Geno Not Sure How Badly Banks Is Hurt

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Geno Auriemma said Saturday  he will not likely find out until Sunday morning how badly sophomore guard Brianna Banks is injured.

Into Saturday’s 71-65 win over St. John’s for just one minute midway through the first half, she already had scored three points when she was injured being called for a charge.

“I don’t know,” Auriemma said. “It’s like anything else. I thought it was her hip originally. Then Rosemary [Ragle, the team’s athletic trainer] and Doc [Thomas Trojian] said she landed on her knee wrong and someone else hit it the wrong way.”

Auriemma said Stefanie Dolson, the junior center, missed the game – the first of her career – after falling ill at some point Saturday morning.

“She said she wasn’t feeling well this morning and had the chills and a fever,” Auriemma said. “This was at our shoot-around [Saturday morning]. But it was four hours before the game and we felt it was possible she could play. But it wasn’t going to happen. She couldn’t even stand up.

“We had put her in the starting lineup, but then she came into the locker room before the game and said she just couldn’t do it.”

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39 thoughts on “Geno Not Sure How Badly Banks Is Hurt

  1. Village Idiot

    Banks one minute was very productive. Stoke and Tuck did good. MO Jeff did well. KML and Faris pulled the game out.
    Stewart fades in big game. When the pressure is on she can’t score a layup. Geno needs to toughen her up before the BE tourney.
    Tuck did well, but she has one big fault for a big girl, when she make her move to the basket she holds the ball low–had it stolen by the little guys. Geno needs fix that too.
    It was an enjoyable game. Winner was in doubt for 36 minutes

    1. Master Mind

      CDC is correct. Geno is correct. Steff has been with and around them every day. The flu is contagious way before the symptom show. So the ones who got the flu shot are good to go and the others will get what they get. What was done was done..

      1. Excuses Excuses

        Illness does not explain Hartley’s lousy season. Ankle injury is just another excuse when Hartley plays like Doty. Hartley has been running around fine and even driving frequently to the basket. She lost her shooting touch and that has compounded her poor decision making.

        1. Mildrid Pierce

          Injured ankle DOES explain her unusually unproductive game. Basketball is all about feet, ankles, legs and upper arms. Injure any one of these such that each time you shoot you feel pain the shot is off.
          Last shot of the ND game. KML hurt 2 ankles and the shot was short and hit the rim-ankle pain. She didn’t have the spring in her ankles and legs she expected. Not rocket science, just medically correct facts.

          1. Just the Facts Ma'am

            Based upon Mildew’s medical expertise, Hartely should STOP shooting! Butttt noooo. Hartley is selfish and keeps shooting bricks. By the way, rocket science is far less complex than the human body and medicine. You would know that if you actuall knew medical facts.

          2. Auriemma on Hartley

            “It is much more of a mental struggle than it is a physical struggle.”

  2. bridget

    I really hope that the news is good for banks tomarrow feel better soon dolson we need the both of you in the line up

    1. Dolson for President

      KML and Dolson are more of an All American than Faris, who has been average since her Duke coming out party. Some over reacted and claimed Faris would be 1st or 2nd team All American after her Duke 2nd half performance. Not going to happen, even if UConn miraculously defeats Notre Dame twice before March Madness.

    2. Medical Busted

      Don’t know much about Medicine but Rocket science, including telemetry, astronautical guidance, and gyro stablization takes a bit more intellect then the average bear may know.

      But a bit Biochemistry, physology, psychology,neuroscience, and anatomy also
      does not make me a medical expert. However
      the medical staff at the Uconn Medical Center seem to believe that the flu is contagious with hours of getting the contact, sweat, body fluids all contain the virus. And the Flu shot is the best (and only) way to prevent the flu short of natural immunity.

      Have a good day, want to compare Medical/science credentials???

      1. Auriemma on Hartley

        Let me know when those in the medical field have discovered a cure for the common cold and cancer. The fact we cannot but we can go to the moon is proof enough for me that medicine and the human body are more difficult that rocket science.

  3. Denise Early

    KML is the real deal. She should have posted up every time UCONN had the ball late in the game. Stewy has a long way to go, but she will get there. Stokes did a great job getting rebunds late in the game. We’d better hope Geno is smarter than the CDC,or the whole team could catch the bug. St Johns players played very very well. Geno finally heard me screaming, “get back on D and make them play a half-court game!!”

    1. Master Mind

      No Denise, Geno heard me screaming go to the Zone. And that, along with SJ’s tired legs, made the difference in defense. KML and Faris were the real hero’s of this game. Seemed like Uconn forgot how to score.

      Stewart again in a big game looked like a deer in the headlights. But in time she shall be among the greats at UConn.

      1. getcha HGH here-ah

        The word is out. Stewart does not like playing big girl basketball. Look at Stewart’s high school competition on YouTube. Short and small girls.

        1. Edward

          How do you explain her exceptional play for USA basketball against tough international teams?

  4. Excuses Excuses

    It is amazing that any time UConn loses or plays a lousy game, the excuses are injury or illness. Ever hear of Michael Jordan?

    St. John’s caused UConn’s problems today. St. John’s coach got more out of his lesser known players than UConn got out of their HoopGurlz 3 top 10 high schoolers.

    Luckily for the Huskies, in the 2nd half the Red Storm shot as accurate as Hartley did the entire game. Poor coaching leads to poor playing.

    1. Mildrid Pierce


      No one is making excuses. Stef was ill. Banks got hurt. Facts.\
      After your comment I went back and read the other comments. Stewart was said to be a non factor (being nice) Faris and KML were given credit.
      But I read not a word of excuse, because it was a very good win against a very good team.

      Please EXCUSE, read the other comment before you comment, then your comments may be more accurate.

      Even the Idiot said : The game was in doubt for 36 minutes—not an excuse, a fact.

      1. Just the Facts Ma'am

        If you were a real UConn fan, you would know after the game CD said 4 players were not feeling well. That is an excuse.

      2. Auriemma on Hartley

        “It is much more of a mental struggle than it is a physical struggle.”

  5. Flabergasted

    There are hundreds of Basketball EXPERTS on these sites so I have a question for all of them.
    Geno recruits top players and his starting 5 are among the best in the game. Yet on most big games only 1 or 2 of them score more than 4 points
    But teams like St. Johns recruits the lower tier players yet they can score 1 thru 7 and most can hit the 3 ball regularly.
    What’s the difference?? Does Geno spend too much time on defense. Does teams like ND and SJ spend more time on scoring??
    Steve Gee, Bill, Mac, –how about an answer???

      1. Auriemma on Hartley

        WCBB is 4 or 5 teams every year. Let them play each other 5 times per year and see if any end up with 16 to 20 wins. The rest of WCBB is non-competitive compared to the top 4 or 5. How many WCBB teams have won an NCAA championship since UConn’s first in 1995? 20 wins are automatic for UConn because WCBB is non competitive in general.

    1. Steve Gee

      Not sure why you call me out by name as a supposed basketball “EXPERT”. I certainly don’t see myself as one. Perhaps you could explain that one to me.
      I’m just some guy posting his opinions and reactions here. Just like you.

      As far a which coaches spend more time on defense than offense, or too much time on one to the detriment of the other… I have no idea. Do you?

      In reference to your question of “what’s the difference?”

      My short answer would have to be results.

      UCONN has (for a long time now) usually been blessed with multiple talented players that can each, individually dominate a game, and several role players. Geno has usually proven able to get these individuals to play well together, his way.
      But the other team also gets a vote. The opponent has their defensive game plan- can put their best defender on someone, or use different zone coverages to reduce post entry by packing the lane, etc.
      UCONN, by having the luxury of multiple, highly talented players, can afford to have a few shut-down by D, or just have a bad game, and likely (but not always) will have 1, 2, or more players having a good game.

      The law of averages.

      They simply don’t “need” all players having a good night to beat most teams. But when it happens, we’ve seen how lop-sided the scores can get.
      Most teams don’t have as much talent. They can win a lot of games, but it’s difficult to break into that top-tier that can compete for a championship on a regular basis because they do need most everyone to have a good game to win consistently.

      I think UCONN will always be hearing the same criticisms:

      If they completely dominate, their fans love it, but everyone else screams foul for lack of parity.

      If they are less than completely dominant, the fans want to know “what’s wrong with them?”, and everyone else is too happy to say “see I told you they stunk”.

      I suspect that if you look at the stats of the “lower tier players” you refer to, you’ll see that they’re not scoring as much as you think, or hitting the 3-ball as regular as it might seem, 1 thru 7. Especially when they play the top tier programs.
      But, they are indeed capable of playing great games, just as UCONN is capable of playing sub-par games.

  6. Mike McManus

    Give credit where credit is due. SJ played inspired b-ball and shot the 3 better than they have in the past. I stated last week that UCONN’s constant pressure and double-teaming backfires against quick teams, and SJ was quick and frequently beat the press with good open shots. As Geno said, they got many easy layups against UCONN because of their quickness and good interior passing. UCONN’s team defense was poor today. Stewy was terrible and must have missed 4-5 easy shots around the basket. She shoots too quickly rather than taking her time and being set. She was one of the tallest girls on the court but you never would have known it based on her performance. I think we all want her and the other freshmen to do well but none of them excelled today.

    1. Mildrid Plierce

      Mike McManus–It’s nice to have a bright light among the dim bulbs.

      Steward –is a much more fragile individual than first thought. Her rushing shots are a freshman trick–get rid of the thing before I’m attacked. You are right, she needs to take her time, think then shoot or pass. She plays defense flying thru the air–
      She will be great, maybe not this year.

      Halfway thru the game–they looked like Uconn of old, but they were St. John’s. Great passing, great attacking, great rebounding. Why isn’t their record better?? They can’t stay with it for 40 minutes.

  7. Anthony Alfano

    I did not realize how many sarcastic basketball wanabe experts there are portraying themselves as fans. for god’s sake Stewart is a freshman give her a break. does anyone remember how Tina played as a freshman?. as far as Hartley goes she is trying to play her way out of her slump and what she does not need is a bunch of wanabe’s getting down on her. the Husky fans are some of the greatest in the us but sometimes I wonder how some can write the hurtful things they write. “just my opinion”

    1. Mildrid Plierce

      Alfonso—The issue with Stewart comments is she came in very loudly announced. Number one player in the country. Geno–gave her credits beyond her abilities. The expectations that came with her was–a natonal championship.
      So when she falls so short–
      Her problems today/this year are because she IS a freshman and put into tough games with much expected of her.
      Hopefully she doesn’t read this cra–p.
      The title above this that I am writing is —

    2. Steve Gee

      I don’t think there are as many “experts” as it might appear. There are posters (one in particular) that fancy themselves as clever, and post under multiple names.
      You likely noticed the unvaried, narcissistic theme in most of their entries.
      I personally try not to view them as fans , but as trolls.

      With Stewart, I agree. There’s a reason people are surprised when a freshman plays consistently well. It’s not the norm. And usually it seems the big girls need more time than others to adjust when moving to this level.

      1. Dazed & Confused

        Agree or Disagree?

        Geno raised the bar too high too soon when he said:

        (1) Stewart could be the greatest UConn player ever (before she arrived at UConn)

        (2) KML could be the greatest shooter ever at UConn

        (3) UConn might not lose in the next few years (he said this during last season)

        There are some UConn fans on this board and the Boneyard who believe every word that Geno says. Thus, the expectations are very high, regardless whether the player is a freshman or senior.

  8. Auriemma on Hartley

    “It is much more of a mental struggle than it is a physical struggle.”

    1. Steve Gee

      Perhaps Geno is saying that yes of course it hurts, but one has to be mentally tough to not let the pain take away your game?
      Similar to the way it’s hard to not “limp” while walking initially after injury because there is the expectation of pain, but it can be done with concentration.
      Maybe that’s Bria’s mental struggle?

      What we do know is that Bria did have a ankle injury. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to suspect (given her past performance) that the ankle may be a contributing factor to her reduced performance since the injury.
      Maybe Bria herself doesn’t know for sure.
      But when she’s open for the three, I don’t want her trying to pass her way out of her shooting slump.

  9. hjoerring

    A member of the POLITE SOCIETY says:

    AA, good comments. This has been one of the most angry and downright nasty comments I have read. Indeed, I am becoming very unsure about what these blogs are about. Little discussions of any meaning, lots of statements that are formulated to garner ill-feelings. Let us hope that the team/players/families are smart enough to avoid reading these things. God, would YOU send your kids to play here, if you knew about this?
    Also, let us stop bashing WBB. There are, of course, the top echelon and things may fall-off from there, perhaps. But there are a lot of teams with players who are reaaly good basketball players, but who could not make it to the top schools for one reason or another. Is MBB or football all that different? The Dukes and Carolinas keeping on being at the top, despite the loses they endure to lesser gods. Sometimes I read a little bit of sexism in these comments about WBB. Since the people making these comments are fans of WBB why not donate money and call upon the various schools to develop the sport at the HS level; this would go a long way in having the kind of competition YOU and us would like to see.
    I am a husky fan. I’m hoping that ML & Kelly can hold down the forth until the others are well enough to pull their own weight.

    1. Dazed & Confused

      It is not sexism to state the facts about WCBB. Was it sexism to state the facts about UCLA men’s basketball in the 60s?

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