Geno Gives Kim Mulkey A Slap On The Back(side)

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Well, if you have not seen it already, the Associated Press captured one of the classic handshake line moments of all-time Monday night before the UConn-Baylor game.

Baylor coach Kim Mulkey wore a pair of very tight leather pants to the game last night. And when Geno Auriemma reached her for their pregame hello, well, as they say, a picture tells a thousand words.

If you click here, you will see the photo, courtesy of Deadspin…..


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43 thoughts on “Geno Gives Kim Mulkey A Slap On The Back(side)

  1. Caption: Kim Show Geno her backside.

    What was really funny was the look on Shea’s and Marissa’s faces. That’s the story.

    But Kim seems to be showing Geno her derriere. With those tight leather pants–everyone saw it.
    Just think how hot those pants were, leather does not breath. If it’s cold outside you are cold, if warm inside they are hot.
    With the problems geno had last summer, I’m sure he will only touch one backside, his own.

    1. 1 Husky

      So why did you read the article and post a comment? Yawn. Maybe to share words of profound wisdom from someone that can’t string coherent sentences together or proofread their post.

    2. Fishpaw31

      That’s quite a classy, well-constructed sentence: “Geno is arrogant and has not class.”

      Try acquiring some English language writing skills, or at the very least PROOFREAD before hitting the ‘post comment’ button!

      1. Tina 2

        Reading with comprehension must be one of the courses you missed. The other is the one on common decency and knowing that internet writing isn’t professional nor to be critiques. Where was it you said you to to school?? Mexico community santorium??

  2. Julia Sottile

    I hate how people have to always make something out of nothing with Geno.

  3. Fairfield County Fan

    Well, when you wear an outfit like that to coach a basketball game (on national TV)you are looking for attention – and she got it!

  4. Mulkey > Geno

    Geno throwing his players under the bus again. Never ever his fault for anything. He did not coach smart.

  5. Hip Hop Hood

    Wow – In today’s world, this means Geno sexually assaulted Kim Mulkey.

    NCAA investigation coming soon!

  6. Hip Hop Hood

    BTW, didn’t Geno get accused by a female basketball player at the Olympic for making sexual advances at her?

    1. 1 Husky

      You are really an idiot. Do some homework before you post. Better yet, don’t post at all.

    2. Fishpaw31

      Just when I thought Tina was the most illiterate person on this post….along comes the Hip Hop Hood who clearly has no reading comprehension skills, or just likes to make up crap. OR BOTH!

  7. HarryH

    Saw it live and was a little surprised – she sort of turned her but towards him also.
    The slacks themselves were a little shocking.

    As the world turns.

  8. How True

    Added Auriemma: “That’s the only way we can go where we want to go come March … collectively, we have to get smarter and we have to get better.”

    But after watching Caroline Doty give her teammates 17 minutes of zeros, after watching Stewart play like a deer caught in the headlights and do absolutely nothing, after watching Hartley and Faris vanish for long periods of time and even watching Dolson almost refuse to take the ball into the paint against Griner, the question has to be asked: Do the Huskies have the mindset to out-tough everyone? Especially when the NCAA tournament rolls around?

    I wonder …

    “Maybe we’re just not good enough,” Auriemma said. “Baylor has the best center in the country and they may have the best (point) guard in the country. When I looked at my team (after the game), and I asked them, `Do we have the best center in the country? Do we have the best guard in the country? Do we have the best small forward in the country?’ So, we can’t win these games individually, we have to win them collectively and tonight, collectively, we weren’t good enough.”

    Chris Elsberry

  9. How True

    “They are not ready, not now and maybe not ever, to win these kinds of big-time pressure games. Notre Dame made that point a stark reality a while back, and on Monday night, Baylor drove that point home with a resounding slap to the backside.

    When it comes to beating the average and the above-average teams, the UConn Huskies are one of the best. But recently, when UConn has stood toe-to-toe against the best of the best in women’s college basketball, such as the defending NCAA runner-up Irish and the defending national champion Bears, the Huskies find themselves being outworked, outhustled and out-desired.

    And against the elite, it’s become painfully evident that UConn doesn’t have enough scoring from the perimeter. They don’t have enough scoring in the low post, either. They don’t have enough rebounding. They have too many lapses on defense. They have too many holes and not enough fingers to plug all the leaks.

    And now, with the regular season approaching crunch time and the postseason less than a month away, can the Huskies find what’s been missing and put the pieces together to challenge for the NCAA title?

    Not even Geno Auriemma is sure of that.”

    Chris Elsberry

    1. ray

      Two more 3 pointer go down and maybe they win,than i bet you’ll be calling them the best team in the country.

    2. Did the Refs lose the game??

      Back and forth for most of the second half until Steff picked up 4th foul. Uconn gave them point for counter point. Steff was abused and tired with 2 minutes left, no relief for the entire game. 6 points does not make a wolloping. Mulkey with her bravado was thrilled to have excaped. Uconn was up by 11 in the first half. 3 maybe 4 knockdowns of Steff that with only one called.
      Don’t anoint Baylor the National champ right now and don’t count Uconn out right now. Lots of lightly used freshmen and sophs on the Uconn team–we’ll see what we shall see. But I’d put money on UConn beating ND the next 2 times they meet this year.

  10. uconn fan, not geno fan

    now i know why geno did such a terrible job of coaching, his mind was elsewhere.

  11. Lee

    Geno has done an excellent job of coaching the UConn girl’basketball team in the past. He earned many cudos for his coaching abilities. He found his true calling. Coaching is a great proffession, but his conduct was totally UNprofessional. The other coach had checked out his backside, perhaps there are other sides of Geno that need to be looked at much closer. He sure is not a role model I would want for my kids.

    1. Geno

      I agree Geno is an excellent coach, usually. Like all humans he is imperfect. Makes a lot of mistakes–but usually fewer than other coaches.
      Geno should not be considered a role model for decorum, non-riotious demeanor, knowledge of world events, American History, Politics. His Forte is basketball. Don’t go to him to have your appendix removed. Or to pass a bill in congress. Or launch a nuclear missile. But coaching UConn-he’s your man.

  12. Ray Goodwin

    Wow, I’m very surprised at the negative comments some of you are making about your team! I’m a huge follower and Fan of Baylor and the Lady Bears, and I can tell you that I’m not alone in this assessment: if your poll about who UConn fears the most was taken down here in Texas and was asked as who BAYLOR fears the most – I doubt anybody but UConn would get a vote! We look to the Huskies as THE team to beat if we are going to take any title. As you know, we’ve had success against Notre Dame, and some of us can’t understand how the Irish have beaten UConn 5 of the last 6 meetings! In any matchup with UConn, many Baylor fans figure we’re going to have to be at our very best to come out on top! Who is the team we would rather ont face in the Final Four? UConn! Who is the team we EXPECT to face there? UConn! You folks have a hell of a team.

    1. Uconnphann

      Mr Goodwin–thank you. Many of us Uconn fans believe but for a few moments lapse and turnover, the game could have been our. I enjoyed the game, it’s fun to watch two heavy weights go toe to toe and unlike the Naysayer- I found the game fun to watch thinking for 39 minutes Uconn could win. One Hellava team those Lady Bears.

  13. Geno

    I forgot to say : Geno is usually honest. He is loyal to his players, ex players, coaches, friends. He is generous with his time and money. He has a temper (his major fault), he does not abide fools easily. He too often calls out his player in the media or in public. He is the master on HIS court. He recently said he is being gentler and kinder to his player–that didn’t last long. But for game plans there are fewer than 1 better than he. He’s imperfect. But the best coach Uconn Women has ever had.

  14. Lee

    Everyone seems to be concentrating on his coaching ability and how great the team has done under his leadership. You all seem to have forgotten that the above article was about his crude and rude behavior even before the game started. You need to post these comments on a article on the sports page. Please consider the topic at hand is his inappropriate behavior. stats and plays have nothing to do with this. His great coaching has nothing to do with unprofessional behavior.

  15. Hip Hop Hood

    What does Geno do in the UCONN locker room when there are no cameras? He’s already in trouble for making sexual advances toward a player at the Olympics…

    1. Steve Gee

      Really? Geno made “sexual advances toward a player at the Olympics”?

      Perhaps you (knowing so much as you keep telling us) could provide the link to the story (but surely there MUST be more than one) where Geno is “in trouble” or even being accused of making such advances toward a player.

      We get it.
      You don’t like Auriemma.
      We get it.
      Even without the lies.

  16. Fairfield County Fan

    Lee- it is Mulkey that I would not want to be seen as a role model for my daughters or any girls!!! She was at a basketball game, not a club.

    HHH – get your facts straight before you post -players are accusing Geno if anything; it is a lawsuit filed by a referee against the NCAA and Geno.

  17. Walter

    who gives a crap about this for 1 think arent there better more inportant things to talk about and 2nd that kellyhardwick has hot proven her case against geno and havent heard more about it lately”thank god because kellyhardiwcks a liar! Takecare all godbless gouconn!!! and espn enogh of youre kissing the baylorladybears asses and going on about brittneygriner like shes better than wiltchamberlain kabduljabbar and micaheljordan!

  18. Walter

    also kimmulkey dresses like a prostitute and asks for attention and shes no role model for kids she doesnt ahve enough class to take out britteneygriner when bgriner does her chaep shots and i predict when bgriner try her cheapshots in the wnba some player will punch griner in her face like she deserves shes a bully and a thug takecare all gouconn

  19. Raymond

    Someday, someone, ANYONE, @ Uconn with authority will wake up & realize that Geno’s a low-life slob who was lucky to be in the right place @ the right time. He, Uconn, Baylor, the useless NCAA & all involved should be embarrassed & ashamed of themselves. Once again, Women’s college hoops is made to look like a half-baked sideshow. Guess Geno’s little “kissing-caper-accusation” from last summer isn’t so hard to believe right now! Any other college or scholastic sport @ ANY LEVEL would’ve canned BOTH of these idiotic coaches for this incident the very next morning! Sure would make me think twice before sending my daughter to play for either of these programs & classless coaches…

  20. Lee

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Mulkey was as guilty of crude inappropriate behavior. Her behavior does not negate Geno’s actions. In what other job would these antics be tolerated? Geno is brazen and his bosses have no spine in tolerating this type of behavior on the court with a girls team regardless of how many tournaments he has won. UnConn has their priorities twisted in this situation. I do agree that both coaches are not role models for the young women in their charge.

  21. Lee

    Two wrongs don’t make a right. Mulkey was as guilty as Geno. Her behavior does not negate Geno’s actions. In what other job would these antics be tolerated? Geno is brazen and his bosses have no spine in tolerating this type of behavior on the court with a girls team regardless of how many tournaments he has won. UnConn has their priorities twisted in this situation. I do agree that both coaches are not role models for the young women in their charge.

  22. Walter

    im not saying that beacause a woman dresses like a hooker and asks for attention should be slaped on the butt but i didnt see it and all i saw was a bigsmile on kimmulkeys face and i dont ehar kimmulkey complaining besides kim mulkeys a terrible influace on the girls who allows or promotes bad sportsmanship who will not pull out brittneygriner or anyone else when they take cheap shots because mulkey will do anything to win shes always kissing the refs asses she dresses like a prostitute and she rantsa nd raves all the time and what about the cheating kimmulkey and baylor mens coach and baylor football coach and all their inpermissible texts and phone calls to recuit havent ever heard of geno doing that despite the fact the ncaa hates uconn so they were always after the mens team like they hated jerrytatrkanian and made up stuff about him and this guy i know who use to work in compliance department at unlv backs me up not the crooked ncaa btway and if i had all maerican daughter playing bball id send her to geno before id ever let her go play for jezebel prostitue bad sport crybaby kim mulkey and baylor lady bears vtway wasnt their a cult in waco texas before?Takecare godbless gouconn

  23. Walter

    btway like my mom said people have no buisness reporting this kind of trash on their blogs anyways its intrussive and invation of privacy and reason kelseybone said she didnt pick uconn was how intrussive and nosy ther ct media is remeber that one?Takecare all godbless gouconn haters stay off here

  24. Steve Gee

    Two long-time friends goofing around and having a good laugh.
    Nothing more.
    People need to stop going out of their way to be “offended”.

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