Replay: Wednesday’s UConn Women’s Basketball Chat

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Click the play button and replay our weekly UConn women’s basketball chat with The Courant’s John Altavilla:

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23 thoughts on “Replay: Wednesday’s UConn Women’s Basketball Chat

    1. Positive Is

      goKelly–I thought that todays chat was by in large positive. No name calling, nothing nasty. I did think John not nice for turning off his internet connection. (kidding)
      If you present your opinion that the team isn’t read for ND–that’s not negative, it’s your opinion.
      If you hope Stewie will be great, that’s your opinion.
      Opinions aren’t facts–just what you think. And in today Chat everyone (almost) got to express their beliefs

      Hope John fixed the wires to his computer for next Wednesday. Maybe put a tin can at the end of that String in Branford.

    1. Tom Tom

      She is being taught English and high school subjects and some college subjects so she can pass the entrance tests.
      Also she is learning what is and how to spell Basketball . Big doesn’t mean talented.

  1. Slvrhwk

    Re Stokes, if she’s not going to show up to play everyday, what difference doed it make whether its at UCONN or elsewhere?

    1. Negative

      Seems every year Geno needs one player to hate, many times a Big. I wish he’d not discuss any players abilities or practice practices. Let the fans see the kid without any bias. I am not motivated by the world knowing how bad I have been. If I was stoke’s and that happened to me I’d transfer to Kentucky. Oh, that did happen didn’t it.

  2. Not Another One

    Slvrhwk, you actually believe everything Geno says? If so, then welcome to the Church of Geno Cult

  3. Dogma451

    They display some great moments, but at times, do not appear in-sink on offense. They often times compensate with individual skills or their very good team defense. They may not be able to do that with high-caliber opponents. The potential to win it all is certainly there ….. it’s just a matter of putting it all together (getting late). Don’t leave KML in on a blow-out. Bad form and even worse ….. a greater risk.

    1. Winning is the Standard

      With High Cal talent Uconn cannot use their zone press–ND, Baylor, now even Stanford has that figured out.
      I never like a Star player left in more than 20 minute in blowout. Why risk an injury just to pad the stats.
      All teams are “out of sync” as some time. Uconn is never as bad as some fans think, and sometimes a player is not as good as they hoped. This is a final 4 team, that’s a fact. Holy moley 2 losses is not the end. Uconn has won the NCAA Championship with 5 loses. Don’t ever count Geno out until the final game.



    1. New Kid on the Bloc

      Chong will be a freshman, and freshmen have problems with Div 1 competition. Stewie isn’t the first kid to have issues to start with, so expect Chong to feel suffacated with Div defense and take time to be a scoring machine.
      There are few Dianna Turazi’s who have ice in their veins. Few Sue’s, Swins.

  5. FIRE geno

    Every season in February Geno pulls out his handy excuse that certain players are not earning playing time in practice. And it is at the expense of his team. Geno would rather lose in the FF 2 years in a row to ND than try to see if a role player can provide a spark. UConn is overpaying him. Anyone can make this annual stupid decision for a lot less money.

    1. Mike

      Amen. These girls always start the season great but his sarcasm and negative energy just wear these girls down and some don’t even want to play for him, not to mention that HE is just not smart enough to beat the top teams.

      1. Steve Gee

        Interesting opinion.
        But I’m not too sure how that jives with Geno’s overall record.

        As far there being “some” that don’t even want to play for him… that’s likely true for every coach in every sport.
        No one is liked by everyone.

  6. TedB

    Add it up!! Going into the playoffs., Dolson & KML A+, KF A, turns over too much. BS a ???, BH- Below par: Doty- see all other comments: Tuck- hurt: Jeff- work in progress; Stokes has been demolished. One injury what have you??? A house of cards!! Humpty-Dumpty..
    I hope I’m wrong. Next year could be worse.
    And I predicted they would win it all. Biggest errors- I overestimated Stewart’s progress, never imagined Bria’s decline, and thought Geno would never ever rely on Doty like he does/,

    1. Steve Gee

      I think Hartley’s struggles have really been detrimental (and unexpected).
      On the bright side, she is showing more frequent flashes of good play than she was. Hopefully that progresses into some consistency.

  7. Hump the Dump T

    There is much to what you say. Yet I have really big HOPES. I hope Stokes gets to play–and then plays well. I hope Steward against ND and in the BE/NCAA Tourneys plays like she did at Pitt.
    I hope KML shoots well while defended.
    I hope Hartley dribble drives to the basket more and shoots the 3 less. I hope Dolson has a backup and gets to rest some in big games.
    I hope Faris looks to see if she can get a pass to the person she is passing to. I hope Doty plays 3 minutes to start the games then sits. I hope Jefferson plays like the point guard she really is and scores as she knows how. I hope Tuck quits complaining about her knee issues and plays with vigor. I hope Buck plays decent defense for a minute or two to give Steff a break. I hope Geno stops bitching about these kids in the media.
    I had a dream —of hopes. Worked with MLK in Granby.

  8. Steve GEE E

    How does that jive with genos record??
    Interesting opinion.
    Not everyone is liked by everyone.
    How do you arrive at that?

    Just Rambling—as if anyone cares.\

    Where do you get that??
    Stay with the subject.
    How dare you have an opinion other than mine.
    What makes you the expert?
    You have the audacity to disagree with me??
    What is your linage?
    You can coach better??
    Where did you coach??
    I am the only expert here.
    Interesting Opinion–but it is not the one I gave you.
    Are we all sick of this negative combative approach to this blog?? I sure am!!!

    1. Steve Gee

      hey troll,
      even more interesting is the way you like to throw a lot of crap around, but alas, cannot be specific. Just more spurious claims.
      Not clever, just a troll.
      No matter how many names you use.

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