Geno Loves Stewie, Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah

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I’m mean, just read this for yourself and draw your own conclusion about how UConn’s Hall of Fame coach feels about his fabulous freshman, Breanna Stewart….

“I think God played a huge trick on everybody else in college basketball. Breanna Stewart walks out on the court and people are thinking, “This is the best athlete in college basketball by far? Really, that’s got to be an April fool’s joke.’

“When you look at her, you don’t expect her to be able to do the things she does, both good and bad. But I am sure that teams don’t expect her to block shots the way she does, to be around the rim as much as she is, to be able to make the plays that most 6-4 or 6-5 kids cant make.

“I know Brittney Griner is 6-8 and she is everything people say she is. But she can’t make the plays Breanna can. That said, Breanna can’t do some of the things Brittney can.

“But there is something about Stewie. When its going well for her, I just have confidence she can do anything on both ends of the floor.”

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77 thoughts on “Geno Loves Stewie, Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah-Nah

  1. Pete Griffin

    It’s amazing how each year these athletes seem to be better and better. Barring injury Stewie is going to be an incredible player. The family is very proud.

    1. Geno Is God

      and if Aja Wilson comes to UConn no one will rave about KML since she won’t be as good a Stewart and Wilson

      1. JR

        Wilson is a 6-5, self-described perimeter player. Unless she’s willing to change her game, she doesn’t fit in with UConn’s recruiting class which is already stocked with guards and wings.

        1. JR's 5 Year Old Daughter

          Jesus Christ daddy. You call yourself UConn fan? Geno is recruiting Wilson. The 7x NC – soon to be 8x – believes Wilson fits with UConn’s recruiting class. Go to your room daddy, no sax for you tonight.

          1. JR

            Well Geno is never wrong about recruits, is he? Doty turned out to be stellar as did Englin and Johnson. He and his staff love that recruit Stokes so much she almost gets into 30-pt drubbings.

            Next time you decide to respond to one of my posts, try to have something pertinent to say and don’t act like a moronic 10-year-old.

      2. Louisville lugg

        If Wilson comes KML won’t be so great??
        I can live with that, as long as Wilson and KML can. \
        Wilson will fit in , she’ll replace Steff and the team is oriented towards supporting a good mobile big down low. What’s not to like??

        1. JR

          “and the team is oriented towards supporting a good mobile big down low.”

          Wilson doesn’t play down low. She plays on the perimeter with the ball in her hands.

          1. JR

            She’s likely to stay home in South Carolina. Either way, she plays the perimeter and has said in interviews that that’s how she wants to play. If you want to bet that she’ll go against her strength and comfort zone by changing the way she plays, go ahead.

          2. Trouttimekv

            Jr- doty was the wrong recruit? Her freshman year she nailed two threes late in 2nd haf vs Stamford to win Nat Championship! That was a terrible comment. Geno and staffdonz’t have to prove anything to anyone – especially you! Dolson plays up high more than down low. They isolate other mismatches all the time. And anyone that doesn’t think KML is the complete package is a nut. And the coaches know when to beat kids up and then build them up. They are building confidence now- especially with freshman! No are playing better! KML is not fragile- she was seasoned veteran like when she arrived. She is a super star. Stewart will be and tuck also!!!! MonJeffprobbly too!

      3. Bracchus

        There seems to be some anti KML sentiment out there even with Geno in an odd sort of a way. This young lady is the leading scorer on the team, has kept UCONN in some big games, and came back this season as an overall better player. The lack of appreciation for her efforts is palpable.

        Geno says that he leaves KML in games because he can usually find no reason to take her out, yet she gets very little press. Amazing.

        Now we have someone prognosticating on how good she won’t be next year. Ridiculous. Maybe KML should have gone to ND.

        1. Fifth Estate


          Representing all my fellow members of the fifth estate let me enlighten you about Kaleena M. Lewis and the press

          Geno has made it known to Kaleena she may stay in any game as long as she so chooses..
          Having said that, it has been made known to writers, that she must not get more print/tv/radio/blogging than Kelly Faris. The reason being that Kelly takes it as a personal attack if she or Steff or Stewie or Hartley gets more allocades.
          Once when Steff Dolson was being highly spoken about on tv—Kelly got a step ladder and got into Steffs face and let her have it full blast.

          If you believe the above —you are no UConn fan.

          KML has NOT been locked out of the media by anyone. Steff is truly loved by her teammates. Faris is their emotional leader. KML when she leads the team–the Media including JOHN Altavilla speak of her in generous terms.
          If you are trying to cause desent among the player this won’t fly.

          1. KML

            I think it is the opposite. It seems like it is the fans that keep making this an issue. Geno has already said multiple times that KML is the best shooter he ever recruited and has lauded her play in some areas. While she is an unbelievable shooter and scorer, she needs wor in a lot of other areas before she can truly be considered elite. Her defense needs work, and sometimes she doesn’t position herself well on the offensive end. Have no doubt, KML is going to be even better by the time she is a senior, but let’s not put her in that complete player category of Moore and Taurasi at this point…she still needs some refinement. Let’s not get into conspiracy theories about why the fans and coach are not putting her up on a pedestal. There is so much more to the game than how many points a player puts up.

        2. Fifth Estate again

          Bracchus—You use the word Palpable often and frequently without malice. And wrongly.
          It means —Obvious, easily detected, that which can be touch or felt.

          The lack of appreciation can be “touched or felt” . These are physical.
          You speak of it in emotional/psychological terms.
          It sounds good–but many times words that sound right are not.
          Me and my sister went to the art exhibit together. Sounds correct, but wrong. Me is the subjective case a verb
          More properly it is said or written. My sister and I went to the art exhibit together. My sister and I are both subjects of the verb went. Which is the correct usage.

          1. Bracchus

            Thanks for the grammar lesson. But, I stand by my use of the term palpable.

            For the record, the press does not give Kaleena the same ink as others given her contribution.You can say that they do, but it doesn’t make it so. Yes, Geno has said thatshe can stay in the game as long as she wants, That is admirable-but let her get some credit for it.
            Stewart is a developing player who is showing signs of the promise a number 1 out of high school pick should. I personally think that she will be a great player at UCONN. But, there seems to be a lot of interest in her becoming that player. Not som much for Lewis. This is just my observation and it all kind of stems from Geno’s remark when she first got to the team and was having some success. He said something like-“everyone thinks that she is the baby Jesus.” What in the world did that mean. He certainly hasn’t said it about anyone else, and seemed odd given her level of play.
            By the way, I am not trying to start any dissension. Some things are just, well, palpable.

      4. GenosGal

        Aja will not only be the best UConn player ever, she won’ lose a game. No pressure, Aja.

  2. DavidinNaples

    Earlier this year a UConn fan posted a great stat on Stewie. He added her points, rebounds, blocks, ect. and subtracted turnovers. Then divided by minutes played. Her “Possitive Contribution Index” is .942, KML has a PSI of .884, and Notre Dame’s Diggins has PSI of .847 Stewie does more positive things on the court than Diggins per minute played. Interesting….:)

    1. Uconnphann

      Geno put so much hype on Stewie as season’s start-Kara Wolters and other color commentors spoke so highly of her–only one of two things could go wrong–her ego would burst or she’d go into a Freshman funk. I’m pleased it was the latter.
      She has BECOME what Geno said she was, so has Tuck (albeit by a lessor amount) and MO JO.
      If Uconn wins the First Final 4 or he NC or loses in either–it has been a grand ride a great year, and wonderful time spent with superior Women in every meaning of those words. I fell in love with MO JO, Tuck and Stewies. Rekindle a love affair with Banks, Dolson, Stokes, Faris,Hartley, Buck, Doty and especially KML. I have fantastic fantascies that Banks shall recover and never have missed a step and that Stokes shall awaken and become a super star that she was given the gifts to become. Dave in Naples–pcI or PSI, we got you message loud and clear!!!!

      1. mike mcmanus

        Very well said UCONNphann. Too bad that we can’t have more comments like this instead of those by the Geno-haters and “aggravators.” As usual, Geno’s team consists of a group of talented and wonderful young women who make the university and the state of CT proud. Regardless of how they finish the year, they have provided us with a great season of b-ball and a promise of more good things to come.

    2. Youcon Fann

      The game has too many intangibles and different players have different roles, so it shouldn’t be used exclusively to access a player.Also, amount of minutes played make it easier for a player with lesser minutes to get a better score. But it’s always great to hear from DavidinNaples, he always brings the sunshine.

      1. Wrd Smith

        YouCon Fann:

        I don’t believe you can access any of the Uconn team–you may meet them in the receiving line in New Orlean or as THEY say Norlins.
        Assess-ing the skills of Steward and Diggins has been done very effectively by Dave in Naples

        1. Youcon Fann

          Wrd Smith: You must have some ulterior motive for that answer because it makes absolutely no sense concerning what I said.

    3. Bracchus

      Stewart is going to be a great player. Very few players coming out of high school ranked number one don’t. However, this PSI index is one of a plethora of statistical attempts to differentiate players. Most have weaknesses. The most glaring weakness here is differences in minutes played. For example, KML would have been penalized in the triple overtime loss to ND because she played the entire 55 minutes.
      The second weakness is it doesn’t and cannot measure leadership effectiveness. Diggins has been maligned here by several UCONN fans, but her impact on Nd is palpable. If she were a Huskie they would be praising her from the rooftops.
      Finally, every player is different. Some need to adjust to D-1 pressure, others do not. The classic example of the latter was Maya Moore.

      1. Wrd Smith

        Bracchus—You finally got it. This NOT AN NOTRE DAME FAN SITE.
        Most here love the Uconn Women. A few discontents from Baylor, Stanford, Kentucky, Tenn that pretend that they know of what they are speaking.

        Again, if you want real love of Diggins to show thru–Find a ND site.
        Can you imagine what they were saying when Maya or Dianna were tearing up their Green home court?? Don’t expect to find much love heading towards Diggins–McBride, Achonwa, Cable, Jewel, maybe.

        1. Bracchus

          No one is saying that anyone here has to like or praise Diggins. But, if you like basketball as well as the UCONN women, you know good play when you see it.

          If this is meant to be a cyber pep rally for UCONN, then that is something else. If it is meant to be a serious discussion of basketball, then that is another thing.
          I for one, don’t believe that we have to denigrate the opposition to support our team. You are free to believe what you want.

        2. WrdSmith is a ...

          noun fool, idiot, dummy (slang), berk (Brit. slang), charlie (Brit. informal), tosser (Brit. slang), dope (informal), jerk (slang, chiefly U.S. & Canad.), ass, plank (Brit. slang), prick (derogatory slang), wally (slang), prat (slang), plonker (slang), coot, geek (slang), twit (informal, chiefly Brit.), bonehead (slang), chump, dunce, imbecile, cretin, oaf, simpleton, airhead (slang), dimwit (informal), dipstick (Brit. slang), dickhead (slang), gonzo (slang), schmuck (U.S. slang), dork (slang), nitwit (informal), dolt, blockhead, divvy (Brit. slang), pillock (Brit. slang), halfwit, dweeb (U.S. slang), putz (U.S. slang), fathead (informal), weenie (U.S. informal), eejit (Scot. & Irish), thicko (Brit. slang), dumb-ass (slang), gobshite (Irish taboo slang), dunderhead, numpty (Scot. informal), doofus (slang, chiefly U.S.), lamebrain (informal), mental defective, fuckwit (taboo slang), thickhead, muttonhead (slang), nerd or nurd (slang), numbskull or numskull

      2. Gentle Ben

        I am sure Bracchus that you are speaking of Maya or Soph or even Jr when Stanford and other teams took her out of the games because she was in disbelief that basketball was being played as a ping pong ball bame with her as the ball.
        It happened to DT too but she attacked. Maya did too but it took her longer. Stewie–found out early on what was going to happen –and she reacted like DT, not Maya.
        Maya is and was a great player–no doubt. Had terrific numbers, won championship (albeit with Rene Montgromery and Tina Charles) KML has not been so blessed. NOW THIS IS MY—MY–MY belief, KML is better at AT THE SAME POINT IN COLLEGE as Maya was. This rubs people the wrong way–it’s like when you are dead you are greater than any living soul–but KML is alive and doing great.
        The Big Dance (New Orleans/NCAA NC’s) unnerve a lot of underclassmen. It did DT who missed 15 (3) ball –she never did that again (Nor did Geno allow any to take that many missed shots again)

        1. Bracchus

          Prhaps you should take a look at the stats for the players you mentioned.I found your comment on Maya versus Taurasi interesting. You said that Taurasi attacked and Maya did too, but it took longer.

          Did you know that in her freshman year Maya Moore averaged 17.8 points a game on 54% shooting with 7.6 rebounds a game and 63 steals? Did you know that in Diana’s first year she averaged 10.9 points a game on44% shooting with3.2 rebounds a game and 39 steals? Maybe if Maya had reacted as fast as Diana she could have taken 7 points off of her scoring average, 10 points off of her shooting percentage, and gotten 4 less rebounds and 24 less steals.

          As to Kaleena Lewis, she actually is closer to Taurasi in stats and exceeds her in some, but doesnt approach Maya.

          So, I don’t know what you are basing your assessment on.

          By the way, Maya received all kinds of accolades as a freshman. As I recall it some were the first time a freshman received those accolades.

          But, you are entitled to your belief.



      1. JR

        If you took the number of times a player is helped by the refs, Diggins would crush Stewart.




    6. Hail Geno!

      Faris and Dolson must really by suck your statistical method since you did not post them

      1. Steve Gee

        I LOVE that stat, but I REALLY LOVE the way it only counts the last 8 games because it’s most favorable to your trollish agenda.

        Add-up and compare the national championships for Diggins and “UCant” and get back to us.

        Don’t like that one?

        Fine, then we’ll go back even further to include the single national championship (2001)for ND and compare that record against “UCant” during the same time frame.

        Don’t like that one either?

        No you can’t, can you?

        There’s just no pleasing you.

  3. Edward

    Why compare her to Griner. Griner is no longer in the picture, nor a college basketball player.

  4. Kevin Cavanaugh

    It appears that UCONN fans are placing their confidence in Stewie in the upcoming game(s). Each of the teams had one star player in the poll, and UCONN had KML, yet Stewie won as a write-in. That says a lot.

    So far, those participating in my polls voted 3 for Stewie and 2 for KML to be player of the tournament.

    All seven participating in the poll have chosen UCONN to win it all and they chose KML to win the game of H-O-R-S-E against Griner, EDD, and Diggins.

    I just wrote another blog, mostly about “Stewie” and I would like people to visit it and leave a comment if possible.

    The polls are still open and the two blogs are back to back on my blogsite:

    Voting in the polls is a little tricky. for each poll, you need to make your choice and then hit “Vote” then scoll down to the next poll.

    Go UCONN, Go Huskies.

    1. Bracchus

      The tournament is not over. KML certainly could have scored more points had she played more. Nothing against Stewart, but we do need to see her against top competition. Personally, I think KML is the key to this next game. If she has a good night that is a lot of offensive pressure on ND.

      The reality is that UCONN has multiple scorers. So does ND.

      Look for a battle.

      1. Top Competition???

        Bracchus—If we have not seen Stewie against top teams–just do this.
        Look at Uconn’s schedule for this year-count those in the top 10 divide that by 360 (the approx number of Div 1 team) then do that for Baylor (Griner) and Diggins. Which one has the highest percentage. I’m sure you shall find B.S. is on top of having played the most competitive schedule. Don’t forget the Paradise Jam. Penn St, Marist, Maryland top numbers.
        Bra—No insult intended. KML isn’t the Key to Uconn’s win, the new kids are. If Stewie, Tuck, Mo JO play as they have–the floor opens up for KML to score. If they don’t ND will blanket her with Braker and she’ll score under 10. It’s a lot to expect of new kids–most fail on the big stage, pray for these kids to enjoy the experience.

        1. Kevin Cavanaugh

          Don’t take it personal, Bracc, but I agree with Top.

          These comments are for Bracc’s above post and also Top’s as well.

          The key is “Stewie” because if she gets touches every time UCONN goes up the court on offense, that will make KML available to do her thing.

          If Stewie gets her hands on the ball, she will be double-teamed and a quick out pass to KML adds 3 to the score.

          1. Bracchus

            Kevin, I now that you and Top agree. I am simply saying that KML is going ot have to score if we are to have a chance. I am not saying that Stewart and the rest for that matter will not be important because we will need all hands on deck. Hopefully, they all can have a good game. I just think that your leading scorer needs to score, unless the others are going to pick up the slack, and they might.

            We are all being speculative without knowing either team’s strategy. I mean who would have thought that Louisville could come out and rain threes on Baylor and win, plus hold Griner to 14 points and ten shots?

            In addition to your scenario with regard to Stewart throwing out of the double team, I think they have to set up some picks for Lewis as well. She will have to keep moving and get herself open.

            I think that we can all agree that this will be interesting.

      2. Hello, Geno, It's Me. Are You There?

        Player A might score more than Player B and Player C, simply because the opponent concentrates on taking away Player B and Player C.

        1. Stats

          HELLO—You’ve got it. Amazing. How someone of such low intellect could disect the algrithms and finally understand a complex theorum. You may become dumb enough to be a Notre Dame fan. One would hope.

          1. Stats Mommy

            Thanks for taking the bait. Again. You’re just one of the many dumb asses on this site not qualified to think.

        1. Kevin Cavanaugh

          Correct, UCONN has KML, Dolson, Stewie and Faris – all in double figures followed by Hartley with 9 and then Tuck and MoJo.

          In addition, any of them are capable of a breakout game.

      3. mike mcmanus

        I certainly agree with you Bracchus…KML needs to have a good night but a lot of that depends on her team mates getting her open and setting good picks because ND played stifling defense on her in the past. I don’t understand why UCONN doesn’t do what other teams do to isolate their 3-point shooters…which is to go inside with the ball to draw in the defenders and then kick-it out to KML. With UCONN, usually, when the ball goes inside, it rarely comes out.

        1. Uconnphann

          Coming from you, I accept your compliment with great respect from which it came. Your comment’s are always respected by me. Just facts. You never demean others. Thanks Mike.

          1. mike mcmanus

            Much appreciated. For those of you who enjoy serious articles about the UCONN women, I urge you to go to Rich Elliot’s recent column in the CT Post online entitled “UConn, an afterthought to some, working toward title.” He has several quotes from Meghan Cuomo and Jen Rizotti that are priceless and yet so ‘right-on.” One of the best analyses that I’ve read.

          2. The Decipherer

            ” Too bad that we can’t have more comments like this instead of those by the Geno-haters and “aggravators’

            This is a very very typical Mike Mcmanus response to anyone who says anything against Uconn. Doesn’t demean anyone? Baloney! They should yank this “holier than thou” off this site.

        2. Kevin Cavanaugh

          I agree with you, Mike, as well as Bracc – all I am saying is that Stewie needs a lot of touches for KML to be successful.

          If Stewie gets the ball, ND will double team her and that might open up KML for a quick pass and a quick 3.

          I would like to see UCONN move the ball around like Villanova does but that would be wishful thinking.

          ND will probably have 3 players on Dolson and Stewie and if either one of them is open for a good shot, they will take it – if not, KML will probably free to do her thing.

          All of us want the same thing – ball control, solid crisp passes, and capable shooters taking the shot.

          We have good outside shooting and if there is a miss, our bigs can get 2nd chance rebounds and shots that could turn into 3 point plays with some inside penalties.

        3. Trouttimekv

          Going inside is easier said than done- they have had a tough time doing it off the dribble!

    2. Suspicious

      Kevin—I don’t want to put this in an insulting manner–so please forgive me for my crude remarks.

      And one who writes as many lengthy blog/comments on this site then redirects us to another site—

      Sorry—but to me that looks like a NUT JOB.

      If you want to write this much do it on YOUR site. Advertise your site in the WANT ads.

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        I have been a blogger for a couple of years. I like posting here about UCONN and when I write a lengthy blog about UCONN or one of its players, I invite others to visit my wordpress site to read it.

        I make nothing blogging. I do it strictly for fun and entertainment.

        I would be considered a nut job if I paid for an ad to get people to my site where I make absolutely no money.

        Also, I do not own a site, I blog on WordPress just like 3 or 4 million others who do it for fun.

        Being originally from Springfield, MA, I have been a UCONN fan for years.
        I was living in Highlands Ranch, CO, when Ann Struthers decided to play for UCONN and I got more hooked on Geno and his program.

        By the way, I did not consider your comments crude nor insulting so your apology was unnecessary.

        1. suspicious

          Kevin– Crude as I was. I like true Uconn fans. Even if they are from Denver, Col (my son lives there).

          I was ungenerous, not considerate, and just plain offensive. Sorry.

          I look on people with their own website with suspicion. I’m stuck with a supicious nature.

          Nut Job was just wrong. I detest name calling–and yet I am guilt of it. Sorry.

          1. Kevin Cavanaugh

            You are indeed a gentleman and quite gracious. thanks.

            I did give you the wrong impression, however. I lived in Denver for four years but I am a New Englander from Springfield, MA. and that is why I have so much allegience toward UCONN.

            I wish they would move the game up to Saturday – the wait is driving me nuts.

            But, it does give Dolson another day to get some solid rehab.

    3. Bracchus

      I would rank Della Donne over Griner. She has a complete game. Griner, although improving is still kind of one dimensional and not nearly as aggressive as she should be.

      This year EDD was the best player in the game.

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        Bracc, you are not preaching to the choir. I have been blogging all along on WordPress how I felt that EDD was the more complete player.

        Griner has absolutely NO outside game, she can not shoot consistently from any distance, so when she runs into bigs on a daily basis, I feel she will be neutralized.

        In fact, when she plays against Delle Donne, Griner will not be able to block any of her outside shots because they will be too high for Griner to swat down.

  5. Notre Dame

    Bottom line, Notre Dame is a better team and they are going to crush UConn this time around. Won’t even be close…double digits for sure. Everyone knows it. Geno knows it. You know it. UConn’s only hope was if Duke pulled the upset. Diggins will be cutting the nets down on Tuesday.

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Yea, if Diggins cuts the nets down, it will because Geno felt sorry for her and offered her some pocket change to do the dirty work – after all, bus fare from New Orleans to South Bend is pretty expensive and the food at those bus stops aint cheap either.

    2. Trouttimekv

      Hey Notre Dame- keep Dreamin! ND was better the prior two yrs- not this year – or any more. Our team has taken it to another level. Sky moves on with no NC—–what a shame!!!!

  6. DavidinNaples

    Having introduced the Positive Contribution Index earlier, let me admit it fails to measure many important aspects of the game. It doesn’t measure “leadership” or outstanding defense. Holding the other team’s leading scorer to 10 points below their scoring average can help win many games. However,the PCI doesn’t penalize players who have played more minutes. More minutes gives more opportunity to score a basket, get a rebound or make an assist. The whole point of dividing by minutes played is to even out the comparisons. Nobody is trying to say this proves Stewie is a better player than KML. KML has become a great rebounder, super post player and the same fantastic scorer. Everyone relax and enjoy the game on Sunday. :)

  7. UconnFan

    I am a long time Uconn fan and I do not understand all these hateful comments about ND and it’s players. I look forward to every time they play because I know I am going to see a great game with great players. I get as excited when they play as I did when they used to play Tenn. My only regret is that they are playing in the semi finals and the finals will will be anti climatic for me. But what a way for the Big East to go out with 3 woman’s and 2 mans teams in the final final four!

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      There are a lot of ND fans visiting here doing the same trash talk.

      It all evens out.

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Hey Freddy: I am going for, “UCONN by w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r”, and whatever w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r is, is good enough for me.

      A “W” is a “W” and it won’t be an upset, it will be an earned victory by a most deserving team that was duped into believing that ND had their number.

      Muffet said in a previous blog by John A. that Stewie’s best asset is her blocking ability.

      Well, Muffet, as the grammatically incorrect saying goes, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

  8. CT Born and Bred

    I guess I will never understand why fans just can’t enjoy that their team has an opportunity to win a championship. Why the need to trash the opposition? Diggins has proven to be one of the best players in the country. Not sure why you can’t cheer for your team and also respect the talents of the opposition.

    Secondly, Griner has proven she is the best player in the women’s game, the only reason uconn fans are saying edd is better is to somehow they believe she is still a part of the uconn family. Get over it she is not. Move on she went home to Delaware years ago.

    1. Bracchus

      That is not why I am saying EDD is better. I have seen both of them play. Griner could be far more dominant than she was. EDD is 6-5 and can put the ball on the floor and create her own shots, plays defense and can rebound. She is just a more complete player.

      Having said that, I am not diminishing Griner’s abilites. She does what she does well. In the last game against Louisville she had three players literally crowding her and fouling her. But, when you have her talent you have to find a way out of that situation. That is where a consistent jump or hook shot could have prevailed. She should have been fighting harder for rebounds and putbacks. But, with three people guarding you, that means two people are open, she could have done a much better job of finding the open players.

      It would have been difficult to employ that kind of a defense on EDD. She plays the entire court. Three players would have had to follow her everywhere and her passing skills would have made them pay.

      My comments have nothing to do with her “association” with UCONN. That “association” is pretty negligible since she left after 2 daus on campus.

      1. Kevin Cavanaugh

        Bracc, it is unfortunate but there are people who just want to believe that Griner is the greatest player ever and I, for one, believe they are wrong.

        Is she the most intimidating player EVER in the paint? Yuppers.

        Is she the best shot blocker ever? Again, yep.

        But, she is far from a complete plater.

        EDD is more complete, she dribbles, she blocks, she rebounds, she is much better at finding the open player and she shoots “lights out” from outside.

        Griner has a high field goal percentage because she usually plays an inside game – her PCT is high because she constantly forces defenders backward so she can make a layup, which adds to her high PCT.

        She does have a short jumper and she makes most of them, but as she gets further away, her accuracy goes down.

        EDD, on the other hand, shoots almost 45 or 57 percent from the outside, and is some cases WAY outside.

        Again, Griner has NO outside game. In her defense, maybe she does not need one – but I am not picking on her when I say that.

        Considering that there were a minimum of two and a max of 3 or 4 players on her all game against Louisville, Baylor should have seized the opportunity to feed all the other Baylor players until one was open for the high percentage shot. Baylor beat themselves and Griner did not adjust to the strategy.

        Louisville came up with a game plan but Baylor did their normal thing, which was good enough all year but in two games.

        Don’t get me wrong, Griner will have a career in the WNBA but EDD will bring more flexibility to a lot of teams in the WNBA.

        With a better supporting cast of posts and guards, EDD an team will beat a Griner team most of the time in the WNBA.

    2. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Some UCONN fans would actually vote Against EDD simply because she left UCONN, so that disproves your assumption.

      Sure, Grier can slap down a ball from anyone coming in for a layup or a short jumper. She also gets her share of rebounds but that only supports the fact that she is a one-dimensional player. Again, she has abolutely NO outside game.

      She cannot shoot from outside. She can make layups, she can dunk (not well, but she can still dunk) and she can block -that is it.

      EDD can block shots, make layups and probably dunk although she has no reasonto do so – dunks are all for show and EDD is not a show horse.

      In addition she can shoot 3’s with the best of them. She passes extremely well and can dribble the length of the court like a guard.

      Now, that said, if a WNBA team wants a center with limited functionality, then Griner is their lady, but more teams than not want a versatile player that can do it all.

  9. CT Born and Bred

    Griner is not a finished product, she will continue to get better. The problem with most big kids is that at a young age they are forced to play the center posiition and not develop other skills. She will prove to be a very good player when all is said and done. I agree EDD is a very skilled player and she may turn out to be the better player, I just wish people wouldn’t put down another player at the expense of building up someone else. Last comment, remember both reams run different offenses to maxiumize the skill sets of each.

    1. Kevin Cavanaugh

      Why can’t people make a critical observation of a player? Some individuals praise Griner like she is the second coming of our savior.

      Everyone is afraid to talk about her limitations.

      Some ND fans have no problem picking apart every UCONN player – i.e. they say Faris cannot score, KML is too fat, Dolson cant jump, Stewie doesnt look like a basketball player, and on and on and on, but make a critical comment of Diggins or Griner then all hell breaks loose.

      All I said is that Griner has no outside game – fact. Now, if teams want her because she only has an inside game, then so be it.

      EDD is the complete player and she is the same age as Griner.

      Personally, I like how Dolson has improved – her weight, her conditioning, her hustle, her blocking ability, and her ability to play the entire game. On the other hand, I like Chiney from Stanford because she is move mobile and hustles in and out and gets boards like Tina Charles.

      Dolson has her style of game and it fits with UCONN’s gameplan and Chiney fits well with Stanford.

      I also like Dolson’s attitude and upbeat nature over Griner.

      Griner will do well in the pros with the right team.

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