Impressions After Game 1 For the UConn Women

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Well, in terms of the freshman class, all I can say is one down, at least 157 games to go. It promises to be some ride with a promise of much April basketball.

Breanna Stewart is everything she was ordained to be. She is a tremendous outside shooter, maybe not so rare a commodity for someone her size (6-4). But she possess the ball-handling skills to get by a post defender who dares confront her in a way I have not yet seen. I do believe she could bring the ball up the floor. She also hustles on defense and has tremendous shot-blocking instincts. She also has such a long wingspan that she can actually put the basketball inside the square when shooting a layup. Wow.

Moriah Jefferson had four turnovers in the first half and I couldn’t have cared less. You can see the inherent skill in this young point guard. She sees the floor, is small and fast enough to work her way inside big bodies. Her back pass in the lane set up Morgan Tuck’s first hoop. She is the truest point guard UConn has had in a long, long time, if you agree with the theory that Renee Montgomery, Caroline Doty and Bria Hartley were/are predominately shooting guards. She is going to be exciting to watch.

When I look at Morgan Tuck, I try to visualize her in four years when her body evolves into what nature and UConn weight trainers desire it to be. She has the ability to be another Nneka Ogwumike, Stanford’s All-America who was the WNBA’s Rookie of the Year.

Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis may have made Geno cringe a little defensively, but does anyone in the country have more of a capacity to kill you with three-point shooting. She is so good you find yourself actually disappointed when the ball rims out.

Stefanie Dolson smiles a lot. And she was smiling a whole lot Sunday. You can already see how the dynamics are going to work offensively. With Tuck and Stewart, there is simply no way a defense can put too much muscle on Dolson and that can lead to only great things – like Sunday when she accumulated 11 points, nine rebounds and eight assists.

Consider that UConn has scored 327 points in its two preseason games and Sunday’s opener without Bria Hartley, its All-America. Consider that UConn scored 103 on Sunday despite scoring just eight in the final 9:29. What does that tell you about the potential of the offense and the diversity it presents to defenses, most of which will play UConn impossible incapable of dealing with it.

Yep, this has the potential  to be a long, fun ride.

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17 thoughts on “Impressions After Game 1 For the UConn Women

  1. palimpsest

    A bit of alright, hey what John ole boy?? Morgan Tuck is now a difference maker, all she needs is to learn Geno want’s her to attack at every opportunity. Jefferson? The kid is a midget she must be at least 30 in experience. Her ball handling skills are to cry for her shooting abilities are shades of Rene (as a senior).
    OK John–I’m reading in the blogs on your sites that Hartley has a torn ligament. What is the real story-it matters because it’s the differen from playing in a December game or a late January game.

  2. Ffld County fan

    John’s Nov 9th Courant article states: “MRI confirmed a slight tear in the ligament on the inside of the left foot”.



  4. Roseanne Patrick

    My guy Bill & I watched together yesterday & loved every second especially when I spotted YOU and Harriet Unger at the media table below the cameras!

    Bill spoke first, I was thinking the same way. Morgan Tuck reminds us both of Asjha Jones when she first started w/UCONN. Quiet, strong and very talented much like AJ. Has anyone else thought this way besides Bill & I?

  5. Mike McManus

    I was indeed impressed. Moriah is for real but I hope she stops trying to dribble through 2-3 defenders as she did on a few occasions…it reminded me of Tiffany Hayes and a few other former UCONN guards. None of the articles or blogs have said anything about Brianna Banks performance in yesterday’s game. I thought she was excellent and made a few real strong moves to the basket…it seems like she was overlooked.

  6. Arnie of Newtown

    Watched on the NEW TV and quite a difference in game presentation. In any event, all my wife and I can say about this team is WOW, WOW, WOW. Of course, great work by all. Typical team effort. Coach knows how to mold a group of individual stars into a team.And bye the way,let’s not forget Miss Faris,

  7. Baylor 80-0

    Jefferson is an overrated version of Dixon. Fast. Cannot shoot from the outside. Cannot post up.

    1. billnaples

      Amazing, the best you can come up with for a freshman including two exhibitions playing in only her third game wearing a UConn jersey and you say she is overrated. As a true point I don’t think she needs to be a great shooter, not even a great scorer. She will need to shoot foul shots well if she is handling the ball at the end of close games. Keep her turnover to assist ratio at 1:3 or 1:4 and Coach will be quite happy. And especially this year and next with Dolson, Stewart, Lewis, and more why would anyone want to send a 5’7″ point in to post up?

    2. Newgirl2

      Baylor 80-0, thank you for paying close attention to the UCONN women because it tells me that you are scared for your team. However, it’s the first official game of the season, and too early to dispense any venom. Why the negative feed on Moriah? Is it because she didn’t drive over to Baylor? I bet that’s the reason why you’re mad at her, because she chose to wear blue/white jersey instead of green/gold. Get over it!!

  8. fishpaw31

    About “contributors” like “Baylor 80-0″…I just do not understand the mindset of people like that. It has NEVER occured to me to go to some other team’s fan site or hometown newspaper site to voice my unwelcomed opinions. It used to be jealous Tennessee fans interloping in here, now it’s this Baylor cretin; I just do not understand where the pleasure is in being labeled an unwelcomed, obnoxious pain-in-the-a$$. But clearly that’s how you want the world to see you….congratulations, you have succeeded!

  9. Genosguy

    Mike McManus===You have it right as usual. Brianna is an amazingly different player from last year. She’s great at the steal and the finish. She will be an impact player this year.
    Jefferson CAN score. She’s made some layups and a couple of 3’s. I too thought she tried to do too much by dribbling into 3 or 4 players. But she is fantastic and shall learn.

  10. Dingle Barry

    Jefferson is an amazing guard, shooter, disher and she rebounds. Mike M is right she dribbles into the bigs too often.
    Has anyone except me noticed that MOJeff looks like Rihanna(?? spelling)?? MoJeff has the Mo-Jo!!!

    Baylor is more than Griner and Ky was too good to take so many 3’s. They had a better time driving at Griner and dishing off. But Baylor is THAT good.

  11. coach777b

    I see the haters are out in full force! Baylor 80-0? Not so fast. UCONN is like a Ferrari before the final tuneup. Wait until Geno has everyone working on all cylinders. Baylor is beatable, so are Stanford and Notre Dame. Let the haters count down to 80. Only 79 to go.

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