It’s Basketball, Not A Brawl

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Stanford’s Tara VanDerveer knows that the challenge of beating UConn this year will be much different because of the diversity of its offense.

“The focus definitely was on Maya Moore two years ago [when Stanford ended UConn’s 90-game winning streak at Maples],” VanDerveer said. “We went over every situation we possibly could about where she liked to catch the ball, what moves she might make, how we might defend her.

“This year’s [UConn] team does have a lot of weapons with great size and versatility. And they are very well-coached. We are not focused on one player now. We’re focused on their system.”

In line with that, VanDerveer says that no one should expect Stanford to primarily play the type of physical brand of basketball Texas A&M, Maryland and Penn State tried to use against the Huskies.

“Philosophically, I think basketball is much different than wrestling, hockey and football,” she said. “There is a role for physical play, but not at the expense of utilizing the athleticism and skill our team may have. We’ve never been a team tried to beat you up, as opposed to beating you at basketball. Our team is about basketball. It’s important that our key players are in the game and available.

“I personally feel the game has become too physical and it doesn’t highlight the great skill of the female players people pay to see watch. From my perspective, it will be a basketball game.”

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6 thoughts on “It’s Basketball, Not A Brawl

  1. village idiot

    Baloney~!! we don’t focus on beating you up?? What BS. Against Maya Moore they used her for a ping pong ball and pulled to the the floor a number of times. If they couldn’t stop her they physically beat her.
    It won’t be any difference on the 29th. Tara loves to physically take your guns out of action. So look for Stewart and Dolson to be physically beaten along with KML. Because the Refs are homeys expect the wrong calls all afternoon. If she’d play basketball and use her atheletes–it would be a great game, but she can’t take the chance Uconn will beat them at Maples. She’s so full of it–I can smell it from here. Did someone walk into something??

  2. CT Born and Bread

    I just don’t get it, so the only way a team can UCONN is to beat them up?

    You ever consider the other team has pretty good players also?

    UCONN women fans always blame the refs. Or the other team beat them, please stop it.

    1. Chuck

      To: CT Born and Bread

      Don’t you mean “Born and Bred”

      Anyway, you haven’t watched too many Stanford home games.

      Homer calls – happens all the time in Stanford’s big home games. On Saturday, we will probably see Stewart get the two early fouls and sit for most of the first half. Not much mention about that the following day, but a nice little edge for them, eh.

      Watch the game, then come back here and make your comment.

      Real basketball fans hate poor officiating (for or against) and when you get homer calls thrown in, it is very frustrating. The only exception I ever made to that was for Tennessee as I loved to see Pat turn purple; I miss sending them home crying, so much.

  3. GOUCONN13

    I think Uconn is a much deeper team than Stanford as well Uconn have more frontcourt players to rotate in and out. If the referee call the game fairly, Uconn doesnt shoot too much on threes like they have been doing in their last three to four cupcake games, dont turn the ball over too much, and last is to shut down scoring on C.Ogwumike, Uconn will win the game. Stanfor right now is more like an one woman show team than they were more balanced team in the past.

    Also if Bank/Harley can just run up and down the court as much they can, that could be another troublesome for Stanford defense!!

  4. martin fallon

    I agree that Uconn is more than a one-woman show, but Stanford recruits too well not to have others, beyond Ogwumike, who are capable of filling it up. If Stanford chooses to clog the middle and muscle our centers, Stewart can pop out, shoot or pass, as can Dolson. That option should give other Husky shooters openings as well. One on one Hartley can create shots, and Faris can also do that, but first they must respect her perimeter abilities, guard her out there, and she can fake and go by them for the layup or short jumper. Banks has shown that ability and Mosqueda-Lewis certainly can shoot over defenses. They just have to continue the swarming defense and be smart on offense. Even without Tuck or Stokes, we should have the edge, but I haven’t seen the Cardinals play and foul trouble could hurt any team. Good luck Huskies.

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