Geno On His Temper And His Bench

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Geno Auriemma, his tie by then lowered into a loose noose,  kicked the Nike sign to the left of his bench and picked up a technical just 33 seconds into the second half of Thursday’s sloppy but satisfying 67-52 win over No. 10 Penn State.

You think Geno was worked up?

“We just needed about three minutes tonight without a whistle [to get the offense moving],” Auriemma said. “That would have really helped. When the game is played as it was played tonight, it’s impossible to get any rhythm or flow going. You are just trying to survive the offensive set. Running offense wasn’t going to happen.

There were 38 fouls called, 22 on Penn State.

“I know two of the refs did last night’s Notre Dame-Baylor game [Brian Enterline and Jesse Dickerson] so perhaps they were suffering from jet lag, I don’t know. I have some real issues in women’s basketball and unless they get addressed, we are going to see more of these games and that’s not fair.

“I didn’t want to get thrown out; I had no intention of it. But I didn’t threaten one official that I had every intention of being thrown out. But he said ‘no you’re not’ and walked away.”

Geno also wanted very happy with the lower end of his bench. He has heard talk that his second five may be good enough to win titles. He doesn’t think so.

He used basically seven players in Thursday and said there was a reason for it.

“There is a big gap between our top four players and the next four or four,” Auriemma said. “The average person thinks our second five can go to the Final Four. Our second five couldn’t be a good intramural team here at UConn at times with the way they run offense.”


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54 thoughts on “Geno On His Temper And His Bench

  1. JR

    Well he right’s about the second five right now, at least until Tuck and Jefferson develop which may not be this year. I hope he’s realizing that Doty is a offensive black hole and that Banks has earned more PT. Also, how on earth do you only get 3 field goal attempts for Stewart?

    1. village Idiot

      I’m an Idiot. But many on this blog are Ignorant (look it up). Tuck And Jefferson are Freshmen and gave UConn GOOD minutes. Jefferson was GREAT for the few minutes she had. Stokes is playing really good, offense is coming but not there just yet–but superb defense. Hartley isn’t a true point guard working on one and a half wheels. Kelly Faris always plays a solid game. Dolson, look at her numbers then complain if you can. KML is better than MAYA, she won’t have Maya’s number because she does more than just throw up the 3 ball, Maya wouldn’t have made an inside shot in the Penn game, KML did. Stewie is a KID but extremely talented. She needs to come off the bench at the 10 minute mark of the first half–she is a Freshman and needs to settle down.
      Not a pretty game–blame Volume Fouls and bad Refs who wanted the TV camera time.
      Geno is Right about the REFS.
      It’s NOT hype about jeff and Tuck–they are that good.

      1. JR

        Jefferson had a nice spurt and ended up with 4 points and 0 assists. Tuck had 2 points and 3 boards. Stokes can barely get off the bench; all of 8 minutes last night, 12 minutes a game this year and well below that against quality opponents.

        I like KML a lot but she’s not close to the player Moore was. That’s absurd.

        1. Village Idiot

          KML isn’t as good as Maya was as a Soph, true–Maya was a 3 ball shooter. KML is a basketball player: rebound (none for Maya), Defends (ziltz for maya), attack off the drive (zer0 for maya). KML is so much better than Maya as a Soph it not possible to compare– And KML isn’t afraid to mix it up with the big guys–maya faded in games where she was bumped–cost UConn at least 2 championships.
          Stokes numbers are in the book, she changes shots, she does rebound and she does block–look at those number/minute.
          Tuck–scored like 2 point, but she defended a 6 ft 4 in player and defended her better than either Dolson or Stewart. Jefferson (do a minute/point against everyone else especially Hartley) played defense better than Hartley or Doty had more steals then either, had fewer turnovers–This is her 5th game these other two have played hundreds of games for Geno. Tuck and jefferson ARE that good.

          1. JR

            We’re not talking about the same players. Maya Moore averaged 9 rebounds a game as a Sophomore, more than twice what KML is averaging. Moore also was a more diverse offensive player and could play the point.

            It doesn’t matter what Stokes does per minute when she barely plays. She’s averaging 12 minutes a game against the 4 good teams UConn has played, two of those in blowouts. In the two relatively close games it’s 7-1/2 minutes.

            Tuck and Jefferson are not ready for primetime yet and Geno knows it which is why they’ve barely played in the bigger games. Hopefully, they both gradually improve to the point of being steady contributors by next season.

    2. Edward

      Only 3 FG attempts by Stewart. That question should be directed to Stewart.

      1. JR

        If your most talented player and one of your few scorers isn’t getting shots, as a coach you should figure out why and correct it. They need to get her the ball in scoring areas rather than make her constantly create her own shot from the perimeter.

          1. JR

            My logical extension is for the coach to draw up plays for Stewart. If you can point out where I said anything about changing coaches I’ll send you a check.

  2. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

    Geno finally agrees with me. Hopefully now people wil stop believing in the hype surrounding Tuck and Jefferson.

    Dolson has not been called the 2nd best center in WCBB by Geno this year. And for good reason. Dolson must be drinking out of Tiff’s old water bottle and contractd the dreaded Falls Alot Disease.

    Hartley is flat out terrible. Dribbles down the shot clock instead of managing her team. Bird needs to help her because Shea aint gettin it done.

    Faris was the Faris of old tonight.

    UConn fans prepare yourselves for 7 player rotation. Stanford wins by 20 if UConn plays like they did tonight.

    1. JR

      UConn would have to score about 35 for Stanford to have any chance to beat them by 20.

      1. Old McDonald

        Stanford wins by 10+. You forget Geno’s great defense allowed Pohlen to score 30? Winning the paint battle is fine. But if the opponent is making 3s and UConn aint, its a loss for the Huskies.

        1. JR

          Stanford makes an average of 6 threes a game and that’s despite playing 7 of 8 games against cupcakes so far. They rely on Ogwumike more than the outside shot.

      2. Raised by Village of Idiots

        Stanford could score 70 if they shoot well. UConn could be held to 50 if their 3PT shooting sucks and their FT continues to lower. So it is possible Stanford wins by 15+ over UConn, at home, with west coast refs.

    2. gouconn13

      Are you seriously? Stanford havent play against anyone except playing against Baylor. Another thing is that Sims of Baylor only played 4 minutes in that game which that was the difference in that game.

      Uconn have best deepest team in the country as well they are the quickest team in the country. It is going to be a mismatch game between Uconn and Stanford. Ogwumike is going to wear herself out when Geno is going to put Dolson, then Stewart, then Stokes and then maybe Buck on her.

      I would say Uconn will win 5 to 8 points to 15 points for that game!!

      Go Huskies

      1. Raised by Village of Idiots

        Who has UConn played besides Maryland? Penn State? Wow. Powerhouse basketball program.

        1. JR

          There are only about 5 really good teams this year and UConn and Stanford have each played one. Stanford hasn’t played anyone else with a pulse, however, while UConn has played 3 other solid teams.

  3. Old McDonald

    UConn has NO center for 2014-15 and beyond. Stokes is as bad as Buck on offense. Stewart will get killed playing center in WCBB and beyond. Get ready for Charde like years after Dolson graduates. Hartley might be coming off the bench her senior season if she continues this garbage.

    1. James J

      Oh crap! I already gave the “dumb comment of the day” award to UHF. If only I had been just a little bit more patient. UHF you come off as almost inteligent as compared to old mac here.

      1. Missnomer

        Doctor James J–I think one of your patients is call you now. Seems like you have too many. But I am losing my patience!!!

  4. Slvrhwk

    KML did the job. Still think she needs to work on her speed & conditioning. Taylor took her To school on drives. But great job coming off an injury.
    Kelly needs to rant on Stef & Stewie about guts & toughness. They both tend to disappear when the play underneath gets nasty.

  5. MikeT

    They’ll be fine once he settles into a rotation that has Doty on the bench and Banks getting more minutes. Hartley might still be bothered by her ankle. She took good shots but they simply didn’t drop. KML getting from where she is now to super-star involves what Dolson did this off-season….lose weight, get quicker on defense. Team rebounding is a concern….

    1. Less than brilliant

      I love Doty, a gutzy kid, but at times in the Penn game she played like a freshman. I agree Banks should have the option of starting she’s playing like she wants it. If Jefferson can get more playing time at point she could be an excellent back up–she’s smart and fast.

    2. Subway Eat Fresh

      Doty has to play. She is not selfish like Hartley the Simmons-wannabe. Jefferson belongs at a power house like Texas.

  6. MikeT

    Geno is correct about the officiating and WCBB. They’ll head for the exits with all the whistles OR never come through the exits in the 1st place. IMO, the block/charge call needs to go in favor of the offensive player especially right under the basket, so that defenders back off the contact. Right now, defenders just throw themselves at the driver and get the call. Bad for the game……

    1. Less than brilliant

      Mike T–Charge/block issue –take it out of being a foul and make it a jump ball. Then there will be fewer calls. Refs hardly ever make the right call on Charge/block.

    2. Subway Eat Fresh

      Someone will end up on IR for the rest of the season if defenders continue to be allowed to step in at the last second. Expect opponents to adopt this strategy the rest of the year. And expect opponents to maul Dolson the rest of the year. Seems to me WCBB is becoming more like the Detroit Pistons bad boys era.

  7. village Idiot

    Geez–Where are all you UConn haters coming from. I’m the ORIGINAL IDIOT. The number and type of calls by the ref who wanted too much TV time and the Volume Fouling of Penn St ruined the game. Jefferson, Tuck, Stewart ARE FRESHMEN and will at times (especially early on) play like one. Stokes was exceptionally good in defense–that’s her forte. Dolson while being mugged did a great job. Banks was wonderful. KML is better than Maya at the same point in her career. I’ve damned Stewart before, but the time she had she played well–
    Maybe UConn won’t win the NCAA or get to the Final 4–but maybe they will.
    To me watching UConn women isn’t about Championships (they are nice) but about watching fluid motion basketball. And when given the chance they still play that way.
    Come on Folks it was a terrible game. Penn St (like Md and Marist) knew they couldn’t win so they chose to foul on every Offensive Uconn play. Geno nor the Uconn players cannot control that , they can only control their play–which for the most part was good. Did you see the same defense I saw–it was very good.
    Sorry GENO–now I see your fair weather Fans you spoke about. Looks like only FREDDY and this IDIOT are hanging in there.

  8. Steve Gee

    That was some of the worst officiating I’ve had to suffer through in a long, long time.
    Early in the second half, I looked up and noticed that there were NINE fouls called in less than three minutes of play.
    The calls were very inconsistent (both ways). Near muggings were let-go, then crazy, phantom calls were made as if to “make-up” for not calling the muggings.
    The officials were the stars of this game.
    The league, and the officiating crew should be embarrassed. It was deplorable.

    1. Less than brilliant

      Steve Gee–Brilliant analysis, as usual. Banks drove to the basket-Penn play jumps into her, banks pushes her off–Foul on Banks.
      Make Charge/Block non fouls, just jump ball. Takes away the benefit of jumping into the other player (both ways)and few people get hurt.

      1. ray

        If their were no fouls called on drives to the basket you would have 20 to 30 jump balls each game, that would be fun to watch.

      2. Subway Eat Fresh

        There are no jump balls. Just alternating possession arrow. With your strategy, if a team is down by 1-3 points with seconds to play, they can just throw themselves in front of the offensive player. With the possession arrow in their favor, they have a chance to tie or win the game. Brilliant idea – not.

  9. John

    I was at the game. I kinda like what I’ve seen so far. If UConn can come out of sloppy games like MD and PSU missing chippy after chippy with 15 pt wins that’s pretty good.
    The team defense is superb. The 3 frosh are frosh so what you see are flashes of brilliance. That should turn into stretches of brilliance as the season goes on. Hartley will definitely get better. Daly needs to work more with the bigs and Stewie (a wing). Dolson should have been giving PSU’s bigs some elbows to eat and finished better. Stokes needs to finish. Maybe Daly hits them with a broom in practice til they make their lay ins. UConn definitely gets back to the Final. They’ve got some great prep games coming up. Whether they can reach the top vs Baylor, Stanford, ND, et al, we will see. We’re definitely in for another exciting season.

    1. Subway Eat Fresh

      Speaking of ND, Jewell Loyd much better than Jefferson. How she was #2 ranked by HoopGurlz is crazy.

  10. Arnie of Newtown

    Worst calls seen in my years of viewing basketball. The refs spoiled the game for both teams as well as fans.

  11. TexasBogger

    All it takes is a couple of close, sloppy games to get posters hands wringing. Time to get unspoiled folks.

  12. SNTO55


  13. kenny

    Maybe all you Monday morning quarter backs should coach
    the team and everything will be better. Yeah sure it will.

  14. hjoerring

    Wow. Why are we already thinking about championship.All the ranked schools are still working the kinks out- including Uconn.Whether we win at Stanford and/or Baylor is of no sig. Coach A comments about the 2nd five is a kind of truism- of course the freshmen plus are not there yet. Certainly, they are not where the older players are in terms of experience and fluency. Stewart was good against lesser opponents but, she has her work cut out for her with better competition.My worries are about Bria. She has not played at the level one might have expected. Is she burnt out from a summer of 3X3? Is she still hurt?Has she lost her role on the team and is being bothered by it? It has been said by many that she is more a shooting guard then a PG. Last year she was free to do her thing- and needed to score, and scored. This year is different. She needs to be more of a distributor than a scorer. Is that the issue Should Stewart be starting? (O’K the coach knows best, so I am just having a moment of pure thought here- not questioning): Dolson at C, Kelly + ML at F, Bria at SH, and Banks, Doty/Jefferson. One of the things I admire most about Stanford is that they do not take losing seriously, at least not in the early seasons because they are a late season team. They are always the team to beat if you want to win it all. HUskies fans are the opposite. They are completely into winning even in the games involving intra-mural players. That isn’t perfection or competitiveness- its misplaced something.

    On another subject- Recruitment. I suspect that we are going to have two really small classes in a row. There are a lot of fresh faces in the WNBA from schools other then UConn. This may have been a windfall for other schools to showcase their programs. I’m not convinced also that the situation in the Big East will not be a factor.Some have suggested that we can become the ND in WBB- independent. I don’t see that happening and if we have no serious competition what will be the atraction? Some have pointed to Stanford and the Pac 8/12. But Stanford will get the players they want because of the school’s value. That they do develop players (as well as we do, is a plus. Let me be clear. This is not a criticism of Uconn, it is the musing of a fan who is feeling the tight competition out-there and is now convinced that mere mentionig Uconn/ coach A is not enough today. Recee Caldwell went to UCLA not Uconn, Stanford, etc. Why: more and earlier playing time? because she wanted to be the big dog? be a trend settor? family? or, it really doesn’t matter where you go if you are good? Put your belts on because women’s bb has reached parity- at least for the top 10 or so teams.

    Lastly, isn’t it too much to say that ML is now a better player then Maya were in her senior year? At some point these sorts of comparison are trivial. Look at Tiffany Hayes- whom I like a lot. She was seen by most as a washout and very few appreciated her talent and function in the team. Yet, as a 3rd round draftee she has been a v.good player in the WNBA. Why? Because she was well trained, she had talent and can play.

    1. Steve Gee

      Tiff always had the talent. What she lacked was control when under pressure. She performed best as a complimentary player, surrounded by high-caliber players that drew the D and allowed Tiff the room she needed. In that role, she was the epitome of the X-factor in many games.
      When SHE was the “go-to” on the team, she usually played out-of-control, dribbling needlessly into coverage and throwing-up circus shots.
      She was talented and good, but not a “great” player.

      To paraphrase Geno:
      For a player to be called great, they have to play great when greatness is required.

      That was never Tiffany’s strength.

      1. Subway Eat Fresh

        Correct. Tiff was not great when greatness was required. Her legacy to me is not falling down 5-10 times per game. Failing to even attempt a shot and letting the clock run out against ND in the FF is her legacy.

        Meanwhile, Hartley appears unhappy. Seems First, it was KML riding into Storrs. Might be greatest shooter ever at UConn, so says Hartley’s coach. Then, it was Stewart arriving. Might be greatest player ever at UConn, so says Hartley’s coach.

        Bria appears to play with some sort of entitlement to a certain number of shots and points. Bria’s coach says KML and Dolson must be on the floor for UConn to be great. Bria’s coach also wishes the other players would hustle like Kelly.

        Thus, Hartley is not happy being 4th on the depth chart. 5th by the end of the season when Stewart can play big girl basketball.

  15. Mike McManus

    Lots of interesting comments, nothing too critical or extreme and some are thought-provoking. That’s what makes a Blog a good read. One comment I have about no-calls is the illegal use of picks. Watch the game closely and note how many times the person setting a pick actually stands in place with their feet set as they’re supposed to. More often than not, as soon as the defender tries to go around the pick, the person setting the pick either changes her position or moves her hips or backside to contact the defender. This is illegal but I rarely if ever see the refs call it. It’s similar to the situation discussed above regarding calling a charge. UCONN must have been called for at least 5 charging fouls, some that were really questionable.

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