Happy Thanksgiving From Paradise (Jam)

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It’s about 10:45 in St. Thomas on Thanksgiving morning. That’s one hour ahead of UConn Nation. Don’t bother resetting your watches. Just remember, the Huskies game against Wake Forest begins at 6 [Storrs time] on SNY.

A few things….

I believe I am the only print journalist from the mainland at this event. That’s helps me tremendously in a competitive sense, but there are only so many times you can walk around a hotel lobby with a cellphone in your hand. And I will be here until Monday night.

I want to personally thank the UConn fans and alumni here for making me feel so welcome. Many of stopped me to say hello and I’ve enjoyed meeting them for the first time or getting reacquainted with others I’ve met on other trips during the last six seasons. I appreciate your kind words and gestures and thank you for all spending time reading my work at the Courant and www.courant.com

The players have had a leisurely three days here, interrupted briefly by practices. They went snorkeling, have attended private receptions and spent much time at the lovely pools and pristine beach here. They were out again this morning for one last time before tonight’s game.

I want to thank the reader who pointed out to me this morning that if Bria Hartley is “excited” to be playing for the first time this season, which she is, then its inappropriate to describe her as “anxious.” Absolutely correct. Bria will be worked in and out of the lineup this week as Geno Auriemma brings her along. But she is not nervous

Bob Joyce will be working alone on the UConn Radio network this week. His new partner, Debbie Fiske, will rejoin him for the Colgate game at the XL Center on Nov. 28.

Geno says there is nothing in the works right now for the Huskies to play in another holiday tropical tournament next season. So if you are here, get your rum punch while you can.

It’s 10:00 in St. Thomas and UConn is still in the Big East.

Have fun with your families today. Enjoy your dinner and your football and your Huskies. Please try not to fight with the relatives, even if they grab the drumstick, which I know can be very annoying.



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5 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From Paradise (Jam)

  1. LinzeyLibrarian

    Try substituting “eager” for “anxious”–similar level of concern, but a positive rather than a negative.

  2. Palimpsest

    Anxiety (the state of being anxious) is the emotional feeling all good performers (professional or otherwise) have before a performance. It’s the emotion that makes them great. Eager, Excited, Anxious, scared “itless”, are all (except the last one) perfectly perfect for describing (I assume) the emotional state of Bria Hartley just before tonights (this evenings) game. I am a word parser par-excellence and all the word you’ve used John are absolutely great. Even more wonderful when you use YOUR WORDs to describe OUR women.

  3. Chris Saran

    Palimpsest, it’s all the words, not all the word. As an English teacher, I’m horrified by how many people butcher the English language. Bria glided effortlessly. How Breanna Stewart’s 20 points became xx, I have no idea. Try telling eighth graders the importance of grammar when adults are so often wrong in how the write. Clean it up or the future of English is doomed. If you don’t believe me, you should read my students’ papers. Congratulations, Huskies. Bria, fantastic game for your first one. You will get better, much better.

    1. Prof. Sharkey


      Not to be picky; but, you have made several mistakes.

      1) You said “…Try telling eighth graders the importance of grammar when adults are so often wrong in how the write….”

      You should have said “…Try telling eighth graders the importance of grammar when adults are so often wrong in how they write….”

      2) You said “…Clean it up or the future of English is doomed….”

      You should have said “…Clean it up or the future of the English language is doomed….”

      I’m horrified.

    2. Go Away Megan Culmo

      Kris noone cares about meaningless rules of gramar go out and get some fresh air your killing you’re self grading coments ona blog

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