Jeff Walz On The Journey

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Here is a little of what Louisville coach Jeff Walz had to say after the game:

“I’d just like to first congratulate UConn and Geno, his entire staff.  They’ve done a great job.  They’re a fantastic basketball team, and we knew that coming in here.  They played as well as I’ve seen them play this entire year tonight, and they shot the ball as well as I’ve seen them shoot.

“We knew coming in here that we were going to have to try and make them take some three-pointers and they took some (26) and they made some (13).  We just didn’t quite have enough tonight.  But it’s not because we didn’t compete.  And we didn’t compete?? and we competed for all 40 minutes.

“I’m proud of every single one of our players.  It’s without a doubt going to go down as one of the greatest runs in women’s basketball.  To be a 5 seed and knock off a 4, then?? but the No. 1 of all 1s in Baylor and then a 2 in Tennessee and then come back and beat Cal, I don’t think anybody can argue that, you know, unfortunately we just came up one game short.

“But I’m proud of my players.  I’m proud of everyone.  I’m proud of my staff support staff.  And we’re going to hold our heads high and we’re going to be proud of what we did.  And I’ll told these players this is something that they’ll remember for the rest of their lives and I was privileged to coach them and be a part of it.”

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25 thoughts on “Jeff Walz On The Journey

    1. Steve Gee

      What a bunch of trolls. FREDDY KOOL you are biggest troll.
      Congrats Uconn–what a troll, you keep saying the same thing over and over–you are a troll

      Bridget–what a troll you are, always whining–and you can’t spell

      OMG–Big troll you are, Buck is a great player you should have been watching–but you didn’t because you are a troll

      WBB Fan—Where do you come up with those idiotic conclusions thanking Lville for Baylor, you are such a troll. Did you really think Baylor would beat LVille-you just don’t know basketball the way I know basketball.

      Brady—You haven’t a clue on who could beat whom on any night. Do you really think Uconn could beat Baylor, if they could why didn’t they, you are such a troll and you know nothing about basketball–I know everything about everything why??

      Because I am Steve Gee and you are nothing, you are a troll.

      1. Mike Brady

        Now I’m confused. How can I be nothing AND a troll at the same time? You’re giving me identity issues Stevie.

        1. you're off your meds

          The post above wasn’t written by me, but the site troll who thinks he’s clever by posting using my name.
          (note : he takes on the names of many others as well)

          Anyone who is familiar with my posts here over a long period of time, can tell the difference.
          He apparently has a lot of time on his hands.

          1. Monitor

            Is that you, Steve Gee posting under another name? You are just a troll and you just proved it. You need to be removed from this site immediately. I always wondered who the instigator was.

  1. Congratulations UConn


    7 national Championships since 2000. NO parity in WCBB – still. (Baylor lost to Louisville because the referees didn’t do their job.)

    Winning 6 tournament games by an average of 35 is NOT parity. Wining the national championship by 33 is NOT parity. UConn might have won by 43 if Brianna Banks was able to play.

    If the 9 players remain healthy all next season, UConn should go undefeated, winning by 30+ once again.

    1. UconnFan

      here is no such thing as parity in the world we live in! People do not have the same height, weight and in your case the same amount of brain power being used and cannot recognize greatness when it is staring them right in the face. John wooden was considered a great coach because he won 10 NCAA titles and Rupp with 4. They were great coaches because they got great players and got them to play together. The real problem in womans BB is the Universities themselves. there are only about 10-12 that have invested in new arenas and facilities. When you draw 500 fans and your facilities are no better than the high school you left where you travel by car and bus and eat at fast food joints – You are not going to attract elite players!

      1. ZNN Breaking News

        UConnFan discovered the root cause!

        “The real problem in womans BB is the Universities themselves.”

  2. Bridget

    I am sick of the wining about parity. When the Yankees buy the best team in baseball, you either love them or hate them but you don’t belittled their greatness. When Michael Jordan and company wins a bunch of championships, you watch in awe and enjoy the fleeting moment of greatness. You don’t bemoan the mediocrity of the Bucks at that moment. In women’s basketball, UConn defines greatness. They don’t play ‘in your face’ ugly ball like some of the mens teams. They make plays and do it WITH STYLE. If you want to watch the scoreboard instead of the way they play, turn the channel. UConn fans are enjoying the moment and the journey. There is nothing wrong with being a part of this great moment. You go women. October can’t come soon enough!!!!

    1. JD

      Give me a break. They won. Get over it. don’t like them don’t watch simple. Give credit to where it’s due. Show some class. If you can’t then keep you comments to yourself and keep your mouth shut. Congrats to Uconn. Well deserved!

  3. OMG WTH Moment

    Where in Ge-sus name was “that” Heather Buck the last 4 years? Holy crap! Aggressive, stole the ball, drove half the court, scored wide open layup with confidence. Ge-sus we pray that the light goes on for Kiah Stokes before the last game of her college career.

  4. WBB Fan

    Thanks Louisville for assisting UCONN with this championship run – – Louisville knocking off Baylor was a HUGH factor!

    1. Mike Brady

      UCONN would have beaten Baylor too. UCONN’s strengths at the end of the tournament were just too distributed, and Baylor would not have matched up well with all of them. Griner and Sims would have done their part, but the other 3 positions would have been solidly in UCONN’s favor. UCONN was just a team hitting on all cylinders at the perfect time.

      1. JUSTME

        Agreed Mike. I just wish it happened. The victory was great but had some shallowness to it. Beating Baylor would have been a much better game and a lot more rewarding, for me anyway.

    2. JD

      Cry me a river WBB. Get over it. They won. Show some class and if you can’t and don’t have nothing nice to say then keep it to yourself and keep your mouth shut. Classy comment by Jeff though and congrats to Uconn.

  5. Love Jeff Walz

    A classy statement from a real competitor. Jeff can have Duke, Tx, Tn, Cal, maybe even Baylor. He showed he could coach and coach among the best coaches in WBB.

    They held their heads high, didn’t see a tear in the eye of any his players or staff–guts that them.

    I was pleased that the UConn players and staff, including Geno held their hands over their hearts as the Star Spangled Banner was played–As a Vet, whose brother, cousins and uncles were vet–that honored us, please keep it up. America means a lot more to Vets then those who never shed blood for this country. You have the right NOT to hold your hand over your heart, they’ve died for your rights. But please don’t dishonor our vets by NOT placing your hands over your hearts–it means a lot to us.
    Thank you Geno and Team–you honored us and you honored Connecticut and UConn.

  6. Führer und Storrskanzler

    There will be an asterisk next to UConn’s 8th championship.

    *NCAA championship courtesy of the referees eliminating Baylor, who beat UConn 2 years straight.

    Geno even commented that the 30 point blowout would not have happened if Baylor was there. He knows last night was a travesty.

    1. Bracchus

      Of course there is some truth to that. With Baylor out of the picture, ND was the only team that stood in their way. Since it is very difficult to beat a good team 4 times in a row, UCONN had an advantage their as well.

      Now, you have to give UCONN credit for taking advantage of what was in front of them. But, we also need to be realistic. Griner and Mulkey did not adjust soon enough and the best team did not win. That changed everything.

      As a basketball fan generally, a Baylor – UCONN finale would have been far more exciting that Shoni Schmiel throwing the ball at the rim.

      1. Romp and Stomp

        As soon as both UConn and Louisville advanced to the NC, the ESPN WCBB experts tried their best to predict a UConn blowout without hurting Louisville’s feelings. The highest seed ever to make it to the final four, Louisville squeeked by a Cal team that almost lost to Georgia.

        To a man/woman, UConn coaches know the sport deserved a competitive championship game. The best want to test themselves against the best. It wasn’t UConn’s fault that they didn’t get the best team. Who on this board would not have wanted to see what Stewart could have done against Baylor in her 2nd try?

        I credit UConn for their 6 game winning streak in record fashion. Good thing Geno liked Jeff. Otherwise 50 point win. And more complaints from hater of this sport.

  7. mike mcmanus

    I disagree with some of the comments. Except for the brief period in the 2nd half when they through the ball away about 5 times in 5 minutes, they played as well as they ever have. Instead of dribbling around as they their guards had a tendency to do, they moved the ball quickly with crisp passes and went inside out several times to find open three’s. And the defense could not concentrate on stopping KML because Stewart and Faris were hitting 3’s also. Kelly was wide open on every three she made. Last night was one of the best examples of team offense by a UCONN team that I can remember. And we have to thank Stewie for her role in making it happen.

  8. Newgirl2

    Congratulations UCONN women!! Enjoy the moment and all the best as you finish up the semester in the classroom.

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