Highlights From UConn’s 63-48 Win Over Maryland

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A few impressions before hitting the highway…

* The Huskies, leading the nation in field goal percentage coming into the game (57.9), won despite shooting just 23 of 60 (38.3 percent). They also made just five three-pointers.

*If you want to know what makes Kelly Faris the player she is consider she played 34 minutes and scored eight points (4 of 6), with seven rebounds, seven assists and eight steals. And she helped shut down Terps’ All-American Alyssa Thomas, who was 2 of 12 with eight turnovers in 36 minutes. And he had no turnovers.

* It was an extremely physical game and UConn lost the rebounding war, 39-35. But it forced 26 turnovers and outscored Maryland, 32-16, in the paint.

* Brianna Banks continued her exemplary play by making 3 of 4 three-pointers and scoring 11 points in 19 minutes.

* Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis, who missed the Colgate game after sustaining the third concussion of her young career against Purdue at the Paradise Jam, suffered a contused quad on a traveling call in  the first half and did not play in the second half. She didn’t even sit on the bench. Geno Auriemma said it was unlikely she would play Thursday against Penn State at Gampel.

* The Penn State game will be UConn’s last until the winter break. It resumes play Dec. 19 at the XL Center against Oakland (Mich.)

* Former Connecticut Sun coach Mike Thibault, dismissed after 10 seasons on Nov. 18, was at the game scouting. He has talked to the Washington Mystics about their coach/GM job, but is undecided about what he wants to do.”I am in no hurry,” he said.


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19 thoughts on “Highlights From UConn’s 63-48 Win Over Maryland

  1. Ugly Win But Still A Win

    Tonight proved that in crunch time, Geno is not going to use a 10 player rotation. Despite all the hype surrounding Tuck and Jefferson, and despite KML not playing in the 2nd half, Geno stuck with who he trusts.
    The same will happen against Stanford, Duke, Notre Dame, Baylor, and in the Sweet 16.

    Kudos to Doris Burke for basically calling out Hartley. She is not a true point guard, typically chooses the wrong pass, and is more about making plays for herself. Her shots were not even close tonight, yet she kept cranking them up.

    Was it me or was Maryland trying to get Dolso ejected. They pounded her beyond normal basketball contact and the refs let too much go. Kudos to Dolson for not losing her cool.

    UConn cares too much about paint defense and not enough about perimeter defense. UConn will lose to a hot 3PT shooting team when their own shots clang of the board or rim. Stanford should have no trouble handling UConn on The Farm. If Sims is healthy and Griner is healthy, Baylor scores at will inside and outside.

    1. JR

      The Huskies came into the game allowing the second fewest points in the country and allowing the second lowest FG% against. Whatever they are focusing on defensively is working and it got them past a focused Maryland team when their offense went cold.

      I’ll take my chances with UConn bottling up Ogwumike and making the rest of the Cardinal beat them from the outside.

      Stanford should have no trouble, huh? Im guessing they’ll have their hands full.

    2. Village Idiot

      Geno played everyone except Buck against Maryland. He gave them a chance to show how they will respond in a big game. Tuck and Jefferson played like Freshmen in their first big game–it was.
      I think Doris and Lobo need to focus on the game in from of them rather than commenting on individual players (Hartley). Geno knows Hartleys warts and pluses and can live with them.
      But I agree with the Stanford game coming up–Stanford used the Marist/Maryland defense on Maya with success–they will do the same with Dolson and Stewart. But last night Dolson, smiled and won the battle , can she do that in Stanford home court??

    3. Big Jim

      Ug, you have to learn to look deeper a little than that.

      Here is where UCONN is at the moment:

      Five of the returning players (Doty, Hartley, Dolson, Faris and Lewis) were already solid.

      So, we had 5.

      Banks and Stokes emerged last night. Banks was outstanding and she actually turned the game. Stokes did an outstanding job when she came on for Dolson in the second half and Geno gave her significant and very important minutes there. Expect to see much more of that.

      Now at 7.

      Of the Freshmen – Stewart was always a lock.

      That makes 8.

      Tuck and Jefferson are a few games away at this point. Last night, a big game, a big physical opponent, their first big game at home, in front of a larger and fairly loud crowd — we almost expect Freshmen to falter. It even affected Stewart for the first six or seven minutes.

      Expect them to step up in the next three to four games. It is a given that they will.

      By January, there will be 10.

      Take it to the bank.

      1. James Kerwin

        Big Jim–I took it to my bank and the wouldn’t cash it. Said not enough capital.

        Your basic assessment was right. Stokes defended well. Rushed, due to pressure, her shots. Chris talked to her and she settled a bit. Tuck defended OK, rushed under the basket. Jefferson is a born leader she will be a really great one, experience will help.

        Dolson showed a lot last night. I’m proud and pleased with her performance.

        Banks certainly earned more respect and playing time. She has been solid for the last 4 games–that’s what Geno wants someone he can get what he expects from.

      2. Mark Fletcher

        This is more about Auriemma’s “comfort zone of confidence” than it is about Stokes, Tuck, and Jefferson.

        Auriemma has proven that he has a short leash on Stokes and rightfully so. At times, Stokes plays offensively timid like Buck.

        There will be 10 player rotation in games that are blowouts before the jump ball. By the Big East Finals and Sweet 16, Auriemma will stick with 8 players max. And more often than not, 7.

        This is more about Auriemma’s “comfort zone of confidence” than it is about Stokes, Tuck, and Jefferson.

        Forget the bank. Invested and will be rich by the Big East Final.

  2. Chris Saran

    Ugly Win But Still A Win, you don’t know what you’re talking about. Rebecca had it right. Bria will get better. Not being a true point guard, and this being only the third year she’s played the position, she’s done fairly well. You did notice she had four assists last night. She had five in one game during the Paradise Jam, and it’s not like she’s playing 35 minutes a game. Open your eyes to what’s really going on.

    1. Mark Fletcher

      Hartley is selfish. Doty on 2 busted knees is a better PG. Faris is a better PG. Jefferson is not.

  3. martin fallon

    Not a lot of open looks last night. Maryland played an inspired game. I agree that their defensive game plan included hammering Dolson, and she was literally thrown to the floor a number of times. I guess that represents respect. If passing the ball isn’t working, Uconn has the players who can fake, dribble drive and pull up for a short range jumper. The refs did let em’ play, or the kids still in the game would have spent the night at the foul line.

  4. Village Idiot

    The Marist game if anyone watched, gave MD and teams to come the battle plan against UConn. Tighten up the paint, bang, push, pull, anger, frustrate Dolson and Stewart. That was the game plan it worked. Uconn, as I have been fearful of, had trouble getting off the 3 ball (defended well too). If not for the INSPIRED play of DOLSON and big assists from BANKS and STEWART–and if not for KELLY FARIS who almost single handled saved this win–it would have been the first loss of the season. I pointed out this failing of the UConn team after the Marist game and got hammered for saying it. Heresy, of heresy saying Uconn could/can lose. They can and they will.

  5. Unsung Hero FARIS

    Kelly Faris was all over the floor. 6 assistS,6 reboundS,6 points, 3 steals and thiS Was with 10 minutes to go. Not big stats, but stats in every area that counts. The one stat this is not “booked” is the Heart and Character stat but you cant quantify that one–look that up in the basketball dictionary and youll see a picture of KELLY FARIS.

  6. HarryH

    I know I’m one of the few who think so but Dolson absolutely can’t rebound or play effective defense. I’ll bet 1/2 the Maryland points were either on the person she was guarding or from someone she left alone under the basket. She has vastly improved offensively and other than the foul on the 3 point play she has cured her giving foul issues. Her rebounds are when the ball falls into her hands and she manages to hold on. No boxing out.

    There were more traveling calls last night than I’ve seen in a long time and a lot fewer fouls based upon the killing that was going on. John was correct a football team may not have played more physically than Maryland played last night.

    1. James Kerwin

      Harry H–I won’t directly disagree with your assessment of Dolson, that’s your opinion. However, I saw the play of Dolson differently. She played good to great defense around the basket, out on the perimeter, not so good–but that’s not her place. Geno believes as I do that Dolson is the machine that makes this team work. Stokes is a good defender, but not much in scoring. Stewart can score (when open) but faded in defense with Md.
      Geno has to know that EVERYONE UConn plays this year will pack the paint, mug and physically attack Dolson and Stewart. How do you prepare for that?? Shoot the 3 ball well, easier said than done.

      1. Mark Fletcher

        There will be at least 1 game when Faris becomes the Faris of yesteryear. 0 to 4 points.

        There will be at least 1 game when Dolson sits on the bench in foul trouble, for fouls less harmful than Maryland’s MMA.

        There will be at least 1 game when Stokes is in Geno’s doghouse for poor practicing.

        There will be at least 1 game when KML shoots something like 0-7 or 2-11.

        There will be at least 1 game when Stewart pulls a Maya because of excess contact.

        Nothing to write home about. Almost everyone has bad days at the office. No one is perfect. Well, except those that will trash me.

        Nothing to worry about. Unless the perfect storm hits and the above occurs in the same game against Stanford or Notre Dame or Baylor.

        Who would have predicted St Johns would have ended UConn’s long home winning streak last year.

  7. Lewis Shatzer

    Based on some of the pessimistic comments above, UCONN will finish with5-6 losses and get knocked out of NCAA in first round by UNC Asheville when all 5 opponents stand around Dolson and UCONN goes 0-50 from 3. Get a grip people. They’ve only played 6 games. Geno will figure a way to beat this packing the lane defense. OH, by the way UCONN won both the Marist and MD. Games.

  8. Chris Saran

    Don’t forget UConn’s most reliabe three point shooter, KML, missed a good portion of the game. Had she been in there, more threes would have fallen, which means more room for Dolson and Stewart.

  9. Walterlinesjr

    genoA played all players but heaterbuck and uconn women won despite not playing their best by far it dont matter how many players geno played at crucnh time but theres always some ahole comming on here complaining geno only played so many makibng players want to trasfer out and others not want to pick uoonn and uconn gets enough of that crap from other coaches filling recruits heads with that crap but i dont hear anyone else complaining stanford wbball will have 18 players out of an allowed 15scholarship players next year and uconn fans should stop talking crap about their coacha nd their team on here takecare all gouconn

  10. big blue

    When Burke and Lobo had Kelly Faris being a possible first round pick in the draft, that is when i went to my remote…c’mon ladies, be serious….and,also, when do the women start making lay-ups?

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