Hardwick’s Lawyer Ready To Counter Dismissal Motion

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USA Basketball has asked for the dismissal of the lawsuit filed by NBA security officer Kelley Hardwick’s against USA Basketball, Geno Auriemma and the NBA.

The lawsuit, originally announced in June, alleges employment discrimination in relation to Hardwick’s reassignment as security chief for the USA Basketball women’s senior national team.

Hardwick believes her removal from the women’s security detail for the London Olympics stemmed from what she claims was her decision to spur alleged advances by Auriemma against her in a hotel hallway in Russia in October 2009.

Hardwick claims Auriemma used his influence as coach of both the 2010 World Championship team and 2012 Olympic team to have her removed from the security detail prior to the London Games.

Hardwick was subsequently reassigned by the NBA to the men’s basketball team in London and continues to work high level WNBA jobs during the postseason.

Randy McLaughlin, Hardwick’s attorney, said Monday he will file an opposition to the dismissal motion well in advance of the October 25 deadline set by the court for all papers to be returned.


“Then once that is taking care of, the judge can take as long or as short a time as is required to make a decision about the motion [to dismiss],” McLaughlin said.

According to the law, if either side is dissatisfied with the ruling, an appeal can be filed with the Appellate Division of the court, which is the next level up.
The case for a dismissal is essentially based on the suit being filed in New York, even though none of the events Hardwick seeks restitution from occurred there.

“USA Basketball denies that Ms. Hardwick’s allegation have merit,” the motion reads.”USAB did not directly or indirectly engage in discrimination towards, harassment of, or retaliation against Ms. Hardwick. Nor did USAB condone, ratify, or acquiesce in any such conduct. However, even assuming the truth of Ms. Hardwick’s allegations solely for the purposes of this motion, Ms. Hardwick’s claims against USAB fail as a matter of law.”

The lawsuit had been continued until Sept. 28 by the Supreme Court of the State of New York by agreement of counsel representing both parties.

Hardwick filed her lawsuit claiming employment discrimination on June 11. On August 8, the deadline for the defendants to respond was originally pushed back until September 14.


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5 thoughts on “Hardwick’s Lawyer Ready To Counter Dismissal Motion

  1. g

    I’d much rather you place your time and considerable talents updating us on the current players and sharing whatever tidbits you come across in recruiting. For example: how’s KML preparing for the new season, what changes wil she bring to her game?
    I really don’t give a hoot about the lawsuit and just as soon not read about it here. Leave it to the news section, if it ever becomes newsworthy.

  2. Genosguy

    John is just reporting the story. I hate that this is being given the press it is getting. It’s a non-issue, non story. But it IS a story.
    Without Genos’ name you’d never would have hear a word in any paper or on any media. He is known world wide. She knows with Geno on the suit there is money to be had.

    Yep, John, you have a right and a duty to report this. But I still hate it. And don’t believe a bit of her story.

  3. RAY T


    Are you a frustrated reporter , who could not make

    it as a court reporter, or just a Geno hater?

    How about UConn info. Too lazy to make a trip down?

    1. Bill Naples

      Ray – Maybe I am missing something, what has John done wrong here? Simply reporting on an issue that may have some impact on the Coach.
      Reality is that no matter where this suit goes (and the toilet is probably the most appropriate place) I can see no way any court would let this proceed to trial with Geno as a defendant. Employee discrimnation is the issue and Geno simply had no status in that capacity. His lawyers should have long ago filed to dismiss him from the suit. Hardwick wants to call him as a witness so be it, he has no other role in the case, IMHO!

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