Happy Farewell To Gampel For UConn Seniors

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Thanks to UConn’s desire to host NCAA Tournament events, Caroline Doty, Kelly Faris and Heather Buck got to enjoy two extra games at Gampel Pavilion than many Huskies seniors have.

But the end officially came Monday night when the Huskies defeated Vanderbilt, 77-44, in the second round of the Bridgeport Regional.

“I was just grateful to be with my teammates tonight and produce a good game,” said Doty, who had two points in 24 minutes.

The next step for the Huskies will be in Connecticut – Bridgeport’s Webster Bank Arena where they will play Maryland in the Sweet 16.

But that’s a neutral site, even for a program as close to state property as they come.

Doty, who along with Buck spent five seasons with the program due to medical redshirts, said she’ll remember many things about Gampel when she’s gone.

“Senior Night was up there among my memories, as was the first game I ever played in the building my freshman season against Georgia Tech,” Doty said. “Then there was my first ESPN game here [against Oklahoma] and the first College GameDay [for women’s basketball] we had [against Notre Dame].

“There are a lot of special memories. I think of the early morning workouts and the fans that have come out over the years to support us.”

Faris, who scored four points in 21 minutes, says Gampel serves as a second campus home to UConn basketball players.

“Everything kind of happens here for us,” Faris said. “It’s hard to think of just one aspect of being here that I will remember.

“It’s [Monday] somewhat bittersweet. On Senior Night, I knew I had a few more game to play here. Now this is part [of her life] is coming to end. And it’s funny because when I came here as a freshman, after the first week of workouts, I never thought it was going to end.”

While Faris will move on the professional career in the WNBA and overseas, Buck, who played three minutes on Monday, will become a nurse.

Doty is not sure what the next step will be for her.

“Honestly, everyone has been asking me what I am going to do now and honestly I do not know,” Doty said. “I will wait until the season ends to put everything in motion and my season won’t end until we win the national championship.”

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10 thoughts on “Happy Farewell To Gampel For UConn Seniors


    It was really great to see Caroline play again with that intensity. Geno deserves praise for letting her start and play that many minutes in her last game at Gampel. She was a monster on defense and took good control of the ball. She will leave Gampel with her head high, as she deserves. Keep it going, sweet Caroline!

    1. Village Idiot

      Forget any thing other than this was the last time 3 Uconn seniors got to play at home.

      Thank you Geno for starting Doty. Thank you for Bucks few minutes. Thank you for Faris.
      And Thank you Senior-you have given me 4 (plus ) years of fun. And certainly a lot to talk about.
      This is a sad day for Uconn fans.

      It was great that ALL team members (except hurt Banks) got to play. The future looks like it’s in good hands.

  2. Bracchus

    He had an opportunity to reward Mo Jeff for her performance in the Idaho game. Instead, he starts Doty. She had a minor contribution during her time on the floor-check the stats. Geno appears to be trying to make her more important to the team’s success than she really is. I guarantee if he starts her against ND and Baylor, she doesn’t last long. No knock on her, but the ability to cope with top tier guards just isn’t there. She obviously has a special place in Geno’s heart which I wish he would open up for some other players.

    1. Merci

      Bracchus–Most of what you say has truth to it. \
      Can you allow this was “Senior NIght extended”?? Their last time at home in front of a home crowd. Give Geno that, give him that he is loyal. Doty is hurting true. Jefferson got some time–and will play plenty from now on–and in to the future. This is probably Doty last game, ever.

      The team worked hard to get Tuck a down low layup–had at least 4 shot at it–she too will be great

  3. WBB Fan

    Bracchus- MoJeff will have MANY opportunities to start; I am sure she as well as the others who could have started based on their contributions (e.g.Tuck)respects Caroline and are fine with the decision.
    Caroline contributes things that do not show up on the stat sheets. The team relies on her – very important in these high-pressured games. If Geno does not start Doty in next round it will be because he feels the team needs something different -Soon Caroline will be part of “history” – next year there will be times that the coaches and team (and even some of us fans) will wish she was on the floor guiding them.

    1. UConn Coached by a Village of Idiots?


  4. Whitey

    Zero Doty and Funky Faris


    it has nothing to do with practice

  5. Eileen

    I was at the game last night and I agree with WBB Fan that Doty brings much more to the team than stats. If anyone listened to 1080 after the game, CD voiced the same opinion. CD also said contrary to what a lot of the fans are saying (so they read some of the horrible comments made by so-called fans regarding Doty), Doty brings to the game an EXPERIENCED floor general who is experienced in NCAA and Final Four play and as CD says that means a lot. So perhaps the coaches see a lot more in Doty than just stats. Personally, I think Doty played a good game last night and was the floor general that UCONN needed when she was out there.

    1. UConn Coached by a Village of Idiots?


      1. Bracchus

        That is the point UCONN Coached… They are engaging in revisionist history here a bit. Whenever Doty played very good guards she got burned. Often she has ahown up with zeros in the stat box. This idea that she does so many things that don’t show up in the box score is a rationale to keep playing her, nothing more. Renee Montgomery was a point guard and everything she did virtually showed up in the box score. Doty has had to work through injuries and should be given credit for that, but for Geno to say that she is his only point guard is ludicrous. If he believed that, as has already been pointed out, why did he bench her against ND in the last game. I can tell you why, the next to last ND game.

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