Irish Knock Off No. 1 UConn, 73-72

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Truth is, women’s basketball really needed this. The Big East, or what currently remains of it, certainly needed it during this uncertain time.

What they needed a game to feel good about between national powers, arch-rivals, conference antagonists that pulsed and punched you from start to finish.

They needed excitement, suspense and, yes, a result that went undecided until the final moments.

What they didn’t need was UConn-Stanford. No, not again. The sport needed a credible contest Saturday on CBS, the network of Cronkite, as far from ESPNU in national significance as Pluto is to Earth in miles.

This was show time for women’s basketball. And show time it was.

It turns out there was nothing to worry about. This is what always happens when UConn and Notre Dame have played in the last three years.

UConn’s hold on No. 1 is over. Skylar Diggins scored the last two of her 19 points on the foul line with 49 seconds to play to give the No. 5 Irish a 73-72 win at Gampel Pavilion.

The last gasp was a three-point shot by Kaleena Mosqueda-Lewis with three seconds to play from the right side. It missed and Notre Dame dribbled out the clock.

Kayla McBride led the Irish (12-1, 1-0) with 21 points. Diggins had 19. Stefanie Dolson and Mosqueda-Lewis had 17 for UConn (12-1, 0-1) which just became No. 1 a week ago with a win over Stanford.

Diggins’ free throw with 7:17 to play tied the score at 63 and the game swayed like a branch in the wind down the stretch.

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143 thoughts on “Irish Knock Off No. 1 UConn, 73-72

  1. john anderson

    this loss 100% on brianna stewart.terrible shooting,ballhandlinf,defense

    1. JR

      Putting the loss on Stewart is absurd and irresponsible. There are a plethora of reasons for the loss: the 24-14 FT disparity, too many wide open threes allowed, a couple of miracle shots by ND as the shot clock expired, 5-23 three-pt shooting from UCONN, etc.

      Stewart may not have shot well but at least she made some plays including a few big ones down the stretch.

    2. James Kerwin

      Want to blame someone–Blame Geno and his staff. For the umteenth time Muffet had a better game plan, better player, better recruits. Uconn win’s by two methods
      1. Shooting the 3
      2. Layups from the press
      Take those away and score a bit and ND wins. MCBride, Diggins, Achonwa, Braker, Loyd, and the freshman from the bench—superb passing, suckered Uconn away from defensive positions and scored.
      Geno will fix this, no doubt, but he should have seen this weakness. All my predictions of
      when the 3 fails and Stewie doesn’t score–
      But Kaleena, Dolson, Faris, yes even Doty played well–the real horses were on ND’s team. today. Don’t expect a different outcome at SouthBend.

      1. JR

        ND is very good and they play a physical brand of BB against the Huskies which tends to make the games close. That said, they also hit a couple of miracle shots as shot clocks expired and were fortunate that KML missed a wide open three late.

        My opinion of UCONN hasn’t changed with the loss. They are one of the best 3 teams in the nation; Jefferson and Tuck will likely make little impact against the better teams this year; a healthy and engaged Stokes would really help; Hartley’s return to form is a must; Stewart’s development between now and March is probably the biggest key.

        Incidentally, Doty was all but invisible. Zero points, two shots, one rebound, one asssist, ten minutes played.

        1. MikeT

          I think Banks should ALL of Doty’s minutes. Nothing CD can do that BB can’t do better….

      2. Master

        How in the hell can you say that Doty played well..she had 0 points in her 10 minutes and made one of the dumbest fouls I’ve ever seen geez!!

    3. Geno on Geno

      All you ‘EXPERTS’ come to a Uconn W. practice and pick your starting five.
      Why would you keep Banks in longer when she was getting beat.
      Why would you take Stewart out when the high lo game was being played well.
      Why should Kaleena not take the final shot-yes a 3–she has the best shooting average on the team.
      The game, as all great games do, came down to the final seconds–that shot had a 50/50 chance of going in–better than any other option. What would your choice have been??
      Each decision is made with the situation as it THEN appeared–no way to pre determine every choice–What would your choice have been??
      It’s a loss UConn shall learn from. Maybe we’ll come out better, maybe not–you can believe this, Uconn will not be out played ever again.

    4. Nick

      100% on a freshman player.. you’re a sick man what about blaming some of this on your beloved coach after all it’s only her first game against ND and Uconn has lost 5 of 6 last time I checked

  2. Samanthabrown3

    Can’t blame it on any one player. Maybe on injuries–KML, Stokes, Doty.

    Wait until the NCAA tournament, if all are healthy.

    1. Griners Greatest

      Stop using injury excuses for Doty. She was never goin to be an All American like Taurasi or Maya.

  3. JR

    Some key ref and scoring decisions in a 1-pt loss:

    The switch of a Hartley 2 from a 3 at the half, a highly questionable charge called on Stewart late on what looked to be a 3-pt play, and no review of a McBride or Mabrey 3-pt shot that appeared to be a 2 live. Hate to have those what ifs in your mind in such a close game.

    1. JR

      I must add that Diggins’ tough-guy, chest-bumping act after the game had me wanting to grab her ponytail and fling her out of the building.

    2. James Kerwin

      JR–I like to blame the refs–but Uconn got the benefit of many many calls and some blatant fouls by fairs, Dolson, Banks, etc —Uconn lost. ND Won’ Better game plan goes to Muffet.
      Stewie–like KML last year was a FRESMAN, lots of pressure in a big game–too much was expected–that’s why Doty came in–EXPERIENCE, ALBEIT GIMPY. The greatness of Doty is in the past Sorry, I love her heart, but she has no real knees. KML played great.

      1. Yea, that's a problem

        doty was never great. even without the injuries, she would not have been a great player.

  4. TexasBogger

    Uconn’s vaunted team defense failed to deliver. Too many open jumpers; too many defenders beaten off the dribble. Better shooting would have helped but you “win with defense in the tight ones. Does Muffet have Geno’s number?

      1. Steve Gee

        Choke as in the way Baylor and Griner choked when they played Stanford?

        Just so we’re clear.

        1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

          Uh, no. Sims was injured. You think UConn could beat Baylor without Faris?

  5. Hip Hop Hood

    Another big choke from Gino against ND. Guess we will NOT be #1 next week.

  6. Hip Hop Hood

    KML needs to lose 40 pounds. If she were’s so overweight, she wouldn’t have sprained her ankle.

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      KML will be obese by her senior year if UConn does not put her on a diet

    2. fanofit

      KML’s bulk is an asset in the way she establishes herself at the rim. At only six foot, hardly anyone can stop her.

  7. BKDad

    Just as with the win a week ago, it’s still early in January. For both teams. There’s a lot of games left.

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      And still the same old UConn problems that the stubborn old Geno and CD cannot fix

    1. Yea, that's a problem

      Tuck, Jefferson, and Banks might as well dress in street clothes for the meaningful minutes they get. Is the game so difficult at UCONN that high school all-americans can’t even barely get off the bench?

      1. James Kerwin

        Pressure game–HOF coach never puts a Freshman into a pressure kettle too long. He dipped them in and dipped them out. Not many mistakes from them.
        ND focused on Stewart, like KML last year.
        She played pretty good near the end–she gets better every game. By NCAA she and Tuck and Jefferson will make an impact (I hope).

        1. 6 Player Rotation Geno

          Guess you were not watching the game. Mabrey and Loyd are freshmen.
          Give up on Tuck this year.
          Give up on Jefferson forever.
          Just an overhyped Dixon.

        2. Yea, that's a problem

          i don’t know, ND had their freshman in the game, did they not? At some point, you might actually need the athleticism that they might bring to the game.

          1. Edward Sorin

            JR – and before you try to tell me Stewart dunks, she got her shot rejected

    1. JR

      Diggins was 4-15 with 7 TO’s. Her teammates bailing her out doesn’t change the fact that she’s as overrated as they come.

        1. JR

          The fact that she is handed FT’s by the refs at a ridiculous rate is supposed to be admirable?

          1. JR

            Says some clown trolling for attention on a post on two teams he/she doesn’t even root for.

  8. Griners Greatest

    Once again, when both teams have equal talent, Geno gets out coached by Muffet. Oh wait, that’s right, it’s always the players fault for losses and always the coaches credit for wins.

  9. Griners Greatest

    Maya scored 3036 but sucked against physical contact. Stewart following in her footsteps.

    1. JR

      Who knows? Had Moore not “sucked” against contact maybe she wouldn’t have had to settle for only two undefeated seasons, two national titles, and four trips to the Final Four.

  10. Griners Greatest

    16 fouls on ND. 17 fouls on UConn. Don’t blame the refs that UConn never learns their lesson. Jacking up outside shots is not going to get you many FTs.

    1. JR

      They should bulldoze their way into contact and get bailed out. In other words, the Diggins strategy.

        1. JR

          Ah, the Diggins Rule:

          In the event Skylar Diggins dribbles out of control towards the hoop, the referees are instructed to call a foul on the opposing team.

          They certainly call this one to the letter.

      1. James Kerwin

        Steve Gee–gave me a lesson on creating contact–he said Shea Ralph was very good at doing just that. Paraphrasing of course!!!
        So as Steve Gee says—accept it when ND does it–it’s part of the game. Again paraphrased.
        But it’s still tough to lose that way.

        1. Steve Gee

          I find it unsettling that I’m mentioned at all.

          Ya ever wonder….. why people wonder a lot?
          I wonder about that a lot.

    1. Cute Girly

      Everyone knows girls can’t out coach guys??
      Muffet a girly girl, couldn’t outcoach the HOF tough Philly guy–again?? Or could she??s

      1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

        3 for 3 in Final Four semi finals. 5 out of 6, including yesterday when UConn’s 3 over hyped freshmen were out played by ND’s 2 freshmen.

        1. JR

          Mabrey hit a few shots, did nothing else and Loyd was mediocre. Stewart missed a lot of shots but she also had 9 boards and 6 blocks to go along with 10 points.

  11. BKDad

    If you look at the box score, the two teams were either virtually identical in the various categories or UConn had a major advantage.

    The two areas that was not true were three point shooting percentage and free throws. Maybe this will be a learning moment, for both teams.

    1. Griners Greatest

      UConn and their fans will NEVER learn. Stop jacking up outside shots if you want to get to the FT line.

    2. Master Mind

      At the half ND was far ahead of Uconn in Rebounding. Uconn used a “motion” offense and did very little attacking the post/basket.
      Notre Dame packed the lane and dared Uconn to score from the 3. And Uconn didn’t fail ND/s expectations–missed a bunch.
      Fouls made by Uconn in the first half were incidental but stupid in the second half. Stay close to Diggiy but not so close to lean in and make contact. She missed many shots because she just throws them up in the last minute. when Diggy baby has the ball–tightly guard the other four. she’s more dangerous with her passes.

  12. CT_OR_Guy

    UConn beat Stanford, Stanford won Rose Bowl; UConn beat Oregon, Oregon won Fiesta Bowl; UConn lost to Notre Dame, all I can say is Roll Tide!

    1. Yea, that's a problem

      i can’t believe Doty gets that many minutes. banks must truly be awful. I think Doty shoots better when she’s bouncing the ball in from 35 rows up in the stands. she’s a clanger on the actual court.

    2. JR

      I’m no Doty fan, but she only played 10 minutes today. She wasn’t the issue. No one player is culpable for the loss. That said, it would be nice if Hartley resembled an AA at some point again.

      1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

        Hartley was never a true AA. She was over hyped just like Jefferson and Tuck.

        1. Nick

          Well why did they select her then damn dude stop hating on the got more dumb comments than anybody else on here

          1. Nick

            That doesn’t even need a comment but you one of those guys that will say just about anything when hiding behind the internet.

    1. Nick

      You make even dumber comments than Uconn hate all the players after 1 dare they lose another game..Uconn fans are spoiled brat’s!!

    1. Yea, that's a problem

      man, she is the Chief Energy Waster out there. Lot’s of running around, poor angles, hoisting it up from anywhere. Has she played before?

      1. JR

        She was fighting for position and ND did a good job grabbing and fronting her. I’ve thought all year that Geno has not done a good job finding ways to get her the ball in proper scoring spots.

  13. Steve Gee

    LOL, I see the trolls are out in full force, just like they always are when the Huskies don’t win. Give them a break, they get to do this too often.

    My rambling….

    Personally, I though it was an exiting game. Very physical. I’m glad I didn’t have to officiate this one.
    There were some questionable calls/ non-calls, but it went both ways.
    I thought UConn did settle for too many outside jumpers when they should have kept going inside.
    I thought it was a good move to bring Dolson out to the high post (2nd half) and open it up down low- moving the ball through Dolson as guards and forwards cut the lane. It was working, but during the last minutes (like the opening minutes of the game) but they tried to play way too fast, too often.
    Overall just a good, close game.

    1. Cute Girly


      enjoyable game–disappointing outcome.
      Lots of good from the game—Stewart got minutes against real defense. Tuck, Jefferson, Banks got to play against bigtime offense and defense
      Uconn played from behind and recovered.
      Geno got to see the weaknesses he refused to believe.
      Geno calls them as he sees them–he’s won 7 Championships and been to the final 4 more than anyone other than (retired) Pat.

      great game to watch.

      1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

        and Geno had to make Muffet a samich 3 times at the Final Four

  14. Mike McManus

    I warned last week that UCONN should not take this ND team lightly; I think they are as good if not better than last year. This was not the same UCONN team that beat Stanford. The stifling defense was just not there. ND got more foul shots in the first half because they were the aggressor…UCONN finally began playing aggressively in the 2nd half, but it was too late. Stewart played like a true freshman and Hartley was disappointing all game long. I question why UCNN’s tallest player is outside hoisting up 15’shots…sure she made a few, but she missed more and certainly can’t rebound from out there. As previously stated, they did not play typical UCONN defense and got killed by Mabrey, a newcomer, from the outside. Those were missed assignments that never happened in the Stanford game. Their shooting was atrocious and they were outplayed….they could easily lose again when they play in South Bend. Geno has some serious work ahead of him.

      1. Yea, that's a problem

        it’s called the Uconn power inside does leave you scratching your head.

        that and the lack of footspeed on the entire roster, except maybe jefferson who might get to play some her junior year.

    1. Village Idiot

      Mike McManus—Good stuff. Credit Muffets game plan. She was determined to take the pressure out as a factor–and the associated layups, she did just that. Diggins and McBride did a great job of taking away the Pressure.

      Muffet knew Geno relied on the 3 ball way too much and she took that away.

      Her team as a whole passes better than UConn. And Diggins and McBride, Loyd drew in the fence to them and dropped passes in for easy layups or open 3/s. They shot the 3 better.

      The missed assignments were done by drawing the defense away. Superbly planed and executed.

      Uconn was too over hyped for the game. How many 6 ft 4 players or kelly Faris, or Dolson’s miss layups from one foot away??

      Mike–I dont think its just possible they shall lose at South Bend–I think it will be a amazing if they don’t. That’s a tough place to play–Uconn isn’t really prepared for the pressure and noise of ND. Stanford maybe–but it’s easy when you are leading–almost impossible when you are behind.
      I expect a loss there.
      Shoot me if you want–but Geno is using Jefferson and Banks because Hartley isn’t a point guard and plays like a 2. If Jefferson get the time in games maybe she’ll develop but I expect that will come late this year or next year.

      1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

        Jefferson is an over hyped Dixon. Won’t be guarded making it more difficult for the othe 4 Huskies.

  15. Quikster

    Have you EVER seen a bigger schmuck than griner’s greatest. Wait till your Baylor babies face either ND or Uconn later in the season. Get a life.

  16. John

    Great game, great teams. Hated to see the Huskies lose but was over it about 10 secs after the buzzer. The Irish played a shade better based on smoothness of execution. Think about this. Look how much better BB and KML are then last year. SD is a monster. As the season goes on, if BS and the other two frosh can keep up with the pace, no one will beat UConn. Right now they’re not smooth in blood and guts games. Gotta draw fouls, rebound like maniacs, set earlier screens, make their layups and learn control/patience….. listening Bria? Still love’m all! See Faris comment below… I agree with it alittle bit.

    1. 6 Player Rotation Geno

      Keep buying into the hype surrounding Tuck and Jefferson. They will be on the bench each and every close game.

    1. Erik

      Yeah, he did seem to occasionally mix up some of the players, didn’t he? (:-)

      But good exciting gme to watch.

  17. Bill

    Cath 7 what game were y watching Faris played great missed a few shots she didn’t stop mcbride who is there best player by far MAINELY she was helping everyone else on there players Don’t y dare blame her look at her SATS she even gave her mats a chance at the end calling Tate time-out while hustling for the ball

  18. Bill

    Another comment if anyone show transfer its BANKS when she was in the game she looked really good Go to another school that would appreciate her skill set she’d start on any other team right now

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      Stubborn old Geno in love with Doty. Maybe she will suffer a career ending injury like Sveta or Shea in their final season.

      1. Nick

        Well why did they select her then damn dude stop hating on the got more dumb comments than anybody else on here

  19. ND Fan

    McBride was the best player on the floor. Geno should have sent Dolson to the hole for an easy hoop against Ace. She is deadly. Diggins was a great play maker also.

  20. martin fallon

    McBride is a good player, one to be respected and guarded. Unfortunately,Faris can’t watch everyone. The ND guard can do it all, and doesn’t have to, but today she was opportunistic, taking what was given. The Irish are talented, and when Jewel gets more confident and heads for the rim, UConn needs to do the same. Banks is faster than McBride and when she has the confidence and the green light, and there’s an opening, she should go to the hole, adding another offensive option to UCONN’s offensive arsenal. Dolson was remarkable today and I thought Hartley had Diggins bottled up until late in the game, but those consecutive 3’s were killer, as were the late foul shots.

  21. Artie A...

    Wow! For all the acclaim UConn fans get nation wide for their knowledge of the game, you would never know it by the ignorance posted here.
    Not all of course but some of these comments are that of the simply clueless…..

  22. MikeT

    UConn gave up too many O rebounds and got beat on the run-out a lot, even when ND didn’t have numbers. I think Muffet’s strategy was to not let UConn get their D set. KLM was 6-11 with 17 points, BUT her last 3 misses were the 3 that got blocked back in her face, the wide-open 3 she missed on the 3-1 break and that last 3 with 5 seconds. All in all, if UConn makes more than the 5-23 from behind the arc, it’s a W. More and more, Stewart looks unathletic and gawky, with her feet getting tangled and falling a lot. Not sure how you can fix that…..

    1. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      It’s called physical therapy. Stewart is severely pigeon-toed. And Stewart has foot-drop, dragging her back foot.

  23. Husky Fan

    This blog is ridiculous. Husky fans tearing into players and coaches for what? One regular season loss that means little in the grand scheme. It was a conference game that could have easily been won, but no big deal. We play for a national championship every year because of the best coaches and players in the country…be thankful for that!

    Worse yet it draws out idiots like GG and C7 who are mindless a-holes just throwing out garbage to rub in a meaningless loss. Ignore these morons.

    1. TexasBogger

      The idea in Storrs is not to PLAY for a national championship but to WIN. Therefore the bar is at its highest. When the bar is not cleared the blog posters vent their frustrations. Perfectly normal.

    2. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

      UConn does not play for the National Championship every year. UConn has played in 7 of the 30 NCAA national championships. UConn won 7 NC because they had 7 POY and sometimes additional AA. With this UConn roster, no way the Huskies play in the National Championship.

      1. Husky Fan

        Any given year UConn can go all the way because they have the coaching and talent in place. They will be a final 4 team this year with as good a chance as any to win it all. They will also be the favorite to win in 2014. Don’t base the season on a close loss to a good team that probably should have have won. ND’s shots dropped, ours didn’t. Happens every year to every team in college basketball. Look at Stanford last week…they are a good team. Considering UConn has been in the Final 4 the last 5 or so years, I’d say the phrase “they play for a championship every year” is pretty accurate, including this year. See you in March.

        1. UHF

          No, UConn cannot go all the way on any given year. They have only 7 NC, not 30. When did you start following UConn, yesterday? Did you forget the stellar UConn teams led by Charde “Houston we have a problem”?

          1. Husky Fan


            I go back far enough to remember watching Charde Houston live at the Final 4 in Tampa, FL, and also pre Geno. Look, just because they don’t win the championship game every year doesn’t mean that they are not playing for one during the season and post season…with high expectations. If you want to go back to 1990 or sooner, then I see your point. Also, you can’t tell me that they have no chance to get back to the Final 4 this year (again) without a chance to go all the way. One bad game by Baylor (who, in my opinion is the favorite) and it’s game on. I’ll also go as far as saying that UConn could take it all if they bring their A game regardless of how the other teams play.

            Every team has rebuilding years, but by and large; the expectations for UConn are higher than any other program in the country, men’s or women’s. I think people should appreciate that, yourself included.

            I’m also not going to criticize the players or coaching staff on a blog for coming up short or losing a regular season game.

  24. bii

    Husky Fan asid fr the a-hole comment you are right and Bsanks should go elsawhere where she would start apparehtly Geno has his favorites again no way in hell should TUCK AND jeff SHOULD PLA AHEAD OF HER NOT SAYING THE FRESH WON’T BE GOOD ESP tUCK b. bANKS HAS PROVEN HERSELF TO BE A PLAYER

  25. UConn Husky Fan (UHF)

    Remember the good old days? Renee, Tina, Kalana, and Maya trouncing ND and everyone else on the way to 39-0?

    1. Nick

      Life goes on stop trouncing the current player’s they don’t deserve all the hate you spew!

        1. Nick

          You are just a jerk hiding behind the internet not even a man more like a maggot who just slides across and eats whats ever left behind..saying things here that you would never say to a man’s face..Maggot

          1. Nick's Daughter

            Your grandmama, mom, sista, wifey, and daughter are very proud of you for hiding behind the internet saying things that would get your face broken in person

          2. Nick

            Nick’s daughter is still UHF hiding like the maggot he is forever sliming across the room in a far away place never having played the game or having the courage to even step to a man*”

  26. Gerri

    I watched the first half over again and I’m still puzzled why the offense for much of the time was running through Dolson at the post. It was highly ineffective particularly when nobody was cutting and that led to a bunch of her shots from beyond the foul line. With the 3 point shooters the inside out game was basically non-existant Goes without saying, Stewie had a tough day no matter how it’s sugar coated.

    1. Arnie Olson

      and Geno was outcoached again by Muffet. It was his brilliant idea to give the green light to Stewart. It was his brilliant idea to keep Dolson away from the post. It was his brilliant idea to let injured KML take UConn’s last shot. It was his brilliant idea to keep Banks on the bench in the 2nd half.

    2. Nick

      Very good assesment I felt the same way and also watched the game again. This is the way to do it..and not trash the players like this jerk..UHF does.

  27. martin fallon

    One tough loss doth not a season make. Husky fans are used to seeing wins. Last year’s Big-East final over a similar Notre Dame team is an example of UCONN hitting on all cylinders. They will again.

  28. RH

    If CBS thinks the game is worth putting on national television they should find a play-by-play announcer who can keep things like players’ names, points, fouls, etc straight. He did a fine job reading the blurbs for CBS programs, but his work on the game was pretty sad.

    1. Master

      I agree Don was ill prepared to telecast this game they should go with someone who knows the women’s game. We are all pretty smart people who will pick up when someone with a name is just bought in to work a game that they know nothing about and he knew nothing. But I guess CBS just took us women’s college basketball fans for imbeciles. Get two people on their that know they’re toe from their finger CBS!!!!!!!!

  29. Master

    And with the comments I have been reading on this blog it looks like the fans in conn or the surrounding area of Uconn women’s basketball are terrible with what they say about these girls.. The worse I heard are from this guy UHF who has the most comments..the most negative comments I wonder what he does just sit around and think of crap to say about these terrific student baller’s who come to this school with the best intentions and don’t need people like him and a few others who are just mean spirited people who have nothing better to do with they’re lives..he most likely was someone who wished he could play the game at that level but never even made his grade school team.

    1. Steve Gee

      Please don’t confuse Un-Hinged-Fool with anything UCONN.

      The UCONN women don’t lose very often. When they do, the trolls flood these boards.
      We know what they’ll say before they say it.

      If UCONN is unbeaten: then the haven’t played any real teams and they really stink.
      If UCONN loses a single game: they really stink.
      Geno, well Geno’s a lousy fool of a loudmouth coach who NEVER makes a correct move- no matter what, he really stinks.

      The only thing that changes with these trolls are the dates.

  30. Master

    I see what you mean Steve I haven’t been connected very long to the Uconn women’s program just the last 2 and a half years and don’t get into the blogs so much..just started looking @ of course I was surprised but thanks for the info and yes these girls don’t lose very often..and once in a while or so girls do transfer for whatever reason but, calling and pleading for some to transfer that haven’t even been here long enough to even get their feet wet yet!!! Wow I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I was reading..a couple of people really stood out but their are quite a few “trolls” as you say. :-)

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