Impressions, Misconceptions And Misgivings About Idaho

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Loved this comment Friday from Idaho forward Alyssa Charlston:

“Well we don’t just grow potatoes. There is a lot more to Idaho as the state. It is beautiful first of all, there’s some unbelievable falls. Boise is an amazing city. I was actually born in Boise, live in Spokane. We get four different seasons, which I understand is probably similar here. We actually just got snow yesterday so it’s very similar.”

And loved the honesty from Idaho coach Jon Newlee:

 “My pitch [to recruits] was that if you come to Idaho, you’re going to get a chance to play in the NCAA Tournament. I really believe we have the facilities at our level to win conference championships. You’re going to get a chance to do what a lot of students never get the chance to do, and that’s to play in the Big Dance.”

As for being sent to Connecticut to play their first NCAA game since 1985…….

“When I thought we were going to play Stanford, I thought it would have been better for us, in term of location. We have a lot of kids from California. I think the location was disappointing for us as a fan base, but I knew that we were going to be a 16-seed when I saw that Fresno State was a 15 seed.

“I told them that they are getting their shot at the NCAA Tournament. What I want them to take away from it is the fact that they are here and have won their conference, which was our goal all year. This is their reward for all the hard work and all the practices and time they have put into this year. I want them to enjoy every minute. I tell them to embrace the moment because a lot of people don’t get that chance.”

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16 thoughts on “Impressions, Misconceptions And Misgivings About Idaho

    1. No Wrap around

      You can order the FULL game, now wrap around on DIRECTV for 16 dollars per game . If you order by phone there is a 5 dollars surcharge. If you order it on the internet you save the 5 dollars.
      Each game is being offered as a single package.

      They are available on Direct TV channels 730 to 733 ESPN2.

      Happy viewing, I will.

      1. Thanks for DirecTV info !

        Being internet-challenged i could not locate wcbb ppv on so i called an paid 16 plus 5. do you now how i access games onlineto save 5? thanks for lettin me know i can watch uconn instead of whip around.

        1. Game on Directv

          Go to DIRECTV.COM
          TYPE IN (FOR TOMORROW) Idaho vs Connecticut
          on the next screen (after you get rid of all the pop ups) scroll down and you see a box offering the package or the game–and a small yellow ORDER box. Select that and it will take you to a payment box–follow the directions..

          That should help–but it ain’t easy. I think they want the 83 dollars of all the games you don’t want.
          I had like 3 popup then I scrolled to about half the page and there it was.

          Good luck for the next game–but you’ve got to wait until you know Uconn next opponent before you order.

          1. Thanks for DirecTV info !

            “once you type in Idaho vs Connecticut select–Search. Then it will select the game and you can order it.” Thanks! Worked great.

        2. Game on Directv

          Directv screwed up –their programming says the game isn’t available for 14 days.

          Call them and demand that since you cannot order it on line that they waive the 5 dollar surcharge, they will waive it.

          Hopefully the next game will be orderable on the internet site. they say you can order it by phone texting–
          but that’s a different approach.

    2. NCIS Los angeles

      Tuesday night the NCIS LA program was in and about Moscow, Idaho, home of the Idaho team that plays UConn.

      I hope your Women enjoyed the trip and the experience. Maybe visit Geno’s place at the casino’s. Being in the NCAA, what Uconn fans think is right, is an amazing thing for kids who don’t get there every year. I am glad you kids are still looking at it with some awe. When you lose that you become tainted.
      Potatoes to you Russets to me.


    Having driven across the country on I90, Coeur d’Alene Idaho had the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen. There is ,indeed , more than potatoes there.

          1. Clete

            Having lived in both ID and CT, I was going to comment about how superior in every way the intermountain west region is…but I don’t want to encourage any northeasterners to move out here. Go Huskies~

  2. Lynne

    Idaho’s coach has it spot-on. We are so spoiled in CT. As UCONN women’s b-ball fans, if UCONN loses even ONE GAME, they stink and Geno should be fired. Idaho’s coach tells his team to enjoy the moment, because most teams never make it to the NCAA tournament. That’s the right attitude. If the UCONN women make it to the Final Four and don’t win the championship, it’s a disappointing season for CT fans and Geno should – again – be fired. After all, he’s too cocky, too “Philly”, too arrogant, too smart-alecky, too cynical.. and too successful(?!)

    As Joanie Mitchell wrote, “Don’t it always seem to go, that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.”

    Someday, UCONN fans will find out how true that is!

    1. Lynne

      i would miss the players
      i would not miss geno and cd
      never take the blame for anything
      but always take the credit

    2. JUSTME

      And who is the one that set these ultra high standards, Lynne? And who is the one that blasts the girls on national TV? And why are the girls crying their eyes out after a loss?
      Don’t go blaming us for that.

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