Hartley Now “Questionable” for Paradise Jam

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Since junior guard Bria Hartley has still not practiced because of her severely sprained ankle, she will not only will miss Sunday’s game at Texas A&M, but has been downgraded to “questionable” for next week’s Paradise Jam Tournament in the Virgin Islands.

The Huskies play three games in three days at the Paradise Jam beginning Thanksgiving Night against Wake Forest.

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7 thoughts on “Hartley Now “Questionable” for Paradise Jam

  1. Fishpaw31

    This stinks for us fans (and of course for Bria & team), but we would all prefer Bria return in top form & health and not risk further injury. Atleast she can enjoy the island weather & its beaches!

  2. VAMike

    John – I know this is a long recovery but she played on that ankle immediately after injuring it. This was not a ‘severe’ sprain like Katie Douglas’s. I seem to remember (maybe from your blog?) that this sprain was on the inside of the ankle, not the outside. Those take a LOT longer to heal. Unfortunately for Bria and the team, she tried to play through the pain.

  3. MaryAnne Hartley

    Hey VA MIKE FROM HERE IN HARRISONBURG. You nailed the issue. It “ain’t” a sprain or even a severe sprain–it’s a torn ligament. That takes months maybe years to heal without surgery. Bria will not be back until Jan/Feb if ever this year. Someone said geno is keeping his options open–and that make sense. But with the kind of pain she gets when trying to use the ankle, how much good can Bria do the team???

  4. Col. Plumb

    I’ve had a tendon, that was separate into 2 pieces, repaired. Within a month I was back. But never to normal. The operation was easy then and much easier now. I am sure if operated on now she will return, almost normal, in January. It would appear that had Rosemary and the Doc’s acted in Sept when they knew of the tear, she’d be practicing now. Wait and see isn’t always the best choice. But it sure puts off the hard decisions.

  5. zanfy

    Bria needs to redshirt this year, give the ankle time to heal, I could be wrong but. I am going thru ankle injury since last march and still have more to go. With Doty, Farris, Banks and Jefferson I like our chances for NT.Would be better with Bria.

  6. Baylor Lost By 2 Without Sims

    UConn continues to jack the fans. We know better. You can stop reporting the BS.

  7. Ray

    Bria may not want to red shirt with the pros waiting. not every one wants to spend 5 years in collage.

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