Geno Says “So Long, Farewell” To Departing Catholic 7

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Geno Auriemma waxing nostalgic about the good old days of the Big East:

“It’s nostalgic because I can remember how the conference would rotate [tournament sites], just like when I was in Catholic school and everything had to be fair. Everyone had a chance to host the tournament whether your place sat 2,500 or 10,000 – everyone had a chance. But it was small-time, unlike anything we have today.

“Back then, if you were to have said to all those schools, “Hey, for a whole bunch  of years [10] you are going to have this tournament in Hartford, and there’s going to be 10 or 11,000 people there and ESPN is going to televise it the semifinals and finals they would have said you are out of your mind.

“Well, here we are today and I would like to think we had a lot to do with it. But now it’s over and it’s time to start again.

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23 thoughts on “Geno Says “So Long, Farewell” To Departing Catholic 7

  1. Gentle Jim

    While life itself isn’t Guaranteed, what is–Change. The only thing you can bet on and usually be right. There will be change. Even Geno will be gone from UConn one day. Muffet will be gone, Maya is gone, DT is gone, Sue is gone, Tina is gone–change, change, change.

    Wouldn’t have been nice to have kept the DT, Sue, Swin, Aysa, Svet, Shea,Tamika, Tina, Maya as the one and only UConn team???

        1. Gentle Jim

          Thanks ERIC–thanks for the correct.\

          TED I wasn’t aware that spelling was a prerequisite for using this blog.
          If I spelled phonetically, it may have come out better Asia.Or said Ms Jones?
          But Uconn fans I’m sure knew who I meant, especially since it was with her teammates.

        2. Ted

          I know who she is. I just think if someone is going to make a comment about a Uconn player, that person should at least know how to spell the player’s name.

  2. John

    Just like the football schools that left/are leaving, the Catholic 7 are doing what is best for them!!! Best of luck to the Catholic 7.

    1. Edward

      The Catholic 7 are greedy slime, just like their sibling ND. Good riddance to bad trash.

    2. Peggy Sue

      Well said John.

      It’s a shame Uconn waited for so long to make up their minds or waited for a specific invite.

      Those same Catholic 7 Plus 1, made the Big East the dominant conference it has been. What would Big East Basketball be with out Villanova, Notre Dame, Depaul, Marquette, St.Johns, etc ???
      So now they are going away with the Big East name. And leaving 100 million dollars behind. Now that is determnation-not slime.

      1. Tom

        You must be living in an alternate universe. The teams that made the Big East are Georgetown, Syracuse, Pitt and UConn.

  3. UconnFan

    The real reason these schools have left the Big East is because their athletic directors and presidents have become whores to the almighty dollar that takes president over loyalty or what is best for the students and you can bet this money will be used to improve athletic facilities to bring in more money and increase their salaries and benefits and next to nothing will be used to bring in better teachers and increase their salaries and benefits – just like our government leaders do!

    1. UConn Cry Baby Fans

      Geno is a whore to the almighty dollar. Don’t see him making what people in real jobs earn.

      1. Ted

        Is that why he wrote an $80,000 check on the spot to help people who were hurting?

        You are an ignorant baboon.

      2. Steve Gee

        We get it.
        You don’t like Geno.
        We get it.

        And you’re still a troll, no matter how many unclever names you use.

  4. UConn Cry Baby Fans

    So long Geno. Your sarcasm doesn’t hide your failures and fears.

  5. Jay

    Don’t bet on the Big east drawing 10,000 with the catholic 7 women’s championship. 2000 will be the attendance. And the garden wont be full for the men’s semi and finals. If the Johnies arn’t in the semis the MSG will have a lot of empty seats.

  6. Tom

    Jay-I bet the Seton Hal/Cinci game really packed the Civic Center. Today’s games are probably sell outs too-some more yawners. Why not just fast forward to the Notre Dame/Uconn final match up and forget about all the other garbage games.

    1. 35 Turnovers + Choking = GARBAGE

      Cause UConn coaches and players have one more choke job left in them – either the BET SF or NCAA E8.

      1. Ted

        Your comment is illiterate and incomprehensible due to your lack of language skills. Go back to third grade.

    1. Steve Gee

      I see you’re still trolling with the unclever attempts at being clever.
      Copying names now. How original.

      We get it.
      You don’t like UConn.
      You don’t like me.
      We get it.
      You’re still unclever,
      You’re still a troll.

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