Geno Talks Elena Delle Donne

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If Delaware and UConn advance to Monday’s Elite Eight game, its almost certain both Geno Auriemma and Elena Delle Donne will be asked to delve deeply into their past, a past when he was her coach for two days as a freshman.

But for now, this is what Geno said about the Delaware All-American:

“I would say that it appears there has been a huge change in maybe her approach to the game,” Auriemma said. “She is willing to take on the kind of responsibility that come with that kind of God-given talent.

“I think the object of going to college is to find out a little bit about who you are and what you may become. If that happened for her, then it’s been a good four or five years for her, and whether it happens at UConn or Maryland does not matter. If kids go to college and it turns out right, that’s all that matters.

“When we recruit a player for UConn, you hope that’s what you can do [provide] for them. If they go someplace else, at least you know you are recruiting the right kind of kid. If they go some place and are a failure then you are obviously going down the wrong path.

“I am happy for her and her family, I’m glad we can still identify talent in our old age.”

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25 thoughts on “Geno Talks Elena Delle Donne

  1. Hip Hop Hood

    If we had EDD, we would have won as least 2 more national championships…and we’d be able to beat ND and Baylor.

    1. H H H

      Uconn will never know if it could have won one or two more NC;s with EDD. One thing for certain is that EDD against Griner/Sims would not have made much of difference. Griner woul have swatted her close in shots away and Sims (an company) would have take the ball away everytime EDD put it on the floor.

      The most foolish and wasteful thing humans ever do is to -___what if. If she, if he, if they—this could be a never ending circle because there are no answers.

      I’d rather give my love, adoration and respect to the players we have. That at least lets them know they are supported by the right kind of people.

      You can bet your red bippy that no one on the Delaware team is saying—what if?? why should you??

      1. Harry Peratta

        If Kentucky is smart they will put a small quick guard on EDD in the open floor, and take the ball away if she trys to dribble.
        Then at the top of the key an in to the basket–put Walker on her and push her out.
        Then just pray the refs don’t see phantom fouls on those guarding EDD.
        Kentucky needs to stop the other 4 and try to keep the ball out of EDD’s hands.

        It shall be fun to watch–punch, counter punch. UK recruits well–is their coach as good as it appears??

        1. Kevin Cavanaugh

          there were NO phantom fouls called on those covering EDD. In fact, another dozen fouls could have been called.

          Players playing defense have stopped learning how to defend others – instead, they take cheap shots, and yank at those who are better than they are.

          They know they are basically lazy and inferior and resort to dirty play to neutralize a better player.

      2. ACL U

        FOOL !

        “Griner woul have swatted her close in shots away and Sims (an company) would have take the ball away everytime EDD put it on the floor.”

        1. Harry P.

          Sorry take should have been TAKEN and Woul should have been would.

          Uncle Sam owns the rest of my left hand–so sometimes I don’t do so good.

        2. Kevin Cavanaugh

          Dream on – Baylor plays a dirty game of basketball and Mulkey goes along with it. In fact, Mulkey is the biggest crybaby coach in basketball – at any level.

          1. Bracchus

            Please explain how Baylor plays such a dirty game of basketball. Griner, a player who really plays the game the way it was intended, is roughed up all of the time. She is typically double and triple teamed, pushed, and shoved. Personally, I think her restraint is admirable.

            As to cry baby’s , please. Really, who complains more than Geno? The reality is the coach’s have to try to intimidate the refs to hopefully influence a couple of key calls.The fact is that Geno is always our of the coach’s box, sometimes almost halfway on the court, ranting and raving about something. Half of the time you cannot tell whether he is directing his animus at the refs or his own players. Compare that to Muffett Macgraw who simply shakes her head in disgust at a bad call.
            Mulkey is more like Geno during games. But, she doesn’t share his penchant for public criticism of her own players.

      3. Michael

        Dream on. Delle Donne is much better than you give her credit for. If you’re doing the “what if” about EDD being with UCONN (and facing Baylor), Sims would be nowhere near her on the floor. Griner would be torched on the perimeter,or passed around to cutters if she came out. Delle Donne is 6’5″, not 5’9″, with ability to go up with either hand. Delle Donne with elite teammates would have been unstoppable (as if she isn’t now)- with no double or triple teams possible. I can’t believe Diggins is even mentioned in the same breath as Griner and Delle Donne.

        1. Bracchus

          Diggins is mentioned because of her leadership skills. Basketball purists understand the true nature of a point guard. It is like being a quarterback. The job is to fscilitate scoring and direct the offense, not necessarily score. Diggins impact on her team is comparable to that of Griner and Della Donne on their respective teams.

          1. Ted

            uconn has no leadership skills and no point guard

            would be unbeaten winning all games by 10+

  2. ACL U

    Young women sign with LSU, Texas, or Oregon to be a college track star

    LSU women’s indoor/outdoor track program is more dominant than UConn women’s basketball – 15 titles

    Oral to Geno means Gabby is basketball first

    Have to wonder if her ACL surgeon told Gabby she would have difficulty earning an Olympic roster spot





  5. Mark

    Auriemma said. “She is willing to take on the kind of responsibility that come with that kind of God-given talent.”

    Typical Geno. A backhanded slap at a then-18-year-old who, five years later, has developed into a mature, talented basketball player and, more importantly, an adult.

    Geno’s the kind of guy who’d blame Newtown on the 6-year-olds.


      Last comment is beneath contempt and totally unwarranted. You should be ashamed. BTW – did you pony up $80K to start the scholarship fund for the survivors of Newtown like Geno and his wife did? Didn’t think so!

      1. Kreddy Fool

        If Mark did pony up $80K I doubt he would ask SNY to broadcast that fact in ech of its UCONN broadcasts

  6. Slvrhwk

    Wow! The sick trolls really showed up on this one. Makes you wonder, who are they planning to shoot?

    1. Mark

      To shoot someone is beneath contempt.

      Also beneath contempt is Geno’s backhanded slap at a young kid who dared to turn down a chance to play basketball for him and UConn, return home, regroup, enter another school, and mature as both a basketball player and, far, far, far, far more importantly, a human being.

      If Geno wants to employ thinly veiled digs at that kid for doing what she felt was best, then Geno deserves to be – in print only – slapped upside the head for doing so.

      Now that you’ve finished moving your lips, pause and consider the point.

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