Replay: Wednesday’s UConn Women’s Basketball Chat – Final Four Edition

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Click the play button and replay our weekly UConn women’s basketball chat with The Courant’s John Altavilla.

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29 thoughts on “Replay: Wednesday’s UConn Women’s Basketball Chat – Final Four Edition



    1. Donald J. Porter

      NCAA, ESPN & all Networks seek revenues. Women’s basketball is a “Product in serious need of Promotion ! Skylar Diggins & Notre Dame have been provided embarrassing favorite ref treatment accordingly ! The same will seek to occur & the outcome will be ND if refs get their way in 2013. WNBA is VERY desperate for ratings and Diggins is the sex pot face or whatever she should be called. So, the stage has to be set in order (Diggins & Griner all over TV coverage) to expand the popularity of the WNBA women’s game. The Griner NBA nonsense is the same stuff.

  2. ted

    I think ND still has the horses to win. However, Uconn has materially improved in the last couple of games as Jefferson played like a star against Kentucky, as did Stewart. Morgan Tuck is quietly playing like a talented veteran, Hartley was ( for one game at least ) rejuvenated, and Doty provided meaningful relief minutes for Hartley and Jefferson.

    Hartley still can’t make any outside shot, near or far. But she drives well to the hoop, plays fine defense, runs the floor well, can control the ball against the press and is a fine defender/rebounder.

    If ND has not had similar improvements, and we can get over the mental hurdle of so many straight losses to them, we can win. The big problem for us is Dolson’s injury, though she is still contributing a lot.

  3. Lynne

    Lots of worry about Stef’s injuries, and there is no question that she is the key to the center position’s impact. BUT…if anyone had told me that UCONN would beat KY by thirty and Stef would have only scored two pts. the entire game, I’d have told them they were crazy! I expected a MUCH closer game against KY…but the bench production was beyond impressive! It’s a new team ND will face this weekend….

  4. gregory

    we’ll finally see a competitive game, these other mismatches were joke tournament shopuld be 16 teams max maybe even 8 teams, the difference in talent is so obvious.Idaho had no business to be in the tournament , to travel East just to get slaughtered sets back Women’s bb

  5. Raj

    Watched ND beat Duke at Norfolk – Skylar is really good with steals and 3 pointers. If UConn can keep the turnovers down and not get out of rhythm (first 10 minutes with Kentucky) UConn can win. UConn has a tough time playing when the opponents are in your face all the time (Baylor /L’ville)

  6. gregory

    Skylar isn’t that good of a shooter, she missed a lot of easy shots in Conn game.No way Irish beat Conn a 4th time.They got 3 gifts and this time Conn won’t fold.Winner will be a double.digit favorite in the Championship game-this is the Championship game even though its a semi.Current odds ND by 2

      1. Marion

        Faris is an excellent 3 point shooter and is great under the hoop.
        Doty is a streak shooter and if she hits one 5 more can be expected. If she misses the first two she’d better stop shooting.
        Hartley is great at driving and attacking. She too is a streak shooter.

        Going back to the first ND game–KML’s last shot hit the rim. She had two bad ankles both hurting–she couldn’t get the push on that shot, it fell short. Could you have done as well??


      In your dumb ass world, ND’s 3 wins are gifts. But if UConn wins just 1 time against ND it’s not a gift.

      1. JR

        The game in South Bend was a gift. ND made plays in the first one at Gampel to scrape by. The Big East Title game was pretty much decided by UConn stupidity.

  7. gregory

    Lynne, Conn has a array of offensive weapons and KY was a joke number 2 seed and stunk as did Vandy.The real game is next finally some competitive players not pushovers.Conn will win, Irish will fold surprised they are a 2 point favorite.Take the points its a gift from Vegas.

    1. Einstein

      Greg–Ukentucky a joke?? They beat Tenn and Texas A^M (in the reg season), lost to TAM in the SEC final. SEC is not a joke.
      Maybe the (old) Big EAST is the best and most talented league in the USA–I believe that’s true. UConn/ND/Louisville still in the final 4 speaks well of the talent level in the BE.
      But with the apparent parity among WBB teams,this year (as attested to by the number of lower teams beating higher level team)
      Because Uconn beat a team does not make them a pushover. Duke gave ND a hard time for 3/4th of the Elite 8 game. Tenn gave LVille a run. Kentucky is athletic and deep and beat many many good teams–look up their record.

  8. gregory

    Raj, Conn isn’t afraid of in your face Irish, they were tight and nobody took over the game for Conn.Why Lewis doesn’t is a mystery, she could drive in and get fouled or kick ball out everytime.Stuart needs to be agressive against Irish and not fade away like previous 3 games. Gino should come up with a defense to shut down Diggins effectiveness and the other shooter after all he has had 3 games to figure out something. Take the points and Conn.This will be a easy win for the Huskies.

  9. CR

    unlike the last 2 meetings with with Notre Dame, I really have no doubt of UCONN winning when they play Sunday. Dolson’s injury is a concern, but injuries are part of sports. What cost UCONN the previous games was mental mistakes (which really are unusual for the program). I don’t see that happening this time. I see a confident team.

    I’m looking forward to Sunday night.


      Faris, Doty, Hartley, and Dolson never make mental mistakes. Their number of turnovers in losses and close games proves it.

      1. Einstein

        Diggins/McBride/Achonwa never make mistakes. Did you see Diggy baby throwing the ball into the stand in the last outing with UConn. The other too make so may mistakes it boggles the mind.
        When you make a comment–speak of comparitive FACTS –not just your day dreams.

  10. thewisegod

    First off let me say this, anyone who saw that Baylor vs Louisville game knows that the refs allowed Louisville to beat Griner up and did not call fouls. That game was complete B.S.. And to top it off they called a foul on Griner at the end that was not a foul when Baylor was winning. The masses and Louisville know that the way the played was garbage.

    I started with that because this is reminiscent to the way that ND plays defense. They are constantly slapping at the ball. As a basketbll player you don’t reach that much without fouling. It’s just not possible.

    Let me break 2 of the 3 losses down:

    One loss to ND was on a bogus Skylar Diggins desperation heave. Someone hit her hand after the ball was released and they called a foul. How many times do you see this? Any one who watches basketball knows that on desperation heaves at the end of games you have to get killed to have a foul called and definitely not after the ball has been released.

    The loss in the Big East championship was complete B.S. as well. UConn was winning and would have won the game in regulation had it not been for a bogus offensive foul called on Steph.

    Any challengers and UConn hates out there prove this to be false please. Let’s face it Skylar looks good and has been chosen, and it appears the NCAA will do anything to get her a championship.


      If UConn wins against ND on Sunday, it will be because the NCAA wants Jeff to kick Genos ass at coaching in front of millions of people

    2. KML got gifts

      Your right…and the outcome will be ND as NC. WCBB is so desperate for ratings and Diggins is the face whatever that means. The same was true for the WNBA last year. The league paved the way for Indiana because Catchings never won and lots of people wanted this. So, the stage has to be set in order to spread the popularity of the women’s game. I don’t know anyone besides myself who watches women’s BB.

  11. Neelee's Mommee

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  12. Chris Saran

    John, I disagree with your premise comparing D to Diggins. D won two championships after losing four senior starters from a team that some consider the best starting five ever. As for why Walker disappeared, it’s because a superstar in the making is reappearing. Bre cleaned her clock. The frosh handled the junior in every way possible. Good for you, Bre.

  13. mike mcmanus

    As Raj said early on, UCONN has a problem when defenders get in their face as Diggins does so well. The key is to limit the dribble and maximize quick passes to beat the pressure. Jefferson did not handle that well in earlier meetings but hopefully she learned a few things against KY’s pressure. As I’ve said several times before, if UCONN can keep their turnovers to a dozen or fewer, they should win even with a part-time Dolson. I worry more about McBride than I do Diggins because she’s killed us in previous games.
    A few people in JA’s chat suggested that the TN program is on the rocks…don’t believe it. If I’m not mistaken, they got the #1 recruit in the nation, a 6’6″ or taller girl from Portland, Oregon and a few other good recruits coming next Fall. The TN name still has a draw.

  14. Basketball Fan

    Diggins and McBride will take the majority of the shots for the Irish,Lets hope Coach centers the offense around Lewis something that really has not happened often in the 3 losses to Notre Dame.

  15. Scott

    I see the Huskies winning comfortably, in sync from the tipoff, controlling the boards and really stifling ND with intense defense!
    Onchonwa should be exploited in the paint,Stewart and Dolson can feast on this average and short center.
    KML and Stewart will be on their A games in shooting and Faris should defend Mcbride, when Diggins is off, she is really off! Uconn 78-ND 64

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