History Repeats Itself In The Images Of KML And Faris

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History has always had a way of repeating itself with the UConn women’s basketball program.

And there are many ways of charting it; the seven national championships, 13 Final Four appearances, 18 Big East Tournament titles are the most apparent.

But you can also see it in the players that pass through the program. They often seem to possess the same characteristics, skill sets and personalities.

That came into focus again on Senior Day when senior Kelly Faris and sophomore Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis reprised roles played 17 years earlier by Carla Berube and Nykesha Sales by scoring their 1,000th career points on the same day.

It was just the second time two players reached 1,000 points in the same game in program history. Berube and Sales, UConn’s all-time leading scorer until Tina Charles and Maya Moore came along, did it against Western Kentucky at the Hall of Fame Tipoff Classic at Stanford’s Maples Pavilion on Nov. 17, 1996.

Mosqueda-Lewis did it first, making two three-pointers in the first 3:57 of Saturday’s 90-30 win over Seton Hall to become the 37th player in program history to score 1,000.

And then with 6:20 to play in the game, Faris, after making a steal, drove the lane and scooped home her milestone hoop to become No. 38.

Ironically, Mosqueda-Lewis and Faris ended up leading the Huskies with 18 points.

After the game, Geno Auriemma was asked if he noticed how similar in style Mosqueda-Lewis and Faris seemed to be to Sales and Berube. He enjoyed the question.

“I do see a similarity there,” Auriemma said.

Mosqueda-Lewis, one of the nation’s top three-point specialists, scored her 1,000th point in her 64th game. Only Moore (55) and Svetlana Abrosimova (63) did quicker.

“The way Kaleena started the game was kind of a reflection of what I think all great players do,” Auriemma said. “What great players do is impose themselves on the game, right away, and continue to impose themselves on the game the entire time they are out on the floor.”

Faris, one of the most versatile players in UConn history, had to work a little harder to get it.

Once she moved within two points of the milestone with a three-pointer with 8:34 to play, she struggled to get over the top, missing a pair of threes, despite the efforts of her teammates to set screens for her and get her the ball.

Finally, she did the way she’d been designed to do – off her own steal.

“It felt good to get the 1000th point off of a steal,” Faris said. “Honestly, it just felt nice to know I had the whole team behind me. I think it’s fitting.”

In doing so, Faris became the first senior to score her 1,000th point on Senior Day since Ashley Battle in 2005.

“Kelly’s contributions are a little less noticeable, they don’t hit you right between the eyes, like those first five minutes Kaleena was on the floor [Saturday when she made three three-pointers],” Auriemma said. “Not everybody can do that and that takes kind of a special player.

“But the two of them have a lot in common; they both want to impact games, they both want to win, they are both changing their games to suit the occasion. I am hopeful that [Saturday] was an omen of things we can do down the road.”

Wha’s also clear is how close Mosqueda-Lewis and Faris are off-the-court. They are very close friends, weight-training partners. Mosqueda-Lewis wants to be the kind of player Faris has become.

You can tell by the tears Mosqueda-Lewis shed when Faris was being honored before the game and the way she is determined to emulate her.

“We wanted to make sure Kelly’s Senior Night was as special as it could be,” Mosqueda-Lewis said. “When she was trying to get there [to 1,000] I was setting screens for her, trying everything I could to make sure she could get open.

“I think everyone here knows how much I look up to Kelly, how much I appreciate what she has done for me.”

Faris feels the same way about Mosqueda-Lewis and speaks to her often about how much potential she has.

“I love her to death,” Faris said. “She’s been a great friend to have and to see her grow the amount that she’s grown in one year has really opened my eyes to her.

“Sometimes, I get really frustrated if I don’t see quick change [in teammates]. That’s just me. I have to recognize it takes some people a certain amount of time or they need this or they need that [to improve].

“And within one year she’s made huge strides and I respect her for that a lot and I’m really, really proud of her because she still has two years left and is an unbelievable player and has so much more to offer.

“Kaleena has made the decision to change and that’s why I respect her so. She saw how last season ended for us and she understood why and she took it upon herself to be a different player for herself and her teammates.”

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33 thoughts on “History Repeats Itself In The Images Of KML And Faris

  1. History Buffer

    Ncaa Semi Finals 2001 . Ruth Riley and Ivey from Notre Dame over came a 15 point half time deficit and added 15 points to beat a Freshman Diana Turazi’s team 90-75.
    Like Baylor Muffet taught Riley to dish to the open cutter when double teamed. Diggin’s is a master at dishing to the open player, usually under the basket, when double teamed.
    Will Geno be able to defeat a team that back doors, and passes as well as his previous great teams???

    1. El Channel de Histore

      Will Geno win a national championship without the player of the year?

  2. Hip Hop Hood

    KML would be such a great player if she could just lose 50 pounds and get where she’d just be overweight. She’d be able to jump up so her shot wouldn’t easily get swatted like it did during the ND loss.

    1. bogeyfree

      If KML were overweight(which she isn’t) and if she were not in shape(which she is),the potential to overcome both of those issues would exist.Unfortunately for you Hip Hop Hood,near as I can tell,there is no remedy for stupid.So you are stuck being the same ignorant a hole that you are for the rest of your life.

      1. El Channel de Histore

        Booger’s ma must have beat the scat out of your a hole mouth on a daily basis

        1. Steve Gee

          Hey troll,
          no matter how many times you change your name, your still a troll.

    2. David Schulz

      This was one of the lamest comments I’ve ever seen. She played injured in the ND game. 26 points and 15 rebounds against the number 1 team in the country isn’t good enough for you?

  3. Quikster

    Why is it that some commenters never quit the junk. A nice article about two good kids without a relative commentary. Get over whatever you’ve got to get over and appreciate the moment.

    1. El Channel de Histore

      Why is it someone cannot freely post their opinions without the self appointed internet police like yourself complaining?

      1. David Schulz

        If they are free to post inane comments, we are also free to say they are inane.

  4. ray-ray

    farris scored a 1,000 points vs.seton hall and providence.doty missed a 1,000 shots in her career.kml is a dead on shooter and a great player but somehow doesnt seal the deal at end of games

  5. Poughkeepsee Popper

    Uconn would not be Uconn Women or so successful this year without Kaleena M. Lewis. Watch her move around the court for 40 minutes. How many people writing on this blog could do the same. She rebounds, dishes, playes defense, and scores at a terrific percentage.
    Ignore the ignorant, like the poor, they will always be with us.

  6. Marilyn Maxwell

    The Iconic mark of Geno’s teams of the past have always been superb sharp accurate passing. He defeated Tenn in a championship game with “back door” plays. Back door work when the opponent over plays. Kelly Faris has been successful when working with Kaleena Mosqueda Lewis and Steff Dolson in completing the “back door”. Faris, Kaleena Mosqueda Lewis and Steff Dolson–have the hard to define “chemistry”.
    Doty the Hard Luck tough kid, is almost being forgotten. A starter in her freshman year with great potential–a streak shooter, just think what it could have been had she stayed healthy.

    1. El Channel de Histore

      Doty was average from the start. Not even as good as Hartley on a bad ankle.

  7. Register the NH

    Jim Fuller reported prior to an interview Geno leaned over to Faris and said He’d do everything he could to make her career end right!
    That means a National Title. From now on Geno will pull out all the stops to get her the title she has earned.

    1. El Channel de Histore

      Don’t quit your day job and bet the ranch on that statement

  8. nhntc47

    KML is a great basketball player, a decent human being and a pretty girl. I’m glad she wears the Uconn jersey.

  9. Fairfield County Fan

    I have learned to skip over sertain commenters e.g. Hip Hop Hood, Ray-Ray, Chicago Seven, etc. I suggest others do the same – give them no stage, don’t read their drivel.

  10. Sal and Irene

    KML is playing like an ALL AMERICA first team now. She is fun to watch. She does everything well. We record each game and watch them again to observe the action more closely. Steffie will be ALL AMERICA second team only because B Griner is still playing. Griner is truly great. We will enjoy her this summer in the WNBA when she teams up with DT.

  11. NAME

    After the Baylor game I saw posts claiming Griner is dirty. Dolson is just as dirty as Griner. They both enjoy beating on smaller opponents. Dolson never sucker punched anyone. But Dolson throws several elbows and throws cheap shot hip checks. Just because the referees don’t blow the whistle doesn’t mean a foul wasn’t committed. UConn fans always complain about referees not calling fouls on the opponents. This is no different.

    1. JD294384

      What does that have to do with the article, moron? If you don’t like either player and are here to complain about Dolson and Griner, why are you here? give me a break. This article has nothign to do with either of them.

  12. Geknows

    And ND has been stuck on 1 for at least 12 years. All great Coaches go thru slumps in their careers. Give Geknow some time, he will have at least 9-10 before he retires. :)

    1. Diamond

      Geno and CD could easily have 8 NC already if they had signed two more top 50 recruits to go along with Faris to give them options besides a 6 player rotation during Mayas senior season UConn needed another big to help out Dolson

  13. KML got gifts

    KML has a very special set of hands. They are large for her size. They also appear very soft and dexterous. So these things allow her to really feel the ball and control her shot when she is near the rim and at the three. What gifts.

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