Geno Offers Little Response To Summitt’s Book

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Geno Auriemma said Thursday that he hadn’t read the passages in Pat Summitt’s book that refer to her relationship with him and the UConn women’s basketball program.

Six pages in Summitt’s new book “Sum It Up” go into detail about the UConn-Tennessee rivalry and the up and down relationship the two Hall of Fame coaches have had during Auriemma’s career.

Summitt was mostly complimentary, although she did say she stopped playing UConn before Maya Moore’s career began because she was upset about some of the recruiting tactics used by the program. Summitt offered no specifics, however.

It should be noted that UConn was essentially cleared by the NCAA of any wrong-doing in Moore’s recruitment, which was categorized as a secondary violation. The university helped organize a visit to ESPN for Maya and her mother when she was in high school.

She also said she was upset with Auriemma about an incident surrounding a Tennessee loss to Xavier a few years back. Summitt said word got back to her that Geno had predicted the Lady Vols would lose and that Summitt “would throw her players under the bus” after it. Summitt said she communicated with Auriemma via a fax to see if the allegation was correct and that he didn’t respond.

The note, which Summitt says appeared to be in Auriemma’s handwriting, read: “I predicted Tennessee would lose to Xavier, and I also predicted Pat would blame her team instead of herself.”

She writes that she faxed it to Geno, asked what was up and never got a response.

The other incident, according to Summitt, happened in a restaurant. Auriemma apparently was calling Summitt’s name in such a manner that the Lady Vols coach felt compelled to leave the facility.

“He made me so uncomfortable by shouting my name derisively that I left the premises,” Summitt wrote.

“I don’t remember anything about either of those incidents [Xavier and the restaurant],” Auriemma said Thursday. “If you would tell where, when or at what time, I might be able to remember. But I don’t remember.”

Summitt said her relationship with Auriemma has been on the upswing lately, especially after he donated $10,000 to her charity devoted to researching Alzheimer’s and dementia.

“Once basketball is not involved, sure, I would agree with that [the relationship is better],” he said. “Sure. Absolutely.”

The book, written with Sally Jenkins of the Washington Post, is due to be released March 5.







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11 thoughts on “Geno Offers Little Response To Summitt’s Book

  1. BKDad

    I want to understand this.

    Geno predicted that Tennessee would lose a game, and that the Tennessee coach would react a particular way. That may not be factual (I sure wouldn’t know) but certainly is a plausible possibility. People say stuff about all sorts of things all the time.

    For some reason, Auriemma hand wrote that down somewhere. Possible? Of course.

    Somehow, this piece of paper found its way to Tennessee and Coach Summitt. Possible? I guess.

    But, the combination of all these sure stretches the imagination, doesn’t it?

    I’m not questioning anybody here. It’s all possible, but gee…

    Based on some of the recruiting allegations that have been made public – like Sue Bird and Diana Taurasi driving a potential recruit around (in Georgia?), apparently during half time of a game they were playing in Russia – I’d be more inclined to believe that somebody has been feeding a lot of bad information to Coach Summitt. That makes more sense. But, who knows?

    1. Second Look

      BK Dad—It has been widely publicized that Pat had then and has now, mental issues. Paranoia is sometimes about people trying to get you and sometimes about what’s in your mind

      1. isaq


  2. Fairfield County Fan

    I think Geno would enjoy the “fish story” Summit tells about in her book; but I got a bigger laugh by her saying that Geno “caried grudges off the court” while she was “intensely competitive but left it on the court”. LOL – she STILL holds a grudge!
    And if he- while “holding a grudge”, would donate $10,000 to her foundation after what she has tried to do to his reputation, then I will take that kind of grudge over her “holier than thou” attitide about his personality or style of recruiting.

  3. Pat is the Summitt

    Just think how naive Pat is, she actually put in the book , “did Pat eat Geno yet”???
    If Geno actually sent the note: (shortened version)I predicted Pat would lose and I predicted Pat would blame her team. Wow. That is prophetic!! Have you read the comments Geno has been making about the Baylor loss?? Was Kaleena M. Lewis and Stewart “thrown under the bus?”

    Geno is generous but he is a wiseass, and apparently no where near as perfect as Pat.

  4. isaq


  5. Chicago Seven

    Gotta laugh at the Geno Aid drinkers who think he has never done wrong

  6. Walter

    geno shouldnt have to resond to this peice of trash book by biiet old wich patsummit who wants to make herself sound and look like a perfect angel and make geno sound like the devil aftedr pat summitt and utlady vols cancelled the series with uconn uconns still willing to play tennessee and it was patsummitt who called time out to draw up a play to have a player dink in a game they already had won at vandebilt thats poor sportsmanship and it was pat summitt who allowed candaparker to dunk in game tennessee was already 50 ponits ahead in badsportamanship and pats porbably still bitter she lost out on mayamoore even though she got candaceparker CHoldsclaw tcathings nikkimmcray and many all americans and pat summitt has no sense of humor whatsoever takecare all godbless gouconn pats book is just good to use in the fireplace

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