Geno Says Why He Is Still Coaching UConn – And Will Be Forever

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To things you may or may not be aware of:

1). New Mexico head coach Steve Alford, days after signing a 10-year contract to stay at the school, left to become coach at UCLA.

2). Geno Auriemma has been the head coach at UConn for 28 years and apparently, just last week, pushed aside the chance to move to Ohio State to replace Jim Foster:

Why, you might ask:

“Well, Steve Alford hadn’t been at New Mexico for 28 years,” Auriemma said Sunday. “But early on in my career, if someone had come along and said, ‘Hey, I’ve got this great offer for you at a larger school with more resources,’ I might have gone. I might have decided it would be better for me [to leave].

“Even after going to the Final Four for the first time in 1991 and winning the national championship in 1995, there weren’t a whole lot of options for me. There weren’t people knocking my door down to coach their programs.

“I guess I am lucky that I just got stuck at Connecticut to win all these championships and making all this money [a five-year extension for $10.86 million signed next week]. And I am still mad about it.”

Geno said the biggest reason he decided to stay, and likely will forever, was that by the time the money and locations were right, his roots were just too deep to dig up.

“It’s funny. When you are young and do not have roots tied to a community, it’s easy to pick up and go,” he said. “You build a program and four or five years later you go some place else.

“Had that opportunity risen [when he was younger], there is no way I would not have gone. There was no way I could envision in 1991 that this would have ever happened [at UConn].

“But its impossible to make a move, especially at this part of my life, unless there is something you really don’t like about where you are or there is something somewhere else you find impossible to resist. That never came up for me. My chances [to move] came later in my life and by that point, I had no interest in them.”

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41 thoughts on “Geno Says Why He Is Still Coaching UConn – And Will Be Forever

    1. Geno Take it from ONE

      Who has lived in 12 different state and Puerto Rico–if you can make the money and care for your family properly–stay in one town. If you can’t, then do what I did. You’ve got to do what you have to to succeed and provide for those in your care..

      Unfortunately, no one offered me 10.8 million in any decade or half decade–or I would have grabbed it and plunked my retired behind right there.

      It is important to the Uconn program that Geno not allude to retirement until the day he retires. If he gives a heads up of 3 years–Uconn won’t get any recruits.

      Stay the course Geno. Forever is a bit long. My Rescue dog got it’s “forever home” with me–I was upset when she went to her “first” forever home –I thought they killed her . Death is the only thing that is forever!!!!

  1. GDever

    Steve Alford did NOT sign a contract to stay at New Mexico, he did verbally commit to the 10 year deal. As Geno said, he would have taken the deal Alford did. Lucky for UConn, Geno was not pursued after winning in ’95.



    1. Zete1

      Excuse me, I was wondering if you knew you had used all “caps.” I don’t think that’s proper etiquette.

        1. Webster

          Bullying begins at a very early age; it is not uncommon to find bullies in preschool. Until about age seven, bullies appear to choose their victims at random. After that, they single out specific children to torment on a regular basis. Nearly twice as much bullying goes on in grades two to four as in grades six to eight, and, as bullies grow older, they tend to use less physical abuse and more verbal abuse.

          Bullies are often popular among their peers until about sixth grade. They average two or three friends, and other children seem to admire them for their physical toughness. By high school, however, their social acceptance diminishes to the point that their only “friends” are other bullies. Despite their unpopularity, bullies have relatively high self-esteem, perhaps because they process social information inaccurately.

        2. Frank M.

          Gee, I always thought all caps meant that you inadvertently left the “Caps Lock” on and were too lazy to retype!

    2. Huakypat

      Why are you posting on a UConn message board? Go tell Notre Dame who you are as UConn fans could care less about what you have to say. And, maybe I am a crying UConn fan, but ND seldom gets called for fouls they commit. Look at ND stats for every game – no team is that foul proof. Get a life and cheer for the fighting Irish – look what happened to Baylor tonight at the hands of Louisville – someone will defeat the Irish either in the elite 8 or final four. I am an irishman, and would not cheer for Notre Dame if they were the last women’s team on earth – Diggins is the cry baby and always has a puss on.

      1. KML got gifts

        ND will get the NC because the league is paving the way for them. The league took down Baylor and they will not let UConn beat ND.

        1. Bracchus

          The league didn’t take down Baylor. An incredible percentage of 3’s by Louisville and lackadaisical defense by Baylor took down Baylor. This was clearly a case of the better team losing. You could tell that by the way they came back from a 16 point deficit and almost won.

          When your opponent is shooting that well, to have got to dig in and match them on offense and trybtobrun them off the three point line. You also have to get the ball to Griner so that she can draw fouls on the three players who were literally beating her up and denying her space. She needed to knock someone down.

          Kim Mulkey had no counter plan to Louisville. Maybe you even take Griner out for a minute and see what happens. Baylor would have still had a height advantage.

          Anyway, this loss was good for womens basketball overall. Parity is settling in and NCAA champions won’t be so predictable in the future.

          1. WCBB becoming Girly Slap Fest

            UConn fans would love it if Kentucky is allowed to mug Stewart or Dolson or KML ;-)

    3. David Schulz

      Owned, is when you beat a team repeatedly by ten twenty points. One point wins. Triple overtime wins is not “owned”. Those kinds of point spreads in soccer, maybe.

  3. DNF

    “STRIPPED THE BULLY OFF”??????????????? They barely won in all the games! If ND was that much better than the Huskies – they would have romped like a dog, but they didn’t.

    1. DNF's MOM



    Some sad people out here. Has ND won 6 of 7 or whatever. Of course. Did they dominate UConn? If you think so you need to get a life since you have no clue about anything basketball. Time will provide answers to some of the questions but ask Baylor how guaranteed a spot in the title game was for them.

    1. Webster


      bad, blue, brokenhearted, cast down, crestfallen, dejected, depressed, despondent, disconsolate, doleful, down, downcast, downhearted, down in the mouth, droopy, forlorn, gloomy, glum, hangdog, heartbroken, heartsick, heartsore, heavyhearted, inconsolable, joyless, low, low-spirited, melancholic, melancholy, miserable, mournful, saddened, sorrowful, sorry, unhappy, woebegone, woeful, wretched


        Apparently you are unable to respond to the clear intent of my use of “sad” so let me clarify for you. Sad, as in misguided, off point, unwilling to fairly present facts, an overwhelming need to overstate and exaggerate. How are we doing so far. While a favorite now with Baylor gone there are hurdles to climb before a title will go to Storrs or South Bend. See what I mean, an honest look at the real world. No hype. Just one game at a time.

        1. Bracchus

          You are absolutely correct. Anything can happen and upsets are possible.

          To those who want to diminish ND’s winning edge over UCONN recently, forget about it. They have a winning edge no matter how many points they won by. Ask Baylor if a 1 point loss makes a difference.

          The only difference with Baylor is that it was one loss and Louisville is not the better team. I don’t know if you could make the same argument for UCONN. They are probably as good, but not better than ND. So, their edge is coming from somewhere else. A big part of it is not being intimidated by seeing UCONN on the players jerseys. Like Louisville, they believe they can win- period.

          As UCONN fans we need to become more realistic. The dominance we have seen in the past will not be as easy to achieve. A lot of teams are getting better and better with good coaches. That will change the landscape. Don’t believe it? When was the last time UCLA won an NCAA championship on the men’s side?

          1. David Schulz

            Not just better coaches. Young women are getting better at the game faster than any group in any sport I’ve ever seen. It is just amazing what freshmen are accomplishing now.

        2. Webster

          Thank you, BillNaples for that clarification. Webster let me down. I will be going to Merriam from now on. You’re the best!!

  5. Huakypat

    Webster – what in God’s name have you been drinking – Guiness or maybe Harp? Whatever it was it was one too many.

  6. Chris Saran

    NO PARITY IN WCBB and DNF’S MOM, the last time I counted UConn has seven National Championships and Notre Dame 1. Who are the pathetic losers? You’re right, it doesn’t matter how many you win by. I’m also right in that nobody cares who came in second place. UCONN 7 National Championships / Notre Dame 1 National Championship. You lose.

    1. Bracchus

      Nobody is denying UCONN’s seven national championships. That would b as ludicrous as you denying ND’s recen wqin string over UCONN. They both are a fact.

      Yes, there was less parity when UCONN and Tennessee were dominating. Yes, we are starting to see a number of other teams that are looking better and better. THis was bouond to happen and is part of the evolution of women’s basketball. Don’t be so myopic. It is really a good thing.

      UCONN will always be competitive, I just don’t think that they will dominate like they have in the past. Everything changes. Geno will be gone in 5 years. A new coach and new players will take over. Who knows what will happen. But, how many times has a coach who follows a legendary coach been as successful as the coach they followed?

      You are looking at the past, and I am looking at the future.

      The fact tht Baylor got knocked off ahould tell you something.

  7. JohnR

    Wow. Alot of estrogen or whatever flowing out there. Why not just let all the kids play the game and see who wins the NC? It’s pretty much a toss up at this point with Bay and Stan gone. Teams and streaks occur in ebbs and flows based upon recruiting success, experience and injuries. Maybe this is ND’s year; maybe not. By the way, who out there thinks Riley and ND would have won (its one) NC in 2001, had not Abrosimova and Ralph gone down with late season injuries? (I personally don’t.) I wouldn’t talk against UConn’s program or consistancy with its sevens NCs, nor UCLAs 10 in the day, nor the Evil Empire’s (TN’s) eight. Anything else sounds like sour grapes to me. Baylor was probably the best this year, refereeing aside. (Ask Steph Dolson about Griner and the ignoring of the 2nd flagrant foul.) May the best remaining team win!

  8. WCBB becoming Girly Slap Fest

    I hope Kentucky does to Stewart and/or Dolson what Louisville did to Griner. I hope Tennessee gets in Hammonds and/or Shoni’s faces the same way. I hope all teams start doing that the rest of the tournament and next season. Then we can sit back and watch the refs run WCBB.

    1. Bracchus

      Well, physical play is a reality. The girls are getting bigger and stronger. Any big in the middle is going to take a beating. That goes back to Wilt Chamberlain whose ribs were always sore after a game.It may not be the way Dr. Naismith intended the game to be played, but that is what it has become. So, complaining aobut physical play is a waste of time. Our players just have to learn how to deal with it and how to dish it out.
      For my money, Griner has never been physical enough. She generally takes a beating out there. I saw at least two flagrant fouls against her yesteday that were never called.

      1. UConn Fans Hate Physicality

        “Our players just have to learn how to deal with it and how to dish it out.”

        So too do the UConn fans.

        Remember all the complaining that Chiney was too physical with Maya when Pohlen scored 30+ and Stanford ended UConn’s 90 game win streak?

        Remember all the complaining when the previous Georgetown coach had her players be physical with Dolson?

        Remember all the complaining that Notre Dame was too physical with KML during UConn losses?

        Remember all the complaining and Geno’s technical when refs did not call Maryland for being physical on Faris layup?

        Remember all the complaining during Maya’s senior season that teams were too physical with her? Some teams succeeded into limiting Maya to average games.

        Unless the WCBB powers figure out how to get Referees to stop the muggings, then it will continue to escalate. And eventually there will be many more punches thrown.

        Every player has a breaking point, including the Huskies. What’s to stop Louisville’s or any other head coach from having a player maul an opponent’s star until she snaps?

        Don’t be surprised if Kentucky hammers Stewart until she ends up on the bench for lack of production. Don’t be surprised if Dolson’s sore legs get clipped, kicked, and stepped on.

        If WCBB continues to go down the present path, national championship games won’t include the very best teams. The most physical teams allowed to mug opposition will play for the title.

        1. Barry Bonds

          So on one hand you’re saying that the UConn fans hate the “physicality” and are always complaining about the officiating, then you go-on to complain about the officiating yourself?
          I don’t get it.

          UConn plays (until now) in the B.E. and the fans are no strangers to physical play. Basketball is a physical sport.

          However,physical play does NOT equate to poor officiating.
          Poor officiating equates to poor officiating.

          I would say that every fan in every sport finds the officiating lacking at times.
          There’s nothing new here. It will always happen (poorly called games, missed calls, etc)unless we somehow take the human element out of the game. And that’s not going to happen.

  9. Gerri

    After the loss to ND in the the BE Championship game I stated the refs did not cause UC to lose but were just awful in the women’s game as a whole. I got some feedback based on as if I declared the ref’s were responsible for the loss from a couple rocket scientists. After watching UC/MD then Baylor and Louisville it’s far worse than I ever thought it was. The worst in 20 years of watching. Not a fan of Baylor or Kim M but they got screwed with the lack of foul calls. Think Geno would have put up with that crap. He would have been gone in the first five minutes. Someone should teach them to BLOW on their whistles because they sure know how to suck!



      Just wait until tonight – Kentucky will be slapping the sheet out of UConn’s guards

    2. The casual observer

      Hockey would be boring without physicality and an occasional fight. I believe the same is true with women’s basketball (unless it’s us playing). I actually like the refs letting things get rough. I liked Schimmel getting into Griner’s face like she did. (I’m surprised Griner didn’t deck her). I think that kind of stuff will bring in more fans.

      1. Good Luck With That

        typical Geno juicer … it’s ok to rough up anyone … not just Dolson or Stewart or KML …

        1. The casual observer

          That is what you said, not me. What do you do, make up your own story and argue against it? You are rowing with one oar in the water.

  10. JohnR

    Anyone remember a player named Diana Taurasi. In 2003 Geno told her “D, any time you move they’ll hold you, bump you and/or hit you. Get used to it if you want to excell.” Physicality (is that a word?) isn’t new. It is a shame though that the refs can’t make up their minds whether they want to call ticky-tack stuff or let body slams minus blood go. There’s a game in between that needs to be called. The “guideline” is known as “advantage”. (I used to ref b-ball.) Yeah, the refs are poor..for both teams most of the time. UConn plays it pretty much upright as a rule. Can anyone explain why ND seems to shoot 200-300 more foul shots than other teams each season? I’d really like to know.

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