. Now what be can be more important than that? All other observations pale in comparison to an alien observation because they are our very essence. Thank you so much for reminding me of this topic.



  4. mike mcmanus

    For those who claim that there is no parity, I hope that you watched some of the women’s games today. Some of the highly-ranked teams such as NC, KY, and Louisville had a difficult time with lower ranked teams until they were able to pull away in the 2nd half. Many were even losing for a good portion of their games. I think there are many good teams today as compared to 5 years ago and that will continue in the future as the better athletes get distributed around the country.

    1. bogeyfree29

      I love the women’s game but let’s face it Mike,15 of the 16 games Saturday were still blowouts, there were some excellent games on Sunday thank god. What bothers me even more though is not the blowouts in early round games, I expect that. What bothers me is ESPN’s horrible coverage, culminating last night by continuing to show the Baylor blowout while you could clearly see on the crawl above the game 3 other close games being played. And then the truth came out, they were sticking with the game in hopes of seeing a Brittney Griner dunk. My god,no one who truly loves the women’s game cares about a dunk, we want to see close competitive games. The coverage so far has been just horrible, one station to cover 32 games over a weekend is not enough.

      1. bogeyfree29

        one more thing..I think the key games are the elite 8 games.Last year all 4 games to get into the final four were not close, I am hoping for a better outcome this year so when I try to argue for the women’s game, I have some ammunition. Those are the games that need to be close to prove there now is some parity.

  5. A bright lite

    Mike McManus–Seems Mid Westerners have a level of common sense not used by many. You are again a bright light in this otherwise dim world.
    The Big East, the current and one past, have not done really well these last two days.
    However 16 and 14 ranked teams playing the 1,2,3’s have played them to a standstill for the first halves and some into the second half. Even Baylor wasn’t running away with the View.
    I got a kick out of the Vandy coach saying something about the southern language. I now live and have lived for the past 20 years south and west. The ya-all is almost a thing of the past ,except by displaced Yankee’s.
    The young folks, under 35, its hard to tell where they are from. Their parents and teachers may never lost the country talk. As a Fed I lived in Ark, Tx, La, Md, Va, Fla, Calif, Tn — become accustomed to “country” food.
    But I still love my UC women, worked at Storrs before the Fed. Went to the Kangaroo School in the Berkshire league.

  6. UConn Fans Awful

    I love listening to UConn fans complain that the sky is falling. Another 30-win season. Almost a guaranteed to go to the Final Four for an unprecedented fifth time. Completely destroyed #1 Stanford in Palo Alto and beat #4 Duke by 30. Lost to the defending national champs in a game they kept very close and could have gone either way, and lost to ND (perhaps a better all-around team) three times in games that could have gone either way (all could have been won in the final possession). Yet the comments on these blogs are often that the team is not long or athletic enough, Geno can’t coach, etc, etc. Get a clue people. When we start losing games by a dozen, then you can whine. When the difference between 30-4 and 34-0 is a missed opportunity here and there, try to do some better analysis. The fact that you have seven National Championships and three undefeated seasons under your belt, and you still think the sky is falling every time you lose a game shows that you don’t understand basketball.

    1. Justme

      Quote from Geno in today’s Courant “The wins just become numbers.Right now the only thing that matters at Uconn is “are you going to win the national championship?” The fact that we’ve won 30 games 18 out of the last 20 years, well, I don’t think anyone gives a darn about that.”

    2. UConn Fans Awful

      UConn Fans Awful thanks for letting us know you love listening to us. We’ll keep the light on fer ya.

    3. Bracchus

      UCONN women’s basketball has a successful and storied past and present. No one is denying that. But, when you diminish the three close ND wins by saying that they were close, well, you don’t have a clue.

      By the way, the incomplete KML is keeping UCONN ahead of Vandy right now. Still no credit??? I know,Doty worked hard and Faris was all over the place.

      By the way, my myopic friend. I think what you are seeing is a recognition by some fans that parity is about to set in for womens college basketball. Other teams are getting better. Undefeated seasons will be less and less posssible. This isn’t a knock against UCONN or Geno and probably is for the overall good of the game.

      1. Bracchus Clueless

        Bracchus…ever play basketball before other than Playstation? Coaches run plays through specific players. When KML gets the ball to shoot it is more often than not a play designed to get her the ball. So “keeping UConn alive” is a stupid statement. They are running the offense through her, as they should. They don’t run the offense through Doty and Faris. Keep wallowing in self pity my friend…the world is out to get you.

  7. WBB Fan

    Well said “Huh?” and “UCONN Fans Awful”…
    Bracchus – outrageous assessment and way off the mark!

  8. UConn Fans Awful

    I’m diminishing the three ND wins by saying they were close? Am I missing something? I was at the ND game in January. We had the ball and missed multiple shots at the end of the game to win it. We took ND to three overtimes at South Bend despite having two of our best players out of the game…and the lead near the end of regulation and two of the overtimes. And we had the ball at the end of the third game an a turnover led to the winning basket for ND. I’ve already said ND is a better team, but I’m pretty sure common sense would dictate those are about as close as you can play games. Oh, that’s right. We can’t say they were close because then your argument looks even weaker than it already is. Just keep talking my friend…the more you write, the more ignorant you appear. You forgot to bring up that race was the reason we lost those three games.

    1. Another Steve Gee

      Another negative, name calling, unnecessary comment by Steve Gee.
      The guy knows how to be negative and dis allow anyone’s opinions other than himself.

  9. Doris Burke Says

    Doris Burke just summed it up the best about Geno. -“Knows what the right strings are to pull with his players in order to motivate them.”
    -“Comes up with the right game plans to keep his team competitive.”
    -“Knows how to make adjustments mid-game better than anyone.”
    -“That’s why he has so many championships and wins.”

    Funny, every coach, every analyst in the country and every player that has played for Geno…UConn or National team says the same. Oh wait…they must have drank the Geno kool-aid too. What the hell do they know about basketball. I’m sure Bracchus has a much better explanation based on extensive analysis that everyone else is missing.



    2. Merici

      Doris Burke–Well said, the comments are true.

      No need to turn positive comments about Geno turned into negative comments about other blogger.

      If stupid, ignorant comments were disallowed on this blog–70 percent would be gone. Opinions are just opinions–no matter how we scream they are factual. And this is an opinion blog–supposedly about our love and respect for our UConn Women.

  10. Sweet Sixteen

    19 Straight Sweet Sixteens. UConn is a mess. We need to overhaul the program…

  11. The facts?

    “Just the Facts”…isn’t Swin Cash an ESPN analyst as well? Wasn’t Geno the one who willingly took the heat when he arranged to have an injured Nykesha Sales get an uncontested basket so she could claim the scoring record at UConn (from Kerry Bascom)? Are you saying Maya Moore wasn’t the fan favorite during her tenure at UConn? Great facts. Keep fueling that hate bro…we need more people like you out there to make sure we know the real deal.



    1. Geno Aid

      I know, huh? Why would anyone think that a team that beat #10 Texas A&M and #12 Oklahoma…and played a bunch of other top 25-ranked teams very tough during the course of the season…would possibly present a threat? That’s why Geno is a coach and you are writing in all caps. Isn’t it past your bedtime sweetie?

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